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Ridgefield is a small town that serves as the capital of the Meritocratic League, a politically-neutral organization characterized by mandatory World Assembly membership, unrestricted trade, and a sacrosanct community where the leaders of each member nation live and conduct diplomacy with otherwise distant members of the union.

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Originally settled in October 2010, reclaimed in January 2017.

Embassies: Augustin Alliance, Conch Kingdom, Cape of Good Hope, Lands End, Narnia, Dawn, Anteria, Carolingia, The Union of Democratic States, and The East Pacific.

Tags: Game Player, Independent, Issues Player, Large, Offsite Chat, Regional Government, and World Assembly.

Regional Power: High

Ridgefield contains 83 nations, the 153rd most in the world.

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The Most Eco-Friendly Governments in Ridgefield

The following governments spend the greatest amounts on environmental issues. This may not always be reflected in the quality of that nation's environment.

As a region, Ridgefield is ranked 3,857th in the world for Most Eco-Friendly Governments.

1.The Benign Oligarchy of Nueva RicoLeft-wing Utopia“The richer the soul, the greater the spoils.”
2.The Technocratic Hexarchy of HelawDemocratic Socialists“Pancakes make good frisbees.”
3.The Most Beautiful Institution of The SunmenLeft-wing Utopia“Amor in mentem et cor tuum!”
4.The Democratic Republic of New SlovakastanInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Greed Causes Evil”
5.The Rogue Nation of Candle LightLiberal Democratic Socialists“All are weird...Especially our leader...send help”
6.The Royal-Red Peoples Republic of Union of Socialist Republic of The IsleDemocratic Socialists“A Party for the People!”
7.The Triocracy of Redwood-GabrielLiberal Democratic Socialists“For Democracy, For Nation!”
8.The Social Democratic Kingdom of BolderdashCivil Rights Lovefest“What government? Oh, that one!”
9.The Holy Red Zombie Land of BrokemiaPsychotic Dictatorship“Suffer, puny peasants!!!!”
10.The Holy Superior of Holy Bolivar EmpireLeft-wing Utopia“Our Soul Leads Us to Righteousness”
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Regional Poll • Should AI be given national rights?

The Benign Oligarchy of Nueva Rico wrote:With the increasing use and improvement of autonomous intelligence systems, artificial intelligence has, in most nations, reached a point indistinguishable from natural intelligence. Many AI put in use today can feel emotion, decide right from wrong, and develop bonds with those around them. As AI becomes more and more human, the question of national rights to AI must be raised. A summit is held in Ridgefield to discuss the matter, on the Regional Message Board.

Voting opened 4 days ago and will close . Open to WA member residents. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

Regional Happenings


Ridgefield Regional Message Board


The 2nd Empire of Tiskaiya

It's a relatively good day in Ryakhtinsk, when nuclear sirens go off.
A missile is able to be seen before it is shot down exploding in mid air, a mile above the ground.
A massive cloud of fire spreads over the city of nearly 3 million.

Blast radius: 28 miles
Fireball radius: Unknown
Average Sievert Count: 5.7 Sieverts
Death toll in immediate explosion: 0
Death toll in Five Minutes: 673
Death toll in Fifteen Minutes: 5,738
Death toll in Thirty Minutes: 11,246
Total Death toll thus far: 24,883
Cause of Death: Radiation poisoning

The Destroyed Wasteland of Arul

Broadcaststarts by showing a man alone in a desert wasteland crying, he is surrounded by 3 dead body’s 2 are children.

“What have I done, they tried killing me and I don’t know why, it was like they were hallucinating or weren’t themselves.”(He starts sobbing even more)”Why me, WHY ME”( He looks at the camera surprised)”Is that thing on, I haven’t had food in 2 weeks and will not eat my family”

Broadcast ends

The Destroyed Wasteland of Arul

Broadcast starts by showing 20-30 people running crazely towards a man running away in an old halfway collapsed mall looking terrified.

“Oh no, Oh no, I just need to find a place to loose the-ahhh”(He trips and falls on an ancient looking scorched dead man” No No No nononono, I dont want this to be the end, oh God-AAAAHHHHHH”(The crazed people surround the man and start eating the man alive starting at his torso and legs, the scratch at his eyes while he screames for help, but none can hear him or are near him)”HELP ME, HEEELLLP MEEE, AHHHHHH”(He falls limp holding his internals in his hands while blood comes out of his mouth and every where else creating a big pool of blood, the Crazy’s stand back up and walk away laughing happily.)

