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St Abbaddon contains 95 nations, the 316th most in the world.

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1.The Leuthenist Union of The Imperial Oceanic PeopleAnarchy“Glory to the State Where the People Choose Their Fate”
2.The Republic of SyerachiaCapitalizt“Strength Through Freedom”
3.The Democratic People's Republic of Blue Tang IslandsFather Knows Best State“Glorious Tang Islands!”
4.The Pungent Purgatory of Fortunae VulneraIron Fist Consumerists“Nam sub axe legimus: Hecubam Reginam”
5.The Libertarian Social State of Orange Tang IslandsInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Accelerate the People”
6.The Republic of Silicon CrushPsychotic Dictatorship“Dare to fall”
7.The Republic of Weitarawi XAnarchy“Justice, Piety, Loyalty”
8.The Republic of Great Sand and CuvcoInoffensive Centrist Democracy“A nation is not complete without a true government.”
9.The Commonwealth of ArvuguxFree-Market Paradise“This Space Intentionally Left Blank”
10.The Kingdom of TrutiniaCorporate Bordello“Balance is the Key to Sovereignty and Peace.”
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The Federal Republic of Novla

Across the Galaxy I go, through the power of embassys!

Surf the galactic waves, meet many along the way.

The Corporate Republic of Allangoria

"The Chronicles of James R. Kennedy: A Journey of Discovery"

In the bustling city of New Arcadia, nestled among towering skyscrapers and neon-lit streets, lived a young man named James R. Kennedy. Born into a modest family, James always possessed a restless spirit and an insatiable curiosity about the world beyond his city limits.

From a young age, James was drawn to adventure and exploration. He spent his days wandering through the labyrinthine alleyways of New Arcadia, absorbing the sights, sounds, and smells of the vibrant metropolis. But deep down, he knew that his destiny lay beyond the confines of his hometown.

As James grew older, his thirst for knowledge only intensified. He devoured books on history, science, and philosophy, eager to uncover the mysteries of the universe. But it wasn't until he stumbled upon an ancient tome in the depths of the city's oldest library that his life would change forever.

The book spoke of a legendary artifact known as the Orb of Eternity, said to possess the power to unlock the secrets of time and space. Intrigued by the possibility of such a discovery, James embarked on a quest to find the elusive artifact and unlock its hidden secrets.

His journey took him across vast deserts, treacherous mountains, and dense jungles, as he faced countless challenges and encountered allies and adversaries alike. Along the way, James discovered hidden temples, deciphered ancient glyphs, and unraveled the mysteries of forgotten civilizations.

But the path to the Orb of Eternity was not without its dangers. James faced formidable foes and daunting obstacles at every turn, testing his courage, wit, and resolve. Yet, fueled by his unwavering determination and boundless curiosity, he pressed on, determined to fulfill his destiny.

Finally, after years of perilous travel and tireless pursuit, James stood before the fabled Orb of Eternity. With trembling hands, he reached out and grasped the ancient artifact, feeling its power course through his veins. In that moment, James realized that his journey had only just begun.

Armed with the knowledge and wisdom gleaned from his adventures, James returned to New Arcadia, determined to share his discoveries with the world. He became a renowned scholar, lecturer, and explorer, inspiring others to follow in his footsteps and embark on their own quests for truth and enlightenment.

And so, the legend of James R. Kennedy lived on, a testament to the indomitable spirit of exploration and discovery that resides within us all. For in the end, it is not the destination that defines us, but the journey we undertake to reach it.

The Empire of Draganisia

In Rowandale former Emperor Brian and King Burton were talking with each other about how James found the "Orb of Eternity".

Burton. "The humans call it the Orb of Eternity but that is only because they don't know what it really is."

Brian. "A record of all the knowledge that we had at the time that the Dragon Empire fell. And within that knowledge is also the location where Bahamut is sleeping."

Burton. "We already know where he is. What we don't know is how to wake him up. Are you even sure that is the best idea at this point?"

