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1.The Collective of InsaniragicaDemocratic Socialists“I've lived a long happy life”
2.The Isle of StratanovaDemocratic Socialists“The Common Interest Shall Be Served”
3.The Republic of WilkshireDemocratic Socialists“Everyone for everyone else”
4.The Mystical Isles of DutchylandLeft-wing Utopia“Hey moderators is this motto against the rules too?”
5.The Socialistic Republic of StoviliumLeft-wing Utopia“Hey moderators is this motto against the rules too?”
6.The Republic of BoggoviaLeft-wing Utopia“Bluer Skies Somewhere”
7.The Rebuilt Empire of Socialist State of LAYLeft-wing Utopia“An unjust law is no law at all”
8.The Principality of TyrassuebLeft-wing Utopia“Tempora Mutantur”
9.The Disputed Territories of Territorio di NessunoLeft-wing Utopia“Nobody will be left behind”
10.The Armed Republic of MaottLeft-Leaning College State“Founded in 2003”
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The Lorigian Federation of Lorigia

Asthea wrote:Asthean Fun Fact: Average Astheanians can live up to 91 years old, and oldest person in Asthea is 122 years old

*Looks at Lorigian lifespan* An Average Lorigian can live up to be 78 years old usually some Lorigians outlive the usual lifespan and live to 100 years old

The Empire of The Reunified Confederate States

I am starting up a Small NATO Region that focuses on RP and stuff, such as trade and other things. i will also maybe make a discord server for it. rn i am going to just start up the region. Send me a Telegram if your interested in joining.

The Squaregrad Imperium of Eraver

Look at my lifespan.... Eraverians can live up to 66 years.

The Magisches Königreich of Rynese Empire

Azenyanistan wrote:

The violent storm of water, emotion and spiritual power overwhelmed the Azen Queen but she swam and did her best to remain on course, keeping her eyes only on the crystal, on where Tiara was. She could see it now. Even against the blinding lights, the howling forces, the undying pressure and the shockwaves released, against all that, she swam for Tiara. And when it calmed and when she could, she reached for Tiara.

The storm came once. It returned. But Natalia did not quit. She did not stop. She did not want to fail her lover.

And when it was all done and silent, she reached out with both hands for her dear Tiara. She ignored the death of the colors, the vibrant and happy world that was replaced by singular darkness. All she cared about was Tiara.

Tiara, Tiara, Tiara.

And that was not the voice that she heard. But she recognized it as her own. Natalia could not break now. But her eyes expressed what she couldn't bear to express. Despite that, despite the tears, the Queen shook her head, slapped her hands together and said to herself, firmly as a Queen should, "Tiara, I'm here. Hear me. I am here."

She took the crystal closer to her arms and whispered, "I'm holding you now. You won't drift away. I'll always be here with you..." She then used one free hand to take her own crystal and bring it close to Tiara's crystal. She said, "Now...hush, my dear Tiara, I'm going to sing for you. I'm going to free you. Just be still, okay?"

And slowly, carefully, she activated it, the precious stone glowing gradually as the Azen worked on freeing her while singing,

"...Cold and lonely, you might be now,
Be still and realize I'm here now,
I won't be far at all, "

As she sang, her voice would fill the space of the world, her magic working not only on freeing her from the crystal, from letting her escape but also in changing the world so that the happiness that Natalia felt upon finding and holding Tiara in her arms would be shared. She continued even as her magic was working, her body in peace in the real world while within this one, she was using her mind and soul.

"...My love, my heart is beating now,
The heart which you've saved,
It is beating so strongly and quickly now, "

Natalia then forcefully focused her magic upon the crystal in an attempt to overfill it with her power. She knew, by instinct, by hope, that it might help in freeing Tiara from it. As she did, she sang louder and louder,

"...Be strong for me now,
Be freed from your prison...
Realize and listen to me
Sing my heart out
Listen and realize
As I love you now~"

She started to feel the waters of the world flow away, decreasing in level as she took a deep breath and refocused her magic again on the crystal, singing at her loudest,

"Be strong for me now,
Be freed from your prison...

