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WA Delegate: The Peoples Federal Republic of Indian Worker Councils (elected )

Founder: The Town of Ridgefielders

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Most World Assembly Endorsements: 16th Most Influential: 40th Most Valuable International Artwork: 384th+6
Most Nations: 390th Largest Black Market: 1,160th Most Advanced Defense Forces: 2,195th Highest Poor Incomes: 2,243rd Largest Arms Manufacturing Sector: 2,273rd Most Corrupt Governments: 2,301st
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Ridgefield is a small town that serves as the capital of the Meritocratic League, a politically-neutral organization characterized by mandatory World Assembly membership, unrestricted trade, and a sacrosanct community where the leaders of each member nation live and conduct diplomacy with otherwise distant members of the union.

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This Week's Theme:
Roleplay Date: July 2020 - RP Campaign date: July 1914

Originally settled in October 2010, reclaimed in January 2017.

Embassies: Augustin Alliance, Conch Kingdom, Cape of Good Hope, Lands End, Narnia, Dawn, Anteria, The Union of Democratic States, Karma, URA, The United Ascendancy, NationStates Today, and Allied Conservative States.

Tags: Game Player, Independent, Issues Player, Medium, Offsite Chat, Regional Government, and World Assembly.

Regional Power: High

Ridgefield contains 42 nations, the 390th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Cheerful Citizens in Ridgefield

The World Census shared cheeky grins with citizens around the world in order to determine which were the most relentlessly cheerful.

As a region, Ridgefield is ranked 20,611th in the world for Most Cheerful Citizens.

1.The Free Land of Senhoraparecida AnarquisraCompulsory Consumerist State“Give me liberty, or give me death!”
2.The Commonwealth of The Grand Canyon AllianceCivil Rights Lovefest“From the desert, we rise.”
3.The Constitutional Monarchy of CorinsbineLiberal Democratic Socialists“We Rise above such Violence”
4.The Second Tsardom of TiskaiyaAuthoritarian Democracy“Полярная звезда сияет ярко!”
5.The United Kingdom of United HungryFather Knows Best State“Down with the red devil, and Unite”
6.The Republic of Koala marijoeanaNew York Times Democracy“Koalas and Animal crossing!”
7.The Royal-Red Peoples Republic of Union of Socialist Republic of The IsleCorrupt Dictatorship“A Party for the People!”
8.The Democratic Republic of JanussInoffensive Centrist Democracy“By The People For The People”
9.The Republic of Meritocratic Republic of ValpriniaScandinavian Liberal Paradise“De Astra - Cum Astra - Ad Astra”
10.The Kingdom of Luna DamInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Love is the answer...sometimes”

Regional Happenings


Ridgefield Regional Message Board


The Kingdom of Bretislavia

It is quiet along the eastern front between Bretislavia and Tiskaiya, however, 200 miles from the small town of Jamesburg, that will change

Along the Bretislavian lines of a 1 mile stretch hundreds of artillery cannons begin preparations for a bombardment that will last one hour. In the center of this mass of cannons stand three Bretislavian officers, Colonel Johann Goeben, Major Peter Taylor, and Lt. Colonel Robert Parker. These men represent some of the higher ranking NCOs of the 19th Army Artillery Division. In any moment a barrage should begin.

When the time is right Colonel Goeben steps forward and announces that a mass barrage will begin soon, his men ready their cannons and soon a deadly hellfire will unleash upon unsuspecting Tiskaiyans. Across no-mans land the Tiskai soldiers sit in their trenches, eating their food and and keeping a watchful eye for enemy offensives, their machine gunners eyes remain steady on the front ahead. The loud booms of the cannons can be faintly heard, however some soldiers do not recognize the sound. One soldier looks up in astonishment to see streaks of steel fly over the battlefield, preparing to reign down on him and his comrades. His realization is slow, however he manages to war his squadmates before a loud BOOM is heard not to far from him, the panicked Tiskaiyans run inside their trenches, some too slow to hide under their earthy shelters. This barrage takes the lives of 1,104 men by the time it is over and the Tiskaiyans learn to keep a more watchful eye on their enemies howitzers.

(For a better visual, watch this as this event was heavily inspired by it.)

The Second Tsardom of Tiskaiya

The Shaken Tiskai line relays the attack to the central command. 50 miles North-By-Northeast, near the border town of Skal the commander, Major Segei Vlatsnikov, receives a message from command, "Vernut' otpravitelyu."

