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Most Cheerful Citizens: 538th Most Valuable International Artwork: 681st Most Devout: 757th+22
Most Inclusive: 959th Most Compassionate Citizens: 1,148th Nicest Citizens: 1,169th Most Cultured: 1,200th Most Rebellious Youth: 1,380th Most Subsidized Industry: 1,410th Largest Information Technology Sector: 1,421st Most World Assembly Endorsements: 1,430th Largest Publishing Industry: 1,580th Best Weather: 1,606th Smartest Citizens: 1,628th Most Scientifically Advanced: 1,674th Largest Welfare Programs: 1,705th Most Eco-Friendly Governments: 1,765th Healthiest Citizens: 1,955th Most Extensive Public Healthcare: 2,020th Most Advanced Public Education: 2,031st Highest Average Incomes: 2,065th Highest Poor Incomes: 2,106th Most Advanced Public Transport: 2,185th Most Beautiful Environments: 2,223rd Largest Mining Sector: 2,240th
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Established 26th April 2015, we aim to be the largest connector of diversity amongst regions, connecting thousands to each other through a single, neutral point.

We are the record holder for the largest number of embassies. On 25th May 2020, we had 4,755 embassies open, more than one for every five of NationStates' 23,771 regions.

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Embassies: The Commonwealth of the Fish, Confederation of New lands, Sunalaya, United States of America, Pony Lands, My Little Pony Equestria, Lardyland, The NewsStand, Cyberius Confederation, Steam Islands, Gay Equality, Emirates of Futurnia, The Western Isles, Homestuck, Nelborne Union, Right to Life, and 4,183 others.Neo Otaku Utopia, Sacrum Romanum Imperium, Trade Federation, Israel, The Illuminati, Eastern Roman Empire, Conservative League, The Alliance of Dictators, Chireiden, End 500, Florida, The Royal Union, The Venus Project, Galactic Imperium, Arconian Empire, The United Coalition of Nation States, Emeraldise, POLATION, Nintendo, Babylon 5, KAISERREICH, Quiet Cottage on the Edge of the Cosmos, Atlas, United Governments of NationStates, bonvanasmith, ITALIA, Atlantis, Hellenic Civilization, Nebraska, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Massachusetts, Virginia, New Hampshire, Colorado, Mississippi, Wyoming, New Mexico, Avadam Inn, Idaho, Delaware, North Dakota, South Dakota, North Carolina, Arizona, Maryland, Nevada, Utah, Kansas, Michigan, Ancient Lands, Washington, South Carolina, Kentucky, Minnesota, South Australia, Tasmania, Icarus, Trendsetter, Australian Capital Territory, Queensland, British Columbia, Crematorium, Somalia, Knights of the Round Table, Australia Commonwealth, Northern Territory, Victoria, Western Australia, Washington DC, Indonesia, Equinox, The Valley of The Wind, Yerushalem VI, Kennan, Scandinavia, Nohbdy, Alstroemeria, Union of Nationalists, League of Sovereign Nations, CDW Federation, Hollow Point, Mare Islands, Neoseeker, Osakaland, Aeterna Publicae, Historia Novorum, Future Earth, Astyria, Australialia, Green Weed Militia, Roman America, Kerbin, Federation of Planets Headquarters, The Doctor Who Universe, The Stargate Trek Wars universe, New World Union, The Mechanocracy, Greater AltHistoria, The Nation of Nations and Friends, Viking Europe, Commonwealth Assembly, United Imperial Union, the realm of insanity, Prettydragoon, The Persian Empire, Natan Region, Star Frontiers, The Rose Garden, Rumathier, Loamhedge, Ozzy, Bikini Islands, Kylden, The Hodori Archipelago, The Empire of Common Territories, Jerusalem, Capitalist Libertarian Freedom Region, The Sea Of Love, Gensokyo, Genuan Rebirth, Nippon, Freiheit, Order of the Southern North, Pisces Centauri, The United Caribbean Island Alliance, ISAF2, United Valhaven, International German Coalition, The Atheist Empire, The SOP, Grand Alliance, Hapes Consortium, Union of Republics, Turkic Union, Holy Lands, Groland, The Great Chili, ASEAN, The Dark Alliance, LCRUA, Ivory Tower, New Triphoria, Weed, The Nether, Laissez Faireholm, Dune, Grand New Earth, Australia, Esamir, Wyndia, Skivx, The Jedi Council, Land Mass, Illinois, Gatehouse by the P2TM, Haiku, The ProcrastiNations, Titan, The Frozen Pacific, Esperanza, Greatest Ixnay, Austritaria, Grant, Ozymandium, Isolert