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🍫 All your chocolate belong to Darkesia 🍫

Embassies: the Pacific, Balder, Karma, Osiris, Lazarus, the South Pacific, the Rejected Realms, The North Pacific, Europeia, Europe, Equilism, One big Island, The Land of Kings and Emperors, NationStates, The New Meritocracy, The Cuckoos Egg, and 22 others.The Moon, Mordor, Albion, Unknown, Lone Wolves United, Ile de France, Atlantic, Nasicournia, Gay, The Glorious Nations of Iwaku, Eientei Gensokyo, Hell, Doll Guldur, US Military, Caer Sidi, The Beech Beach House, The Sasquatch Republic, The Realms of Light, PacificCon, Warzone PacificCon, West Pacific Crab Sanctuary, and International Democratic Union.

Construction of embassies with House Elegarth has commenced. Completion expected .

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Regional Power: Extremely High

The West Pacific contains 6,014 nations, the 10th most in the world.

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The Most Politically Free in the West Pacific

These nations allow citizens the greatest amount of freedom to select their own government.

As a region, the West Pacific is ranked 14,532nd in the world for Most Politically Free.

1.The Republic of The NationStates Collectable EditionDemocratic Socialists“Infinitely collectable!”
2.The Armed Republic of Architeuthis DuxCivil Rights Lovefest“Don't whiz on the electric fence.”
3.The Colony of VinqCivil Rights Lovefest“Fallen”
4.The Free Land of KurzweilAnarchy“Civil right & political freedom lead to heaven on Earth”
5.The Anarchist Commonwealth of ArracraniaAnarchy“Freedom begets prosperity”
6.The Democratic States of TekoniaAnarchy“Be Anything, Be Everything”
7.The Allied States of Issue AuthorAnarchy“Maybe?”
8.The Republic of The United States da AmericaCorporate Bordello“Nova ordem dos tempos”
9.The Republic of DolphindorfAnarchy“Onwards”
10.The Scary Pirate Owl of AltincredibleAnarchy“This Altino Ahdeekay Approved!”
1234. . .601602»

Last poll: “Turkey Pardon 2020”

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The OCD Bicyclist of Wickedly evil people

I got red.

*sips coffee*

The Territorial Army of Corbeil

I got Violet .

*adds Baily's to coffee*

The ςђเฬєгєђยคภ єɭ๔єгﻮгย๓קภєรร of Yy4u

Do you always water down your Bailey's with coffee?

The Endorse Dilber of Fuentana


Happy Sunday! Today's theme is perfect for NationStates. It's Electronic Greeting Day! Send one today to friends and family.

For this reason, I am also delivering a TED talk you never asked for about the RMB in TWP's history.

NationStates was launched on November 13, 2002. This was an interesting time in terms of Internet culture. Some were lucky enough to have cable or DSL modems, but plenty of people were on dialup. It was still common to fall prey to spam and hacked emails because people wanted to help foreign royalty or send money to their friends who were suddenly in crisis in a land they never visited. If people had cell phones, they were almost always flip phones with the grainiest of cameras if you're lucky. The iPhone and iPod touch were five years away.

We were not nearly as plugged in yet. MySpace, Facebook, and YouTube did not yet exist. Blog platforms, however, had emerged. Wikipedia was brand new. These were important advances in Web 2.0 platforms. With Web 2.0, it is all about user participation, creativity, and connectivity. I would hedge that NS can be considered a Web 2.0 platform and as a social networking site. It depends on user-generated content: custom nation fields, dispatches, RMB posts, WFE designs, gameside forum discussions, and telegrams.

There are nations in TWP and across the game that have been playing since near the beginning. For example, former delegate Eli (aka Wickedly evil people) is listed as founded "in antiquity." That means the nation was created sometime between the launch of NS and mid 2003. As per Eli, he founded Eli on December 3rd, 2002. What was the game like in those early years? Well, for starters, the RMB was set up to only show the 10 most recent posts. Back then, the powers of post suppression were not yet granted by Max Barry and the holy Moderators above.

What do you do when someone spams the RMB in that context? You fight fire with fire, but with good and interesting and quirky fire. The early leaders of TWP such as the Commrangers would redirect conversation to the true doctrine of anti-marsupialism. They would restore cleanliness to the RMB by posting song lyrics. They would only welcome the ads of true friends and artists like BrightonBurg. This is important not only for returning nations, but new ones. What you see on the RMB (and the World Factbook Entry) speaks volumes to the character of the place. That's why we have elevated standards for RMB engagement. It's not about you: it's about the community, about making a good and lasting impression.

Over time, new developments would emerge: Discord servers and Discord-driven festivals such as those pioneered by Bran Astor amplify the game experience. But behind it all is the foundation of a healthy gameside culture via RMB engagement, which has come to include four weekly traditions: Puns, Haiku, Thanks, Karaoke. For a time, Wednesday was for Weird Videos. Who knows what the future may hold in terms of new RMB traditions? Much of that is up to you.

NationStates is principally a satirical political simulator. But what really brings it to life is the reality that NS is a social networking platform. People have been connecting for years. Some have even met, shared a drink or two, text in real life, and more. This is one of the things that really keeps people coming back for close to 20 years.

Cheers to the legendary Delegates, Guardians, good and wicked people, and CommRangers who cultivated the art of Electronic Greetings on the RMB! For newer nations, this is good food for thought because tomorrow we resume another weekly pattern of electronic greetings in the form of puns on Monday, haiku on Tuesday, words of thanks on Thursday, and above all Karaoke on Friday. It may seem random and nonsensical, but TWP learned early and quickly how to generate a thoughtful and engaging culture using the RMB. This is social networking at its finest. So start thinking of how you'll make your mark on electronic greetings in the Best Pacific.

P.S., I'll keep the Aura quiz up for another day. Enjoy!

The Card Czar of Giovanniland

The Serdey Islands wrote:The West Pacific

Yes, here's the West Pacific. Now please don't spam our RMB if you have nothing to say.

The Devastation of Cro Magnon

I'm violet.


The 🍍Tropical Federation🌴 of Comfed

The kingdom of Lebanon wrote:snip

And how much would I have to pay for a royal degree?

The Territorial Army of Corbeil

Yy4u wrote:Snip

YES.....Plus using Bailey's eliminate having to waste money on sugar and cream.

The Nomadic Peoples of Moaning Lisa

Corbeil wrote:YES.....Plus using Bailey's eliminate having to waste money on sugar and cream.

Sugar and cream? I prefer stiff and black (coffee).

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