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Elparia contains 22 nations, the 740th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Automobile Manufacturing Sector in Elparia

World Census analysts extensively tested concept muscle cars in empty parking lots in order to estimate which nations have the largest auto industries.

As a region, Elparia is ranked 8,713th in the world for Largest Automobile Manufacturing Sector.

1.The Principality of VaadekoenieConservative Democracy“Verder, Vaadekoenië”
2.The Republic of JainoroMoralistic Democracy“March onwards we must”
3.The United Provinces of TussenriaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“We Will Endure”
4.The Republic of Herzoland newCorporate Police State“We strive for victory and glory”
5.The Federation of Greater NimanFather Knows Best State“Aharumen Kaamiyaabuvun”
6.The Republic of PersoviaCapitalist Paradise“Бог и мое право / Единство это сила”
7.The Greek Constitutional Monarch of KefalariaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“From the Ashes, Rises a New Republic”
8.The Most Serene Republic of SantomareCapitalist Paradise“Evviva la Serenissima”
9.The Republic of Outer Khe ThreInoffensive Centrist Democracy“By The People For The People”
10.The Roman Empire of MinachiaNew York Times Democracy“insert less cliche motto here”

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The Monarchist Military State of New Trimainia

After a closed session, Duval declared her support for the Minachian move. She uses the newfound royal stability that has been found within the country as a reason to stand as strong as the Northern state has.

The Greek Constitutional Monarch of Kefalaria

Holding Steadfast
The Prime Minister has announced her echoing the Foreign Ministry's prior statement. She calls for the removal of the ships, as well, and declares the intent of the state never to consider joining the Union until such time as they are removed and Minachia ceases their stance which has been stated in public newspapers as being "inflammatory and threatening of the peace and stability of the nation" and has denounced Minachia as seeking a right and reason to invade and declare a puppet state in Ionia.

The Federation of Quangsuh

SECRET Loans to Kefalaria
In a secret message delivered to the government written by Gao Song, on behalf of the QPLA offers to loan Kefalaria with several anti ship missile batteries as well as a small flotilla of coastal patrol boats. The offer, on the basis of “pushing back unwanted guests that overstay their welcome” will come with crews that will assist and direct how to install, maintain and operate these such assets.

The Greek Constitutional Monarch of Kefalaria

SECRET - Acceptance
The Kefalarians accept the proposal and invite the Quangsuhi to send the missiles via air or smaller ship to accommodate the naval limitations placed on the nation due to its status as an underdeveloped nation in the naval sector.

The Roman Empire of Minachia

The Foreign Empress

The support received from “Queen” Duval of Trimainia (as she is known in the Empire) for Minachia’s new pan-Reman doctrine has been met with positivity by both the government and the public. The Foreign Ministry has applauded Duval’s commitment to continental stability, and commented on her success in putting down insurrections in her country (aided partly by Minachian forces and military advisors). The Minachian public, already viewing the foreign ruler positively in comparison to her predecessor, King Pierre, has also taken a new liking to Duval, giving her the nickname of “Imperegina,” a portmanteau of the words for “emperor” and “queen,” reflecting perceived similarities between her and Emperor Octavius.

Response to Kefalaria

In a rare televised appearance for a press conference regarding the Pax Minachiana Declaration, the Emperor’s brother and top advisor Lord Tiberius responded to the position taken by the Kefalarian government, and his statements were later echoed by the Foreign Ministry. In response to the Kefalarian prime minister’s accusations, the prince said “The only inflammatory thing here is the unreasonable and unappeasable remarks made by Kefalaria. Here me when I say this: Minachia will not break its existing agreement with Santomare, and it certainly will not do so to placate a state which thus far has a history of barbarism and religious persecution. The Empire moreover maintains its right under international law to deploy its ships in any manner consistent with peaceable use of non-territorial waters.” Tiberius later added: “To be quite frank, if we were going to depose the existing Kefalarian state and install a puppet, we would have already done so. The only threat to peace here, as it seems to me, is Kefalaria’s unwillingness to accept our legitimate use of international waters and their hostile reaction to being asked join an organization for the benefit of all.”

The Greek Constitutional Monarch of Kefalaria

Kefalaria offers no response, but does not hide the deployment of the missile defense weaponry on its coasts and the semi-mobilization of its military to oversee things. The Minachian Embassy has been advised to keep to themselves, as they could elicit a negative response from the protesters outside their gates.

While not responding to the Minachians, they HAVE openly allowed a Quangsui military advisory team to land in Ionia while, generally, reminding the world that they are "free to do so under international law" as a clear mockery of the Minachian bully.

The Roman Empire of Minachia

Stern Warning

The Defense Ministry has issued a public memorandum to Kefalaria, saying merely:

“We advise the Kefalarians to use restraint; retaliation often exceeds the first attack.”

Meanwhile, a task force has been quietly put on alert to be able to evacuate the embassy in Ionia at a moment’s notice.


The undercover guards at the Minachian embassy have also been put on alert, and the embassy staff have begun removing sensitive documents.

The Defense Ministry has directed its special operations and defense intelligence forces to search for ways to destabilize Kefalaria and/or sabotage its defense forces in case of armed conflict. The Imperial Navy has deployed the ballistic missile submarine SMI Hydra to the fleet near Santomare.

Post self-deleted by Minachia.

The Greek Constitutional Monarch of Kefalaria

No Intent
Kefalaria has shown no signs of intent to strike first, instead waiting for the Minachians to illegally enter their waters without permission.

The Republic of Herzoland new

A Deal! [Secret]

The Government of Herzoland after hundreds of days of blockade with neither side budging has drafted up a new deal that is a chance to settle the diplomatic crisis and war status with Treka.

This agreement is being sent out to all representatives of the CIS!

To all representatives of the CIS, the nation of Herzoland is interesting in an organization that is committed to trade from a non political angle. Herzoland finding itself at a geopolitical crossroads finds the CIS a much preferred alternative to the “political” sways that other nations wants to pull Herzoland into. While the naval blockade has yet to be lifted and nations primarily Treka have yet to end it on their own, perhaps we can come to an agreement. The Herzolandish Government would cease power to CIS representatives in exchange for rebuilding a brand new government in the hopes that the current crisis would calm down. Appeasing Treka is a good option however this will ensure Treka wouldn’t get away with bullying foreign countries just to install what is clear, a puppet government in them. The CIS is a non political organization with no unified political system, instead made up of different countries which Herzoland has been quite interested in recently. We hope that you highly consider this offer.

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