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    Welcome to Europe

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    Home Office | Interregional Tri-Contest 2022

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Europe contains 1,265 nations, the 19th most in the world.

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The Highest Wealthy Incomes in Europe

The World Census studied the spending power of the richest 10% of citizens in each nation.

As a region, Europe is ranked 5,086th in the world for Highest Wealthy Incomes.

1.The Theocracy of God Fearing DevotedCorporate Police State“God protects the righteous”
2.The Free Buffet of Nukls-AndwiczCorporate Police State“When you meet a stranger, kill him.”
3.The Nekota Dynasty of FigyjharliAnarchy“Consider me inactive cause I don't use NS much anymore.”
4.The Holy Atheist State of Lodhs beardCapitalist Paradise“Each Citizen’s duty is primarily to the state”
5.The 𝔐ᴀʀɪᴛɪᴍᴇ 𝔐ᴇʀᴄʜᴀɴᴛ 𝔊ᴜɪʟᴅs of Hanseatic LeagueAnarchy“It is necessary to sail the seas; unnecessary to live.”
6.The Nomadic Peoples of Forgotton WarriorsCorporate Police State“Warriors may be forgotten, but not Forgotton.”
7.The Royaume du Nettoyage of PurgatioCompulsory Consumerist State“La Solution Finale Pour Une Société Sans Faille!”
8.The 🅕🅡🅔🅔 🄻🄰🄽🄳 of MeropisAnarchy“Absolutely Fabulous”
9.The Confederacy of The Griffin RepublicCorporate Police State“With God's vengeance, we prosper.”
10.The Incorporated States of AutarkheiaIron Fist Consumerists“Unity, Work, Nation”
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Regional Poll • Motion to Elect, 26 May 2022

The Constitutional Monarchy of Regnum Italiae wrote:[528*10=53] The European Parliament moves to elect the candidate receiving the most votes, of the following candidates, as Second Deputy Commissioner.

Voting opened 2 days ago and will close . Open to WA member, native residents. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

Last poll: “Motion, The Free Nations Region embassy”

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The Haugen Matriarchy of St Scarlett

Vallony wrote:We should abandon you. Europe isn't our responsibility. Why should we defend you? Countries in Europe don't even pay the required amount by NATO law! Do we want a third world war? Your countries have their own militaries. Use them.Britain didn't ban slavery until 1833. Brazil didn't abandon slavery until 1888. China still has it. Thailand still has it in some regions. Africa is rife with it. Your point? At least our founding fathers provided a way for us to get rid of it and abolished the importation of slaves in 1807. At least we fought a civil war to end it for good. People died to set that record straight. We lost more people in the civil war then YOUR continents' two world wars. Apparently Europe can't take care of itself. Remember, You must look at people back in history through the lenses of that time. We can't compare people of the past to the standards of today. In that case, everyone in the past was evil and regressive.
That's literally what they descend from. That's history plain and simple. Learn it.

The US shouldn't abandon Europe and Europe shouldn't abandon the US. NATO, the UN, Nuclear Deterrents, these are the reasons we haven't had another World War and they're also the reason we should all remain by each others sides and not fighting pointless wars or going all isolationist. We will have another world war if these things break down.

Also the Civil War is a pretty clear sign of the problems with the US. The US had to fight a war to get rid of something that is very obviously wrong? That's not a good thing, the US was one of the last countries in the west to abolish it and only after the country literally tore itself in half and paid off all the slave owners was it finally done away with.

None of this changes the fact that your founding fathers supported slavery (the point you were apparently trying to refute), so this whataboutism is meaningless.

The Constitutional Monarchy of Libertandonien

Galway-Dublin wrote:going undercover. the psychologist on twitter who said that sissy hypnotism porn is responsible for people being transgender. the greatest target of the 21st century. a hero of myth and legend. i must infiltrate his headquarters. his castle. his domain. i must disguise myself as a well-meaning parent concerned about rapid onset gender dysphoria, who just discovered a whole new batch of sissy hypno pornography for this expert analyst to investigate. i must act with caution, knowing this is the most dangerous mission of my professional life. but the potential for funny ha ha moments stands without compare.

good luck o7

The New Nordic Union wrote:Kissinger is still alive though?
Here I was, expecting good news only to be disappointed.

on my wedding: 👕 🩳
the day when George Bush and Kissinger die: 🤵

The Zelenskyy Bro of Kanokla

Laver Island wrote:4 parties? 🗿
Try having 17 (The Fareose and Greenlandic parties included)

Democracy: GOTY version with all DLC packs included.

Laver Island wrote:Touch grass

What an underrated pejorative.

The New Nordic Union wrote:Kissinger is still alive though?
Here I was, expecting good news only to be disappointed.

Same. I have never been more bamboozled in my life. 🤡

Regnum Italiae wrote:I heavily disagree with this 'America just helped' revisionism. It's a matter of fact that the US helped UK whithstand Nazi attacks and repel them from Africa and liberated France, the Benelux and Italy. Plus, it was Stalin who pushed the Allies to open up a second and then a third front in Europe. The US was as fundamental as the USSR in defeating nazi-fascism in Europe. And, don't forget two things. First, Stalin was allied with Hitler. Two, Soviet regime was a crappy dictatorship.

The Køngæsríkí of Laver Island

Kanokla wrote:Democracy: GOTY version with all DLC packs included.

Now tis quality post

The Federal Republic of Gotho

Has someone watched American Psycho? How is it?

The Haugen Matriarchy of St Scarlett

Gotho wrote:Has someone watched American Psycho? How is it?

It's alright, a bit confusing though.

The Zelenskyy Bro of Kanokla

Laver Island wrote:Now tis quality post

The Farewell of Ramonasche

Americans: “China and Russia are terrible countries, we must defeat them!”
Also Americans: “We should abandon Europe, this is a waste of my taxpayer money!!11”

Tbh I think Americans have no idea how bad it would be for the US to leave NATO.
I personally think that at this point, a European army needs to be built. The US has shown itself as a more and more unreliable partner, and I think that Europe can no longer just rely on the hope that the US will help in a conflict.

The Køngæsríkí of Laver Island

Kanokla wrote:


The Constitutional Monarchy of Libertandonien

Gotho wrote:Has someone watched American Psycho? How is it?

I did and it was groovy

St Scarlett wrote:It's alright, a bit confusing though.

Very nice

now lets see Paul Allens review

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