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1.The Abbaddonian Nighthawk of Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic EmpireNew York Times Democracy“Rise O Oceania, Be an Azure Glow.”
2.The Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz of Petit MustiqueAuthoritarian Democracy“bzzzzzzzzzzz”
3.The Seafaring Federation of Maritime RepublicsAnarchy“Sailing the Royal Road of the Sea”
4.The Dictatorship of UnandaLeft-Leaning College State“NationStates, Friendship”
5.The Republic of Frank DonaldIron Fist Consumerists“My nation is better than yours”
6.The Dominion of NaturniaPsychotic Dictatorship“Help yourself first to better help others.”
7.The Republic of Middle WiteopiaFather Knows Best State“Unity, Discipline, Work”
8.The Pacific Northwest Kingdom of Greater KopmakiaLeft-Leaning College State“As hj”
9.The Empire of DraganisiaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“LONG LIVE THE EMPEROR! LONG LIVE DRAGANISIA!!”
10.The Loving Couple of I-Ship-ItCorrupt Dictatorship“Ship Fan!”
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In some news from me (still alive), i am now starting work on the next RP post.

The Abbaddonian Nighthawk of Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire

October 29, 2028. One Day Before “Final Wishes”.

The eeriness had never cleared from the city ever since that day. Draganisia City was still deep in the trauma that had been that terrifying campaign from the Infestors. When Makarov had used an armada of Infestors and airships to launch a stricken destruction campaign against all those he believed were foes to his ideals. Because of Makarov, millions of Draganisians had fled to the countryside and caverns outside of the metros in order to escape the bombardment and destruction of Makarov and his maddened Infestor dark dragons.

It was because of Makarov that Draganisia and Oceania were in horrific states. And now the two nations were in worse conditions because of a geopolitical conflict that had enlargened the theater that was the Second Oceanic Civil War.

Rebecca Bailey was glad to be able to leave the city that had been her home for the past two years. Draganisia City was a beautiful city. She couldn’t say it wasn’t. But she felt trapped staying inside of a city that wasn’t her homeland. And to an extent, she thought she was feeling exactly what Queen Tang was feeling. The grief and trauma of seeing your country fall to rebel factions and also the footage of seeing your family and friends ravaged by maddened Infestors, all while you’re in a foreign country unable to do anything. And plus, seeing some of the battered and destroyed buildings still littering the city still sickened her to her stomach.

Rebecca needed some time to think. She needed a break from the outside noisiness of the construction companies that were rebuilding the skyscrapers and streets of Draganisia. She needed a break from the faces of distrust of Draganisian civilians when they saw the no longer maddened Infestors trying to live peaceful lives in Draganisia. She needed a break from seeing the traumatized state that Queen Amelia Tang was still in.

And so she was here helping her sister, Sunheart Bailey Violetshine, to go on a diplomatic mission to try and achieve peace for the nations of St Abbaddon.

Aerial turbulence shook the VC-25B slightly and thus forced all standing passengers back to their seats.

Aerial turbulence shook the VC-25B slightly and thus forced all standing passengers back to their seats.

<<Good morning ladies and gentlemen. We’ll be flying through some turbulence during our descent into Proteales. In preparation for landing in Proteales, be certain your seat back is straight up and your seat belt is fastened. Please turn off all portable electronic devices and stow them until we have arrived at the gate. In preparation for landing in Proteales, be certain your seat back is straight up and your seat belt is fastened. Please secure your carry-on items, stow your tray table, and pass any remaining service items and unwanted reading materials to the flight attendants. Thank you. And have a nice day>>

Rebecca hurried up back to her seat from the lavatory and sat down to buckle her seatbelt. Her sister returned back to the passenger cabin to sit alongside her sister after having finished a meeting in the airplane’s conference room.

Rebecca shifted her legs back to allow Sunheart to sit on the aisle seat next to Rebecca. “So how’d things go?” she asked, trying to sound polite as possible.

Sunheart sat down and crossed her legs. She pulled out a lollipop from her bag then turned to face her sister. “The Trutinians and Anarchians have agreed to a two-day military truce for today and tomorrow. Our diplomatic immunity is still ensured even when the truce ends.” She leans her head against the hard leather of the seat. “Unlike other diplomatic missions I’ve been on, I’m not hopeful about this one. You already know why.” She unwrapped the crumpled plastic from the pop—green apple-flavored—and sighed as she propped it into her mouth. “War sucks,” she muttered.

There was much sadness in her sister’s voice. Rebecca wanted to hope for an easy peace. But her sister was right. There was low hope for success in this diplomatic summit. Rooted within were deeper casus bellis that caused this conflict. Much deeper than Rebecca and Sunheart even knew even with all their expertise in their separate fields. Sunheart in international relations and the art of diplomacy. And Rebecca in her trade of international business. All they really could paint from this conflict’s beginning was that it's been painted as a war of geopolitics and global rivalry between the superpowers; a war to change the world order. But that truly couldn’t be the only reason. And they both knew this. The past week had seen a fleet of Trutinian and Anarchian and even Stickin warships positioned around the deepest oceanic trench in all of St Abbaddon, the Dayshado Trench. That had been an eye-opener to many about this conflict. There was a lot more than meets the eye.

The plane shook once more and Rebecca turned away from her thoughts. They now had to focus on the matter present before them. Whether or not the summit would be successful, they had to do their duty to the nations of Draganisia and Oceania and fulfill their work to the best of their ability.

