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Most Nations: 330th Most World Assembly Endorsements: 1,024th Highest Disposable Incomes: 2,030th+3
Largest Information Technology Sector: 2,105th Largest Black Market: 2,193rd Most Scientifically Advanced: 2,200th
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The Fallout Wasteland
Est. July, 26 2015

"War... War never changes."
In the year 2077, a nuclear war plunged America into a fiery holocaust, only to set another bloody chapter in human history. The year is 2172, and there’s always a new story in the wastes.

Welcome to The Fallout Wasteland. You may create/join a faction. Moderators will enforce the rules pinned below. Please join the Discord (linked below) to join the community. To be placed on the map, make a request on the #map-request-wing channel of the Discord.

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The Fallout Wasteland contains 52 nations, the 330th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Basket Weaving Sector in The Fallout Wasteland

World Census agents infiltrated a variety of out-of-the-way towns and festivals in order to determine which nations have the most developed Basket Weaving industries.

As a region, The Fallout Wasteland is ranked 9,398th in the world for Largest Basket Weaving Sector.

1.The New Vegas Corporation of Ivan IndustriesNew York Times Democracy“In a Hundred Years, the Stars...”
2.The Civilian Protection Vanguard of Green LandsLeft-Leaning College State“For the people! By the people!”
3.The Queendom of Greater New VictoriaRight-wing Utopia“Splendor Sine Occasu”
4.The Eastern Command of Grand EnclaveNew York Times Democracy“A World in Our Image”
5.The Soviet Socialist Republic of Santiago AUInoffensive Centrist Democracy“La Pátria es Primero”
6.The Kingdom of AlitanniaDemocratic Socialists“Armoniam est Magia”
7.The Republic of Nootka CoastNew York Times Democracy“The light in the dark.”
8.The Republic of A New PlaceInoffensive Centrist Democracy“(absent)”
9.The Kingdom of BenjaminitesCorporate Police State“God, Homeland, Liberty”
10.The Federation of FreeAmericanStatesInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Out of darkness we bring Light!”

Regional Happenings


The Fallout Wasteland Regional Message Board


The Rio Grande diktat of New-order

Diktat trading ships have been in the caribbean for quite some time, trading with the locals and exploring it. it had brought in a good amount of wealth to them, and set up relations with many petty kings in the area, which was largely untouched by direct nuclear fire. They had gotten reports about a more unified nation however, that could maybe see itself reclaim the whole island. so, a Ship makes it's way to Havana to meet with them. Retralik

The Rio Grande diktat of New-order

The Diktat trading mission was not having great luck. sure, they had made some small amount of profit, but nothing all that grand, and certainly nothing that justified the great deal of time they had spent so far on this trip. still, the City of Louisville was coming up as they went up the Ohio river. it was hoped that such a large popualtion center would have what they came here for.

Grand Enclave(tagging you, since it looks on the map that you own Louisville, or at least have some kind of outpost there, and you'd likely find well made and maintained ships sailing up the Ohio river towards you pretty notable)

The Rio Grande diktat of New-order

Despite the hardships involved in building in the location, the ports of Puerto Vallarta are considered strategically important to the Diktat; they are some of the larger ones on the entire coast, and for the time being, the only ones they even have access to. It was important that ships were put out as soon as possible, and it could be years before another port was claimed for use. As such, the ports of Puerto Vallarta, which once served mexican tourism, will be refitted to build the new Pacific navy of the Mexican Diktat, for both commercial and military purposes.

The United Socialist States of Retralik

New-order wrote:Diktat trading ships have been in the caribbean for quite some time, trading with the locals and exploring it. it had brought in a good amount of wealth to them, and set up relations with many petty kings in the area, which was largely untouched by direct nuclear fire. They had gotten reports about a more unified nation however, that could maybe see itself reclaim the whole island. so, a Ship makes it's way to Havana to meet with them. Retralik

The Ships arrive at La Havana to see the city in ruins, and if one squints their eyes, they can even make out some mutants in the dark alleys. But above one of the buildings is a flagpole, with a scarlet banner, waving in the air.

There is no one to report the ship's presence.

The Rio Grande diktat of New-order

Retralik wrote:The Ships arrive at La Havana to see the city in ruins, and if one squints their eyes, they can even make out some mutants in the dark alleys. But above one of the buildings is a flagpole, with a scarlet banner, waving in the air.

There is no one to report the ship's presence.

huh. less than what they expected. regardless, a party of 14 armed men gets off the boat and heads inland to scout out the city.

