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Founder: The Anti-Francoist Fiefdom of King HEM

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Most World Assembly Endorsements: 3rd Most Influential: 13th Most Nations: 14th+4
Most Cultured: 1,849th Largest Black Market: 2,132nd Most Inclusive: 2,204th Most Beautiful Environments: 2,293rd
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Welcome to The Republic of Europeia, a beautiful tropical archipelago founded on March 6th, 2007.
A beautiful tropical archipelago where all nations, regardless of size or government type, have a place among friends!

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High Executive Government

Chief of State: Kuramia (Foreign Affairs)
First Minister: Decacon (Domestic Affairs)

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Do your duty! Please be sure you have endorsed our World Assembly Delegate Aexnidaral!

EndoCap: 230

Embassies: The North Pacific, The Land of Kings and Emperors, Balder, the West Pacific, World Assembly Legislative League, The East Pacific, and St Abbaddon.

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Regional Power: Extremely High

Europeia contains 922 nations, the 14th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Eco-Friendly Governments in Europeia

The following governments spend the greatest amounts on environmental issues. This may not always be reflected in the quality of that nation's environment.

As a region, Europeia is ranked 2,714th in the world for Most Eco-Friendly Governments.

1.The Parthenos Aurum of AthenalionLeft-Leaning College State“Sapientiae Est Suprema.”
2.The Empire of BeriwenDemocratic Socialists“Unity gives Strength”
3.The Egalitarian Republic of FrasulyDemocratic Socialists“Nothing but us”
4.The Kindred Insulatorum of MurdenLeft-wing Utopia“Unitatem per Diversitatem”
5.The Unified Provinces of Greater AmerigoDemocratic Socialists“Progressively Searching for the Future”
6.The Artificial Intelligence of ArqhuaScandinavian Liberal Paradise“{run.script=NationalMotto}”
7.The Republic of SybarilLeft-wing Utopia“All that glitters is gold!”
8.The 👀👀 of SpudlandiaCivil Rights Lovefest“Veni, Vidi, Spud”
9.The Spiritual Community of NormanJacksonIron Fist Consumerists“Pray and feel the love”
10.The Democratic Republic of AshieLiberal Democratic Socialists“May the ideals of peace and knowledge illuminate world.”
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Europeia Regional Message Board


The United States of The Columbia-Republic

Europeia Dispatch Office wrote:Europeian Broadcasting Corporation

Please approve (upvote) the dispatch version of this press release. Thank you in advance!


Contact Information (Discord): Louis#2642

(Europeia, 23rd March 2019) - Europeia's First First Minister & Senate Elections

By Vinage Vinage, Minister of Communications

With the reform measures made, the first elections ran we are now a few weeks into the new structure of the executive split. The First, First Minister elected was Rand with GraVandius as his Deputy and Chief of State remains as Kuramia. All previous Ministers were re-confirmed by the Senate soon after for either the domestic branch or the inter-regional branch.

Updating us on their areas, and how they have found the split, we have Rand and Kuramia with us:

How have you found the changes so far to the region after the Executive Split?

Rand - So far, everything is going very well. The Senate is working out the legal kinks, and Chief Kuramia and I are working closely to bring about yet another successful term.

Kuramia - I love the changes! It's refreshing to focus on an important part of our region that's often overlooked simply because so much can happen week to week inside Europeia. NSGP can have weeks of silence and then be non-stop activity it's wise to keep an eye on day to day for a solid month. I can observe and comment on events going on in NSGP and offer out a friendly hello as well. I know my counterpart has things handled on his end, so I can just let him handle it and offer help where I can. We communicate well with each other, and we keep our eyes peeled for anything going on so we know what's up and how to respond to situations that arise externally and internally.

What is in store for the next few weeks in Europeia for your respective area?

Rand - First, my government is excited to announce that Culture, under the leadership of Minister Lloenflys, will be holding the ovation ceremony for Aexnidaral next week, from March 28 to 31. More behind the scenes, Minister of Employment HEM is working with our executive leadership to prepare for the rollout of our new civil service system, EuroWorks, so we're looking forward to that program being a success. And of course in all areas of government, our teams are hard at work to keep Euro running.

Kuramia - Well I think we have a lot in store with Common-Sense Politics taking the role of Grand Admiral on after Writinglegend stepped back to take an extended loa after five years of continual service to Europeia. We are also working to see if we can get a festival up and running with an ally, and finally Foreign Affairs Councillor Sopo has some big plans on how to move our FA Council forward into the modern age of NS.

Senate Elections

With elections being held now, the newest Senate for Europeia is due to be fully announced in the next 24 hours. Only 3 Senators sought re-election making this, likely, to be a new look senate to fill the vacant 5 seats. If you wish to stand for Senate and serve Europeia next time. Come join us on the forums and either exercising your democratic right - or join one of the consistently active User Created Regions even.