Due to the shaking, Sunheart plops her lollipop out of her mouth and gently places it into a zipper bag. She places the zipper bag into her purse and positions herself upright along with her seat as was the procedure when landing. Rebecca caught sight of her sister’s new wristwatch. It was a simple little silver watch but neatly crafted. What intrigued Rebecca the most was the design of the watch belt. The thin strap seemed to be made of a sturdy textile that was coated in a layer of silver. Stretched evenly across the strap were horizontal lines of gold filling that formed the basis of the watch’s design. It was unique. Yet simple.

The silver-white dial of the watch had very small lettering at the top that held the manufacturer's name. MAKO.

MAKO… MAKO… the name struck a bell.


Rebecca remembered.

A flight attendant passed by them to assure Sunheart and Rebecca were all good as the plane continued its descent to the airport.

Rebecca hadn’t been to Stickin since 2025 but the last time she was there on a business trip to their capital and largest city, Stickis City, she’d overheard about the formation of a big conglomerate from some the Stickin’s largest manufacturing giants. That merge was MAKO.

Speaking of the Stickin Federation. They were hit hard during the Infestation. Alongside their neighbors Flowing Springs and their historical archnemesis the Meridian Union. All three nations had only just recently been able to grasp themselves back into the global market. Same with all other Abbaddonian countries. Many of them had ambassadors attending the summit today.

This summit was as important for Stickin and Meridia as it was for Trutinia and Draganisia. War brought both economic opportunities and economic crisis as well. Flowing Springs would likely be a critical topic for both countries as its entire existence was based on the fact that it was created by an international organization to serve as a buffer state between Stickin and Meridia to prevent further conflict between them. And thus being created by an international organization made Flowing Springs susceptible to foreign invasion because the majority of its entire defense was highly dependent on international aid and peacekeepers. And the League of St Abbaddon was no longer active and had been abolished officially in the middle of the Infestation because its facilities in Rowandale were gone. So should Flowing Springs continue to exist as a sovereign state? Without the backing of an international organization and the distraction of three superpowers in a war with each other, Flowing Springs was up for grabs by both Stickin and Meridia. That would be a topic likely for discussion.

Rebecca felt the sudden thump of the plane and the screeching of its landing gears. The engines skewed down and the plane began to slow down. She saw her sister lean over to the window to see that they were now on the runways of the Proteales International and Civilian Airport. Proteales: the second-largest city of the Kingdom of Nelum and its official capital.

A few interesting facts on the city too, in terms of demographics it remains one of the most diverse cities in the world. Holding communities and diasporas from nearly all nations and creeds. It sprouted up as a satellite city of Nelume (Nelumese: Nelumé)—the largest city of the Kingdom of Nelum—through immigrants from Haulbowline during the 1950s. They named it Proteales as seeing the cultural love there was for nature in Nelum correlated with their beliefs back in their native home. The city soon became central to heavy investment and planned development which lead to huge amounts of immigration from foreigners throughout the 1960s-90s. The city was then expanded to cover the surroundings of the Palace of Nelum where the royal family lived. It became the capital of the country on 11 March 2022 because of its newfound importance on the global stage and also to conduct better administrative functions as its position on a river delta that was situated to the left of Nelume was a focal point for transport, trade, and shipping.

The Republic of Haulbowline would also be attending the summit. Their new leader though… well… she wasn’t happy. And for good reason too.

<<Ladies and gentlemen, Dragon Force 1 welcomes you to the Kingdom of Nelum’s fine city of Proteales. For your safety and the safety of those around you, please remain seated with your seat belt fastened and keep the aisles clear until we are parked at the gate. The Captain will then turn off the “Fasten Seat Belt” sign, indicating it is safe to stand. Please use caution when opening the overhead compartments and removing items, since articles may have shifted during flight. Thank you>>

Rebecca saw her sister shift within her seat. “State is is taking a lot of precautions for this summit, even with Trutinian delegates attending. Nobody wants to see another incident like Draganisia Downtown.”

The plane continued its movement down the runway towards the gate.

Rebecca’s heart clenched at Sunheart’s words.

What Sunheart was referring to was the attempted assassination of Emperor Brian of Draganisia almost three weeks ago. The Emperor was in the middle of hosting a charity drive in Draganisia Central Park when all of a sudden the crowds were called to evacuate by the Royal Guard of Draganisia due to a suspected bomb threat. Unfortunately, the bomb threat was real. An electrolaser device was activated and it instantaneously detonated dozens of IEDs scattered across the park.

The tragedy was still fresh in everyone’s minds. And a week later the Trutinian Empire declared war on Draganisia turning the Second Oceanic Civil War into a full-blown war between the world’s three superpowers.

The Emperor hadn’t been killed. Bahamut be thanked. But he had emerged severely injured. But the tragedy was that more than a hundred people died and dozens upon dozens more were wounded in the event.

Authorities were still investigating the matter but there was, without a doubt, enough evidence that pointed to the Trutinian-sponsored paramilitary Zed’s Legions holding responsibility for the tragedy that had struck Draganisia. Evidence pointed to the Prince of Trutinia, Zed Rydiafan, as being the one to have directly detonated the bombs with the laser device. But the matter was still under investigation but everything pointed to Zed and his legion.

A number of security cameras and local monitors of commercial establishments had been having “issues” before the bombs had gone off. And there wasn’t a doubt Zed’s Legions had to do with it.

The Emperor was in a better state now, thank Bahamut. And instead of weakening the people of Draganisia, it had only galvanized them more to defend their country and help the Oceanic Remnants fight back against the Anarchians of the Leuthenist Union to liberate their homeland.