Realize and listen to me!
As I sing my own heart out
Pouring all my love, my life
All away for you!"

The Azen's crystal was shining so brightly that it was blinding Natalia, forcing her to close her eyes as she embraced the crystal, keeping it close to her breast as she sang,

"As I hold you
I wish you'd hear me
And come out like you should

Forget about the darkness
And remember your very own light

Take back your voice from the chest
That was locked for so long

Realize and listen to me!
As I sing my heart out!
Listen and realize,
That as I hold you,
I'll never let go,
NO, I don't want to let go
Even if I must fade away

Even if you'll love another,
I just want to be with you
For my heart, it is not my own
Because it belongs to you too~!"

She now gasped for breath and fell to her knees in the water, her crystal glowing according to the increasingly rapid beating of her heart. She sang again,

"Realize and listen to me,
Tiara, I love you,
Listen and realize,
That I can't let you go
I can't leave you, no, I can't even live
Without you, I'm nothing!

Realize and listen to me!
Though I'm nobody
And you're suffering
I just want you to know
That if you'll let me love you
You'll always have me with you!"

She stopped suddenly and raised her head and then screamed as she leaned forward, clutching the shard close to her heart as she cried out, "TIARA, COME OUT TO ME! I'M HERE!"

As Natalia sang to her, she was flooded with something that she missed dearly. Warmth. The warmth of being with the person that you love. As Natalia continued to sing, all Tiara could do was cry out in happiness, to be with Natalia once more was a blessing to her. She could feel how the crystal she was kept in began to warp as it was overfilled with energy, eventually reaching the point where it began to crack. And with that satisfying last 7 words, the diamond that kept Tiara locked away from Natalia broke, as Natalia's emotions flooded Tiara. In a flash of light, brightness of which was never seen before, Tiara was released. She opened her eyes, to reveal that everything around them was now just white. Not blindingly white, but white nonetheless. They were completely alone, so Tiara did the first thing that came to her mind. Rush and tackle Natalia into the most loving kiss she has ever given someone. Their bodies seemed to blend into one, as they were once again engulfed in in a bright light. In there, they were as one. As they were meant to be. Finally, One fully awakened Shuto Tiara spoke to Natalia.

"Believe me, that I won't leave you. Ever. I can't believe... that you've gone this far for me. I... don't know what to tell you, other than reassure you that for as long as I live, I will shower you with my pure, unfiltered love. Forever. If you ever feel down, do not be afraid to come to me. I will always be there for you, physically and spiritually. I don't care what happens, I'll follow you, until there is no more road for the both of us to travel on. I'll say this once, and i'll say it again and again until it's permanently on your mind...
I love you, unconditionally."

And it was then that the both of them finally awoke, in the real world. They both pretty much springed up from their resting places... in two different hospital beds. Between them, was Persia, whom was holding both of their hands, connecting them. Persia seemed to be completely concentrated, and incredibly calm. Tiara looked at her eyes, as she slowly opened them.

"...Persia?..." - Tiara's voice was now entirely back to normal, yet she didn't understand what Persia was doing exactly. Persia let go of both Natalia's and Tiara's hands, and just kind of sat alongside Tiara.
"Well, someone had to keep Natalia connected to you so that you woke up, Milady. I thought that it would be a good time to test out if I really am as 'conductive' as you say I am. Cannot say that I am displeased with this outcome. How are you feeling, Tiara? And you, Natalia? Are you okay? It's gotta be your first mind-dive, and the first time I did that I ended up with a headache." - It dawned on Tiara - Natalia probably collapsed as her mind as taken to where Tiara was, and Persia just did what Persia does best - connect people.
"Persia, when we get back home... I promise you i'm taking you to a really, really nice restaurant to make it even." - Tiara smiled, as she found herself happy to be, well, herself again.
"Don't worry about that. Besides, the only thing I ever want to do in my life is take pictures of you racing and love you, so it's not like this hasn't benefited me either. But that's besides the point. Nia has been up and about for a couple of days now, and she's been really worried. You probably need to go talk to her, and Natalia, do you mind to set us up with some rooms? I'm pretty sure that we all have work to do here in Azenyanistan." - Persia looked towards Natalia, smiling as she spoke.
"...A couple of days?... How long have you had us connected?..." - Tiara's smiled turned a little sour.
"Two days and about 8 hours on top of that. Don't worry about that, my Shuto Mode might not be as powerful as yours, but I handled it pretty nicely i'd say." - Persia looked back towards her love interest, never ending that sincere smile that she had.