"Return to Sender", A long line of nearly 300 87mm, and 76mm howitzers, and a dozen 203mm naval guns modified for combat on land stand ready. Major Vlatsnikov relays the order, they open fire, shells smashing into the ground around the opposing Bretislavian line. Some unlucky trenches collapsing under the concentrated fire. The bombardment is unrelenting for 7 hours before it is halted to conserve ammunition. They halt knowing the enemy is likely shaken and terrified of such power. They begin making dinner.

Casualties are unknown at this time.

Like the Tiskaiyans, the Bretislavians learned a valuable lesson today, "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction."

The Kingdom of Bretislavia

The Bretislavian lines, expecting a retort from Tiskaiyan forces lies in its trenches before running to cover under the hailfire of the Tiskai artillery and they eat their rations through the sounds of explosions

Once the 7 hour long bombardment is over Col. Goeben issues his own retort back to the Tiskaiyans, ordering cannons to begin bombarding the Tiskai lines once more within the hour, this time, for 8 hours. The cannons are supported by a heavy resupply from central command in the aftermath of the first bombardment issued by Col. Goeben. This barrage is not attended by Maj. Taylor or Lt. Col. Parker, as they are busy on other parts of the line. Once the cannons are prepped and armed the barrage begins and the Tiskai lines come under fire once more as they eat their meals, in and out of cover.

The First Crimson Empire of Antarcticao

Mother Caroline

The Acksolan Herald

“After two days of terrible conditions for our men overseas, in hot weather, with gunfire in the distance, keeping them up at night, things are starting to look up. Sources say that Empress Caroline has sent reinforcements to aid those men. Along with these hefty reinforcements, Caroline has also sent more support equipment, such as rations, artillery, and Zeppelins.

In other news, the men at the failed eastern landing have given up their position. We assume so that they can join the other men at the successful invasion points. Soldiers praise Empress Caroline for her devotion to their wellbeing, some have started to call her Mother Caroline.”

May the sun never set on the Antarcticaon Empire.

The Dictatorship of Die Riech

[For the 1914 Campaign]

With the recent landings on Riechian soil by the Antarticaons the government has mandated that a mandatory draft for the armed forces will be established effective immediately. Refusal to abide will result in imprisonment.

The Chancellor has stated "The reasoning behind the breaking of our promise of peace to you the people of Die Riech is not because we wish to bring back the cruel ways of the former Riechian Empire, but to protect not only ourselves but the Future Riechians and the generations to come."

In other news several protests have popped up all around Die Riech regarding the recent recruitment campaign. On one account, one of these protests turned violent, however it was quickly delt with by Law Enforcement personnel.

In the small town of montsburg two people were arrested for assaulting a recruitment officer, the Montsburg police department has not released any new information about the arrested suspects.

With the war raging on Propaganda has become a common day thing to see around the towns and cities of Die Riech, the most recent one shows a line of Riechian soldiers with one missing with a text saying "there's still a place for you withing the armed forces! Will you take it?"

With the recent battles regarding the successfully pushing back Antarticaon forces and the Currently successful defense of Hamburg, the Riechian government claims "if we are to push the Antarticaons out our land we will relax or possibly even end the draft for the war." Many being evacuated from Hamburg speak of a "forced draft" by Riechian forces within the city, no other details have been released on the matter.

The Successful Gamer Nation of Whitcomb Kingdom

The Kingdom of Bretislavia

Whitcomb Kingdom wrote:hi there guys!

Welcome back Whitcomb

Post self-deleted by Whitcomb Kingdom.

Post self-deleted by Whitcomb Kingdom.

The Peoples Federal Republic of Indian Worker Councils

OOC Post, Official Address
Hello, Ridgefield

As you can see on the regional page, I have assumed the office of World Assembly Delegate, and by extension Mayor just a few minutes ago. This transition of power from Bretislavia to myself was agreed upon between both of us, as well as the rest of the Council. The rest of the region has also largely cooperated with the Council on this process. Bret has been unable to post a resignation here on the RMB due to the fact he is on a camping trip. He did post one on Discord the day before yesterday, however.

It is with great honor that I assume the office of Mayor. I am fully aware of the responsibilities vested in my position, and I believe that with our cooperation and hard work, we can help to improve and change Ridgefield. But it requires all of us to contribute to this region. I believe that I am ready to tackle the challenges facing Ridgefield in my tenure, and I will do my best to resolve them.

I would like to thank my predecessor, Bretislavia, for giving Ridgefield a solid foundation for us to improve on and work upwards from, and for being a very amicable and cooperative mayor to work with. I would also like to thank the rest of the Council for their support, as well as the rest of Ridgefield for their support. Together, we can help to change this region for the better, and it is something that I will strive towards as Mayor with the diligence it requires. Good night and thank you all.

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