Ulv, Carnival of Souls, Tareldanore, Sovereign League, Markion, One big Island, The British Commonwealth, Axis of Absurdity, Winterfell, Brasil, Union of Socialist Soviet Republics, Confederacy of Allied States, Eos, ACA, The Atlantic Federation, Free Market Federation, Moneylania, Satan, Kingdom of France, Pluviostan, Silent, MARHAENISME for The World, The Forest, Buddhism, The Royal Imperial Directorate, Coffee House, United Empire of Islam, Royaume de France, The Council of The Multiverse, 0000000000000, Stonehenge, Mecca, The Himalayas, Skaro, Freedom and Justice Alliance, The Christian Communist Union, APSIA, Omega Assassins, THE ROMAN COALITION, St Abby, Republic of Greece, Technologica, toilet arsonist appreciation society, Non Aligned Movement, Autism Spectrum, The Commonwealth Of Furry Peoples, U R N, Star Wars Battlefront, The International Communist Union, Galts Gulch, Etla, The Great Wonderland, Imperium Figarium, The United Feline Commonwealths, Wolverton Mountain, The Confederacy Of Kishkhat, Diplomacy International, The Spanish Republic, Transatlantic Treaty Organisation, Time for Britain 2 Leave the EU, Yarnia, The Republic Nations, Donald Trump, Krillin, 42 Douglas Adams, Eetrador, The Satellite of Love, The Atlantic, Monterey, The Labyrinth, Beyond the Wub, United Otter Emirates, Irish Lands, Greater Ixnay, Atonement of Harmony, Union of Multiversal States, Pontbridge Islands, Aels, League of Salem, Konfoederation deutschsprachiger Staaten, Union Mundial, Old Celtica, Brazzaville, The Land Ov Denun, Celtica, The Turtle Isles, The SmorgasLands, The Subantarctic, The Sol System, The Democratic States of the Wasteland, Continent of LGBT Equality, United Regions, The Arch Imperium of Mystiina, The Waste Management Center, Thandamaniland, Holy Regime of the German Chocolate Cake, Real Places, North Gloucesterstania, The Others, GTA Forums, Empire of Andrew, Desert Islands, Epicenter Of Prosperity, The Kingdom of Sainam, Ultimum Terrae, Confederate States of North America, North, Crystal Empire, War Weary, Raylore, The Kingdom of Burgundy, Grand Central, The United Nations of Ellendor, CBGB, Funen, Omniversal Giants Mark II, Tsumonrin, Imperial Russian Empire, Paradise, The Glorious Nations of Iwaku, Imperium of the Wolf, The Bar on the corner of every region, Eientei Gensokyo, United Kingdom Of Great Britain, Melhorian Sea, Europea, Krumpelberg, Reality, The Union of Socialist States Republic, Polandball, The Celtic Militia, North Eurasia, The Geometric Equanimity TGE, Association of the Countries of the Free, Exodus, Central, The Czech Republic, The Peoples Republic of China, Loony Bin, Malaysia, Happy Utopia, Eagles of Germany, HFY, Solar Alliance, Northumbria, Fiji, Icecrown Citadel, Turkiye, Know Your Region, The Central Pacific, Portugal, Land of Orcs and Goblins, The Middle Nowhere, The Popptart Empire, Knights of The Templar Order, Regionless, Public Telegrams, Yuno, The Great Universe, New World Alliance, Sudan, International Debating Area, Southeast Asia, fluffy squishfish, The South Arctic, Dauiland, The United Islands of the Atlantic, Galactic Republic, Star Wars, The Peaceful Coffee Shop In Chicago, Galactic Empire, The Pale Blue Region, The Dank Meme Alliance, The Exarchal Republic, The Erviadus Galaxy, Joint Operations Space Command, Orthanc at Isengard, Realism and RP, United Poland Union, Nauru, The League of Socialist States, The Bunny Fire, The Luxan Empire, The Antichrist Trump, Richard, Ecuador, Toronto, World, Central African Republic, 0000, The Cannabis Region, Mahtomedi, Catlandatopia, Solid Kingdom, Austro Hungarian Empire, Pac Pac, Antigua and Barbuda, The Democratic Commonwealth, The Arab League Congress, Spinward, Sex, Covenant, Korea, The Warden World, Sid Meiers Alpha Centauri, Tanabiku Galaxy, Pawnsilvania, Pigsty Steppes, Mapperdonia, Kanada, Senegal, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nunavut, Axiom Supercluster, Luxembourg, Commonwealth of Baltic and Nordic States, Zen Buddhism, Crodown, VCG, The Parliamentary Union of Nations, The Assembly of Gentlemen, Rhea, New Brunswick, Angora Guanaco, Okanagan, Cote dIvoire, Gabon, Tuvalu, Sakartvelo, Two Letter, The