Tiara was left speechless. Yet, she felt like she had to do something. So, she stood up, disconnected the one thing that was keeping her readings on, and sat down alongside Natalia. She then grabbed Persia by her arm and pulled her towards herself, locking her into a hug. With her free arm, she locked Natalia into a hug too. And with the two people that she loved the most now with her, Tiara let out a relieved sigh, and smiled.

"...There really aren't any other people that I love as much as I love the both of you. Natalia, giving it all up to see me again, and Persia, overworking herself to make it happen. Just who would I be without you two?... Say... Would you two be okay with marrying me? I really don't think that I can put it in any other way."

The Yakuvony of Lotion Empire

Lotion Empire wrote:

Volkov Malinkov, The Vozhd of the Republic comfortably laid back onto his seat, and slowly drank some vodka from a glass cup. He was returning to Yakuvony after the meeting, and he was quite glad in its results, and was certainly glad about the potential benefits. A few hours later, however, and he noticed something strange.
Yakuvony was quite different from the last time he was there, and after looking through the planes window, he noticed the city of Zheledrov, and the massive skyscraper, which he recognized as the Derov. He also noticed something else. He noticed that there was anti aircraft gun fire in the sky, and with it. Slowly, Volkov realized. The city was in a warzone.

He noticed that buildings were destroyed, and a few taller ones were getting targeted by tanks and soldiers. He noticed that a few villages that were near the city were being burned to the ground, and as he saw large smoke rise through the air, he noticed that a few tanks were firing into the Derov. After a few explosions, and Volkov Malinkov watching with horror; The Derov fell, and collapsed into another building. Causing massive piles of dust to fly into the ground level. The Derov for Volkov was a prime example of the successes of his achievements for Yakuvony. With it, He had thought the Derov would source a simple look for pride and such for the republic, and her people. He thought that people would look at the Derov, and see it as how Yakuvony was a modernized state compared to its neighbors. He had thought he succeeded. But with its collapse, he could do nothing but one thing. Watch. Watch as all his progress gets torn to piles of dust. Watch as all the things he was proud of as the Vozhd of the Republic, fall and collapse.

After the collapse of the Derov, he noticed something else. There was a few soldiers on different buildings, and they flew different flags. Multiple of which, he could barely tell the design, due to how the flag was extremely dark, and it was nighttime. But with it, he could thinly distinguish a eagle on it. He did recognize multiple of the flags flown, which was a plain crimson flag. He could see that the soldiers did see each other, but rather then fire at one another, they just ignored each other. Volkov had no idea of what to think of this.. Suddenly, he heard a massive sound. He noticed that from afar, between the burning villages and blown up houses and building, another tall building be fired upon by tanks, and artillery.
As he watched the building fall, he felt his heart drop. "Their going to destroy everything... Everything I worked so hard on, and tried to use to make Yakuvony benefit.. Their going to destroy it.." Volkov murmured to himself.