Brian. "No. But he is the only one strong enough to put Galen down. We need him regardless of what anyone else says. And the Orb might contain information on how to wake him."

Burton. "Speaking of which I don't think Sera will like your plan either."

Brian. "At this point I don't care. She has had her chance to help us but instead it seems like her forces have been trying to stop us."

Burton. "Perhaps she has a plan of her own for Bahamut. Didn't she recently talk to you about this?"

Brian. "Yes. But that doesn't change what we need to do now. She can either fight by our sides or get out of our way... but she will not stop me from doing what is necessary to take down my father once and for all."

The Mad King of Hell of The Stalker

This year we ride with the Khans! We are the KINGLY HORSEMEN ASSERTING NEIGHBORLINESS!!
Join us here for N-Day: page=faction/fid=1

The United Socialist States of NEW BENKIANS

hi guys

The Grand Duchy of Aserlandia

NEW BENKIANS wrote:hi guys

Greetings, how are you doing?

The United Socialist States of NEW BENKIANS

Aserlandia wrote:Greetings, how are you doing?

im fine thx how about you?

The Oceanic Mutual Associative of Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire

(just got back home from a road trip. The second part of this (the fighting) is already complete. But it seemed too long to add in a single post)

Battle of Draganisia City: Battle of the Palace, 1.0

A convoy stretched for a mile. An armored column of tanks, trucks, and armored fighting vehicles all in procession through the Main Street of the city. It was a mighty sight to behold, to those that remained subject to the occupation and the soldiers that maintained such status quo. To those that refused such admistration, they lurked in the shadows watching with flamed eyes. Glowing eyes as those that befit wild cats. Watching, stalking, and learning about their prey. There was anger and envy radiating from the dens they called refuge.

Fubertas understood the perils of this move. The benefits outweigh the risks... They have too. Or else there is no hope for the cause left.

“City Southern Command reports additional beelines launched through the Wyvernmont. The Stonehollese 23rd Brigade has driven through the last passes. They have clear logistical lines through the mounts now, Marshal. The siege will only escalate... more than it already has.” General Delviev sat across from Chizu Fubertas. His face was a muddled mess. Bags beneath his eyes and hair beginning to whiten. Stresses of war. Never did say I never saw those myself. But hair turning white... Bahamut pray.

“The plans made for the siege are in motion. Nonetheless, If the southern defense maintains their positions for the determined period, there is a chance for success, General Delviev. This was not my intention to see our positions falter so quickly. We must adapt, however. And find the conspirator whose been twisting the ends amidst this war.” Chizu stared through the glass. He eyed the devastation, the rubble, the mess. This was the city they'd targeted. The first of many. He'd seen conflicts wars destroy entire metropolities. The city of Rowandale was nearly all but gone. A massive and well-populated city now reduced to nothing but ruins and dust. It may just be that the city will never ever surpass its might prior to the war for years to come.

There were banners raised along the skycrapers, the empty shops, the city districts. What they once called Oceaniton and Tangtown were near and different. He saw torn bright gold and red flags of Stratocratia. And saw the red and gold of the Federal Union. Yet, both flag variants were torn. Meanwhile, the red and black banner rose high above them amidst the rubble. He'd heard there had been a festival upon the moment they had invaded. Chizu saw the remains.

He was saddened. Nothing else he had to say.

This is the price of the cause we fight for. Our noble cause. To end the world's tyranny and restore justice and order to a world's population that has neither.

He'd helped found this movement. When the General Commander had met with him. When the General Commander had sought for him. When the General Commander needed him. They had placed down their lives, weaponry, and skillsets all for this cause. They did it because they cared. They did for those who did not have enough. They did it for those they had lost.

Most of all. They did it for those they loved.

“The price of war is a costly one, General Delviev. You see things you never wish to see again. Yet, it happens either way. Nations clash for a simple territorial dispute, a bloodline rivalry, or a random incident that chances were that it never would happen. Very few times there are wars for true justice. For vengeance of a person, a people, or a generation. There are those, but few. Perhaps Vinski's War was one of those... or not.” Chizu's eyes remained fixed on the rubble that flickered by. He blinked and felt sorrow. It was an archaic feeling. To see and feel a pang of sadness. To see and feel life go by. To see and feel the dreams that will never be fulfilled again.

