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Welcome to the 2022 RP Region! This is an RP set in the modern day, and has become an alternate future RP. We have an active community and player base, unique world map and player-made world, and so much more!

The World Right Now
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China Has Collapsed
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Second Turkish Wars of Independence
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Recent Events
- Organization for the 2042 World Cup has begun!
- Intervention in Japan's civil war against Shadow Nippon by multiple states, most notably the USA, USPCA, and India
- Indian Reunification

Quote of the Week:

Lithuania 2022 RP wrote:1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF 2022 RP REGION

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    Modern Day RP Rules

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    RP Speed

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    Global Situation

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    Leaders of the Countries

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    UN Official Factbook (Modern Day RP)

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    Ideologies rank (WIP)

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    Nuke Rankings

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    Airforce Rankings

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    Military Size Rankings (WIP)

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    Stability Rankings

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    Economy Rankings

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    Navy Rankings (BY TONNAGE)

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Tags: Embassy Collector, Independent, Medium, and Role Player.

2022 RP Region contains 24 nations, the 788th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Timber Woodchipping Industry in 2022 RP Region

The World Census measured the rate of desertification in order to calculate which nations have the largest timber industry.

As a region, 2022 RP Region is ranked 9,287th in the world for Largest Timber Woodchipping Industry.

1.The Restoration of Russia 2022 RPCorporate Police State“Православие, самодержавие и народность”
2.The Port You Goal of The Mexican GulfInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Wahoo!”
3.The Republic of Japan 2020sRpInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Let the rising sun bloom”
4.The I like femboys of The Balkans FederationCivil Rights Lovefest“Make BF great again, again, again”
5.The Republic of Greater Cuba Democratic Capitalist REPCapitalist Paradise“Make Cuba Great Again.”
6.The Republic of Russia 2023 rpCapitalist Paradise“We Will Endure”
7.The Empire of Canadian 2022 RPInoffensive Centrist Democracy“From Sea to Sea!”
8.The Republic of Switzerland 2022rpNew York Times Democracy“Doors make doors”
9.The Kingdom of Norway 2022-RPCorporate Bordello“Alt for Norge”
10.The Based States of America 2020s RPNew York Times Democracy“No more Yume :) (Okay maybe a little Yume)”

Last poll: “Who do you want to host the 2042 World Cup?”

Regional Happenings


2022 RP Region Regional Message Board


The Federal Republic of China Modern RP

someone tryin to log into my nation lmao

prob Peru since I banned their alts

The Nuclear Republic of Peru 2022 RP

Something strange is happening

The Based States of America 2020s RP

huh, someone trying to log into my account.

Peru 2022 RP wrote:Something strange is happening


The Port You Goal of The Mexican Gulf

China Modern RP wrote:someone tryin to log into my nation lmao

prob Peru since I banned their alts

America 2020s RP wrote:huh, someone trying to log into my account.

Same here

The Cryptid of Germany 2022 RP

China Modern RP wrote:IC: Turkestan congratulates Germany on their victory and wishes them the best of luck for the rest of the World Cup.

Meanwhile, Turkestani citizens are more excited about soccer than ever. While they'r esad they couldnt make it farther in the World Cup, they are ecstatic that they were able to make it to the round of 16, farther than they got in the previous World Cup.

IC: Germany thanks Turkestan for the luck and the good match.

With the quarter-finals here the governmental buildings have started flying a German flag with a soccer ball along with the state flag to support the team.

The Nuclear Republic of Peru 2022 RP

IC: PBA was dissolved
IC: NJK was formed

The Republic of Greasy Greece of Britain Modern RP

Karnata wrote:🤪

I will dislocate your head

The Anger indused of Spanish republic 2022 rp

China Modern RP wrote:The Mexican Gulf -Karnata I've completed most of what I need to do today so its time for the round of 16!

The 2042 World Cup Round of 16

Match 1: Senegal (4) - England (10) - England Wins 3-2!

Match 2: Germany 2022 RP (10) - Turkestan (3) - Germany Wins 3-1!

Match 3: The Balkans Federation (10) - France 2022-RP (9) - The Balkan Federation Wins 2-1!

Match 4: Algeria (7) - America 2020s RP (9) - America Wins 3-0!

Match 5: Greece (3) - Spanish republic 2022 rp (8) - Tied 2-2; Greece Wins in PKs 4-3!

Match 6: Lithuania 2022 RP (7) - Ukraine (8) - Baltic Union Wins 1-0!

Match 7: Karnata (4) - The Mexican Gulf (9) - Portugal Wins 2-0!

Match 8: Egypt (5) - Thailand (4) - Tied 1-1; Egypt Wins in PKs 5-4!

Broooooo wtf

The Anger indused of Spanish republic 2022 rp

Britain Modern RP wrote:Eat sh[i]t scotland

True. They should eat the national meal of England, which is probably just some dogsh*t since that's the best thing you have.

The Sixth Republic of France 2022-RP

America 2020s RP wrote:IC: "Oaseburg Montana, at the American diner in the center of town, this is a pay phone so it can't be tracked. Come specifically on a Sunday."

Zoe hung up.

IC: The landlady smiled and nodded before she picked up the Rubik's cube.

"Amateur." She murmured as she scrambled it and solved it in under thirty seconds. "I bet she doesn't even know the pass code."

Once she was done, she picked up a phone and dialled a number.

*** *** ***

On Sunday, A single man with light brown hair and a dark brown coat exited the car. He sauntered into the store, revealing a youngish face and a beard before he wandered over and slipped into the booth. He reached into his coat to produce a newspaper and began to read.

China Modern RP wrote:


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