Gambia, Comoros, Vanuatu, Slavija, Connaught, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Korovia, Leinster, Wales, Friends and puppets of Chewbockastain, The Vast, The Epic Pony Region, Gamyria and Historica, Nesapo, United Socialist Republics, Sikh Empire, Hippy Haven, Scoria, Zentari, Armenia, Concordat of Phoenix, NationStates World Regions, Imperial Fatherland, Coalition of Catholic States, New Dinosaurtopia, Hippies, South America, Intarctica, Surda Federation, Especia and Meridon, USSR, Novels and Plays, Suomi, Regionless Nation, North America, Door Monster Entertainment, Commonwealth States, Hetalia, Sonnel, Cascadia, The Glorious Nation of Arstotzka, Remnants of Hyrule, Claistrora, Novapax, Agora, State of North Dakota, Vandoosa, Canterlot, Leppikanian Puppet Storage, Etharia, RGBN, Bully Pulpit, Organization of United Sovereign States, The Mob, Kawaii, The Confederacy of Free Lands, The Great Experiment, The Imperial Dominion, The Northern Outskirts, FUR, Ancient Empires, Babylonia, Dash Clan, Abyssinia, South Asia, White Obelisk, Board Game Nations, Asiana, The Western Realm, Bailiwick of New Jersey, Oceania, Costa Rica, Seattle, Namibia, India, Anzia, Kingdom of Jerusalem, Kingdom Of England And Wales, Assembly of Independent Nations, Maldives, Thebes, Atlantic New Lands, Mauritius, Liechtenstein, Zimbabwe, Algeria, Imperial Prussia, United Assembly, African Union, The Sentient Hub, Brasilistan, North Asia, Malawi, State Awesome, French Empire, North Turkestan, NATIONS REGION, Monarchist League, Chinese People Liberation Army, Chile, North American Union, Delta, Diverse Regimes Project, Confederacy of Independent Systems, Beer, The Great Region, United We Stand, League of Christian Nations, Global Alliance, Democritus, Republic of Selsos, Isla Variatas, The Intercontinental Union Of Nations, Khuzifenq, Oblitus Realm, London, Pacific Union, Mackenzie, Prince Edward Island, Samoa, Mongolia, Rhode Island, Laos, Palau, Freshness, Kiribati, Botswana, United Arab Emirates, Dominican Republic, Montserrat, League of Legends, Rio de Janeiro, Cape Verde, Solomon Islands, Dominica, Ceylon, Columbia, Stornoway, Uganda, Northwest Territories, Belize, Nyksos, Georgia, Calgary, Yukon, Purgatory, Ottawa, Pitcairn Island, Galapagos, Beijing, Swaziland, Kenya, Tanzania, Republic of Russia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, The Philippines, Republic of Congo, San Marino, Monaco, Saskatchewan, Pencil Sharpeners Puppet Storage, Streptococcus, The Slave Guilds, The Mesan Union, A Very Small Region, Tarn Vedra, The Insulam Confederacy, The North American Union, The Kamicaper Allied Nations, The Gulf Cooperation League, Magna Europa, Yertania City, Out Of Left Field, The Lands Of Guacamole, Otoris, The Sweet Ubiquity, The Holy Roman Empire, 84 point 25 Anomaly, Where the Wild Things Are, Dot, Covfefe, Sao Tome e Principe, Ilarta, DBA, Manchester, Archdymia, The LAGC, Red Alliance, The States of Villaland, The Palaven Union, desert, The New Mappers Union, Kortexian Tech Barracks, The Free Pacific, Cotton Club, The Travelling Sheep, The Iceberg Lounge, The Three Kings, RAMS, The Sands, Scarlet Dominion, Sovereign Military Order of Malta, United Federation of the Blanji Alliance, The Arab League, Galactic Federation of Free Alliances, International sovereignty pact, Penguia, Venus Project, Union Sovietica de Mordor, United Vape Nations, Itevia, Greater Middle East, Greater Brasilistan, The Confederacy of Free Nations, Ninjago, Alliance of Secondary Countries, leftypol, The Junto Region, Furby Island Puppets, Castocium, Federation of Conservative Nations, Circumspice, NS April Fools Day Jokes, Rogue CONclave, Gypsy Lands, Union Hispanica, Orient, The Imperial Consortium, Silverhold, The League of Conservative Nations, Hyperion United, Iranian Islamic Republic, Confederacy of the North, The Nordics, Bus Stop, Elparia, Former United States of America, Wiccaland, Nusantara Archipelago, Aristokuvaa, The Watchtower, Shrayan Bose, Calnuxia, Camp McKee, Northern Utopia, Mahakam, Beringia, Mitteleuropa, United Alliance of Conservative Nations, Union of Socialist Powers, Union of Allied States, The Milky Way Galaxy, The Ocean States, Bikini Bottom, Malphe, Ivory, The