“They say Vinski's War was justice, Marshal. Why do you say so?”

Chizu Fubertas had seen the hell that Nicholas Vinski had wrought. To his own family, his friends, and closest allies. But the vileness portrayed by Nicholas was just as corrupt as those that arose after him. Terrorists, warlords, and even other political figures that had fought against him. “We became the monsters as that man had been. Squabbling over every inch of occupational territory within Oceania. The sovereignty of Sealand and the Stonehollese states. Letting Vinski's loyalists get away to later return and haunt us for the next two decades. We saw hell arise in the entirety of the lands west of Rowandale, the Imperion. Oceania and the world were ravaged. Yet, we still do not learn. Justice never arose. Justice was delayed. Justice was denounced. Justice was denied. Leuthen knows that and so do we.”

“One day... the future generations will see what we had fought for. The blood we spilled. The blood that had fell. If we win, we achieve justice. If we lose, we achieve justice. Oceania will learn. That is the hope. That those that arise from the aftermath of our campaign for justice and security will see the blood spilled for such a cause. To see that there are those whom still seek after the security of humanity. The security of all sentience. Leuthen saw that in this war. A threat. A threat so hidden within the shadows of governance and corruption and hidden from all the populace. This was the belief, the belief for security and defense. The belief to take hard measures in order to ensure the survival of St Abbaddon.

One day. This will be seen. A cause we fought for. A cause that the people. All sentience. All St Abbaddon deserves. That motivates me. To assure the consequences of our actions within the past no longer shall harm the actions of those in the future. A world without need. A world without desire

That is the dream. The cause. Our destiny. Our final hope.”


When he saw the carrier Maylajh, Henry could only hear the song.


Captain Mayla was a Captain
A Captain of Great Unknown...

“They're gods' damned behemoths!”

All eyes present could only stare in awe. A hundred other pilots and sailors onboard the Lady Ranel watched as all three Reynae-class aircraft carriers lined up side-to-side. Lady Ranel, Maylajh, and Reynae. Three aircraft carriers, constructed by what once was one nation, and now owned by three separate nations, respectively: Draganisia, Stonehollow, and Silverstone. They had dedicated these vessels now to one plan. To one goal:


The sense of unity that Admiral Long had hoped to evoke once all three supercarriers had lined up would soon dissipate once all the major officers gathered in his quarters. Those from the other carriers arrived into the Lady Ranel hours after. Captains, generals, admirals, and so on. They all came onboard to recieve the Admiral's call.

Washing his F-18 with a hose in hand. If there was to be a battle then at least they'd have to be prepared. His aircrew was busying themselves with the task when he too recieved the call.

“Mister Bartley.”

A splotch of salt spray on the nose was removed from the rinse. He aimed the hose at the wings.

Mister Bartley!

His crew chief working with another hose end twirled two fingers signalling Henry to look behind him. Henry lowered the hoseline.

The officer's cap with the Rowandalian naval emblem was enough to signal her presence. “Aren't you too just a tad bit too important to be washing your own jet, sir Bartley?” Admiral Maya "Tau" Burton stood tall with arms crossed.

Climbing down from the ladder and handing his hose to a sailor, he shook hands with each Rowandale officer. “It's my jet. My responsibility, Admiral. As much as I'd wish for it, the taxpayers can't do everything. The same is with your own ship, the Tau. You command. You are responsible. Am I wrong?”

“So it seems, then.” Admiral Tau nodded. “I assumed that someone of your current reputation would have bigger duties to attend to. Perhaps a specific meeting? Even your fellow ace, now Captain Inque Jessica is attending.” She crossed her arms. “So why not you, Bartley?”

Henry didn't look Maya in the eyes. “Other obligations, Admiral.” Henry exchanged a look behind him. “My jet for one.”

