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Lazarus contains 7,205 nations, the 5th most in the world.

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The Most Valuable International Artwork in Lazarus

Some nations attempt to collect signature artworks of other nations, developing collections known as "decks." The World Census has estimated their value.

As a region, Lazarus is ranked 1,881st in the world for Most Valuable International Artwork.

1.The Lip💋Service Democracy of AxixicFather Knows Best State“From One, One!”
2.The Central Bank of DebussyCorrupt Dictatorship“Want to trade?”
3.The Republic of Storage2Iron Fist Consumerists“Storage”
4.The Monster Lazarene of DomaisInoffensive Centrist Democracy“NationStates is mine”
5.The United Socialist States of YalollodeuCorporate Police State“I've exposed your lies”
6.The Principality of RenaixensaCapitalist Paradise“Que tremoli l'enemic en veient la nostra ensenya”
7.The Layaqua of Pioneer PoolLeft-Leaning College State“You sink down, you drown. Swim up, and stay afloat...”
8.The Transoceanic Republic of Aguaria MajorLiberal Democratic Socialists“Out of friendship and brotherhood, we forge communism.”
9.The Ivory Tower of HoneydewistaniaCapitalist Paradise“Screw domestic violence we going global 😎😎💯💯💯💯”
10.The Municipality of BruneiiLeft-Leaning College State“i would be a vegan but cheese...”
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The Obesotocracy of Treadwellia

Hoyjin wrote:as I've said, i am SQUEAKY CLEAN

His Immensity, Tubbius of Treadwellia, approves.

The Advanced Cavedwellers of Winner909098

Nuclear fish! We just found a new power/food source while testing the waters off of the coast, where the nukes of the french roman republic were destroyed.

The Borderlands of Tobaqo

Greeting everyone. I'm new here. My nation is called Tobaqo. Come and check it out!
(We don't bite.)

The Republic of French Roman Republic

Tobaqo wrote:Greeting everyone. I'm new here. My nation is called Tobaqo. Come and check it out!
(We don't bite.)


Winner909098 wrote:Nuclear fish! We just found a new power/food source while testing the waters off of the coast, where the nukes of the french roman republic were destroyed.

no problem

The Obesotocracy of Treadwellia

Tubbius the Rotund is about to take a nap while Mrs. Tubbius sees to the babies in the nursery. Granted, The Two Tubbies have just eaten six big lunches. This might lead to His Heftiness getting a little flabbier.

The Federal Republic of Cossack Peoples

The Capitol Complex was an immense structure, crafted from limestone masonry, concrete supports, and steel frames to be a squat and indomitable silhouette upon New Krasnoyarsk. During renovations at the turn of the century, much of the clay roof tiles of the smaller, pre-Bezukhov wings were stripped away and replaced with metal zinc sheets, and the newer additions were rated to be resistant to explosives with far more concrete filling in the walls and they were even to have reduced leakage of HVAC to reduce intake of contaminants. As the first barrage of high-explosive shells slammed into the center of the structure, these modifications of Smirnov’s enemy gave him valuable time.

The first hit lightly shook the light fixtures up and down the halls as a deafened boom rumbled out of the vents. The point of impact was so far away that it could have been merely an earthquake-- however, as the fire alarms were tripped and the sprinkler systems began effusing water across Afonasei Smirnov as he walked, he knew it was much more.

“О, який біс?” Muttered Afonasei as he clutched his briefcase and pistol to his chest. Just then, around the corner came a small party of smartly dressed advisors flanked by teams of security that scanned the area through the wet.

Tovarisch Smirnov! We must evacuate immediately!” Came a familiar voice-- Smirnov recognized it as the same aide that tried to tell him to evacuate minutes earlier. Smirnov assented as water dripped down his face, and the group set out while dust shook from the ceiling as explosion after explosion rocked the Capitol Complex.

“What the hell is going on out there?” Asked Afonasei, watching his step on the slick vinyl floors.

A soldier, with a now soaked uniform of the Cossack Air Force, replied. “There are hostiles all outside the city-- it’s safe to say there’s no possible extraction by ground. However, we can coordinate with outside forces to overwhelm their air defenses so flying out remains an option. All that matters is that we get to it!”

“Блять. How many, do you know?”

“Damned if I do, sir. All I know is they have high-powered guns and advanced air defense munitions. Heard over the wire of friendly casualties.”

