Nations of Augustin Alliance

  1. The Augustin Emi-rate of EmilineS
  2. The United federation of The Democracy of Red StarE
  3. The Better Dead Than Red Nation of PeacockastanS
  4. The Eos Praising Nation of The Five FiresomiaS
  5. Not peacockastanS
  6. The Senate and People of The ByrdlandsM
  7. The Royal-Red Peoples Republic of Union of Socialist Republic of The IsleS
  8. The Federal Bureaucracy of Yegla IslandsS
  9. The Al-Jumhūrīyah al-ʻArabīyah of Jabal QassuonM
  10. The Federation of The AuraverseS
  11. The Commonwealth of Lands End Satellite AlphaE
  12. PeacocksatanS
  13. The 3rd Republic of BohseonM
  14. The Holy State of ArtigiS
  15. The Confederacy of Ortisian Vessel 12S
  16. The Wandering City of EisensternE
  17. The Confederacy of Ortisian Vessel 10M
  18. The Confederacy of Ortisian Vessel 7E
  19. The Confederacy of Ortisian Vessel 19E
  20. The Free Land of Rauys HulmsE
  21. The Confederacy of Ortisian Vessel 13M
  22. Ortisian vessel 11M
  23. The 𝔼𝕥𝕖𝕣𝕟𝕒𝕝 𝔾𝕦𝕝𝕒𝕘 of Ascended StalinS
  24. The Confederacy of Ortisian Vessel 9M
  25. The Serene Mercantile Republic of NeranyM
  26. The Confederacy of Ortisian Vessel 6S
  27. The Third of MarchS
  28. The Confederacy of Ortisian Cruiser IM
  29. The Empire of Ascended Soviet Socialist RepublicsS
  30. The Confederacy of Ortisian Corvette IIE
  31. The Confederacy of Ortisian Corvette IS
  32. The United Socialist States of YakutskyM
  33. The Rogue State of Bonnie Blue RepublicE
  34. Jim jonesM
  35. The Confederation of Inner Mations AststanS
  36. The Confederacy of Ortisian Cruiser IIS
  37. Ortisian vessel 14M
  38. The Republic of AurumsgroundS
  39. The Confederacy of Ortisian Vessel 20E
  40. The Rogue Nation of TrylobiteM
  41. The Yes of NilfgaardionE
  42. The Theocracy of VartaksataM
  43. The Confederacy of Ortisian Corvette IIIM
  44. The Confederacy of Ortisian Vessel 8S
  45. The Holy Patriarchate of The Dolanets islandsE
  46. The Republic of Bunny Blue RepublicE
  47. The Confederacy of Ortisian Vessel 17S
  48. Peoples temple agricultural projectS
  49. The Confederacy of Ortisian Vessel 15M
  50. The Confederacy of Ortisian Vessel 18M
  51. Ortisian vessel 16S
  52. EralatusS
  53. The Tribal Confederacy of The MeoquaneeS
  54. The Egalitarian Monarchy of Northern DSPS
  55. The Kingdom of The Gladiators JordanM
  56. The republique bonnie blueS
  57. The Corporate Conglomerate of PrybourneE
  58. OleaneeveS
  59. ScumlandE
  60. Salvage crewS
  61. The People's Republic of ZhenganE
  62. The Empire of AttaleiaM
  63. The Armed Republic of Bonnie Blue CommandE
  64. TrostE
  65. The Kingdom of Luna DamS
  66. The United Federation of LegoaE
  67. The Oppressed Peoples of BBR 30M
  68. The Armed Republic of DabforVBucksE
  69. The Disputed Territories of BBR 29M
  70. The Federation of AlvoriniaM
  71. The Confederacy of BBR 28S
  72. The States of WoclerhielM
  73. The Colony of BBR 27E
  74. The Constitutional Monarchy of BBR 26S
  75. The United Socialist States of BBR 25M
  76. The Armed Republic of DabforVBucks 2S
  77. The Republic of DabforVBucks 3S
  78. The Republic of DabforVBucks 4S
  79. The Republic of DabforVBucks 5S
  80. The Dictatorship of UdkaalS