The Admiral remained monotone. Her eyes did not give away convincement towards his words. “I've asked for your presence at the officer's gathering, Bartley. Whether or not your father wants your presence there is not his concern. You need to be there.”

Henry clasped his hands. “Did he make you ask kindly or kneel down and beg?”

The Admiral Burton wasn't amused. “Your father cannot be keeping you away from the ladder of responsibility. Someone of your reputation, as a pilot, and as a countryman.”

“That doesn't seem enough to convince him to trust me.” Henry was growing impatient at the Admiral's motives here. “You want me to attend because simply I'm of a high reputation? I could name a sailor now and they'd have more of a reason to attend than I do. There is no point.”

“Maybe for you there isn't. But there are others that matter to you that make your presence there a worthwhile reason.” She began turning away but not without saying, “Your father told me about the argument you both had. The fact you wanted to stay in Red Villa to help your fellow ace, the Steel Wolf and his forces. I know those kinds of arguments, a father that desires too much over their child. Your aim was honorable. But your father intends something greater and it was necessary for him to leave the Steel Wolf behind. If not for your father or for I. Do it for the Steel Wolf. Do it for his sister. Attend the meeting Bartley.”

Henry opened his mouth to refute. But by that point she was already on her way.


Henry took a seat next to the now Captain Inque Jessica. Amidst the conference hall she was the only one he felt confident to remain near. She smiled. “Took you long enough. The Admiral was fearful she'd owe me a few Dragoons by the end of the day.”

He was puzzled “You bet?”

“Oh of course we did. I was sure you wouldn't come. Now I owe her.” She slapped him on the back in laughter. “You'd be late though if it wasn't for the incident that came up. We were supposed to start ten minutes ago. The admirals though went runn—”


Vice Admiral Solar took to the helm of the conference room as everyone rose. “As you may have witnessed. Our main voices became preoccupied with matters that arose only minutes ago. A skirmish with the fleet vanguard broke out with three scouting Anarchian gunboats. The gunboats have been captured with their crews and with it some words relating to the situation at Draganisia City.”

Admiral Long emerged, flanked by several officers with foreign emblems. A Gold Hollese. A Red Villan. And a Stonehollese.

Admiral Long began, “Compatriots and fellow officers. It has been far too long since so many banners and emblems of several foreign nations have gathered in preparation for what may just be the greatest liberation St Abbaddon will have ever seen. The Leuthenists have occupied the Empire of Draganisia in an invasion that has shocked all of us. But soon their invasion will come to an end.

“It is with the aid of Captain Joseph Cossete from Gold's Hollow, and those same islands he defended from an invasion by Anarchians. We have been able to formulate a plan to not only liberate Draganisia. But secure all the waters of the Blue Dragon Sea for as long as this war wages.”

The officer from Gold's Hollow rose up next to Admiral Long. His eyes were dark as well as skin. But his posture was almost of someone even higher than a Captain. The name too evoked a military lineage. Cossete. There was proof of that in the room. The Stonehollese officer was General Leo Cossette.

Joseph Cossete curtly nodded. “Thank you, Admiral. Yes, there is a plan to liberate Draganisia at long last. While the first elements of it have been completed and certain sectors of it are ongoing. The efforts of the Stonehollese and Silverstoni in launching a ground campaign have been reportedly succesful. But we are still blind to the true scale of conflict raging in Draganisia.

“The Anarchians have maintained a control over our communication threshold. We aren't able to communicate long distances with any of our troops either on the ground or in the air. It seems to be a series of EMPs which we've been slowly taking out in bases and stations littered across Draganisia. But the largest of these blockage signals seems to be coming from the Palace of Draganisia. I keep close communication with the Stonehollese who have been trying their best to contact their own officers inside Draganisia but the reports are slow. We know the Anarchians have a naval force defending Draganisia City. But without intelligence from the ground and expanded communication, any coordinated attack on the city either on the ground or by sea will be useless. General Leo Cossete here hoped that General Evelyn Llescas who is leading the counter-invasion would've freed up comms already.