Broadcast ends

The Holy Superior of Holy Bolivar Empire

Tiskaiya wrote:
Death toll in Fifteen Minutes: 5,738
Death toll in Thirty Minutes: 11,246
Total Death toll thus far: 24,883
Cause of Death: Radiation poisoning

The Bolivarian Government would extend a formal request to aid the Tiskaiyan Government in intelligence operations against those who sent the missile and provide supplies to those who need it. What's the situation over there?

The 2nd Empire of Tiskaiya

Holy Bolivar Empire wrote:The Bolivarian Government would extend a formal request to aid the Tiskaiyan Government in intelligence operations against those who sent the missile and provide supplies to those who need it. What's the situation over there?

Better, but the entire city has been evacuated. No supplies are needed as we readily have them on hand, but intelligence on who did it and why would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

The Destroyed Wasteland of Arul

Broadcast starts by showing 30-40 people in torn clothes and wooden armor holding spears, axes, rods with sharp things attched to them and all different types of crude weaponry. They are in a small crudely made village with fencing around it and there is a small farm in the corner of the far left of the screen, it looks like they are preparing for battle, a man that looks like the Leader starts speaking in Native Arulian.

“Munu vér fall, nei, munu vér defend okkarr village, yes, ok munu vér gefa þessi infected okkarr lives, nei. Vit munu kill þau allr.”(They charge out of if the village into 40-50 infected, the infected start screaming and running at them, some on all fours)”Defend villaga með þinn lives, vit eiga eigi let þessi demons hjá okkarr homes, okkarr family’s, okkarr kinder.”(He says the last 2 words with feeling, 4 people go down and get torn to shreds, kicked and punched. But the infected are losing numbers quickly, after 10 minutes of fighting and 2 more people go down the infected are finally left with one left, it has no legs.)”Þú killed minn friends ok left family’s without mother’s, fathers ok kinder, ek munu kill þú til honor þau.”(The village leader or High King walks over to the infected man)”Goodbye.”(He slams the axe into the infected mans head, decapitating him, the High King them walks away signaling the rest of the villagers to come back with him)”Grab body’s, vér eiga bury okkarr komradur ok gefa þau peace.”(Them villagers grab the body’s and shovels.)

Broadcast ends

The 2nd Republic of The city or Rlyeh

following the transmission to its source the RAS Rlyeh is making top speed towards this new society. Their goal it to aid in the defense of the society. They are currently 10 Klicks away from the society.

The Destroyed Wasteland of Arul

The people see vehicle in the sky, one of the people burying the 6 bodies see’s it and says.”What in the world is that thing.” All of the people stop what their doing and stare into the almost treeless desert and in that desert is speck in the sky. The High King Walks out of his hut holding an axe to see why everybody stopped working and he says.”What in the Bloody world is that” and a man next to him responds with “I don’t know sir” “Alright Everybody get back to work and if that thing lands Me, Jimmy, Mark, and Scarface will go over there and meet with it, and none will go over there unless there are problems, now, all ya get back to work.” The High King Walks back into his hut.


The Kingdom of Grenevallis

Camera starts out shaky, showing a quaint room, then focuses on the Queen of Grenevallis fidgeting in her seat, hands folded on top of the table.
“Is it on? Is it working? Oh- It is? Alright then.” She clears her throat, looking directly at the screen, “Greetings from our young, relatively small kingdom of Grenevallis! We have recently used the amazing NationStates technology to move our nation to the Ridgefield region. I speak on behalf of the nation when I say that we hope to build strong international relationships and get along well with the majority of you! We are glad to be a part of the Meritocratic League. I, as leader of Grenevallis, will soon arrive at Ridgefield to fully represent our nation in person. ‘Til then, all the best!”
Last thing seen before camera turns off is the Queen smiling broadly.

The Democratic Republic of New Slovakastan

President Spears is shown walking into a dimly lit room. The lights flicker on, showing the flag of Ridgefield and the flag of New Slovakastan hanging on a wall. He stands in front of them, facing the camera crew
"I would like to officially welcome the nation of Grenevallis to this wonderful region. Just to fill you in, we are currently facing a nuclear crisis in the nation of Arul, along with the unexpected virus outbreak. Some nations are currently involved in the evacuation and recovery process. It is lovely to have you here!"
Spears turns around and nods softly at the Ridgefield flag, followed by him saluting the flag of New Slovakastan, and the camera fades to black

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