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Welcome to Anteria : a casual, modern-tech, closed-World Region, open to all Ideologies and Nations alike!
Featured Region: 2/1/2017 and 8/25/2018 | ⛔ Please refrain from targeting this region for recruitment ⛔

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Regional Power: High

Anteria contains 345 nations, the 32nd most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Cultured in Anteria

After spending many tedious hours in coffee shops and concert halls, World Census experts have found the following nations to be the most cultured.

As a region, Anteria is ranked 4,339th in the world for Most Cultured.

1.The Republic of AstariaxLeft-Leaning College State“Jenhe kulolan surakre kurunno”
2.The Federal Republic of NouveaurichAnarchy“We’re all stories, in the end…just make it a good one.”
3.The Grand Republic of KilowattCivil Rights Lovefest“Scientia potentia est”
4.The Empire of ZoopocalypsInoffensive Centrist Democracy“For Zoopocalyps”
5.The Grand Republic of AlbithicaLeft-wing Utopia“Liberty, Endurance, Unity”
6.The Confederation of Inner Mations AststanCivil Rights Lovefest“Per Aspera Ad Astra”
7.The Republic of BendanInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Freedom Through Word and Sword”
8.The Sovereign Union of OsculoCivil Rights Lovefest“Cats are like long, furry snakes and I love them.”
9.The Holy Harmony Republic of The CycloneCorporate Bordello“Long live the holy Cycle”
10.The Royal Democracy of TsokeikuCivil Rights Lovefest“This is why we can't have nice things.”
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The Dictatorship of Panumland


The Senatiorius of Vonein

Neuewland wrote:As they have received no official submissions yet, the Neuew Armed Forces would like to remind Anteria that it has a competition open for a new SPAA vehicle for the Neuew military. The requirements are that it has a 75-85mm fully automatic cannon capable of firing High Explosive-Fragmentation proximity fuse rounds as well as APFSDS rounds, carries at least Two short to mid range SAMs, and is below 55 tons. Any nations are open to submit designs, although those proposed by nations we are less friendly with may only be skimmed over, as opposed to seriously looked at.

The Voneinian State Arms Corporation has submitted the Type 96 SPAAG, but it is slightly different than the design competition called for. It comes equipped with four 30mm cannons, a 90mm main chaingun in a fully rotating turret, and a .50 BMG coaxial. The type 96 also comes equipped with the Voneinian Experimental Surface to Air Missile, named the Type 9A Viper. The entire package comes to around 60 tons, but the engineers state they will attempt to reduce weight by looking into some options, from using different meterials to even reducing ammo capacity for the guns.

The 30mm cannons are able to fire HE-FRAG and APFSDS rounds, with the 90mm cannon being able to fire the updated version of the APFSDS round, called the APFSDS-T. There is an option of a 15mm cannon instead of the .50 coax.

The Viper missile is a medium to long range surface to air missile. The "A" variant is the medium range version, with a effective range of 30-40 miles, and a projected accuracy range of 65% to 80%. There is also an option of a shorter range Viper missile addition, called the Viper-SR. There are six missile tubes in total in the full version, with four Viper-A's and two Viper-SR's.

The entire package costs almost 70 million dollars.

The Senatiorius of Vonein

With the recent 7 days war coming to an end, there has been a push to a unique form of government, based on a senate-adversarial system, but with some procedural things twisted. There has been over eight different proposals, but the base government goes like this, which the proposals build off of:

Executive: vested in three individuals, plus two AI experimental programs that have the same powers as the living beings.

Legislative: Made up of eighty members divided equally among districts in Vonein in the lower house, the upper legislature is made up of fourty different AI programs and twenty living beings. Lower house has constitutional rewrite power, upper house has veto-overturn power.

Economy: Planned and Controlled by eight member council, plus three Planning AI’s.

Military: Led by AI, Drone technology will be entirely funded to form the first ever drone army.

The programs required are currently in full development, with every single software and programming company bought out by the government to work on the new AI.