Southern Arctic, Greater Europe, The Large Swath of Unclaimed Territory, The West Republic, The First Reich, Honduras, Agheasma, Southern Australia, Zazumo, CrimsonHand, Ships Haven Archipelago, Saertland Red Bloc Allies, United Republic Of Nations, Youtube, New Tibet, Limburgia, United League of Nations, Core World of Zintaria, Salutations, Novo Brasil, Union of Free and Independant States, Greater Nova Roma, Second Kekistani Republic, United Federation Of Edwards, The United Empires of Carson, The Region, Wampumian Star Cluster, Greater Brutesia, Coin Collecting Club, The Union Of Social Media, Ayy lmao, Asian Dawn, Utopian Realm, Royal Assembly of the Third PCWZ Empire, Island Of Union, iFunny, Ikuisuus, General Alliance of Nations, Authoritarianism Is Cool Kind Of, Auralia, Azerupt, Hypernova House, Grumbletonia, Biqgai, Homeplace, Estaria, League of Capitalism, The Pit under the Arm, The Alliance of Luck, Free People of The Democratic Federation, The Great American Union, Embassy, Tasmanian Trailer Park, Embassies, The Fallout Wasteland, The New Coming of Communism, The Sorcerhood, The EverLit Torch, Union of the Kind Ones, Central Perk, Warehouse of Wayward Teen Punk Rockers, The Democratic Republic, Southfield, Devia, Fredonia, Argo Navis, The Global Democratic Union, The Great and Mighty Region of Morshu, Mad Land of the Mad Madmen, Golden Dragons, The Dawn of Unity, Antifa Luxemburgist Communist Collective, The Larry Pact, Universal Pact, The New Kingdom, land of the redpandas, The Franco Spanish Empire, The Srivijayan Consortium, Cazbeez, New East Berlin, The Gordo Alliance of Got Beef, Kingdom Of Austria, Communist Cartel, Japan, Our Town, The Combination of Controversial States, New Epinadia, Stoners, The Democratic Republic of Freedom, Region of Something, Chicken overlords, Despotic Europe, Zombie Research Institute, The Galactic Empire of Britain, NationStatesHolics Anonymous, I am Groot, Christian Nations Union, MentosLand, Ebola QuarantineZone, Homieland, The Flying Fishes Bait Shop, The Reunited Resistance Against Liberals, nasunia, Northern Atlantic Ocean, Storenda Kukwandara, Trump, Invicta, The Puppeteria, Solemnace, The Flying Spaghetti Monster Lands, Capri, The United States of Greater BlatterLand, Train Station, Pigeon Axis Force, The Dogeland Alliance, im inactive, Small Globe, Desdin, The Organization of Cultured Nations, Anarcho Land, Hartfelden, Montealba, NOZ, World Awesome, Citadel of Ricks, Union of Queer Nations, Strawberry Hill, American Patriotic Front, Emojiland, Alliance of Liberal Democratic Nations, Silvonia, Verdenia, Eastern European, Former State of Massachusetts puppets, Monarchist and Democratic Alliance, Latinoamerica Libre, The Limbo, International Northwestern Union, Union of Justice, HALO UNIVERSE, Society, Pravda, Bloco Liberal, DefenderCon, Kingdom of Adonai, Region Name, Terra Pro Redditu, The Drawception Community Domains, 22chan, Bobberino, Brotherhood of Nations, OmniOne, Hive, Roman Byzantine Union, Northern Ocean, Laraniem, Federation of Rice Lovers, The Imperial Court, Heian Japan, The Grand British Union, Reminated Euromean Republic, The Maria Alliance, Eesti, The Confederacy of MoFos, Union of Democrats, Scania, Realm of the Whispering Winds, The Slide Countries, Geographica, SHIELD, Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, The Land of the Lards, Great Yellow Empire, 00000 Land of Nod, Davis Monthan Air Force Base, The New North West, Port Royal, The Federation of the FA, Europaeischer Schutzbund, The Steakhouse in Nationstates, Libera Mundi, IRAQ AND SHAMAR AND ARAB UNION, Thrones of the Three Kingdoms II, The Independent States of Akrieus, Anti Fairy Pact, New Lemuria, United Nations UN, New Atlas, Nationalism, The Nuclear Wastes, Another Galaxy, Cyber Industries Federation, The Confederacy of Untied States, The Federal Commonwealth Society, ORCA HQ, Unitarian, Swedenborg, Blackbats, International Concordia League, oauei, Scorched Earth, Southeast Wheels, Kingdom of West Sayville, Meditation, aeiou, League Of Allied Powers, eaiou, Chaldea Security Organization, The Holy Reich of Greater Germania, The Reich, Nietzsche, Northern Oceans, Meme Team, Cards, Hiyamashu, The Hood, Colt 