The United Socialist States of Retralik

New-order wrote:huh. less than what they expected. regardless, a party of 14 armed men gets off the boat and heads inland to scout out the city.

As they ventured into the urban sprawl, they can hear gunshots coming nearby.

The garrison from the flag post building is killing a group of Deathclaws, and they are the source of gunfire.

The Eastern Command of Grand Enclave

Project Lupin: Side Notes

Researcher's log, #007
Observation of the tagged molerats has yielded some surprising insight into the ecosystem of the more barren areas of the wasteland. Observation has previously noted that some species seem to be mainly scavengers, such as the giant ants that feast mainly on carcasses and on century-old food stores. It was thought that molerats occupied the same niche, as they have been observed doing the same thing.

However, recent observations suggest that, in fact, molerats and giant rats are primary herbivores. Tagged specimen #22 was observed eating what the wastelanders call "glowing fungi", a mutated sample of a pre-war mushroom genus known as Flammulina velutipes. The mushrooms themselves are a scientific curiosity, but they're quite common around the wasteland, especially in molerats' preferred habitat - underground caves.

Incidentally, the fungus also seems to be a primary food source for a couple of mutated insect species, such as the mutated cave crickets served as a delicacy in Lamplight.

This discovery fundamentally changes our understanding of the food web in the Capital Wasteland and elsewhere. It certainly puts to rest the theory that the ecosystem was a closed system of carnivores with herbivoric humans thrown in to compensate for inefficiency.

The Republic of Nootka Coast

A Brisk Jaunt, Part 1

Port Alberni, the heart of the island (and smells like rotten eggs, thanks to all the woodpulp mills). Shrouded by mountains, at the end of a grand fjord. From one of the rolling hills alongside rose three small plumes of vapor. Three people trudged through the chilling wind, along a snow-covered boardwalk overlooking the water. Kowalski, repentant vault-tec scientist and polymath, was doing his best to walk in a straight line without his fogged-up glasses. Polly, intrepid photographer and reporter, was shivering, and jogging madly in an attempt to warm up, to the bewilderment of the puffin in her coat pocket. Ernie, the fluffy-haired linguist, was a local, but this snowstorm was bad enough to warrant him readjusting his scarf.

"Ain't too bad, chief" Said Polly reassuringly, seeing Kowalski grit his teeth at another gust of freezing wind. "Ya just gotta get used to it, right Flanders?"

"Oh, of course." Smiled Ernie. "We get weather like this all the time. But I wouldn't exactly mind a nice toasty fireplace right about now..."

The scientist shook his head. "It's not this weather that's the issue - though an air-conditioned vault doesn't exactly prepare you for the winter. But, uh, did they tell you why they're sending us to Alberni?"

"Sorta a chris-miss reunion, yeah? Not like I wanna relive all our friends dying, but us and the Ozette tribe are kinda pals now, right? We all got kicked off the mainland - no matter how long we're on this island, there's still a bit of a strangers in a strange land sorta feeling. What else is there - did I miss a scoop?"

"I don't understand you, Polly - when the reeves try to keep something secret, you and your paper do their damndest to unearth it. But when they want you to know something, you don't pay attention at the meeting." Griped Kowalski. "Christmas, or festivus or whatever they call it here is part of why we're going, it's why Ernie's going. But they need us for something else - tell me, what's this town near?"

"A whole lot of nothing?"

"But what sort of nothing?"

While Polly guessed, Ernie tried to discreetly point at the looming outline of the massif behind the city. "The mountains?" She asked quizzically, the puffin tilting its head too. "But what's in the - ohhhhhhhh. That unfinished vault."

The balding scientist snapped his fingers. "You got it. We're vault dwellers, and that's sort of a vault in Golden Hinde, even if there's nothing in it. They want to see if we know anything useful, and Alberni's the key to that mountain range. I imagine it's a bit colder up there, plus all those bugs, plus the altitude sickness..."

Polly nodded distractedly, having stopped jogging in order to admire her piece of ocean agate. She held it up to the fjord in the distance, comparing the rock's likeness to the sea. "Oh yeah, I sure am sick of altitudes, the bastards. Can never tell where they are."

Ernie peered at the rock. "Say, that's from that pirate-king, right? Does that mean you own the city, Anymore?"