And that was the purpose of this summit. A call from the nations of St Abbaddon, in recovery from the Infestation Crisis, to put a halt to this war and try to achieve peace… if possible at this point.

The plane's engines went quiet thus signifying its arrival at the gate.

<<Flight attendants prepare doors for arrival and cross check>>

There was much to do today and tomorrow. They had to do what they had to do.

<<Ladies and Gentlemen, we will be using stairs for deplaning today. Please watch your step. Thank you. And have a nice day. And please use caution when departing from the aircraft>>

The monitor with “Fasten Seat Belt” was turned off and thus Sunheart and Rebecca got up and began making their way towards the airstair where the flight attendants were guiding passengers to exit the plane.

Rebecca took a step outside and felt the warm sun streaming down on her face. Today was a nice sunny day. She smiled at the afternoon sun.

She took her steps down the airstair and upon looking up saw the face of the Queen Nelum.

“Your Highness.” Rebecca lowered her head in greetings. “It is a great honor to meet you.” She lifted her head and saw the green edges of the aerodrome. “Your country it’s very beautiful.”

“It gets more beautiful outside of this airport Ms. Violetshine,” the Queen remarked. “No need to call me ‘Your Highness’. All I am is just a monarch for my country and thus I try to be as civilian-like as can be. But I thank you for the warm greeting Ms. Violetshine. I hope you enjoy your visit to the Kingdom of Nelum.”

Sunheart came down the airstair after Rebecca and warmly greeted Queen Nelum. But her greeting was not that formal unlike Rebecca’s. “It’s great to see you again Lizica. Sadly, not in the best of circumstances.”

Rebecca saw as Sunheart and the Queen Nelum, Lizica, shook hands. Alrighty Rebecca, don’t ever use “Your Highness” in front of Mrs. Nelum ever again, she said to herself.

Lizica replied to Sunheart. “The nations of St Abbaddon called for this summit to be hosted here. Erdamon and I were reluctant, but we agreed. Being as neutral as we are its understandable to have the summit here. Out of bounds of geopolitical ‘circumstances’. And of course, we don’t want another tragedy to occur. So here we are. Hosting the first international summit since 2026.”

Sunheart nodded. “We can’t thank you for allowing the worlds’ delegates to meet here. Anyhow, how is Erdamon doing?”

“Busy as usual. He’s been working hard the past few weeks on a number of projects. I tell him to get some sleep but he’s always staying up late. It stresses me out but he’s dedicated in what he’s doing right now,” Lizica says. “Also, how is the Ms. Tang doing?”

Sunheart sighed a bit. “She’s doing better. Seeing family and friends ravaged by Infestors and executed live by radically devoted Anarchians is not something I would wish on anyone,” she said to LIzica. “The past two years of events shook her completely but now she’s on her way forward. We’ve only recently managed to motivate her to return back to medical school but this time in Draganisia.” Sunheart sighed. “You know, it hasn’t been that long ago that her mother passed away. It’s been demanding for her to serve as the ceremonial Queen of the Tang Islands at such a young age. Her mother had a big legacy. Amelia doesn’t know if she can live up to that legacy.”

Lizica nodded in understanding to Sunheart’s words on Amelia Tang. “I wish I could meet with Amelia. Give her words of my years upon years of wisdom. But circumstances prevent so,” she said to Sunheart. “I’ll be praying for her. And I pray that Bahamut helps guide her forward. We are all having battles whether it be in dire times or in peace. I’m glad to see that Queen Amelia has so much love and aid around her. But at some point, she has to decide whether she wants to get back up or stay down kneeling to defeat. I know Amelia will win her battle. By the grace of Bahamut, she’s going to win.”

Sunheart nods in agreement.

Lizica then says. “We better get moving.” She checks her small little brass wristwatch. “The first summit begins in five hours. Let’s get you and your fellow ambassadors all settled.”


Rebecca pulled an autumn-themed sweater out from her suitcase to wear before she threw herself onto the bed of her hotel suite. A nice little brown fibre sweater with red and orange leaves engraved on it.

Her sister Sunheart emerged from the other bedroom with a toothbrush in hand and toothpaste on the other. She was heading to the suite’s bathroom located to the right of her bedroom. She was in a grumped state.

“F*ckin Leuthenist delegates. Give me five minutes with that Megan Nelson and she’ll be admitting she’s responsible for the whole war and the Infestation Crisis.” Sunheart gave a laugh. “No but seriously, The Draganisian ambassador showed her all of those images of the cyberattacks on hospitals the Anarchians conducted before and when they launched their invasion of Rowandale, the concentration camps the Anarchians set up in Rowandale, and full images of Anarchian soldiers barbarically looting, raping, and committing war crimes on a scale never seen before. And all that b*tch Nelson can say is, ‘The Union of Anarchia condemns all atrocities and war crimes on all scales’. She’s both the worst negotiator and ambassador I’ve seen in my entire lifetime. And that says something.” Sunheart plopped toothpaste onto her toothbrush.

“I’m surprised out of all the statesmen and skilled diplomats the Leuthenists have access to, they chose pretty but pig-faced Megan Nelson. Maybe they wanted someone cheap in case they thought they’d be assassinated because of repercussions. But for Bahamut’s sake, Nelson is horrible as a diplomat. As Minister of Defense, she was excellent… for the time. The Anarchians better get a new delegate for the next part of the summit tomorrow or their idea of garnering international support is going to flop on their heads.” Rebecca leaned back into her pillows. “That criminal Makarov’s old Inner Circle is still active.”