45, The New European League, Patriot Alliance, The 2nd Dominion, Anime Girls, Furbish Poll Center, Malt Liquor, Grand Calradia, iouae, Duluth, The Dron Empire, Mobius, Yoruba, Skyrim, Atlantian Alliance, New Augrativan Kingdom, Lasagna, The International Polling Zone, The Cuban Empire, The Emerald Isles, UNS, United Essentan nations, The Union of Khoburg, Lezzie, Swedes, The Multi Dimensional Powers, The Grand Holy Bar Stool of McStooley, New Wolf Order, Empire of Galea, Christmas, Pinky Queen, A Second Try, Libran Region, The Chapel, Brave New America, Potato, Decepticon region, Cougars, The Independent Newspaper, Preathien, 314159265358979323846264338327950, The United Iron Fists, Imperium Romanum, United Kingdom of Scandia, The United Multiverses, New Korean Peninsula, Stans, Novae Terrae, Thaecia, That One Place, Stardew Valley, Alpheratz, Island of Atlas, New Regime of Great Cyan, The Region of WESC, Wild Hunt, Autobot region, FCN, Sentakeo, The Other Left Sea, The Warp, Zemaa, Social Technocratic Union, The Federal Republic, BIONICLE, The Moderate Alliance, Long live the British Empire, UNHHPOK, The Shadows, Iztok, The Zennenteze Reserve, 765 Production, Tertiary International Trade Suppliers, Regions, uoiea, Isles of Tomorrow, Strange Real, Mathematics, Commonwealth of Saint Norm, La nova Terra, The SUVAT Union, Memeland, The Commonwealth of the North, The Great Monarchical Nations, Dream Land, The Organization Of Democratic States, The Straw Hat Pirates, United States of UBG, Caegrad, The New Horizon, TwitchPlaysPokemon, The New World Entente, The Commonwealth Empire, Association of Islamic Nations, VoVoDoCoan Multiverse, The Fiercest, Territories of the Neppire, World of Final Fantasy, The Realm of Freedom, The Magician Hideout, Tamhriel, Sumerian Coalition, Novum Eden, Iberia, United Kingdom Of Denmark, Ancient Epic League of Epicness, Meillur, Charizard Sanctuary, Timeline Yankee Spring, Averohk, The Cascade, Valentine Day, Land of Turtles, Groovy, Olgienslavia, Wealth, Beachfront Nuclear Hellscape, Starwars Rules, The Greater World, Glorious Swampland, The Dour Isthmus, Iveagh, Greater Koaland, Doki Doki NationStates Club, The Diplomatic Committee Of Nations, Greater Arcadia, Edmundian Empire, The greater region of Frykestan, Imperium of Earth, Greater Nova York, The Galactic Imperium, Iniris, Pax Britannica, The Wolf Clan, The Interdimensional Community, Galawen, Wrangel, The Dragon Realm, Holy Imperial States, Thicc Economy Bois, Altay, 0 r c, The Azalean Collective, Soyuz Sovietskik Sotsialistik Respubliks, B71, Terra Magna, Bob the 3ed, The Holy Church of Roads, Baymoor, Meese Gang Headquarters, Terra Ceralis, The Mud Cookie Region, Lady Rose, Roumania, Glass Gallows, Fraternal Union of States, Dogwarts, Dixie, Seblaria, The Fairy Hunter Alliance, Algebra II, Anime and Memes Alliance, Mount Fuji, The Big City, Harambe Isles, Aldraia and Runikhav, Federation of Social States, The Region of nicomaki shippers, Amsterdam, Veran Economic Zone, Lands of Zephathah, Lady Magdalenas Secret, Caelum, Alliance of Sovereign Nations, Asia Pacific Economic Group, Usea, Tarkin, Wakanda Republic, The Zombie Factory, The Holy Empire of Marshelle, Island of Extinction, The Thonlands, New Vegas, Nether Reaches, Aethelflaed, Schuylkill Valley, Misanthropic Bloc, Argos, Alcatraz, Sol III, The Dominion of Abyssilan, The Cormorant Pact, South Central Atlantic, Redundant Realm of Redundancy, Large Hadron Collider of CERN, CISB, Cyterian Treaty Organisation, New EQDverse, Silvetta, The Graveyard, Imperial Federation Territories, The Western Nations, Dythinia, Celestia, The Assembly of Sovereign Nations, Interdimensional Alien Zone, Fanon Antarctica, The KuK Patriarchy, Nova Regio, South pacific gyre, Conservative Nations Guild, Reddit Malaysia, Aquitaine, Halloween, Meatpackers union, Jasmin, Realm of Unrestricted Science, The Great Red Union, The Empire of Friendship, The East West, The Confederacy Of Border States, FRC Collation, Nudeia, Water bear Landmass Allies United, Torn Earth, Deep Storage, Aovelale, Jantar Mantar, Gobbotopia, Torrezon, Region of Heroes, Medio, Sarnor, Last Flight, Central Region of Puppet Nations, Ulthos, Wel Zelevas, The Wizard of