He looked away from the plane window. He turned to the right, and looked at his adviser, Muratov. Muratov was his brother by blood. From the runaway of his parents, and the murder of a few policemen, Muratov was far from innocent in his dealings, and he was quite the criminal. Despite that, Muratov was particularly known to have a strong knowledge of politics. Which, when Volkov Malinkov needed a new adviser, after his previous adviser had failed him dearly, Muratov was there for him, and helped him in most situations. No matter on how criminal Muratov was; Volkov needed that political knowledge to run his presidency, and win re-election. Muratov looked at Volkov with a grin. Muratov wore an odd sort of clothes then the regular. From wearing a large round fur Papakha, and a somewhat dirty great coat - This sort of clothes was drastically different from what Volkov had worn, which was a plain business suit, and no hat. If a regular civilian had seen this, they'd think Volkov was talking with a thug.

Volkov instinctively spoke, "Hey... Muratov. You know whats going on in Yakuvony as of late?" Muratov grin slowly dropped and he seemed like he was thinking for a moment, before saying "Of course. You see, Muratov's little.... Well, lets just call them informants, have informed Muratov as of late of whats going on. Apparently, a few revolutionaries took control of a city, and, as you can see - They are fighting for control of this one. Additionally, the other army is not yours. Its actually a army controlled by the Tsar. Muratov believes that he's fighting to unite Yakuvony under a absolute Tsardom. Its quite interesting you see, but there is one issue with both of them..." Volkov stood silent for a moment, before saying, "Can you quiet referring to yourself in third person? Its quite annoying whenever I have to speak to you. But anywho, what's the issue?" "Well, they both want you dead." Muratov plainly spoke. After speaking, immediately, Muratov began laughing. "And you know whats the best part? You could've avoided this. Had you completely trusted Muratov. Muratov has told you plenty of times that you should've gotten rid of the Tsar's guards, and reduced his power. But you chose to ignore Muratov, and plainly said whenever Muratov stuck you into a corner, about something about staying in check with that redundant constitution. Well, let Muratov tell you something plainly. That piece of paper is ought get burned in the tras-" Before Muratov finished, Volkov interrupted by saying, "Oh, shut up" Before Muratov began speaking, he had noticed that his brother looked quite angry at him. Rather then avoid punishment, he plainly spoke, "Oh.. Apologies." Volkov then looked away, and stared down. He was now screwed, and there was no turning back. For all his sins - For all his punishments, and cruelties - He was going to die to some communist scum, or an tsarist dog. He'd wanted to die in his native city - Groska, but that city was far from where his pilot was going to land.

He slouched, and looked down. His previously finely combed hair was now in shambles, and his previous colorful face was pale. The world was against him, and he had no chance of living now. All because he decided to become leader of a nation. Muratov didn't help this feeling, and decided to head into the storage area to grab some alcohol. Suddenly, Volkov had felt an odd feeling. The plane seemed to be falling a little bit faster then normal, and shaking. He looked out the window, and noticed that the wings of the planes were destroyed, and shot off. The plane was now falling. And it was going to crash.

Within a flash of a moment, Malinkov blacked out for a moment. A few moments later, he had woke up with himself looking up towards the ceiling. Towards his right, he could feel a large painful feeling towards it. Upon struggling to look at what was going on with his right hand, he had noticed a piece of glass had stabbed a piece of his hand. Blood was slowly pouring, and he needed to get out of the plane, immediately. As Malinkov struggled to get to his feet, he continued to head forward, until he had reached where the side door was. With his left and abit of his right arm, he struggled to move the wheel, that was locking the door. Until finally, he succeeded, and he saw a massive bunch of snow beginning to fall onto the floor. Additionally, he saw a light near him. He presumed it to be a fire caused by the plane, and began walking out from the hard floor of the plane, to a cold, but soft snow floor. As he walked forward, he noticed a small light from afar. He attempted to walk forward, and forward, but to no avail, as the light slowly became smaller, and smaller. He soon fell onto the floor, exhausted. However, with all his strength he yelled for help. He fell onto the floor, and felt the cold snow freezing his body, and face. He was going to die here. He was going to die by frostbite, and no one would know. Suddenly, he felt a warm hand touch his back, and he suddenly was brought to his feet. He saw that the light was none other then a military convoy for the Republic. He saw Kireyev. His most trusted general be on horse. The soldiers looked grumpy, but they didn't mind seeing the Vozhd.

