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Arms Control Treaty Now In Effect
No Targeting / No Launching
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1.UPPERCUT183,5563,636 NationsUPPERCUT
2.The Horsemen of the ApocalypseFlag67,500747 NationsHell
3.CanopyFlag63,123579 NationsForest
4.Pirates of the Nile Flag55,223722 NationsOsiris
5.STIFF-ARMFlag23,565527 Nations10000 Islands
6.Catholic Alliance14,212272 Nations
7.Potato AllianceFlag13,745219 NationsSpiritus
8.European Defence ForcesFlag9,154324 NationsEurope
9.Leftist UnityFlag7,41465 NationsThe Leftist Assembly
10.Sit Aeterna AeternumFlag6,96959 NationsAeterna Publicae
11.The E TeamFlag5,37345 NationsEquilism
12.Alianza de Defensa de la Unión MundialFlag4,53963 NationsUnion Mundial
13.Kandy's CraterFlag4,502134 NationsThe Rejected Realms
14.GholgothFlag3,28233 NationsGholgoth
15.The Forces of MordorFlag3,05434 NationsMordor
16.Ocean's ElevenFlag2,75349 NationsThe Peaceful Coffee Shop In Chicago
17.Reborn Foundation Nuclear DepartmentFlag2,74823 NationsThe Reborn Foundation
18.Malay AllianceFlag2,35226 NationsTanah Melayu
19.Nuclear Winter WonderlandFlag2,26160 NationsWintreath
20.Dax RaidersFlag2,24036 NationsThe United States of the Radiant
21.MONOLITHFlag1,18239 NationsThe Local Cluster
22.Oceanic Imperial NavyFlag1,04322 NationsOcean
23.heck hounds8873 Nations
24.The Texans!Flag88321 NationsTexas
25.Hocherlan's TigersFlag79827 NationsMontealba
26.Ever Victorious Army6441 NationThe Indomitable Fastness of Heaven
27.148th Artillery Regiment6136 Nations
28.Confederation of KleinFlag59411 NationsBenigtopia
29.Federal Nuclear Alliance4979 NationsFederation of Allies
30.Look Horatio, its the Indy!4342 NationsThe Indomitable Fastness of Heaven
31.Tropicorp Nuclear Storage FacilityFlag42614 NationsTropicorp
32.Army of Freedom II3918 NationsFurby Island Puppets
33.Neon DreamsFlag31824 NationsTeremara
34.Brotherhood of NodFlag3002 NationsCommand and Conquer Universe
35.Liberal LabyrinthFlag26470 NationsThe Labyrinth
36.Hotspurt2260 NationsThe Indomitable Fastness of Heaven
37.HistoryFlag14025 NationsHistory
38.Regionia1388 Nations
39.The AA NukemFlag1091 NationAnarchical Assembly
41.Unbreakable Oath Army712 NationsThe Indomitable Fastness of Heaven
42.A Tube of Nukes3711 Nations
43.That Dim Star341 NationThe Indomitable Fastness of Heaven
44.Ynes270 Nations
45.The Golden ConcordFlag212 NationsThe Collective Nations of Selewyn
46.Deletus Populetus171 NationPereli
47.AFK Don't Nuke UsFlag104 NationsDab Collective V3
48.KPOPFlag031 NationsKPOP
49.Cape of the Mevidir06 Nations
50.Tigo Une01 Nation

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Factions are scored on Strikes minus Radiation.