In short, we need to take out the tower. Now I leave it to you, Admiral Long.”

Admiral Long nodded. “While Captain Cossete did mention bits of the plan. The remainders of it are known to us. Truly, I believe it is key to ending the war. Also, it is thanks to the captured gunboats from only minutes ago that we know the Anarchians have formed a tight naval defense along the Draganisia City harbor. The fleet is impressive but defeatable. But as stated by Joseph, we cannot move forward without that signal from the Palace being taken out. And since we have not recieved any word from the ground about this. We will be taking action ourselves.

In several hours from now. A task force of aircraft will be deployed to remove all enemy assets from the Palace of Draganisia. It is with sadness I say these words. But we must act now. We cannot wait any longer. The price of history is not enough to pay for the price of a whole nation. We must reopen our communications.”

The moment the room went into a frenzy was not a surprise at all to Henry. Though, Henry was pale now. His father without any seeming reluctance was willing to bomb centuries of history. The palace that even his own noble house had resided in when they ruled Draganisia. He was willing to destroy the Palace.

That was when the Admiral Burton approached the Admiral Long. And that was when his father's eyes were upon him.

Henry was going to bomb the Palace of Draganisia.


The banner of the dark soldier kneeling with a spear and shield in hand amidst a blue field was signal to the change that even Chizu Fubertas had yet to hear of. The Draganisian Palace now remained swarmed with those that swore allegiance to such banner.

Zed's Legion.” General Delviev spat. “Mercenaries and idlemen.”

“Yet, allies all the same, General.” There had already been enough talk about tensions between the Anarchians and the Trutinians creeping at every front. Claims that those of Zed's Legion had fired on one side or the other in Red Villa that broke the ceasefire there. Or other claims that Zed's Legion had perpetrated the assassination attempt of the Emperor Brian of Draganisia. Mistrust was normal, especially in these circumstances where both nations were of completely different ideologies and motives. But it could not be tolerated in the tulmutous stages of war. “We best get to work then. Move out!

The Legionnaires were already making their way towards the Field Marshal upon the arrival. The palace gateyard was covered with them. The tallest amongst them spoke first, a scarred eye marking him as the more experienced of the bunch. “Field Marshal.” He gave a curtsy nod as did his group. “We'd been told you would be making your way here.”

“I am here now. It doesn't seem though your mission was to meet me, was it?” He saw the legion's banners floating alongside the red and black amidst the palace gates. “Not so much of a visit is it?”

“The Prince's orders.”

“I'm surprised he hasn't made himself King yet. Or does Regent suit best?”

“King Gaufroi, his Highness, still remains the king as is under the laws of the isles. That doesn't change the fact he granted us his own orders to occupy the Palace alongside your own forces here.”

“And yet I was never informed of such manuever by your princely commander.”

“There was no need to, Field Marshal.” And there face to face with Chizu Fubertas were the dark eyes of the Crown Regent and Prince of Trutinia himself. Prince Zed of the House of Rydiafan. The regal look on him was notable but that was not the care of Fubertas.

General Delviev shifted with unease next to Fubertas. Chizu could not warrant tension here. His aim was to find the leak. “Prince Zed.” Chizu gave a curt nod. “How does your father do?”

Zed clicked his tongue. “He is unwell, as you may have heard. But from what I've heard myself he is faring quite better.”

Chizu saw a smile creep up along the Prince. “You took your stay in Rowandale to be brief. Your forces were intent on staying neutral in the invasion. Why now?”

“Ask your General Commander. I wouldn't have come here if it wasn't for him. He sent me word and I took it.”

“So I was neither informed by you or Leuthen?”

“I thought you were familiar with his secrecy, Field Marshal. He mistrusts everyone around him it seems. Even those that believe they've earned his trust.” Zed wrinkled his nose mockingly. “Someone here stinks of traitor.” Zed snapped his fingers towards his men. “Fish him out.”