You can apply here:

Saying Goodbye to WritingLegend

Across Europeia, many have expressed their sadness and well wishes to WritingLegend - a long term member to Europeia who has given the region his love for a great number of years.

You may have come across him from his time as President, or Grand Admiral or any other number of jobs he has done, but due to life's commitments he is taking a step back from Nationstates as a whole. I am sure, with us, you'd like to join giving him a round of applause and wish him well in the future. Thank you, WritingLegend, for your service.


If have any questions about Europeia - please do reach out to me Vinage and I shall assist.

Thank You


More news from the Europeian Broadcasting Corporation available here:

Voting Day will be my very first day to vote as an Europeian Citizen!

The Dictatorship of Caleban

Polgaria wrote:Good evening


Post self-deleted by Callinean.

The Dictatorship of Caleban

Callinean wrote:please

how edgy is my nation now from 0 to 10 ;_;


Dont concern yourself on how weird your nation is, your nation can be as weird as you want. Other people's opinion should not change how you run your country, just clam down. I think its fine anyways.

The Oddly Named Nation of Le Libertia

Callinean wrote:please

how edgy is my nation now from 0 to 10 ;_;


Well, you can see how average you are, which they calculate. If you have a low rating, than you're good!

The Democratic Republic of Indonesian Peoples

Caleban wrote:I will tell you if you stop DOUBLE-POSTING in this RMB

Aw come on Caleban give him some slack, hes still new!

Khsalaakin Gol wrote:Can anyone tell me how to make a puppet state please??

Well just make a nation like yours but DONT JOIN THE WORLD ASSEMBLY! Its againstthe rules. Other than that youre free to do anything with your puppet nation such as;

-Join other regions.

-get trolled and deported (actualy pls dont :/ )

-well umm idk what else but remember DONT JOIN THE WA

I respectedly dont use puppets since its hard to organize

The Dictatorship of Caleban

Indonesian Peoples wrote:Aw come on Caleban give him some slack, hes still new!

He already did it multiple times, and i even linked him the dispatch for the RMB rules and expectations here, him doing after is getting a bit annoying.

The Democratic Republic of Indonesian Peoples

Caleban wrote:He already did it multiple times, and i even linked him the dispatch for the RMB rules and expectations here, him doing after is getting a bit annoying.


i got this...

Edit: I just TG him (TG=telegram)

The Seaside Republic of Primorye Oblast

Caleban wrote:He already did it multiple times, and i even linked him the dispatch for the RMB rules and expectations here, him doing after is getting a bit annoying.

Caleban, if you feel that someone is double-posting too much, please inform someone on the discord server to look into it: someone with moderation power over the RMB, like Lethen, Drecq, HEM, Rand, Aex, Kuramia, or Pierce.

Please do not berate people in the RMB about double-posting.

The Crystal leth dealing cabal of Lethen

Oh, look, here I am. I've attached our RMB Rules & Regulations dispatch below, but some friendly reminders:

- Please don't double-,triple-, etc. post. You can edit your posts so there really aren't any excuses;
- Please try to add substantive input when you post here. Things like "..." and "...?" aren't really of any sort of quality and don't add to the discussion;
- Please remember that we prefer our RMB convos are in English so as to not exclude the majority of our players here.
- Please read the dispatch attached for *all of our rules* that I didn't list above.


Welcome to Europeia! Below are the rules and expectations for all nations contributing to the Regional Message Board! If you have any questions or concerns about these, contact any of the below nations, who are all recognized "Enforcers" of the rules:

King HEM


No excessive profanity, no offensive or obscene material (images, mottos, external links, etc.)
No double-posting (unless you are participating in an AMA, answering a direct question, or responding to a new post that has been made while you were typing your previous post)
No regional advertising
No national role-playing in the RMB (National RP can be done on our forum:
All posts must be full sentences and written in some recognized variation of English.
All posts must be worth the real estate they are on. That is to say, posts can be viewed by ALL nations ALL over Nationstates. If a post is not adding value to the discussion, or RMB, it will be removed. The RMB is meant to be a place for discussions, not excessive nation-specific announcements or small asides.

Enforcement Mechanisms

If you break expectations, there will be educational sanctions. Our hope is that these sanctions will allow you to learn the expectations.

(1) Post suppression. This means your post is removed from the RMB. You will receive a telegram explaining the removal.
(2) RMB Ban. If you continue to break expectations, you will be sent a telegram from one of the above Enforcers, officially banning you from the RMB. This ban will remain in effect until you write a short telegram to the nation who banned you, explaining the rule you violated, and explaining how you will avoid such behavior moving forward. (roughly 300 words)
(3) Temporary ejection. If you have still been breaking expectations, your nation will be ejected (but not banned) from the region.
(4) Regional ban. You will be banned from Europeia until you telegram King HEM a gameplan for how you will meet expectations going forward. (roughly 400 words)
(5) Permanent Ban.

Regional officers reserve the right to skip steps in this enforcement framework in extraordinary circumstances.

Read dispatch

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