Oz, The Whole World, Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, Gaul, Vereinigt Stehen Wir, Aokigahara, Intruders, The New Dogecoin Union, South Anaria, Refuge of Christ, Eastern Bloc, The Chill Islands, Grandiose, Armourverse, Green Day, Terra Domus, Orc Island, Isolationists Paradise, Winterspell Confederation, Kremlin, House of Card Farmers, Ancient, Aircraft Manufacturers, The United Imperial Federation, The Planet X, euoia, The Flyin Miniverse, Death Gods, Unions of Fellas, The Southeast, East Lehman, Ovama, Fort Squidward, SCC CISC 310, Geneva Treaty Organization, Heritage Hill, Clown Club, The Holy United Nations of HellSushi, Stella Solar System, The Federation of Grankulla, Greater Catopia, the November, The Flux Union, Commune of Rome, Impetaris, NorthEast Atlantic, Lesser Catopia, Cymopolia, New Republic of Sovereign States, Pheadaria, Legionary Axis, North American Treaty Organization, The Animatrix, The Monarchy alliance, New East Africa, Series and movies, Eocacira, International World Union, New Western Pacific, Dudeland, Grand Ole Republic, Commonwealth of Maine, The UN, Seblaria Minor, Region of central Europe, Alyr, Jazzhive, Greater Serene Republic Gold Union, New Linnasia, Artsakh, Solarpunk, Diodonian Army, Galactic Hegemony, Peacemakers, The First Imperial Order, Confederacy of Independent States, Ghela, europaly, Northern Africa, Union Mundialista, Kezia, Winter Solstice, Outre Space, The Hyperion Borderlands Union, Duchy of Guimaraes, Brazilian Empire, Warden, Federal Powers, New CyberPasterys, Westerlake, Mystical Council, Your mom is fat, The Noodle Shop At The Edge Of Reality, The Free Socialist Democratic Region, The Brazilian Empire, The Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, Golden, Wooden, Urana Firma, PK of rthbnd, The Trunk of a Pontiac Tempest, Louisiana Swampland, North korea secret service branch, Socialist Economic Union, Alliance of Isolated Tribes, The Presidential Library, Ancerious Galactic, Kitai, The Wonderful Bird Region, Ultrexia, GOOD BOIs, Westfalen Westphalia, Eurasian Trade Federation, Monarch Sciences, RH Region, Forbidden, Hidden, Optimus Coagulus, Weebunism, East Antarctica, Confederacy of Nations, The Lobster Alliance, Coalition of Authoritarian Nations, West Antarctica, The Old Empire of Cya, Phydiosia, United World Nations, the Imperial Armed Force, Rathaia, sdggewyw, Holy Empire of Britannia, United Alliances of TFR, United World Nations Observer Assembly, Kongeriket Norge, Konungariket Sverige, Greater Mercateria, Kingdom of Atorantisu, Kongeriget Danmark, Imperial Order, Dominion of Larnworth, The Imperial Order, The United Nations of Justopia II, Separatist Alliance, URT, United roleplay authority, Lyricia, The Nations of Saint Francis de Sales, The Pacific Rim, Tristallan, Big Water, The ISF Coalition, ArcadiaBay, Pacific Northwestern Alliance, The Interstellar Union, Stormcloak Rebellion, United Savage Alliance, United Federation of Nations, Garden, NationStates Entente, Thatcheronia, Vegan Land, The Land of Yoob, Hope Dungeon, Terra Luna, Loosely Antagonistic Nations, Mordkan Imperial Dominion of Sayville, Farrago Fictaria, Catz in the Hood, Calradia, The Free Archipelago, United Regions Alliance, Indian Mars, United Federation of Communist States, RaiderCon, United Federation of Communist Nations, The New Frontier, Dolla Holla, Echo, The Colonies of The FA, Yurdan, The Intercontinental Socialist Union, The Church of Yesnt, 1000 Islands, Small Ineffectual Rulers, Wanderlust, WACP, Allied Unions, Kappa Region, Empire of Byzantium, Pingaz For Muteke, Comfy Mansion, The Empire of Byzantium, Principality of Sealand, The Beneficent Alliance of Technocracies, Change, Mr Rogers Neighbourhood of Socialists, Cobra Command, Cobra, Cascos de Rolha, The Cobra Command, Hungaria, Baltica, Kenmorian Communications, Chicken overlords advertisement space, Borussia, Corvus, Socialist States of Oliviland, Neith, Zambia, Grand Region of ROM Dis, The Gardens of Hesperides, Kemet and Kush, Guardian Network, The Region of Grotesques, Dossier Tracker 2, Owl, Charletrulem, wash out, The Federation of Free Moultrie, Old Spirit, Rainy, Eumaglia, The Imperium Magnum, Least Developed Countries, The