Afonasei grunted in disappointment. Soon, the group reached the helicopter pads set beside the expansive edifice. From the opening outside the door, Smirnov could see the towering grey and silver buildings that surrounded the Capitol-- he was astonished to see how many of them now had their glass broken, their rooftops littered, and their foundations set ablaze. The whistling and impact of shells were audible, but the enemy was nowhere within sight. Meanwhile, the hum of distant aircraft was on the horizon-- until at long last, an angular jet swung into view.

“There’s our air support. Extraction should be coming any second now.” Said the soldier, noting his watch for the time.

The jet, as soon as it announced its presence to the battlefield, rolled and turned into a tight turn as the faraway gunfire intensified-- Smirnov could even make out the tracers as the bits of metal raced upwards. At that moment, the sound of a helicopter slicing through the air became apparent, and trailing only meters that one could count on their fingers over the rooftops, their savior slowed and descended into place on the nearest platform. The powerful rotary blades created a window that strained the sodden clothing of the evacuee as it leveled out and the wheels slammed into the asphalt.

“Go! Go! Go!” Cried one of the security types of the group, ushering the Principle Chairman, then the suite of aides and officers.

As soon as the helicopter lifted off, flares the same color and intensity as a faraway star popped off the side of the fuselage as the vehicle lurched forward, over the cityscape in a mad dash for unoccupied territory.

Looking through the window, Smirnov saw a city on fire.
I’ll see to it that the flames and those who started them are extinguished-- I swear this on my very soul. Lysiak, Bezukhov, and that old гівно will be pushed out with the full might of the military and put to very public and very grisly ends! They want war? Well, there you have it!

The Cloud Data Storage of Delta Vega IV

Revolution In Progress, pt. #15

Bundestäg, Nov. 29th, 2020

The Constitutional Tribunal has sat through a couple of sessions during the last week and a half.

Judges: Russel Tagashvili, Horton Fitzgerald Kestrel, and Janette Yaeltzin have ruled, that RTX 37JR is within his rights to have President Morganth of Bundesheim also serve as Secretary of State in his cabinet and assume full responsibility for Foreign Affairs, as long as this appointment is ratified in the Bundestäg.

The AI-Human coalition withdrew their intention to ask for a Constitutional Amendment, which would allow the President to Temporarily fullfil all Chancellor's duties in the event of the latter's demise or being rendered unfit to rule.

President Morganth has accepted her new appointent.

The Obesotocracy of Treadwellia

A bed squeaks. Joints creak. Tubbius awakes.

The Protectorate of Demonos Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Cossack Peoples wrote:

Although before you issue a rebuttal, note that the methods of "easing" pain are relative to one's societal circumstances.

We are looking to sauté some damned souls to consume for a solstice event. "Pain" doesn't really factor into this transaction. (Although more would be better it isn't always objectively the best). We'll take a batch. Let's talk turkey. How much per unit? What is our exchange rate? 1bill=1Crux?

The Cossack Weapons Wholesaler of Wassily Universal Rifling Company

Demonos Ministry of Foreign Affairs wrote:We are looking to sauté some damned souls to consume for a solstice event. "Pain" doesn't really factor into this transaction. (Although more would be better it isn't always objectively the best). We'll take a batch. Let's talk turkey. How much per unit? What is our exchange rate? 1bill=1Crux?

Currently, the Federal Republic, particularly the Departments of Foreign Relations, Commerce, and Industry, are-- how shall we put this-- inundated. However, due to more-- how shall we put this-- permissive economic policy, you are free to deal with WURCo.; the Cossack corporation which, due to-- this is beginning to get tiring-- economic foresight now accepts Rosarian Fleurs, Westwaldian Pounds, Dernellian Blunts, Societan Dollars, Ashoyian Atins and mostlyeverywhereelsewherethereisn'tacivilwar as suitable tender. And although should you expect our services to arrive on the agreed upon time and place within reason, note that-- hmm-- inclement weather may cause some, if any, delays in shipment.

For a unit of 16, we can put the price at around 56,000 Fleurs-- or in Crux, 56,190.40 units.

Looking at the economy stats of both of you, I subtracted the two and made the difference a percent of 0.0034 (as both of your economies are very close) and then some Algebra I later arrived at the approximate value of 56,000 Fleurs, which are valued higher due to a marginally higher econ stat, in Cruxes.

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