  81. The Republic of Kurczak MielonyM
  82. The Constitutional Monarchy of Free AzellE
  83. The Republic of MegaliiM
  84. The Republic of DabforVBucks 6S
  85. The Republic of DabforVBucks 7E
  86. The Republic of DabforVBucks 8M
  87. The Republic of DabforVBucks 9E
  88. The Republic of DabforVBucks 10S
  89. The Republic of DabforVBucks 11E
  90. The Republic of DabforVBucks 12E
  91. The Federal Duchy of DulandoS
  92. The Republic of Zeniforza Free StateS
  93. The Armed Republic of J o Jian Capture Squad BetaE
  94. Greater kurczakS
  95. The Technocratic State of Mother KurczakM
  96. The Republic of DabforVBucks 36S
  97. The Democratic Republic of HatstheputS
  98. The Dominion of BBR 24S
  99. The Republic of DabforVBucks 35S
  100. The Republic of DabforVBucks 34E
  101. The Republic of DabforVBucks 33S
  102. The Republic of DabforVBucks 32E
  103. Wino i seryS
  104. The Republic of DabforVBucks 31E
  105. The Republic of BBR 23E
  106. The Armed Republic of J o Jian Capture Team CharlieM
  107. The Federation of AnateaM
  108. The Constitutional Monarchy of DabforVBucks 25M
  109. The Kingdom of DabforVBucks 26S
  110. The F-14 loving nation of Grater TovakiaS
  111. The United States of DabforVBucks 27E
  112. The Golden Liberty Hounds of DiRito-OpolisM
  113. The Disputed Territories of DabforVBucks 28S
  114. TyranneousM
  115. The Most Serene Republic of BBR 22M
  116. The Community of BBR 21E
  117. The Constitutional Monarchy of Balan BarM
  118. 22nd special air serviceE
  119. The Commonwealth of BBR 20M
  120. The Republic of Dabforvbucks 45M
  121. The Republic of Dabforvbucks 46S
  122. The Colony of API TestingS
  123. The Republic of Dabforvbucks 47M
  124. The Jingoistic States of BBR 19M
  125. The Republic of Dabforvbucks 48M
  126. The Republic of Dabforvbucks 49S
  127. The Republic of Dabforvbucks 50M
  128. The Federation of DabvorVBucks 51E
  129. The United Socialist States of BBR 18S
  130. The Federation of DabvorVBucks 52S
  131. The Federation of DabvorVBucks 53E
  132. The Federation of DabvorVBucks 54S
  133. The Federation of DabvorVBucks 55M
  134. The Federation of DabvorVBucks 56S
  135. The Augustin Administrator of DiRitoE
  136. The Federation of DabvorVBucks 57S
  137. The Federation of DabvorVBucks 58E
  138. The Federation of DabvorVBucks 59E
  139. The bannedlandsS
  140. The Federation of DabvorVBucks 60M
  141. The Federation of DabvorVBucks 61M
  142. The People's Republic of BBR 17M
  143. Dabvorvbucks 62S
  144. The Federation of DabvorVBucks 63M
  145. The Kingdom of BBR 16S
  146. The Federation of DabvorVBucks 64M
  147. Not kurczak mielonyM
  148. The Federation of DabvorVBucks 65E
  149. The Kingdom of BBR 15E
  150. The Federation of DabforVBucks 67M
  151. The Protectorate of BBR 14S
  152. The Federation of DabforVBucks 68M
  153. Rkm monsoonM
  154. The Fiefdom of BBR 13S
  155. The Republic of Sheev Palpatine 1S
  156. The Commonwealth of BBR 12E
  157. The Nomadic Peoples of BBR 11M
  158. The Allied States of BBR 10E
  159. The Republic of Sheev Palpatine 2E
  160. The Incorporated States of BBR 9E
  161. The Queendom of BBR 8E
  162. The Grand Duchy of BBR 7E