The photographer thought this over. "Ehhhhh, well, he's just Mayor now, but 'spose the rock's a bit like a key to the city. Sometimes I swear it looks like the waves are moving on this, but I think that's just one of them opical whatchamacallits. Someone called me 'priest of the order of the kitchen sink', which is just weird, but they do let me into restaurants and plays and stuff with no charge. Saw a decent reenactment of 'Gilligan's Island' at the theatre, actually. They eat him at the end."

The trio stopped, seeing a column of smoke in the distance. "Campfire!" Exclaimed Ernie eagerly. "Maybe they'll let us warm up before, uh, you guys go numb." Still, Kowalski led the way quietly, creeping off the road, and up the hill. There was indeed a campfire, which a handful of miners were gathered around. But around the miners, keeping watch, were a group of figures, armed and shrouded in top-hats and longcoats. One of them pointed directly towards them, stamping out the fire, and the rest began to walk towards the trio, rifles in hand.

"Run!" The three suggested in unison, and they began to urgently shuffle back to the road, and towards port alberni again. The tophatted figures pursued at the edge of the woods, easily beginning to catch up to the clumsily jogging trio in their winter gear. Kowalski stopped, turned around and fired a pair of black flares into the sky. They kept running, or at least stumbling along, out of breath, but nobody appeared to be giving chase anymore.

The Republic of Nootka Coast

A Brisk Jaunt, Part 2

The top-hatted figures had given up the chase. The trio took a moment to catch their breaths behind a boulder, after Ernie pointed out that these figures, probably mercenaries, didn't want to deal with flares leading the town straight to a murder investigation. A while later, a pair of fat constables shuffled their way down the boardwalk. They both came to a halt as they slipped on a snowdrift, tipping their helmets.

"Constables Crabbage - with a g, as in gnome - and Higginbottom - with an h, as in smock - at your service. What’s all this, then? Are you the ones who need arresting?"

The linguist turned to them with a look of concern. " They're over that way."

The two constables dusted themselves off, and set off eagerly towards the general direction of Ernie's pointing, the trio following. "Of course, ma'ams. Well, it must be serious government business if you're firing black flares, but I suppose we'll cross that train when it hatches.”

They found the mining encampment again, a few empty shacks hidden from the road on the other side of the hill, and a dead fireplace. The mercenaries were nowhere in sight. Ernie was a bit nervous.

"Don't you think we should keep quiet and see if there's anything to worry about, sirs?" He whispered, as they hid on the edge of the clearing.

Constable Crabbage strode into the camp, raising a finger proudly. "I answer boldly in the affirmative, with an emphatic no!" He exclaimed, while the others waited for a bullet to cut him down. Nothing happened, however, and Constable Higginbottom soon joined him in inspecting the mining camp. "Indeed, Crabs, indeed, the best way to avoid danger is to meet it plump!"

The trio cautiously left their hiding places and entered the clearing. "Ya sure y'all shouldn't just keep an eye out here, and tell your bosses back in town if anything happens?"

"Nonsense!" Exclaimed the pudgy Crabbage. "We can't exactly be here and at the station at once, can we?"
"To be precise" Agreed Higginbottom, "It is impossible for a man to be in two places at once, unless he were a bird."

After some poking about, they found the mine entrance, hidden behind a pile of pallets. Crabbage hopped in with a hup, nearly landing on top of a top-hatted, moustache-twirling fellow below. The officer pointed his ratchet at the man, rattling it excitedly. "I caught a criminal! I caught a -"

"Excuse me" Sneered the top-hatted man, as a group of his miners gathered around him. "On what grounds, exactly, are you accusing me of being a criminal?"

"Oh. Damn." Said Higginbottom. "We didn't think of that. You there, er... Pulaski…


"yes... er, you said you were chased by men with guns?"
"To be precise, you were gunned by a man named chase?"

"Well, er, yes, but they seem to have left..." Stammered the scientist, rubbing his head as the moustache-twirling mine boss cackled.

Higginbottom turned to Crabbage. “Do you suppose we’ll have to leave, then?” Crabbage hit his helmet, thinking. “I smell a rat here. I see him forming in the air and darkening the sky, and I would very much like to nip him in the bud. But if we cannot prove the rat’s existence, our hands are sealed, and there is nothing that can be done.”

