Nations of WDYM WDM?!?!

  1. The Epic collecting nation of WopruthienM
  2. The Most Serene Republic of PiehuI
  3. The Rogue Nation of CatopiniaS
  4. The Holy Nationstates Nation of New AsdenE
  5. The Soc´almuistund Repubłikanner of Calgonian Syndy StateM
  6. The Republjiz-Indescziezčje of South CahadoniaE
  7. The Empire of AlvakhedaE
  8. The Socialist-Democratic Ps R of Kallanistan People s RepublicM
  9. The Green Federated States of Washington-ColumbiaS
  10. The Holy Nationstates Nation of Yarumab-CorriopanktM
  11. The New Tomorrowland of TomorrowiaE
  12. The Most united commonwealth of CromrelandS
  13. The Republic of RuhanskM
  14. The Democratic Republic of AltsiM
  15. The Democratic Republic of KonsverhkM
  16. The Rjsspubjkk of Republic of AzvreniaS
  17. The Federal Republic of MyguystanM
  18. The Republic of Civia WelephilostopiaS
  19. The Republic of Poole PartyE
  20. The United Socialist States of Evil0ultraVIM
  21. The Empire of People EmpireS
  22. The Republic of DenextS
  23. The Free Nation of TobeloE
  24. The People's Republic of Bad at my JobM
  25. The Bondesre Republiek of IraeliS
  26. The Dominion of LlitlaS
  27. The Constitutional Monarchy of MinussS
  28. The Republic of MonoloniaM
  29. The Republic of SunacoS
  30. The Empire of Habsburg-germanyE
  31. The Federal Republic of AkiznaM
  32. The Dictatorship of Imperial Can OaskindlandE
  33. The Republic of AlakomE
  34. The Holy Empire of Your Average Mordhau PlayerS
  35. The Colony of M0N010N1AS
  36. The Most Serene Republic of LibtopiaS
  37. The Federation of TyranusS
  38. The Commonwealth of Royal city of The Norswifian KnighthoodM
  39. The Kingdom of Top G Andrew TateE
  40. The Constitutional Monarchy of Democratic DominicanE
  41. The Dictatorship of SorcererKingdomE
  42. The Sultanate of The Inquisition of Norswif PrussiaE