  163. The Holy Empire of BBR 6E
  164. The Republic of Sheev Palpatine 3E
  165. The Federation of BBR 5M
  166. The Empire of BBR 4M
  167. The War Ravaged Lands of The city or RlyehE
  168. The Democratic States of FresE
  169. The Principality of BBR 3M
  170. The Republic of AxpiaS
  171. The Borderlands of BBR 2E
  172. The Armed Republic of BBR 1E
  173. The Republic of Sheev Palpatine 4S
  174. The Mountain Holler Full of MoonshinersM
  175. The Armed Republic of Old SoldiersE
  176. The Republic of Sheev Palpatine 5M
  177. The Holy Empire of The KearsS
  178. Rkm tsunamiE
  179. The Corporatocratic Monarchy of BetmetM
  180. The Republic of Sheev Palpatine 6M
  181. The Republic of Northern Fleet HQS
  182. The Republic of Sheev Palpatine 7S
  183. The People's Republic of Opressed North ContinentM
  184. The Democratic State of LightwoodsE
  185. The Great Republic of KolanchS
  186. The Republic of Sheev Palpatine 8M
  187. The Betmetian Territory of KeylemM
  188. The Betmetian Territory of Islamic SpringsS
  189. The Republic of Sheev Palpatine 9S
  190. The Republic of Sheev Palpatine 10M
  191. The Magical Woods of PassionM
  192. The Republic of VelvetE
  193. The Republic of HealthE
  194. The Republic of FormineE
  195. The Republic of Christian SpringsE
  196. The Nuclear Fusion of Blueshift RadiantsS
  197. The Betmetian Territory of WheatE
  198. The Republic of Mortmain MountainsS
  199. The King of Jenniver LuchE
  200. The United States of Bearded DragonesM
  201. The Electric Boogaloo of DiRito-Opolis IIM
  202. The Holy Empire of FuzyS
  203. The Holy Empire of IzumrudiaS
  204. The Free Land of Kitty-CatiumE
  205. The Republic of Lake LachrymoseS
  206. The Betmetian Territory of DiBlanciM
  207. The Betmetian Territory of RoleplayS
  208. The Kingdom of Ring-tailed LemursE
  209. The Betmetian Territory of LewmE
  210. The Betmetian Territory of JollyfarE
  211. The Dominion of The Lost BatallionM
  212. The Galactic Country of GreenfeatherE
  213. The Confederacy of Proux ArmataE
  214. The Betmetian Territory of GuardfortM
  215. The Betmetian Territory of Jenvia HillsM
  216. The Betmetian Territory of RuubyM
  217. The Republic of Sheev Palpatine 11E
  218. The Republic of Sheev Palpatine 12E
  219. The Republic of Sheev Palpatine 13E
  220. The Republic of Sheev Palpatine 14E
  221. The Republic of Sheev Palpatine 15S
  222. The Republic of Sheev Palpatine 16S
  223. The Empire of KollumbiaE
  224. The Republic of Sheev Palpatine 17E
  225. The Balthorist State of NogodiaE
  226. The Nomadic Peoples of Bik SgtonlandM
  227. The chum bucket republicS
  228. The Holy God of All Memes of XiulensM
  229. DrhorribleM
  230. The Republic of Sheev Palpatine 18S
  231. UndecemberM
  232. Kurczak002M
  233. The Federation of AtkemriE
  234. The Theocracy of AleniE
  235. The Republic of SocratipolisE
  236. PrywattnotiaS
  237. The Kingdom of AlsesiaS
  238. Kurczak001S
  239. The Republic of Balthorist AszaniaM
  240. Kurczak003M
  241. Hmla-267S
  242. Kurczak004S
  243. Nps kitty hawk battle groupS
  244. The Republic of Sheev Palpatine 19E
  245. Kurczak005S
  246. The Republic of Sheev Palpatine 20S
  247. Hnlms karel doormanM