In an instant they crashed down onto General Delviev.

So Chizu's men instantly drew their arms.

The tension was flaring by this point. Chizu had his own pistol aimed directly at the Prince of Trutinia himself. Zed's men held their arms steadfast at the Anarchians. Meanwhile beneath it all was the mumbles of General Delviev as he struggled beneath the grip of Zed's men.

Zed held nothing in his hands. He only smirked at it all. “Such foolishness. But so much mystery, too. This is starting to get fun. Wouldn't you think, Field Marshal? I've just apprehended a traitor in your ranks. Courtesy of your favorite General Commander and myself.”

Zed's words were puzzling Chizu far too much. “You're lying. Trying to sow dissent already in the alliance, are you? It won't work.”

Zed only responded with a chuckle. “It seems you too are blinded by the General Commander, Field Marshal. No, this is not a lie. Your General Delviev is a traitor. As is another General, Samuel Kameneo. The one who has left you all to rot.”

“If this is true then let the General Commander send word of this to me himself.”

“That is too much to ask now, Field Marshal. I am the word he sent.”

“That's a shame then, Highness. Because I don't take your word.” Chizu had his pistol aimed straight towards Zed's head. “Tell your men to take their hands off my man. To step aside. And to leave this palace. This is not your occupational zone. Get out of here.”

The opposite was Zed compared to his men. While they were stern, serious, and steadfast. He was unfazed by the actions unfolding in front of him. He only laughed louder. “Oh, you fool. Field Marshal fool. You think I haven't known about this. Your little spies in the Financial District. You think all of them want your petty 'Oceanic cause'. Loyalty is fickle, Marshal. With your age and experience it'd be good to notice that.” The Prince whistled to his men. “Alright boys, bastard Field Marshal here doesn't seem to trust us. We move out north! Let's go!” Zed turned towards Chizu then at the struggling Delviev next to him. “Frogface, tell your guys to let go of the traitor now.”

The tall officer with a scarred eye who'd been standing next to Zed during the whole exchange stepped forward and gave the order. With grunts Zed's men pushed themselves away from General Delviev. Frogface took his turn to mutter, “There's your traitor General.”

Zed was not done however. He came straight up face to face with Chizu. “This should've taught you enough already that I don't trust you red and black bastards. You can keep your traitors. Your desires and your causes. It's just an excuse. Whatever. I could care less about you or your men. But Leuthen promised me access to something. If you lose it... oh there's no telling what I will do afterward. Keep your head low, Marshal. Bahamut pray. Good luck holding this palace anyway.”

Chizu saw the blue and black disappear from the Draganisian Palace. It would never be seen again.


“This has been hell, Marshal.”

The chief supervisor of the cyberoperations team that had entered the palace was staring face at a monitor. The other members of his crew were busying in other monitors searching and decrypting the vast databases of the palace. There was so much to shift through even just for finding out one matter.

What the hell was that Hunter hiding...

“It's all here. Nothing's been cleaned. I thought we'd already had people scan through these files.”

General Delviev shook his head. “Fighting nearby has made it difficult. We can't study anything in those databases without getting fired upon by a rogue Draganisian sniper or some soldiers firing rockets at the gateyard or the palace itself. Getting teams in here too has been a struggle.”

“What is there then?”

The supervisor answered that. “Well there's several budgetary and fiscal reports here. Lots and lots of transcripts. We got some encrypted communications between the Oceanic and the Draganisian foreign affairs departments. Secret research projects. Funds allocated towards the royal family. Digital banknotes. Nothing what we're looking for, Marshal.”

“Keep looking. There has to be something. A trace.”

“Sir, I'm telling you there's nothing so far. We checked every Draganisian Army and Department of Logistical Affairs records, too. The ones you said the Hunter was using. They're all clean.”

Keep looking.

There had to be something. Anything. If there was any information that the Dragon Hunter had been keeping secret from the rest of military high command it was in the palace database. Chizu Fubertas had to find the culprit of the information leakages. Or at least a semblance of who was doing it.