Sunheart came out of the bathroom with a toothbrush in her mouth. “That’s what the Haulbowlinean and Einham delegates said. They arrested twenty members of the Inner Circle on the island of Einham with accounts containing economic links to Trutinia. And they had plots to bomb military aircraft facilities in Draganisia and Stonehollow.” Sunheart stopped brushing her teeth for a moment and plopped her toothbrush out. “ Seems like the evidence is pointing to the Trutinians funding the remaining members of the Inner Circle to logistically attack Draganisia. Not a surprising move by their part.” Foam trickled from Sunheart’s mouth. “Thoughts?”

“Or maybe they’re just investing in crypto.” Rebecca joked sparking a giggle from both sisters. “No, but in all seriousness, it wouldn’t be a surprising move from their part. And it's very likely the other delegates have already seen it that way.”

Sunheart nodded and plopped the toothbrush back into her mouth as more foam dripped down into the room’s carpet. Ew. “At least the Trutinian delegates were competent in the discussions. F*kin hell, I refuse to go to the summit tomorrow if Nelson’s going. So she better not be going.”

Rebecca replied. “The summit was live which gives us hope that Nelson won’t be at the summit tomorrow. The Leuthenists are probably cowering at how badly they screwed up today by sending someone as inexperienced as Nelson to represent an entire movement. Well… the civilians in Leuthenist-controlled Oceania probably didn’t get to see the summit because, well, censorship. And also the past week has seen both sides messing with each others power grids with graphite bombs, EMPs, and cyberattacks.” Rebecca remembered the cyberattack that occurred in Draganisia City that had knocked out all the computers for twelve hours. It had occurred several hours before she left for the diplomatic mission to Nelum. “Speaking of cyberattacks. We barely spoke about them during the summit.”

“The Draganisian ambassador told me it’s gonna be saved for tomorrow,” Sunheart responded. “We’re gonna pack the punch deep next summit.” Sunheart saw the confused expression on her sister’s face. “You’ll understand tomorrow.”

“Okay,” Rebecca said. She buried herself further in the pillows. “Here we are laughing at the stupidity of the most idiotic ambassador in world history. Warm inside of this hotel room. With food. Water. And knowing we’re highly likely to wake up the next day. Meanwhile, millions are in a stricken state of starvation, fear, disease, and oppression.” Rebecca’s eyes dawned. “It’s sad.”

Sunheart exited the bathroom with her teeth now cleaned. She was now combing her long black hair. “I wish all that could be stopped in a snap. But it can’t. We can only do what were able to do Rebecca. And as of now, we should try and get an extension to the ceasefire.”

“What?” Rebecca raised an eyebrow in confusion. For what reason did she want to extend the ceasefire.

Sunheart cleared up her confusion. “Emperor Brian has sent an order to the Draganisian ambassador. The ambassador didn’t tell me much about the message but only that the Emperor wants an extension to the ceasefire for an ‘important plan’.”

Rebecca scratched her head. “Is he thinking of sneaking special forces behind enemy lines and hoping they don’t get shot because of a ceasefire? Because, for one, that’s not how ceasefires work.”

Sunheart shrugged. “Probably not that,” she said. “I don't know honestly. It’s probably something important in terms of the war effort.” She lowered the comb and placed it back into a cabinet in the bathroom. “We better get some rest for tomorrow. Night.”

“Night,” Rebecca said to her sister.

Sunheart entered her bedroom and closed the door. Rebecca leaned more inward into her pillows. They had a long day tomorrow.

She turned off the lights, closed her eyes, and in only a couple of moments she was fast asleep.

"Remind me again why we are here?" David asked his grandfather as they approached a sealed off area next to the mountains just outside of Draganisia City.

Emperor Brian answered. "Because I have a plan to get us as much resources as we need to fight against the Darkness that is coming… Or at the very least we could also use it to evacuate the planet if we needed to."

David was curious. "How would that work?"

Brian then felt the wall of the cave they were in and flipped a switch that turned on the lights and power in the high tech room they were in. "Sometimes you just have to improvise."

David. "What is this place?"

Brian. "It used to be known as a Teleportation Terminal. Sure the Dragon Empire also had Space Ships to get from one planet to another but they were much slower and cost a lot more to use and maintain. Teleport Gates like this one were instant and also didn’t require nearly as much energy to use. However as you can see they are a lot smaller and therefore it’s harder to transport a lot of people at once using these compared to the Space Ships."

David. "So where does this one go to?"

Brian then turned on the power for it and on a nearby screen the word DRAGANIA appeared.

Brian smiled "HOME"

David. "By that you mean…"

Brian answered. "Dragania. It was the true heart of the Dragon Empire when we ruled the Galaxy… Before the Darkness came for us and destroyed everything."

David. "Wait… I thought you were the one responsible for that when you turned against your father?"

Brian sighed "I was… But it was because we were manipulated by… a dark creature. He leads what we called The Black Fleet. After our rebellion against Galen weakened the Empire it tore through the Galaxy destroying everything in it’s path. But then my mother Bahamut sacrificed her physical form in order to stop it from destroying Dragania and Abbaddon.

David. "So what now?"

Brian wasn't sure yet. "The Black Fleet is returning soon to this part of the universe. If we don’t find a way to stop it… there won’t be anything left to save."

October 30, 2028. Imperi Anarchia, Leuthenist Oceania.