Within a moment, Kireyev spoke in a thick accent, "Privyet. You look like you seen hell. No matter. I'm glad to see you my Vozhd. But there is an issue." The Vozhd looked at Kireyev . With what was left of his strength, he said, "What is it?" Kireyev said, "I'm sorry Volkov.." Kireyev pulled out his pistol. "But I have to save Yakuvony." Within a moment not too soon, there was a bang. The Vozhd was now on the floor.

Volkov Malinkov was now dead.

Arseny, a town that had seen decades of bombardments and war. A town that had been specifically targeted, like many others, during the so-called "Reign of Terror", which caused the population of the town to suddenly be on the decrease, and its banks and farms were destroyed and whatever was left was taken by the Nationalists for their personal projects or to help what they considered the "Example of Yakuvonians". Despite many attempts to rebuild after the nationalist state had fallen and been taken over by the republic, the town still remained a backwater, and many Yakuvonians refer to it as an example of a failure of the destroyed Yakuvonian state. However, despite so, the town seemed to be under peace, despite the revolutionary climate around it. However, like many other times in this Revolution... This was about to change.

Prior to Malinkov's death, the town had remained loyal to the republic government. After all, to them, they had the most chance to win the revolution compared to the so-called, "Dirty Communists" or the so-called "Tsarist dogs". As well as that, the republic was still loved by many Yakuvonians in the town, and they believed that the Republic would some day repair their town and have it be properly fixed. However... With Volkov Malinkov's death. The one bullet that killed him.. Might've as well killed the republic. To many Yakuvonians who were still loyal to the republic, they had believed that the only thing that was keeping the republic together.... Was the Vozhd himself. Malinkov. And unfortunately for the republic.

They were right.

With the news of Volkov Malinkov's death by the barrel of his general's gun, most workers and Yakuvonians despised the new militarist republic. In an ironic sort of sense, many people outright attempted to join or support the Tsardom or the Communists who they thought were just disgusting tumors of the republic, who were going to be killed off soon by the Republic.

Izmaylov, a political candidate in the 2015 elections, sat in his recliner, and looked to the news to stay up to date. To him, the republic system was something that was a prize of Yakuvony that needed to stay. However,upon the news the death of Malinkov, and the republic system getting abolished in favor for the military dictatorship, he knew that it was time to unveil the flags, and attempt to bring down the republic. He quickly stood up, grabbed a rifle and his flag, and left his house...
For the last time.

He ran towards the town center. The town itself was somewhat packed but not too loud during this time; And to Izymaylov, that was the perfect time. The town was already discomforted with the news of Volkov Malinkov. But he knew, if he just spread the news of the military dictatorship, the already pushed town will push towards rebellion. He began running past houses that were full of holes which were caused by artillery fire, or houses that had some form of damage in them. He ignored the many looks he had gotten from his large crimson flag and rifle. The small travel to the town center was already becoming treacherous enough for Izymaylov though. The snow that was filing down was utterly cold, and he barely wore any proper winter clothing aside from his fur coat.

But finally, within a few treacherous moments, he had finally done it. He had reached the town center. He brought his flag high in the air and yelled;
"The people of this town! I wish for your attention!"
Within a few moments, few of the townies looked at him, and many others just ignored him. Annoyed, he fired a shot in the air,which caused a bunch of people to now look at him. He spoke once again,
"I have news regarding our loyalty to the so called, honorable republic we have been living in. To us, this republic has been a symbol of our lives, and freedom from the dictatorship. However, if any of you had noticed, we have placed a mistake in our loyalty. The republic is now a dictatorship under the damn generals of the army! And for the past few.. 50+ years, we have been disregarded by the republic in all our years. The Republic we live in does not care for us. They only see us as an asset. We must rebel! Against the dictatorship. Against the republic who believes that all the people living here are just assets. We must return Yakuvony's glory! We must protect the people, and create a proper republic. For, that is what Yakuvony's true destiny is."