Pacing around the royal chamber they were utilizing as the center of the operation, he saw as more Anarchian soldiers entered the vicinity. General Delviev emerged from investigating the lower floors and subterranean of the palace grounds. “And?” Chizu Fubertas questioned.

“The insurgents blocked the remaining tunnels. It'll take forever to dig out. But they can't get into the palace grounds underground either. All security remains focused on the ground.” Chizu eyed him from top to bottom. General Delviev still seemed shaken from the events that transpired. Still, he seemed adamant to the service. “We could get some explosives detonated if you want to chase after the insurgents underground.”

Chizu shook his head. “No. There's enough resources chasing after Draganisians holding out in underground subways and sewer systems. The same goes for the Draganisians chasing after our own agents underground in the Financial District. As long as the palace is secure, that is enough for us, General. You can continue your duties.”

The General still remained face with the Marshal. “General. You may take leave of me now.”

Delviev took several steps towards the Marshal. Another Anarchian soldier handed him a glass box with a brindle object inside. “We found this in one of the palace offices. Had the signs of usage from the Emperor himself. It was with several other artifacts.”

Chizu eyed it. He was already familiar with it. There were reasons why. “It's just a medallion. Just a prized treasure of the Draganisian family. You're already familiar with the orders that were given when the palace was to be occupied, General. All artifacts were to kept safe from destruction. And they were to remain here.”

“Why were there traces of radiological equipment on it. The Trutinians also still have men inside that office that have yet to leave. They're studying this thing.”

“So why take it? There's no curiosity in that thing,” Chizu Fubertas responded.

“Is this what the Prince wanted?” General Delviev questioned. “Is this the object Leuthen had promised him access to?”

Chizu had enough. With a hefty sigh he added, “So you heard his words he told me. Fine. That medallion is worth more than anything else in this palace. So you put that back, General. Now, enough has been said in regard to it. So get out and continue with your duties. I've had enough of this talk.”

General Delviev opened his mouth to protest. But silence took him instead. So he withdrew from the chamber.

His thoughts regarding the medallion were interrupted from an awaited response.

“Sir,” said the chief supervisor, “We might've just found what you wanted.”

As Chizu made his way over to the monitor of the supervisor. He saw the encryption had been unlocked. And within it...

Chizu's eyes were widened. “Get out of here, with everything you've uncovered. Get this all to the harbor.”

“Field Marshal, we were supposed to distrust this 'leak'. That was the plan. And we haven't even uncovered all the messages they—”

“Plans change. That is what they are for. Now we make our stand here and do what we must.” Chizu took another look at the monitor. “There may just be a way out for our precious medallion from here. I will stay in the palace then. I'll finish uncovering everything.”

“But Marshal, if you die?”

“Then finish the fight.”

The Grand Duchy of Aserlandia

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The Imperial Monarchy of Kiamai

Voice of Kiamai

The Voice of the People

Our Nation

The Imperial Monarchy of Kiamai, a powerful and great nation, enriched with history of hundreds of years. However, there are many foreigners who do not know much about the greatest nation to exist. VOK has written a short article to help foreigners understand Kiamai and her people.

The Imperial Monarchy of Kiamai was founded hundreds of years ago after Empress Emiko Suzuki unified multiple different warring factions. This led to many years of technological innovation, peace, and cultural revolution. The Kiamaian people owe their very existence to the Royal Family, and the respected Empress who leads the Imperial Monarchy today, Empress Chiyo Suzuki, one of the descendants of our first Empress.

The Imperial Monarchy especially prides itself on military innovation and militarism, the Royal Kiamaian Military being one of the most advanced and disciplined militaries out there. Hundreds of years of development have led to allowing Kiamai to pride itself on self-defense technology. The people of Kiamai aim to defend the Empress to their last breath should they be called to action, as our first Empress has done for the people in the past. The Imperial Monarchy looks forward to further cooperation with other nations as well,

Long live respected Empress Chiyo Suzuki!

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