Willow Vinski sat with her legs dangling at the edge of a cliff. She gazed at the infiniteness of the Anarchian Desert while breezes from the northwest swept through her dark brown hair waving it beautifully. With the setting sun behind her, this would be the perfect shot for an iconic scene. A chance to clear her thoughts but also speculate about the future.

“There you are.”

Willow turned around and saw her friend, lover, and Prince of Trutinia, Zed Rydiafan.

She smiled.

“How was the trip up?”

Zed tucked his grappling gun back into its sheathe.

“Difficult but manageable.”

Vinski tried to suppress a chuckle.

Zed then walked up and sat down next to her. His hand grasped hers and the two of them were locked in an embrace as they gazed across the horizon.

Vinski held on tightly to Zed. “This might sound childish, but I wish this was a moment for us, you and I, to have forever.” She turned to gaze into the seemingly pale eyes of her love. “I love you Zed. No matter what happens from today on out, I will always love you. Even to death.”

There was no need for a response from Zed. Instead, he squeezed Vinski’s hand in pure affection. He then kissed her on the cheek and brushed her hair. “A Prince and a President. Destiny be amazed.”

The loving atmosphere was soon interrupted by a loud screeching in the air. Zed instinctively jumped up and pulled out his Kryptanian L131A1 from its sheathe—immediately unlocking the safety catch as well.

Zed’s heightened senses brought him to aim the pistol towards the southern horizon. Vinski had jumped up as well and she had a Tangian revolver in hand. The two of them were ready to fight.

Except… the threat was just an Anarchian UAV speeding its way across the horizon. Zed’s recognized the design. An MQ-9A Reaper.

The drone seemed to have detected them but didn’t see them as a threat. MQ-9s were usually remote-controlled from military facilities so occasionally someone was maneuvering the drone. Nicely enough, the drone conducted an aileron roll in front of them, signifying it was friendly. Afterward, it continued along its path.

However, Vinski heard more noise and Zed’s senses were still loaded. And then they saw it.

A drone swarm.

A dozen other drones followed behind the MQ-9A. Three MQ-20s. One RQ-21A. Two XQ-58As. And four more MQ-9As. But the two other drones… Zed had never seen them before.

“What even are those?” Zed stared at the variable-geometry wings of the aberrant drones.

“The Program’s drones,” Vinski responded.

Zed’s raised an eyebrow. “You mean that Program?”


“Oh.” Zed was surprised. “I wasn’t expecting them to deploy them already.”

Vinski looked at Zed. “You were supposed to be briefed on their use weeks ago. It’s why I called you back here to Oceania.”

“Sorry,” Zed responded. “I… uh—”

“I couldn’t even get in contact with you all week. Where even were you? Your last message was briefing me and Derrick about that mission to Red Villa…” Vinski stopped. “About that, actually. Erh.”

“I know what happened. Sorry for being so immediate about conducting that operation.” Zed sighed. “Just having some issues with my father. That’s all.”

“I presumed that was so.” Vinski crosses her arms. “But I forgive you. Anyways, that mission you gave us was a logistical nightmare.”

The two of them turned around to see two F-35Bs speeding up to move alongside the drones. They flanked the drone squadron and as their shapes were lost on the horizon, both Zed and Vinski knew this was only the expansion of a new art of warfare.

“The Leuthenists finally decided to play with their toys,” Zed says. “Took them long enough.” He ponders for a moment. “It took them this long to start deploying drones in larger numbers?”

Vinski answered him softly. “You have to remember, they didn’t have the full capabilities during the beginning and middle point of the Infestation. Drones, especially military ones, require management and resources. All that period those resources were spent dealing with the Infestation and its Infestors.” Vinski spoke with horrible memories of the Infestation Crisis filling her head. “And even after Makarov was defeated, the Leuthenists were getting blown away in an overwhelming offensive by Draganisia and the Oceanic Remnants. I didn’t fight, but I witnessed the entirety of the Battle of Imperi Anarchia where the Remnants and Draganisia nearly captured the most important city for the Leuthenists.”

Vinski remembered seeing the fiercest fighting she’d seen ever in a war during that battle. Courageous officers from both sides led their troops in heavy urban fighting. She also witnessed the usage of Draganisian Walkers, bipedal exoskeletons that drastically boosted the firepower for the Draganisians in urban warfare.

“Mosaic warfare,” Vinski continued. “Now officially the new norm for warfare.”

As Vinski finished her response Zed squeezed her hand. “No matter what happens. Whether the entire world engulfs itself in hell. Or if our goal succeeds to bring about one and true peace to the world. I want you to know, Vinski. I will fight and fight and fight to come back to you. No matter the obstacles. Whether I’m going through hell and fire, I will always come back to you.” He added. “You are my weakness, Vinski. My one and only weakness.”

Vinski felt soothed at Zed’s warm tone. And seeing as tears filled up in his eyes looking at Willow, she kissed him. For a moment both of them felt their love spill out across the horizon. Afterward, they stopped as Vinski realized his words. “You’re heading to Rowandale aren’t you? Is that why you’re telling me this?”

Zed nodded. “Something came up. Out of the plan. We’re going to have to keep cover for a couple more months it seems. You and Derrick keep working with the Leuthenists. You have my permission to extend the contracts.” He pulled out a file embedded in his dark coat. “There’s been seismic activity all over St Abbaddon. And caverns have been reportedly collapsing in numerous areas. Thus it might be sooner than we realized.”

Vinski trembled slightly, but she spoke warmly. “We do what we have to do. One step, One goal, One future for St Abbaddon.”