Magnum Imperium, SMC NationStates, The Peoples Empire of Allied Nations, Sector 401, Akamatsu, Atorantisu, Advanced Regional Collective, Nova Universalis, Maxtopia, The Carolingian Empire, DRUZHBA Union of Socialist Patriots, Puptopia, Atorantisu Teikoku, Empire of Atorantisu, The Kingdom of Atorantisu, Danganronpa Talent Sector, Cyrus, CISB 2030, Fate Waifu Alliance, The Communist Region, The Realms of Athretvari, Benin, Cuddle Commune, Greater Mania Region, The Dunes, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, Ghost Land Government Type Museum, Nova, The Protectorate Of Scotland, Balugata, Empire of the Romans, Canguta Nations, First Order, International Union of Nations, Dradh Llab, Crystal Lake, Sopian Empire, Wisterian Alps, The Cursed Continent of Lodoss, Bir Tawil, Meat, The MLB, atlasia, Veris Administrative Region, The Commonwealth of United Free Nations, Byelorussia, American Companies, Golden Antarctica, The Pure Land, Hallyu Sanctuary, New West Europe, The Alliance of Dragons, the Boneyard, Dungeons And Dragons, Glacial Chthonia, The Transitionists, The Kingdom of Rome, Kingdom of Rome, Mongol Empire, Alliance of North Sea Islands, Sohcahtoa, Western Sahara, The Concert of Europe, Isla Instatenia, Trollanoahion, Catigulan Confederation, Technically Operational Countries, The Great Soviet Union, United Soviet Soviet Soviets, Realms of the Disappeared, The Wired, Afrika, Iacon City, Slovenska, Mercenaries R Us, New Caledonia, International Immortal Ideaventions, The Democratika, The Autocratic Islamic League, Tinder, Mind Control Time, The Fallange, Phuket, United Discordia, The Ascendancy, International Confederation of Security, Wrestling, Greater Ajita, 001, Substation 9, Aetenia, Imperium Invictorum, Algiers, The Nouveu Coryan Corporation, Epilev, Frozen Guns Puppet Warehouse, The Long War, Nation of One, shrek, Southest Asia Nations, Lavinaria, Anschluss, The United Frontier, Uus Balti Riigid, The Burnt World Of Athas, 1980s America, Land From Beyond the Stars, Athas, The Union of the World, Greater Varginia, The Grand New Republic, Doctor Who, Sheriff, The Environment, Melayu Archipelago, The Occult, The Unbroken Dictatorships, The Order Of The Afternoon, Guinness, Roman German Empire, Celestian Prosperity Sphere, Order of The Eastern West, The Prussian Empire, Prussian Empire, The Roman German Empire, Vampires, CPCPIlandia, You Just Got Raided, Onnanoko, Kerania, small strength, Point Reyes National Seashore, Neo Cardboard Box, Austro Hungarian Imperium, Santa Clara County, Alpha Centauri, Montrandecs Neighbours, Codex Ylvus, The Democratic Union, Hatari, Southeastern Europe, United Earth Space Probe Agency, World Assembly of United Nations, Jervis Bay Territory, Alliance Space, Union of the Free Nations, Zebra Ice Station, The colonies of Malnourishmentland, Land of Orcs and Dorfs and Elfs, Greater Roldaine, Bongs, Sub Saharan Africa, Water, Therrand, A Supermassive Black Hole, The 1970s, Xusderland, Dravida Nadu, United Christian Empires of the West, Monster Island, Gulamian Lands, Kawaii World, Corfu, Aurora Union, Bharat, Greater Mediterranean Union, The Authoritarian Confederacy, Red and Black International, Yr Hen Ogledd, Puppets of AdvanciaSizzletown, extraordinary, The North Atlantic Commonwealth, Bacon, EPCOT Center 1981, United Forum of Nations, The Userite Menace, Las Vegas Henderson Paradise, kaiju forces, American Jewish Committee, Eastfield, Vexian Sphere of Influence, Argonne Forest, River of No Return, Worms, 2 Miles Past Nowhere, President Trump, Naipo, Tropical Antarctic Archipelago, The Panic Room, Castinian Alliance, The San Francisco Bay Area, Incorporated Lands of Gran Municipium, The Holy Reich of Bunicken, Dai Toa Kyoeiken, Tiamat, The Syltaran Elysium, Violet Sea, The Ultra Depression, Regno Cosmo, The Barren Ones, Copenhagen, Federated States of Micronesia, The Poopy Islands, Jeo, New Delhi, Eustrasia, The Sea Of Hate, Schutzstaffel, Council of Constructed Languages, Northern Union, United World Micronations, 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The Embassy contains 5 nations, the 3,032nd most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Highest Crime Rates in The Embassy