  248. Kurczak006E
  249. South dulandoE
  250. The 44th fighter squadronM
  251. Kurczak007E
  252. LambdanaM
  253. The Autocratic Stratocracy of SharkdoniaS
  254. Nps john c stennis battle groupE
  255. The Republic of Sheev Palpatine 21S
  256. Sheev palpatine 22E
  257. Sfr kosovoM
  258. Sheev palpatine 23E
  259. Nps carl vinson battle groupE
  260. Advi andM
  261. Sheev palpatine 24S
  262. The Not a Russian Spy of HarteathS
  263. The Crown Plutocracy of NeuewlandE
  264. Sheev palpatine 25M
  265. The Corporate Conglomerate of Supero OmniaM
  266. Der wehraboosM
  267. The Hey Im Socialist of I Got Kicked Out For Being FacsistE
  268. The Kingdom of HeilensE
  269. Dirito6186M
  270. AlaiksandrosE
  271. Nps forrestal battle groupM
  272. The Royal Empire of The Royal Empire of the LemonsM
  273. Dirito iiM
  274. Nps north pacific battle groupE
  275. Dirito iiiS
  276. The Federal Republic of Goat isleM
  277. SlothmanniaS
  278. Dirito ivM
  279. The Eternal Forthright Republic of The Trilla Gang MafiaM
  280. The Armed Republic of F-35AE
  281. Dirito vE
  282. Kurczak008S
  283. The Grand Duchy of NotchM
  284. The Commonwealth of NightgaleS
  285. The Allied States of Paslin IslandM
  286. Kurczak009S
  287. Kurczak010M
  288. 965th airborne air control squadronE
  289. Kurczak011M
  290. Draken internationalM
  291. The United States of Ideal ColumbiaS
  292. Christian godS
  293. De balthorist armed forcesE
  294. De nacional partyS
  295. Invictan empireE
  296. KaslavM
  297. Long live cisbE
  298. The Republic of MagrickM
  299. The Grand Duchy of WeissmarkS
  300. NogodrickM
  301. Northern nogodiaS
  302. Nu alsesiaE
  303. SoldakiaS
  304. VolarrocM
  305. The District of ArkadiacM
  306. The Representative of World Assembly Regional DelegateM
  307. VolasrickM
  308. The Democratic Republic of WhitemarckS
  309. The Federal Republic of JanmanM
  310. Adam westM
  311. The Commonwealth of G o o g l eS
  312. The Blue Democracy of VALTICS
  313. The United Savashanist of The Socialist Republic of SaianE
  314. The Not Applicable of ArulM
  315. The Great Capitalist Nation of Confederation of TESDAIM
  316. The Multi-system Federation of Gran Junta Nacional de SacrofniaS
  317. The Reich der Artherien of The United Artherian FederationE
  318. The United American States of South ArtheriaE
  319. The German Reich of North ArtheriaM
  320. The Protectorate of 1st Marine Assault CorpsS
  321. Kurczak012M
  322. The Anarchic Collective of DeathfallS
  323. The Ęsir Federation of United Asgardian StatesM
  324. Kurczak013M
  325. The Republic of IwagotoE
  326. The Empire of RegiisCarminaE
  327. The Federal People's Republic of MonsoneS
  328. The Totalitarian Dictatorship of BretislaviaM
  329. The Absolute Madlad of TulovM
  330. The Tsardom of Great Rus EmpireE
  331. The Free Land of Ace Combat 5S
  332. The Rogue Nation of Ace Combat ZeroE
  333. The Free Land of CarcharodontosaurusE
  334. SepturnumM
  335. The Free Land of Chrono CrossE
  336. The Free Land of Chrono TriggerM
  337. The Quackfederacy of D VE
  338. The Most Serene Republic of Crazy Crazy QuacksS
  339. The Most Serene Republic of Crazy QuacksM
  340. The Free Land of DeinosuchusM