The program should be completely up to speed by early 2020.

The Republic of Bendan

South of Saint-George, Bendan

"Bringing your sister was a bad idea, man..."
The only girl in the group of children looked at the boy. "I wanna go too, Adam."
"Come on man, mom told me to take care of her. If she knew I left her home alone I'd be dead!"
The leader of the group chuckled. "Yeah, because when she finds out you took her to the middle of the forest at night, everything's gonna be fine. Anyway, that's your problem I guess. Let's go!"
The group turned on their flashlights and began moving through the forest, leaving the girl slightly behind them.
"We should be there any minute now..." The boy leading the group reached into his bag for a map. "It was here, I'm sure. I don't recognize it here in the dark…" One of the boys walked over. "Hey Sean, where's your sister?" One of the boys around the map looked up. "What?! Oh no! I'm dead! Jane! Where are you?!" The boys walked around looking for the girl. Suddenly, she emerged from the dark. "Sean! You've gotta see what I found!" "Jane! Where were you! Can't you keep still for a few seconds?!" One of the boys, who went in the direction from where the girl ran, stopped twenty meters from them. "Guys! Come here, she's right, she's found it!" The children all ran over. Their flashlights illuminated a large white building just in front of them. "That's it! It looks like some sort of hangar… Do you think there will be like, a cool plane from the war?" "Don't be stupid Ryan. If it was a plane there would be a runway. Let's look inside." The boys looked around themselves. "Are you sure it's abandoned Adam?" "Yeah, sure! No one's been here in ages."
The group walked up to the doors to the hangar. "What if it's locked?" The leader pushed the door open. "See? It's not. Stop worrying Sean. You can stay outside if you want." The boy entered the hangar with the rest of the group, and walked to the center of the building. Suddenly a large object emerged before him. "Guys look! Is that a huge barrel or something?" The whole group gathered around the large cylindrical object. "Why would anyone have a huge barrel here? Look at all that dust." The boy ran his hand over the object's surface. A cloud of dust covered his face. "Ahh. Someone should clean this." He cleared his eyes and looked at the clean spot on the object. "What is that? Look at it. Something's written on it. National…" "National Aerospace Directorate… What is that?" The boys cleaned more of the dust from the object. "There's more here." "What does it say?" "Docking… Docking Port Mk.5... what's a docking port?"

The Republic of Dexlandia

How do I join the discord?

The Empire of Unity of Democracy

Misriah wrote:Hello I've just joined, nice to meet you all.

Nice to meet you to.

The Federation of Sterktrofaste

hello fellow nations, I'm new around here

The Federal Republic of Axmanie

Cara Offenbach spokesperson of the Axmaniean government has announced the sending of humanitarian help to Peoples Free, a country torn up by civil war. The 500 000 000 Axmen worth aid, will comprise of food,clothing,water and medication. Miss Offenbach also added that under the request of the legitimate Peoples Free government, Axmanie will send a delegation of its best negociators in the country for the upcoming peace talks with the True Freeist rebels.
The SDP, the "Sozialdemokraten Partei" his holding primaries to design a candidate for the upcoming presidential elections in Axmanie. There are twelve candidates but tree of them are leading in the polls:
Franck Wolfmann, an ex-senator and defense minister wich his campaining on a program of social welfare and security

Heinrich Schröder, rising figure of the party, a young man of 32 years, wich campains on a pro- youth program of innovation, modernity and renewal

Erika Nembacker, the leader in the polls, senator and fierce opposant to the current administration. In her program she says that she wants to cut the budget of the military by more than 20%, to increase taxes on businesses and raise the minimum salary. She also said that she would repeal the anti-immigration decree of president Wieselbraun, that she qualifies of racist, xenophobic and counter-productive.

The vote will be taking place in January 21 in all the SDP offices around the country.

This is all for now, whe hope you enjoyed
Hans Sorbutt, AR NEWS, Kiergelensburg.

The Federal Duchy of Dulando

Sterktrofaste wrote:hello fellow nations, I'm new around here


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