Nations of Warschauer Pakt

  1. The Demokratische Republik of Unsere OstdeutschlandS
  2. The Republic of MNP IIS
  3. The Principality of MNP IM
  4. The Socialist People's Republic of Pine PeaksS
  5. The Senate of MLGDoglandS
  6. The Senate of MLGDoggolandM
  7. The Quote of Are You An AngelM
  8. The Republic of Island of badgersS
  9. The Democratic Republic of Deutschland OstS
  10. The Quote of I Dont Like SandS
  11. The Senate of MLGPupperlandS
  12. The Senate of MLGPuppylandE
  13. The Grand Duchy of Grand Duchy of NortonS
  14. The Senate of MLGCaninelandS
  15. The Supreme State of RockplantiaM
  16. The Rogue Nation of MLGPizzaTimeLandS
  17. The Communist Squirrels of Tipsie TreeE
  18. The Armed Republic of You Killed YounglingsS
  19. The Socialist Monarchy of TigerSharkistanE
  20. The Communist Confederation of SaraloniaE
  21. The Colony of MNP IIIE
  22. The Colony of Tiger Shark CoastS
  23. The Federal Constitutional Union of The Regalian UnderlandS
  24. The Colony of The Great Tiger Shark LandS
  25. The True Unitary Republic of PiroteM
  26. The Armed Republic of ZwechlandE
  27. Yousa thinking yousa people ganna dieE
  28. The Federal Order of Mammoth LandE
  29. The Democratic Union of AzlaakeM
  30. The Federation of Tam CCCPM
  31. The Socialist Federal Republic of SchillikiaE
  32. The Commonwealth of Cair AppalachiaM
  33. Sith lords are our specialityM
  34. Its over anakinE
  35. Ill try spinning thats a good trickM
  36. The entire world i guessE
  37. The Republic of Doge GarrisonM
  38. The Soviet Imperium of Federal Tsarist RussiaE