As the two loosened their embrace and Zed leaned towards the cliffs, Zed said. “I’ll keep contact with you from Rowandale however much I can. There’s a benefit to heading to Rowandale, too, I can find more about my family’s history.” Zed then transformed into his dragonic form; a bulky and muscular dragon but with a crystalline of a gaze. “I love you, Vinski.” And then he flew away.

Vinski stood there in thoughts.

Then she looked back at the black figurines floating away in the horizon.

Work had to be done.

Pulling out her smartphone from her waist belt she sent a call over to Derrick.

“Derrick,” she said, boldness echoing in her voice, “The missions are a go. Start organizing the crew.

As Jesse and Jake approached the part of the Ocean that they needed to investigate they saw two huge fleets of ships that were just out of weapon range of each other. One side was a Draganisian/Oceanic Fleet and the other side was a Trutinian Fleet.

Jake didn't like the situation. “That is a lot of ships Jesse. Where do you want us to go?”

“How about that one lone ship right in the middle of it where Gladius is waving to us.”

Sure enough right between the two fleets was a lone Draganisian ship that Jesse recognized as one of their newest Airships that could land on the water as well.

Jake. “Yea that works.”

After they landed Jesse was curious how long he had been waiting for them. “So how long have you been waiting for us?”

Gladius answered. “Long Enough. Your father told me you would be coming after you had your conversation with the Trutinian King.”

Jesse noticed he was using a kinda angry tone. “Sounds like you don't like him much?”

Gladius didn't hide his feelings about this. “He cares about his own ass more than anyone else including his family. Zed has just about had enough of him and me and Brian are about done with him as well if he doesn't turn things around and stop attacking Rowandale. We agreed to help him with this because our enemies threaten everyone but... We can save Trutinia without saving him if you know what I mean.”

Jesse knew exactly what he meant but they had bigger things to worry about. “Will worry about him later. For now let's focus on why we are really here. There is apparently something really bad down in this Ocean Trench?”

Gladius. “Yes. An Ancient Evil that is the true thing responsible for the Fall of the Dragon Empire. And if we don't find a way to stop it the rest of Abbaddon and probably the whole universe will suffer the same fate. Follow me below deck. It's time for us to get into the Submarine that will take us down there so we can investigate it personally.”

The Yellow Submarine he showed them was small to the point where it only had enough room for the three of them but it seemed to be really advanced with the technology it had on it. Gladius told them about it. “This thing is perfect for what we need to do. It has a lot of scanning and analysis equipment that will allow us to find out certain things about what is down there and send that data straight back to Draganisia. There is also more gear in it for us to go into it.”

Jake didn't like the sound of that. “Go into it? What are you...”

Gladius answered before he could finish asking the question. “Yes I already technically know what it is but even I don't know everything about it. And this is still something you two need to see for yourselves as well so that you know what we are up against. It's time for us to go down and find out what The Deep truly is.”

After they got into the submarine they took it down into the trench. It was dark and weird lights could be seen all around them from the fish that lived that deep.“This is getting creepy.” Jake said. “But I have to admit I do like this sub.”

Jesse was focused on the mission however. “Good to hear that Jake. But you need to also remember why we are down here.” He looked at Gladius. “What is it that you want to show us down here?”

Gladius pointed out the window in front of them. “That.”

Up against the side of the trench and buried within it was a huge Black Pyramid with lights all over it.

“What is that thing?” Jesse asked Gladius.

He answered. “We called them Pyramid Ships. They are the main bulk of the Black Fleet that destroyed the Dragon Empire after me and Brian betrayed our father.”

Jesse was curious. “You told us that your father Galen was the Darkness itself and yet this Black Fleet was also against you. How does that work?”

Gladius. “Our mother Bahamut was the physical representation of The Light while our father Galen was the physical representation of The Darkness. Let’s just say that the term ‘opposites attract’ is a lot more true than people realize... But even they didn’t have full control over everything.”

Jake however didn’t like it. “And you still turned against your father anyways just like I did.”

Gladius didn’t like it either but Jake was right. “They loved us and each other more than anything else... And we betrayed them because we were too blind to see that.”

Jesse however was a bit more sympathetic. “It’s not your fault. You were manipulated by whatever is controlling this Black Fleet.”

Gladius was determined to get redemption. “But it’s still our fault for believing it... I promise that won’t happen this time. Let’s find a way inside.


Meeting of Dragons: Flames Arising


“Sometimes war is a game. A dangerous one at best.”Ranlius Rydiafan, in Draganisia City during the Ballad of Fire, writing in his treasured diary Ranlius’ Chronicle. (7 June 1989)


Present Day, 30 October 2028

Alexis muttered as she saw the numbers on the screen. She felt her stomach heave and her gut wrench in great despision. Maybe eating those three burgers in frustration wasn’t a good idea. Her eyes glared at the monitors sitting on metal shelves above her. With how sternly she was glaring there was an almost near-purple aura coming from her eyes.

It was the same result. Over and over and over. 78 simulations. Not including the more than two hundred simulations she’d conducted the past week. Every single piece of precise data. Data from every known jet, missile, and truck in the area. Every battalion and division in the region. Every wing, battery, and flotilla. Every map of the battlefield—in logistics, topography, strategy and tactics. Nothing changed the outcomes. All that programming, numbers and code, always led to that exact congruent summation—defeat.

She saw it too in her mind. Blenice falling and becoming a barren city of soot—not for the first time of course. But the fear inside wasn’t about the city falling, it was fear for what was still holding the antique city.