The people, who followed with what he said, yelled their support for Izmaylov. They rallied to his side, and marched the streets, up until they reach the city center, which the already exhausted Royal Guard gladly joined Izymaylov's forces. Few even mutinied against their captain who surrendered on the spot. Within a few moments, the red flag with the words - "Democracy - Food - Water" in Yakuvoniak Cyrillic, waved from the city center.

The Republic was failing.
"You sure this trash works?"
Said a private Commune soldier, as he looked at an old truck with a machine gun in the back of it.
"Sure. I mean, the alternative to this, is a cart with horses moving it. I think I have one the back, if you nee-"
Said another soldier, as he cleaning the oil off his hands.
"On second thought.. I think I'll take this."
"Thought so."
The soldiers then looked at the truck for a moment, before looking back to each other. The soldier who was cleaning their hands looked towards the private soldier and said,
"Remind me again boy.. What's your name?"
"Chugunov... Named after a popular writer in my town." Chugunov had said after the other soldier had a confused look.
"I see. Well.. Chugunov, my name is Uglov. I'll be the person that'll be riding this truck. You'll be the person handling the machine gun."
"Oh boy... Well, Why though? I thought we were using this for defense."
"Defense?" Uglov laughed. "No, that's a lie by the higher ups to misguide spies. We're here to steal some weapons from the Tsardom. Hopefully, with this, it'll force them to sign that damn treaty we've been wanting them to sign."
"Treaty? Uglov, what treaty?"
"Non aggression treaty. Where, we'd both be focusing our attacks on the republic. We wouldn't be able to attack each other then. And once the republic is fully occupied, we'd both now would be able to attack each other."
Chugunov nodded for a moment, and said, "Well.. I see. I'll head into the back."
Uglov nodded. "Be prepared. Because it's going to be a bumpy ride. Plus, we'll be walking into enemy territory, so, I'd hope we have enough ammunition for this."
Chugunov replied "No worries. Lets get started now."

Within a few moments of preparing themselves, the truck's engine had started. Their machine gun was loaded, and they were ready to attack now. The engine had started, and now they were ready for a ride of a lifetime.
The ride was bumpy, especially for Chugunov, who had to experience a few moments of his head, arm, and machine gun bob up and down. Within a few moments however, they'd finally entered the area they'd need to focus onto; Tsardom occupied territory.
Within a few moments, Chugunov could notice from afar a small truck approaching with a few soldiers in it. As Chugunov held the grip, he looked at the machine gun, and the truck. He hesitated for a moment. But still pulled the trigger.
Within a few moments, the machine gun had began firing straight into the small truck that was approaching. The clearly cheaply made truck clearly took a massive amount of damage from the machine gun. But within a few moments, the driver was shot dead, and the truck slowed down. Chugunov held his breath for a moment.

The next encounter was coming soon.

Fun fact; When I wrote - "...a small truck approaching with a few soldiers in it."
It had originally said, "...a small truck approaching with a few trucks in it."
Just goes to show y'all. I need sleep.

The Destroyer God of Zazumo

The Northern Light wrote:Selling the card of The North Pacific: page=deck/card=93039/season=1

Who knew our region had its own card!

Nice, I'll snag it if nobody else will. :P

The Lorigian Federation of Lorigia

Anyways I am going to bed my phone is at 6 percent now

The Destroyer God of Zazumo

Lorigia wrote:Anyways I am going to bed my phone is at 6 percent now


The Commonwealth of Neo Eurasian Commonwealth

Zazumo wrote:Nice, I'll snag it if nobody else will. :P

*spots Zazumo*

no police allowed

*grabs mattock handle*

The Free Land of BearStackof2015
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