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You step off the plane, and a warm breeze hits you in the face. Around you, excited travelers and locals blend into a colorful background of palm trees and crystalline blue water. As you take in the scenery, you realize...

You have arrived in the beautiful Conch Kingdom!

Begin to explore by checking out our RMB below, then take a leisurely tour of our Discord server, where much of our activity takes place. New players should read the Getting Started page, which includes a short and helpful FAQ.

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Founded February 23, 2016. Do NOT use this region as puppet storage. Store them here.

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    Conch Kingdom Ruleset

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    Information Center [CK]

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    Order of Merit and Order of Recruitment Registery [CK]

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    Foreign Affairs Policy and Records [CK]

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    Augustin Alliance

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    Land's End Company Stock Exchange

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    WA Registry [CK]

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    Regional Discord Server Directory

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    Regions Ranked by Delegate Voting Power

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Embassies: Augustin Alliance, Dawn, Narnia, Ridgefield, Lands End, Cape of Good Hope, Anteria, Karma, Spiritus, The Union of Democratic States, the South Pacific, European Union, Caer Sidi, Forest, The Kingdom of Great Britain, Niamark, and 11 others.Conch Kingdom RP, The Free Nations Region, Philippines, URA, South Pacific, St Abbaddon, Dreams of Good Hope, the West Pacific, Liberal Democratic Union, The Brotherhood of Malice, and Hometown.

The embassy with St Abbaddon is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

Tags: Democratic, Featured, Free Trade, Game Player, Gargantuan, Independent, Libertarian, Offsite Chat, Regional Government, and Role Player.

Regional Power: Extremely High

Conch Kingdom contains 684 nations, the 30th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Greatest Rich-Poor Divides in Conch Kingdom

Nations ranked highly have large gaps between the incomes of rich and poor citizens. Nations low on the list have high levels of income equality.

As a region, Conch Kingdom is ranked 6,784th in the world for Greatest Rich-Poor Divides.

1.The Unitary State of CountrylandistanCompulsory Consumerist State“CONSUME”
2.The Free Land of Corporatised EnglandCapitalizt“Liberty above Quality of Life”
3.The Free Land of AnacorAnarchy“Freedom for all”
4.The Armed Republic of Snazzy ShapiroCompulsory Consumerist State“ Facts don't care about your feelings”
5.The Republic of DominicanRepublicAnarchy“Twirling Toward Freedom”
6.The Oppressed Peoples of Jimmery CrikAnarchy“We know a thing or 2, because we've seen a thing or 2”
7.The Empire of NaticAnarchy“You Can't Stop Progress”
8.The Empire of German-Bang-AustroCompulsory Consumerist State“Justice, Piety, Loyalty”
9.The Matriarchy of GerberzCapitalizt“IM getting BoREd”
10.The Free Land of CapitalismsAnarchy“MONEY”
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Conch Kingdom Regional Message Board


The Nomadic Peoples of Clash Royale Titans

Hey everybody, I hate to inform you but the person known as the Free National Turku tribes of Finland has recently been very rude to me in the telegrams. Personally, I think actions should be taken because of his petty actions.

The Queendom of Yummasia

Clash Royale Titans wrote:Hey everybody, I hate to inform you but the person known as the Free National Turku tribes of Finland has recently been very rude to me in the telegrams. Personally, I think actions should be taken because of his petty actions.

You're not the only one who thinks FNTToF is kinda rude

The Unitary Republic of Celestial Flames

lately, I made a bad policy for my nation...
the black market is on the rise. the taxes that I'm trying to lower are rising again. the index of political freedom has declined again. The Compassion, Safety, and Niceness indexes fell sharply. I should be more careful in choosing policies and not just click without thinking...

The Tsara Imperium of Rei Khan

*throws pie and runs away*

The Commune of Wallowis

Update to civilisation classing system: due to a bug where lower economies result in higher classes, it is now (Average Industries divided by 100-economy) because that way it rewards higher economic scores. Now, Wallowis is a class 12 civilisation! Hurray! Base is 10 though, so Free-Reorganised States with his 100.15 will not be a -2000 class nation...I still have work to do, don't i?

Actually, screw it some nations have big economies, 115! 115-Economy. Now I'm Class 10. Same unfortunately applies for Scientific Advancement. How do I fix that, oh god...

The Absolute Monarchic Theocracy of Empire of Blockworld

I justscrewed my nation over by trying to stop corruption.

The Free Socialist Federation of Timiskrane

Wallowis wrote:
Defense Forces divided by scientific Advancement, plus average of all industry, divided by 100-economy, plus government size, divided by 4.

D= Defense Forces

S = Scientific Advancement

Industry Average = I

E = Economy

G = Government Size


With this, Wallowis is currently a Class 8 civilisation, with 8.8
Population not included because its a ridiculous NS stats that changes by 5 every day. Don't round up, round downl Even if you are class 99.9, you are still Class 99.

Read factbook


Thanks. I've trying to figure out if I can code a calculator for it. So far I have code that can retreive the NS stats from the API so it's a good start.

The Humble-Merchants of Free-Reorganized-States

Galliadurm wrote:I may have too, it's rare for me to have an issue who involves nuclear power. The one I got though would've lead to us ruining our environment. Unless I understood the results on that other site poorly. Meh.

Unfortunately nuclear isn't considered clean energy in nationstates, though it's way better than coal.

The Kingdom of Ellbella

pee pee

The Kingdom of Wollo

Empire of Blockworld wrote:I justscrewed my nation over by trying to stop corruption.

That is just reality. Corruption can destroy a nation, but trying to get rid of it might cause withdrawal symptoms that are just a distributive but are immediate.

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