Thousands of soldiers—young and old; male and female. Three-hundred twenty thousand soldiers, holding out within a city three hundred eighty-nine square miles in area with the addition of one thousand-one hundred more square miles of rural area to defend. Even with the ceasefire lending the ability to import materiel and munitions into Blenice to resupply forces there, supplies were bound to run out swiftly when hostilities inevitably returned. The Leuthenists needed that city and were willing to throw all of their reserves to seize control of it again. Draganisia—even worse, the Oceanics—did not have enough reserves to defend Blenice.

If it’s going to inevitably fall soon enough, then we might as well retreat our forces and save our troops. Right?

If only the simplism could just happen; even Brian had developed the same idea.

If only it didn't hold one of the largest shipyards in Oceania. If only it wasn't a port of geopolitical importance. If only it wasn't a city of propagandist importance.

And if only it wasn't the perfect place to jettison missiles hundreds of leagues south.

As if Blenice didn’t bring enough darkness to the world already.

(6 June 1989)

“Those. . . delegates, that call themselves the defenders of freedom and independence. They are the same delegates that heeded to the forefront of all corrupt legislation the generals of Oceania drafted towards its demise. The LSA was an organization subject to the puppetry of Oceania and Draganisia—now just Draganisia. Furious they are because their coruptees no longer hold the iron authority in Oceania. Pledged they are to the Dragon Emperor, all of them—even the Trutinians!

Just as how Bahamut opened the eyes of King Janabu as he wandered in the fields of soot and herb, as he traveled across lands of sin and excrement. Oceania has seen the true colors of the League of St Abbaddon. We, the citizens—people of Oceania: Oceanics, Tangians, Kreo, Engans. I also call on all loyal Stonehallans and Silverstonese! We can no longer stand by and watch as our leaders sell off the blood of our men and women in arms. We will no longer stand by and watch as a price is placed on our trade. All Oceania shall no longer bargain with blood and gold in surrender for the paltrified canal Draganisia has surpassed in authority for.

No more shall we stand by and watch. Our leaders in traitorhood sold us to foreigners and their so-called nations. Gahh! None of them deserve the title of ‘nation’. Our culture was shattered, broken, spat upon. Our economy has been ogled, exploited—they’ve enslaved our workers in the polities of the Dentevi Powers!

We have seen our honor implode all around us. Our nation has become home to whores, pandemonium, and mercenaries. Yet, have you seen our leaders lift a finger. Donate a hand of dragoons to the people? No! None. None. None. Nothing has been done! Our Stratocrats and false Anarchists have done nothing. Nothing for the people!

Our culture, our economy, our honor. It has all been broken and shattered. All of it!”

Alexis pictured the Oceanic dictator as he released a heavy breath from his lengthy rant. She couldn’t name a single man or woman as cynical and twisted as Nicholas Vinski when he uttered the accursed words that haunt everyone who witnessed that day:

“Just as they have laid waste to our country we shall lay waste to theirs. All LSA peacekeepers, foreign soldiers, and forces shall leave Oceania effective immediately. All mercenaries in Eastern Oceania shall exit Oceania forthwith. Leave now, or suffer the consequences of your unchecked authority! Should you refuse. Well.” Alexis remembered the psychotic chortle. “Oceania has a special gift prepared.”

Then he vociferated.

“Shatter the gold, remember the blood!”

He saluted from the High Balcon of Blenice. Crowds below clamored and cheered. Vinski had called them into action. Into blood. Into war.

No one had to say it. Everyone knew the connotation of Vinski’s words.

He had just declared war against the entire world.

And the dragonfire was coming.

These passing hours were the most unparalleled in St Abbaddon. Everyone foresaw the end. When sunset came, everyone shuddered. Panic filled every household, farm, and institute.

Alexis remembered her father prancing around the palace whispering with every minister and general. His eyes were a rare grey. Every minister trembled when they spoke. They pleaded with her father to go underground. But he remained adamant.

Then the son of the King of Trutinia, Ranlius, came and whispered something into her father's ear. The light of a bulb flickered in father’s eye. Then all of her cousins and siblings were gathered in Brian’s chambers.

“None of you can remain here any longer. Not my flesh and blood. Not my precious dragons. Draganisia must have a beacon when the dragonfire comes.”

“But father!”

“No, you will all leave now. There is no debate in this.”

Then he got up. Alexis saw the dry tears in his dawned eyes. They were nearing a shade of extremely pale grey.

He faced towards a window to the left of his bed that stared into the unknown night. “I love you all. Each one of you has a gift in immense.” He smiled. “My dragonborns. My family.” Unknown memories flickered in his eyes. “Take care my dragons.” Then he stated the names of each one of them and mentioned their gifts. Then he gave his blessings to them.

“Pack your things,” said a sergeant at arms whom was allowed to enter the chamber after the blessings. “You have ten minutes.”

All the dragonborns faced their patriarch, nodded, and went to their required duties immediately.

As Alexis left, she heard her father sob.

She’d never heard her father sob.

As she rushed to pack her things, a kinfolk of hers tripped, spilling out Meridian sans from her pockets.

“Sorry!” the girl winced. The coins rolled all across the hall they exited into.

Alexis got down and helped her kin pick up the coins. “I didn’t know you were so fond of coins.” Alexis tried to construct a smile.

“Oh come on. It’s not like I’ve kept it a secret. You’ve been bound to know.” The two focused eyes on each other and chuckled a bit.

With hours of death in sight, it felt good to laugh.