The scientist turned towards them in protest. “Hold up, you’re just going to leave like that? What do you suppose those mercenaries were guarding? Mining right on the edge of this fjord is incredibly dangerous, you know one false move and you could cause a landslide-“

The constables exchanged glanes. “Alright. Can’t count your chickens if you don’t stick your head into the lion’s den, after all. I hope you don’t mind if we take a look around your mine, sirs, make sure everything is, er, miney.” Crabbage produced a lantern and hopped into the mine, ignoring the objections the mine boss began to stammer. The other four followed, the miners watching them curiously. The mine boss popped in front of them several times, trying to block the way down the shaft, offering caps, copper rings, even a chunk of gold. All this was ignored, possibly because the gold was actually pyrite, but soon they came to the end of the cave. There were several disconnected rooms, all with fuses leading towards them. Each held a pile of explosives.

“Dynamite mining!” Exclaimed Higginbottom, pointing his ratchet accusingly. “Explosives can be quite dangerous, young man. I suspect you don’t have an environmental impact study, like you’d need to detonate explosives within five kilometres of town limits. Now, do you have a permit?” The miners, their forewoman included, stared at the boss, who spread his hands defensively. “Paperwork’s back up top, sirs” he said, then rapped urgently on a door as soon as their backs were turned. Back at the mining camp, the constables paced around suspiciously. “Where’s that permit, then?” Asked Crabbage.

“I’ve got your permit right here!” Shouted the mine boss, stepping back and twirling his moustache some more. The mercenaries leapt out of their hiding places within the tunnel and advanced on the five. Crabbage stood his ground, puffed himself up, and reached for his gun. Instead, the top-hatted mercenaries grabbed him and pushed him down the hill, leaving the portly officer to roll down into the water. “BLAGGARDS!” He sputtered, trying to doggy-paddle back to shore. Higginbottom backed away, rattling his ratchet and letting out a hue and cry. Soon, though, he too was lifted and rolled down the snow, into the fjord. The mercenaries advanced on Kowalski next, grinning evilly. He looked desperately to the mine forewoman and her workers, who, despite the cackling of their boss, seemed quite concerned and confused.

“Don’t you see?” He pleaded, backing away. “If you blow up the hill, you’re almost certain to cause a landslide - this inlet’s a perfect funnel - all those rocks sliding into the water, they’ll kick up a giant wave, like the one that wiped out the Ozettes! You fools, you’ll destroy Alberni!”

“It is you who is the fool!” Snapped the boss. “Those scientists, always exaggerating - it’ll only destroy a little bit of the town, and besides, no one will know. These boys aren’t in the habit of leaving witnesses. Now Blair…” he said, turning to the forewoman. “Be a dear and light that dynamite, would you? I promise you all, there’s enough copper here to make us all rich!”

She looked uncertain. “I dunno, boss, you didn’t say anything about no big waves. I got no problem with itty bitty crime, but I don’t wanna kill anybody.”

With a nod from the mine boss, a mercenary unsheathed a dagger from his coat and pointed it at the forewoman. “Blair, are you saying you’d like to terminate your employment?”
She sighed and lit the fuze. The mine boss smiled, and turned his attention away from the miners, who slowly and silently filed out of the cave, and behind the mercenaries. A nod from the forewoman and a few swings of pickaxes, and most had gone down. The last merc advanced on Ernie, who nervously held up a comb defensively. A flare to the face took care of that one.

“There’s no time!” Exclaimed the forewoman, as the victorious miners milled about in confusion as to what to do now. “Get those fires out!” They ran back into the mineshaft, urgently stomping out the fuzes as they each went to a different room filled with dynamite. But it was too late. A boom and a rumble from the last room, and rocks began to buckle and fall. Fortunately, only a little bit of the explosives had been set off, and they watched with relief as the splash caused by a few rocks tumbling petered out. At that point, the absolutely drenched, shivering constables picked their way back to the mining camp.

“Right!” Said Crabbage, picking up the injured mine boss by the scruff of his neck. “Stand aside, everyone, and let us professionals take care of things!”
“To be precise” Agreed Higginbottom, “Stand aside, us, and let the professionals take care of things.”

The Ödland Reich of New Franken

Shortly after the submarine was signed over to the Reich engineers got her seaworthy and brought her back to the Bay City Shipyard. Her internal condition was decent but but the hull needed a lot of work. Estimates say nearly a year (24 days) to repair.

Lake Huron
After the Tyran ships were worked on it was determined they would need to be towed back to port. The one ship has so many holes in it it's a wonder it was still floating. The other had a missing rudder. RKM Berlin and RKM Essen were recalled to for towing duty. They returned to port engineers estimated it would take nearly a year (24 days) and just under eight months (18 days).

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