World Census interns were dispatched to seedy back alleys in order to determine which nations have the highest crime rates.

As a region, The Embassy is ranked 8,555th in the world for Highest Crime Rates.

1.The Federal Republic of Eckie-ColaCompulsory Consumerist State“Eckie-Cola™, The Preferred Drink of NationStates”
2.The Dirty but Lucrative Affairs of A Goblinoid MerchantCapitalist Paradise“Everything has its price...”
3.The Exquisite taste of The Ambassadors ReceptionInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Noted in society for their host's exquisite taste”
4.The Democratic States of LeppikaniaLeft-wing Utopia“All hail the glorious Gaben!”
5.The Unitary Sovereign Republic of The Hanzanburg UnionInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Ausgewogenheit, Gleichheit und Fortschritt”

Last poll: “This or That: Fast Food or TV?”

Regional Happenings


The Embassy Regional Message Board


The Republic of Grishahakkaverchynot


The Armed Republic of Colin Advance Wars

Grishahakkaverchynot wrote:Poll:

Dude ur an admin of ur region, why you just don't do it in ur regioN. sillY.

The Democratic States of Random Country 453632

So there is a Discord sings...
Could there be a NationStates Sings?

The Armed Republic of Colin Advance Wars

Random Country 453632 wrote:So there is a Discord sings...
Could there be a NationStates Sings?

n0, all NS sung in NS are caNCer.

The Armed Republic of Colin Advance Wars

State of Germany wrote:No problem


The Incorporated States of Free Press

Trouble in APSIA

Aug. 13th, 2020: I got a TG on my main nation, which is the WA delegate in my home region. The TG was from Nationalist Gold Union and said:

Red alert!
Some fools are upset with my region APSIA's aggressive recruitment strategies, including the tactic of "WA poaching" - directly targeting members of YOUR region to steal for ours.
And for some reason, they're trying to condemn our leadership and region for this! Blasphemy!


I've worked for 5 years to earn a pristine reputation for my region, only for it to get kicked in the dust like this. I'm urging you to not vote to approve this resolution. Please please please!
That way, it will continue to be morally okay for me and my region to harass your region's nations for recruitment in the future.

Founder and Supreme Leader of APSIA
True and Legitimate WA Delegate of APSIA (unlike that Romanian, Sietsk)
Famed WA Poacher

Not that interesting. But then I looked further. Turns out Sietsk is the WA delegate in APSIA! Why would they want to condemn their own region? I pointed out to NGU that he/she can just bring Sietsk to court and then kick them from the region, or at least threaten to do that if Sietsk doesn't take down the SC condemnation. NGU liked the idea and went to find someone to act as an attorney. I offered up my services, beginning to feel the beginnings of an article and drama brewing. I wanted an inside scoop. So I went to APSIA and posted on the RMB that I was a reporter and wanted to know what was going on with this condemnation stuff. This happened:

My posts asking about what was going on were suppressed, and a post by Bisingen saying that the nations of the region were being ruled by an iron fist. The Imgur link posted showed this:

Apparently I am "censored press", no idea how that came across. Panjal (the suppressor) was a government official and seems not to like my presence. I am ready to be ejected at any moment now.

The RMB is now filled with messages supporting the APSIA government. Especially NGU. Some examples:

If you want to see the whole RMB go here:


It seems that there are two factions. The backers of Sietsk who wish to condemn the region for WA poaching and the government led by NGU. Here is Sietsk official statement to me:

This is a full fledged revolution! This'll be fun. The government sure is making a desperate attempt to save the region, but the revolution seems to be gaining traction with some nations. I can't take sides, but both have valid points.

Here is a link to the forum page on the proposal:


Summary of proposal and stuff: Mass TG spamming and WA poaching is frowned upon in NS. And the proposal attempts to punish the nations that do it. The condemnation can also be a double one because of how the government treats its region's nations.

Aug. 14th, 2020: I've been scrolling through the forum of the proposal... and laughing. Nations are getting really salty about this. It's a great mud flinging battle between APSIA officials, APSIA residents, and nations who want them to get out of the SC and calm down. The mods have come in too as the drama escalates.

NGU continues to try and stop the proposal being passed and suppressing any contradictions of the government in the RMB. NGU has also posted a poll about wether to oust Sietsk:

Backfire! The nations are revolting!

I TGed NGU about this whole affair, to get his thoughts. According to them, a bunch of nations were unhappy with the region leadership and tried to condemn the region. NGU sent out TGs to stop the SC proposal from going through, though nations "thought I was a double agent who secretly wanted APSIA condemned, which was kind of weird".

At midnight last night (not sure what time zone) the proposal needed only 6 more approvals to go to the voting floor. But Morover, the famous resolution writer, TGed many nations to not approve the proposal. Why? Well it seems Morover just didn't think the region was worthy of a condemnation, stating that condemnation are many times sought after by regions as a sort of "badge of honor". Instead Morover and others are telling nations from APSIA to directly fight the government, not use the SC.

An interesting quote about NGU:

"The NGU's acts of corruption, sleight and amoral expediency are despicable and quite possibly unforgivable. He has repeatedly abused his power as the leader of APSIA, including but not limited to through the distribution of copied and pasted telegrams on a massive and, I dare say, unprecedented scale. If need be, I can provide dozens upon dozens of screenshots of how recipients of the spammed telegrams expressed their warranted frustration and anger. Hell, they were published by the capra himself, which proves that he relishes these kind of deeds! Punishment must be swift and certain." - Yustrait (a citizen of APSIA

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