Then the dance came.

The Dance of Fire.

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The Kingdom of Merix

Good morning! This looked like a cool fantasy RP region and I wanted to check it out! (Regarding that emergency powers act, is that still up since there isn’t a password for the region?)

The Abbaddonian Nighthawk of Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire

Merix wrote:Good morning! This looked like a cool fantasy RP region and I wanted to check it out! (Regarding that emergency powers act, is that still up since there isn’t a password for the region?)

Emergency powers are still up. St Abbaddon doesn't have a password because it is a Liberated region; which means St Abbaddon cannot establish a password to safe lock the region.

I'm going to have to eject you, sorry. But please telegram or DM either Draganisia or Allangoria for possible entrance and access into the region. I'm happy to see you're enthusiastic to join this region's rp, but security measures still apply.

The Corporate Republic of Allangoria

Merix wrote:Good morning! This looked like a cool fantasy RP region and I wanted to check it out! (Regarding that emergency powers act, is that still up since there isn’t a password for the region?)

You are more than welcome to join. The emergency powers is just active due to a few tag raids. Please feel free to join our discord and I can assist you there. If you don’t have a discord just send me a telegram so I can verify everything.

Post by Therodinia suppressed by Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire.

The Democratic Republic of Therodinia

Hello All, reminder we do not support the state of Krasnaya, as they commit frequent human rights violations and hate us!

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The Democratic Republic of Therodinia


The Empire of Draganisia

Inside the Pyramid

Eventually they found a way inside the Pyramid Ship and entered it in their Dragon forms. “This thing is huge. How do you know where we need to go?” Jesse asked.

Gladius answered. “This isn’t my first time in one of these things. I was in their main flagship long ago when we first stopped them. We defeated their leader and immediately after we were teleported out of the ship and watched as the Black Fleet disappeared. They retreated… But we knew that they would be back eventually to finish what he started.”

Jesse had another question for him. “What do you know about the thing that controls this Black Fleet?”

Gladius really didn’t want to answer this but he knew they would find out eventually. “It is a being of Darkness that it and it’s followers call The Overseer. I don’t know that much about it physically but I do know that it’s one goal is to destroy all life in the universe. It’s fleet could have destroyed us all even after we defeated him in battle the first time but they retreated for some reason. Still don’t know why but it doesn’t matter now. This time I fear they won’t leave… So we are going to have to find a way to destroy them all before it is too late.”

Jesse. “So that is why we are here? You think we will find a way to destroy them somewhere in this ship?”

“Knowledge is Power. You are just going to have to trust me with this one.”

As they went through the black ship it seemed to change around them. It is… hard to describe.

Gladius explained it to the as they walked through the ship holding their guns up ready for anything. “In here reality itself changes around us in the way that he wants it to. They don’t see us as a threat which is why it hasn’t tried to kill us yet.”

They then approached a statue in the middle of a large room. A statue of a ghostly looking figure in a long shroud.

Jesse. “So how do we stop them?”

Gladius then touched the statue and absorbed some sort of energy from it. “By using their own power against them. But even this won’t be enough. We need more if we are to even have a chance. We need…”

Jesse knew what he was going to say next “No! Not going to happen!”

Gladius. “But if she can help…”

Jesse. “The answer is still NO! Even if Sera did want to help us… She almost threatened to destroy everything the last time she “helped” us.”

Gladius. “But she didn’t! And you know deep down she doesn’t really want to hurt anyone either. But if she doesn’t help us… There won’t be anything left to save.”

The ship would let them back out just as easily as they got in it. Sure it could have used Darkness creatures to kill them but it didn’t… As if it wanted Gladius to get that Darkness energy.

As they went back to their submarine and then to the surface Jesse still didn’t like what Gladius wanted to do next. “I sure hope you know what you are doing… For all our sakes.”

The Empire of Draganisia

Fall of the Dragon Empire in the Abbaddon System:

Thousands of years ago

At the start of the Fall many worlds in the Dragon Empire we're destroyed by the Black Fleet including the Dragon Home world of Dragania.

After that those that survived retreated to the Abbaddon System. When the Black Fleet arrived an entity or group of entities were detected just beyond the edge of the Abbaddon System, in what was termed as a "TRANSIENT NEAR EXTRASOLAR EVENT". The only means of determining that a transient event had even occurred was through the detection of a 0.3 second displacement of gravity waves, as well as anomalous interactions in the local Higgs field traced to sterile neutrino scattering. An AI observing the event and was able to derive some information, based solely on the phenomena that it could detect, but was unable to ascertain its mechanism. This AI conducted an "Omnibus analysis" of the event's effects on local spacetime, measuring a wide range of data points including direction, distance, range, speed and size as well as a comprehensive pattern analysis of the event itself. This last set of data showed, to a certainty of "9 Sigma", a definite and measurable pattern which had a complex, almost linguistic, structure that demonstrated both intelligence and intent.

On Abbaddon itself, the Black Fleet overran the few Dragon Soldiers stationed at cities all over the world. They would have been wiped out if not for the intervention of Bahamut and Galen. In a climactic battle they drove the Fleet away from Abbaddon. However they were unable to destroy it outright. They were also nearly killed in the process. In an attempt to protect those still remaining, Bahamut and Galen released the Light and Darkness energy they had left and gave it to their children and other Guardians who could use it as weapons against those who threatened them.

In the aftermath of the Fall came the Dark Age. Virtually nothing else is remembered of the Fall of the Dragon Empire... as very few survived it at all.

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