  341. The Rogue Nation of Demon Lord of the Round TableS
  342. The Federation of Dino CrisisE
  343. The Federation of Dino Crisis 2E
  344. The Federation of Dino StalkerE
  345. The Community of Duck in a helicopterM
  346. The Nomadic Peoples of Frozen SeaS
  347. The Empire of G1 MegatronE
  348. The Rogue Nation of -GalvatronS
  349. The Empire of -MegatronE
  350. The Republic of AstrotrainE
  351. The Oppressed Peoples of BlitzwingM
  352. The Empire of CyclonusM
  353. The Rogue Nation of DeceptitranS
  354. The Rogue Nation of DinobotE
  355. The Rogue Nation of Dinobot IIS
  356. 15 stroke rollS
  357. The Oppressed Peoples of LaserbeakE
  358. The Rogue Nation of RavageM
  359. The Free Land of SceptileS
  360. The Republic of SoundwaveM
  361. The Principality of ThundercrackerS
  362. The Rogue Nation of WaspinatorM
  363. The Free Land of Ghosts of RazgrizM
  364. The Rogue Nation of GiganotosaurusS
  365. The Republic of Venice EmpireS
  366. The Empire of GrimlockM
  367. The Principality of I swear Im not TulovE
  368. The Holy Empire of Imperial Quacker EmpireM
  369. The Rogue Nation of KidM
  370. The Rogue Nation of MegaraptorM
  371. The Rogue Nation of Parasite EveE
  372. The Rogue Nation of Parasite Eve 2M
  373. The Free Land of PlesiosaurusS
  374. The Rogue Nation of Quacker 1M
  375. The Rogue Nation of Quacker 2E
  376. The Federation of Resident Evil 0S
  377. The Incorporated States of Resident Evil 2E
  378. The Republic of Resident Evil 3M
  379. The Republic of Resident Evil 4S
  380. The Incorporated States of Resident Evil 5M
  381. The Incorporated States of Resident Evil 6S
  382. The Incorporated States of Resident Evil Code VeronicaM
  383. The Federation of Resident Evil Code Veronica XM
  384. The Republic of RurluchiaS
  385. The Empire of ScolotiM
  386. The Dominion of Terra TowerS
  387. The Rogue Nation of The Demon Lord of the Round TableS
  388. The Free Land of The Ghosts of RazgrizE
  389. The Kingdom of The Lost World Jurassic ParkS
  390. The Empire of The QuackenM
  391. The Unified Ducks of The Quacker EmpireE
  392. The Republic of The Sea of EdenM
  393. The Defunct Grand Autocracy of TuloviaE
  394. The People's Republic of TurkciyaM
  395. The City State of UropolisE
  396. The Rogue Nation of VegetaM
  397. The Free Land of YangchuanosaurusS
  398. The Armed Republic of DabforVBucks 1E
  399. The Borderlands of DabforVBucks 17M
  400. The Republic of DabforVBucks 44S
  401. The Republic of DabforVBucks 43E
  402. The Republic of DabforVBucks 42M
  403. The Republic of DabforVBucks 41M
  404. The Republic of DabforVBucks 40S
  405. The Republic of DabforVBucks 39M
  406. The Republic of DabforVBucks 38M
  407. The Republic of DabforVBucks 37S
  408. The Free Land of North Molvia IslandsS
  409. Puffin islandsM
  410. The Confederacy of Ortisian Vessel 21S
  411. The Confederacy of Ortisian Vessel 22M
  412. The Confederacy of Ortisian Vessel 23M
  413. The Confederacy of Ortisian Vessel 24S
  414. The Confederacy of Ortisian Vessel 25E
  415. The Confederacy of Ortisian Vessel 27E
  416. The Confederacy of Ortisian Vessel 28M
  417. The Republic of Ortisian Vessel 29M
