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Welcome to The Republic of Europeia, a beautiful tropical archipelago founded on March 6th, 2007.
A beautiful tropical archipelago where all nations, regardless of size or government type, have a place among friends!

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President: Calvin Coolidge
Vice President: Istillian

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Regional Power: Extremely High

Europeia contains 850 nations, the 30th most in the world.

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The Largest Furniture Restoration Industry in Europeia

World Census analysts spend quiet weekends in the countryside in order to determine which nations have the largest Furniture Restoration industries.

As a region, Europeia is ranked 9,664th in the world for Largest Furniture Restoration Industry.

1.The Dictatorship of PeplesaniaPsychotic Dictatorship“Strengh by Obedience”
2.The Crony Republic of GenistanFather Knows Best State“Yeah, more like 5 A.M.”
3.The Corporation of WilbertPsychotic Dictatorship“Founded 2007”
4.The Inestimably Holy Empire of GooblariaCapitalizt“If it ain't broke, you ain't tryin' hard enough.”
5.The Moderated Nation of Heck LandCorporate Police State“I will not flamebait other players using my motto and custom fields”
6.The Lethadone Clinic of DrecqLeft-Leaning College State“Nihil Sine Justitia”
7.The Democratic Republic of Utopian EarthInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Expand the mind”
8.The Sopo Sloth Kingdom of AmbrellaLeft-Leaning College State“Live for Profit, Die for Profit”
9.The Republic of ArmsgradIron Fist Socialists“Those who shop together, stay together.”
10.The I quitted this nation of ConaisiaLeft-Leaning College State“Being serious all the time is CANCER!!!”
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The Vice Delegate of Le Libertia

Have you ever answered an issue where no stats or results occur? Because I just did!

The Greater Tibet of Sinograd

Le Libertia wrote:Have you ever answered an issue where no stats or results occur? Because I just did!

How is that possible? lol

The Vice Delegate of Le Libertia

Sinograd wrote:How is that possible? lol

I have answered that issue multiple times before, and I guess that answering it the exact same way again means that it won't cause any changes to my nation.

The Ranskal Speaking Empire of Lorscinia

sorry if a lot of what I say it's misinterpreted. it's my fault, i do not really know how to communicate and express what I really think. That and my social isolationism began since I moved from Mexico to the USA, because even when we were told we were going to do that, I did not like it... but we did it anyways. all of the friends that I have are because they were the ones who approached me, people that I met through the ENL (ESL) program, and those who were friends of my friends. I lost my friends of mexico, I have not talked to them in years, and I do not feel comfortable beginning to talk to them after all that time. I am sad about loosing my life, and that destroyed me emotionally. I now live a happy life, but I always get sad whenever I remember the fact that this is not the life I cherished as a kid, I sometimes wish I could go back and live as my little ol' me, to go back and make everything of each day. I am crying as I write this jesus.

before I used to talk to people, stay up late with my friends out. my mom had to go out and tell me to get back inside. everyday talking to my friends in lunch, waiting for my brother to pick me up from school. I hated reading, it was my bane. I loved talking in the middle of the class, make jokes, and try to help the new kids. I was maybe a little too forward. I was always happy. Not a day in which i had to say "my life sucks.". I played hide and seek, tag, soccer, dodgeball. I loved playing in the school too. I could run my mouth for ages,

then I came here. I did not feel confident with my english. I was worried people were gonna think I was weird. I did not like to go out. I did not like to talk. I was silent in class, I did not like being the center of attention. I loved to read, I was the new kid. I felt uncomfortable, or maybe even scared in a world unknown to mine. the first weeks I cried myself into sleep (i was 12 atm), I missed my family. It began to be difficult to contact my friends from mexico. I hate sports and physical activities.

right now, I have grown up. I use glasses because my eyesight sucks. I let my hair long, and some people confuse me with a woman, huh. I feel uncomfortable around people if there is not someone I know around, I feel vulnerable. I have anxiety, addicted to coffee, and books. I like to sleep huddled against the corner with the door half opened. I stopped liking my once favorite amusement park. I began eating even more than before. I love being in bed. Silence makes me feel anxious, darkness makes me feel anxious, solitude makes me feel anxious.

I wish I could be the me from before, in my life of now. I wish I could have passed more time with my friends, with the people I most probably will not see ever again in my life. The people I thought would always be a part of my life. It's been 4 years. and I feel that in the future, when I go to visit Tijuana. The Tijuana I will see will be a city strange to me, not the city I was born and raised in, the city where my life was, but a city that will only bring out the fact that my life is gone, and that I will never have it back, and that if I want to keep living I have to move on, and focus in the life I have right now, but that only makes it more painful.

- sorry for the rant. I felt like I wanted to take it off my system, and now that I have written all that, erasing it will just make me bang my had against the wall. Good night.

The High Tech Society of Penlopa

Le Libertia wrote:Have you ever answered an issue where no stats or results occur? Because I just did!

I have

The United Socialist States of Heskurik


The Republic of And Spaces

How the heck did Condemn the Communist Bloc go to vote? It says nothing.

The High Tech Society of Penlopa

And Spaces wrote:How the heck did Condemn the Communist Bloc go to vote? It says nothing.

I donít even know lol

The Ranskal Speaking Empire of Lorscinia

Alfafar wrote:The issue is that, Felipe VI doesn't necessarily need to apologise for what his ancestors did during the colonisation of America (and a reminder that up to the 18th Century it was the Spanish Habsburgs who colonised Modern day Mexico not the Bourbon). And borrowing the average Spanish alt right, there is no massive genocide denying (contrary to countries like Turkey where nearly everybody does not admit to what their country did during the 20th Century).

Did Spain commit some questionable acts during the colonisation of the Americas? Yea, it happened, but on a serious note. WHY should the modern rulers of Spain apologise for something they didn't have control over and didn't even exist at that time. The average Spaniard recognises the acts that the Spanish did during the colonisation of America. And I also strongly believe that we cannot put our modern views into the views of those in the past. Back in the day, would the average Castilian or Aragonese be like ''What a tragedy that our great Empire killed a sh*t ton of people in Nueva Granada!''. Very likely it would be more like: ''Our great empire is showing its strength against those ''UNCIVILIZED'' and ''UNCULTURED'' and ''INFERIOR'' peoples. Viva EspaŮa!''. And yes, it truly is a shame that during these times accidentally (or maybe not who knows) the Spanish destroyed languages and cultures. But again, what are we supposed to do if we've already acknowledged it happened (which most Spaniards do).

Colonisation was bad, yea. Or well, it sometimes could bring profit but it was MOSTLY bad. Altho If Spain didn't come, a lot of things that shape Modern Mexico would be gone, probably the biggest one, the language. Because I heavily doubt anybody in Mexico speaks Mayan, or Aztec. And well, obviously Mexico isn't just ''Spain did funny things here GNAFDHGNBAFHGJ'', in fact not even close.

about the last line: I would not be talking aztec... because there is no language called aztec. Aztec people, or Mexica, talked Nahuatl (or Nahua in english).

The United Socialist States of New Peoples Empire

And Spaces wrote:How the heck did Condemn the Communist Bloc go to vote? It says nothing.

The vote, and the resolution itself, appear to be fueled by OOC political beliefs.

Or, based on the vote of the Communist Blocís own delegate, itís a giant troll op.

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