  418. The Republic of Ortisian Vessel 30M
  419. The Republic of Ortisian Vessel 31S
  420. The Republic of Ortisian Vessel 32E
  421. The Republic of Ortisian Vessel 33M
  422. The Immortal Oligarchy of The Third British EmpireS
  423. United kingdoom 1st grenadier unitE
  424. United kingdoom 2nd grenadier unitM
  425. The UPPE of VuenistanM
  426. The Empire of The Fourth British EmpireS
  427. The Colony of The Elven ResistanceM
  428. The sixth british empireS
  429. The seventh british empireE
  430. The Brain munching squalor of Deims KirS
  431. The Dichromatic Mechanism of AugustM
  432. The S P E A R D A N E S of August SpeardaneE
  433. The Federation of East SotoaS
  434. The Sun Never Sets on the Empire of Conch KingdomS
  435. The Invisible Hand of MercantanaM
  436. The Town of RidgefieldersM
  437. The Rebirth of The Great LionS
  438. Dabforvbucks 66S
  439. The Morning Star of Dawn FounderE
  440. The Golden Autumn of SeptemberE
  441. The Hinterlands of Augustin ProxyS
  442. The Anti-Fascist Capitalist Pigs of AV Desperate MeasuresS
  443. The Armed Resistors of I RanE
  444. The Island of Novaya ZemljaM
  445. The Augustin Paradise of The Landlocked IslesM
  446. The Majestic Lands of Sink or SwimS
  447. The Spear Dane Coalition Nation of John-TravoltaE
  448. The Shades of August4079M
  449. The Soft Glow of Streetlamps in the RainS
  450. The Litigation Mob of Augustin Copyright EnforcementE
  451. The Forward Operating Base of Joint Task ForceE
  452. The Patrol Boat of CNV 002E
  453. The 𝑃𝑜𝑙��𝑟𝑖𝑠-Class Cruiser of CNV ExplorerE
  454. The 𝑃𝑜𝑙��𝑟𝑖𝑠-Class Cruiser of CNV DolphinM
  455. The Pink Panther of I sneakilyE
  456. The Republic of AV Desperate TimesM
  457. The Patrol Boat of CNV 003E
  458. The Patrol Boat of CNV 004M
  459. The Patrol Boat of CNV 005S
  460. The Patrol Boat of CNV 001E
  461. The Patrol Boat of CNV 006E
  462. The Patrol Boat of CNV 007S
  463. The Patrol Boat of CNV 008S
  464. The Patrol Boat of CNV 009M
  465. The Patrol Boat of CNV 010M
  466. The Patrol Boat of CNV 011M
  467. The Patrol Boat of CNV 012M
  468. The Patrol Boat of CNV 013M
  469. The 𝑃𝑜𝑙��𝑟𝑖𝑠-Class Cruiser of CNV GoshawkS
  470. The 𝑃𝑜𝑙��𝑟𝑖𝑠-Class Cruiser of CNV JavelinS
  471. The 𝑃𝑜𝑙ar𝑖𝑠-Class Cruiser of CNV OrionS
  472. The 𝑅𝑒𝑣��𝑛𝑔𝑒-Class Carrier of CNV CrusaderM
  473. The 𝑃𝑜𝑙��𝑟𝑖𝑠-Class Cruiser of CNV ResoluteS
  474. The 𝑃𝑜𝑙��𝑟𝑖𝑠-Class Cruiser of CNV RelianceM
  475. The 𝑃𝑜𝑙��𝑟𝑖𝑠-Class Cruiser of CNV ScorpionS
  476. The 𝑃𝑜𝑙��𝑟𝑖𝑠-Class Cruiser of CNV DreadnoughtM
  477. The Bureaucratic Mess of CK Administrative OfficeE
  478. The Kingdom of AwugoostS
  479. The Republic of SparkdawnM
  480. The Republic of Agusut the slutfM
  481. The Republic of HelixItM
  482. The Holy Empire of Antricatrarican ReliplubipliucE
  483. The Subtleties of New Lau RythillettlanM
  484. The Federation of DastatusaguaS
  485. The Republic of Csagand BriaS
  486. Sels wirochmundM
  487. Quiet observationS
  488. The Stuck in June of August IIM
  489. The Town of RidgefieldE
  490. The Grand Union of The Diamond ConfederacyM
  491. The Empire of AugustinAllianceE
  492. The Empire of Eldan DemerE
  493. The Kingdom of UlyssesE
  494. The Antlered Fury of The MooseS
  495. The Republic of The FounderS
  496. The Empire of Elastic EmpireE
  497. The Democratic Republic of PimpusM
  498. BismallahS
  499. Il superioreE
  500. The Dictatorship of Ricky RossyM
  501. KollektivizmS
  502. Our planetS
  503. PimpuzM
  504. The Holy Harmony Republic of The CycloneM
  505. ProudhonsM
  506. The Armed Republic of Dis My PropertyM
  507. The United Kingdom of Ivan IslanarS
  508. The Kitsune-Human Technocracy of The Faroae LandsE
  509. The Dictatorship of Big D OnlyM
  510. The Republic of FornstedtM
  511. The Liberal Democracy of New Cabo AzulM
  512. The Republic of Reorganizacion nacionalS
  513. The Republic of DarthninjaE
  514. The Republic of VilancianaM
  515. The Republic of The Coalition of Sovereign TerritoriesS
  516. The Democratic States of West WinterfellM
  517. The United States of Reversed AmericaM
  518. Tyranny liteE
  519. The Empire of Id est quid it estE
  520. The First of AprilE
  521. The Sultanate of IskamiyaM
  522. The Federation of StratyosE
  523. The Empire of ZaoshuoS
  524. XzoS
  525. The Republic of Lipton KweeshM
  526. The Armed Republic of J o Jian Capture Squad IndiaM
  527. The Empire of DabforVBucks 16S
  528. The Sultanate of DabforVBucks 18E
  529. Dabforvbucks 19E
  530. Dabforvbucks 20E
  531. The Federation of New JaedonstanS
  532. The Kingdom of Miniature War GoatsM
  533. The Kingdom of DevsauceM
  534. The Emirate of AhridaM
  535. The Federation of PooshlandS
  536. JeffpacitoM
  537. The Golden Empire of Mongol-YnionS
  538. The Confederacy of The Great South WestM
  539. The Grand Lisamian Kingdom of Kingdom Of The UNS
  540. The United Kingdom of Prusso-BritanniaM
  541. The Rogue Nation of Potatoedom2E
  542. The United Kingdom of ConexumE
  543. The United Kingdom of The empire of scottM
  544. The Second floor bookshelf of WifiKnightM
  545. Ape dynastyE
  546. San fleuveM
  547. The Dictatorship of DesopotamianE
  548. The Afterborn Coalition of VosswissiaE
  549. The United States of Arzan BaingaribellE
  550. The Democratic Dictatorship of The Free States Of BreeS
  551. Southern coastM
  552. BohlmaniaE
  553. The United Districts of TsarusE
  554. The Natural Dominion of WolfgaliaM
  555. The Incorporated States of EskeochaE
  556. The Holy Empire of They Gay Indian UnionS
  557. Geico car insiranceM
  558. ScarryinM
  559. The Holy Empire of New SaymorS
  560. The Grand Duchy of MardonE
  561. The Eumeswil of KakuM
  562. The Free States of KornalaM
  563. The Grand Republic of KilowattM
  564. The Republic of Union of CaplisS
  565. The Holy Nation of KrupdaddyE
  566. The Holy Goldings of Wocu HoldingsE
  567. BerseniaM
  568. The United Kingdom of Speed0M
  569. The Autechnocratic Republic of Equalsun EmpireM
  570. The Imperial Republic of ZaldaniaS
  571. Nacion de espanaS
  572. The Red Garden of Old HopeM
  573. The Armed Republic of IthandiaE
  574. The Republic of District 29M
  575. The Dominion of Gunji-GunM
  576. Wes juhreelistanS
  577. The United Socialist States of Receding EconomyM
  578. The Holy Empire of FornacM
  579. The Kingdom of Union of Saint LyonS
  580. Stupify islandM
  581. The Pėoplė's Rėpublic of Monde NaturelE