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Welcome one and all to the Brotherhood of Malice! This region was founded upon the ancient ideals of fraternity and efficiency by Venico and Valtarre. Here you can find raiders and roleplayers having a grand old time, in a party that has on occasion slowed down but never stopped since 2012.

Featured 9/26/14 and 1/9/15!

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Song of the Forever: LinkWhen You're Evil by Voltaire

Regional News:
Knock knock, it's time for Japan to open its borders! Raiders acquired the password and let themselves in to teach them a lesson.

Order of the Day:
Move a puppet to Japan and endorse Myuri and all of the Regional Officers!

Embassies: Osiris, The Communist Bloc, Islamic States, The Black Hawks, Lone Wolves United, The Eternal Order, The Brotherhood of Malice Girl Scouts, Suspicious, The Shadows, Conch Kingdom, The Great North, Aurelius, Lower Kingdom, Hunters For Hire, The Void, Asgard, and 495 others.The Imperial Legion, Ile de France, Unknown, Yerushalem VI, Equilism, Yportne, Alliance of Sovereign States, Avakaels Wednesday Night Curry, The Mystical Council, Assassins, Rome, The Communist Nations of The World, Aliados Brasileiros, The Rose Meadows, Alteran Empire, The United Commonwealth, The Sith United Nations, The Grey Wardens, Horn of Africa, Euro, Reyno de Navarra, Kingdom of Ramility, Aberdeenshire, Assembly of Autocratic Nations, Soviet Alliance, Union of Republic States, The Grand Citadel, The furry union, The Death Empire, Terrra Regionem Orbis, Central Asia, Groovy, Summer, Mars Command, Left Sorda, The Monke Hangout, The Good Place, academy, Russia Federation, Warzone North America, United Group, Fredonia, Unitary force of the Funny, Titanian Isles, The Mediterrannean, Atheistic Countries, Confederacy of Layem, Kyphire, Neon City Dreams, Democratic Region, Global Treaty Organization, The Appalachian Order, Republic of Layem, Republic of Pirates, Japan, The CoAmerican Prosperity Sphere, Alstroemeria, The empire of novosia, Nova Banaria, Yamstan Invasioxz, Siberian Union, Union of Soviet Socialists States, abated, abolishes, Equilarrogance, Jack Daniels, The Dron Empire, Europa uni 4th congregation, The Federation of Independent States, Communist Union of the North, Islands Of Paradise, A SCP Foundation, West Coast Federation Pact, absence, Reefer, about, Irates Of The Cary Bean, Bekartia, abbacy, Slavic World, Federation of Yale, The Debating Thunderdome, Philosopher Kingdom, EEE, Worldbox, Literally Just a Test, accommodates, Alliance of Monke and Gandhi Nations, Nova Hampiria, Sanesssia, Six Rivers, The Unified Study Group, Eurosia, Europa Union, The United States of Waldos World, Alvaria, abrasions, RPGM Pavilion, The International Populist Assembly, Zhof Taralea, Nigerian Federation, RASINES CORRECTIONAL, Republicas unidas de qualquer lugar, Terran Mars, Hufflefuffian Land of Awesomeness, Prilithia, American, land of the ford home of the brave, Holy Imperial Hegemony, union of anti capitalist states, The MfohK Union, Democratic Union of Humanity, Freedom Federation, Degramap, Elopia, King of the Hill, The empire of Kierway, Avocado nation, Oswaldina, Tolerance and Love, Region of Federations, Hunhoquetzal Equatorial, MentosLand, KPOP BRAZIL, Radioactive America, Lamnarland, The gamma quadrant, The Grand British Union, Federation Of Andom, The Islands of the Great Wrath, The Commonwealth of European Nations, Union Nation Olegator Country, Kwo Paradise, Bonanas, Kingdom of Utari, The Sense of Right Alliance, Sud Sardegna, The Land of Bird and Honey, The Thicc Continent, Elcor, The Warsaw pact of the world, Spart, National people rights, The Turd Burglian Bloc, Mists of History, The Peoples Anti Human Rights Assembly, Happy Tree World, The Northern Socialist Bloc, Hussaria, Legendary1ST, Grishahakkaverchynot, The Planet Of Erresia, Northern Frontier State, Diamond City, Spammystan, Inchik Mwah Mwah, Alvinia, Richardsonson, Iron Pact, New Catistania, Skivx, The League of Sovereign Nations, The Socialist League of Africa, Abernethy, Not hell, The Kidney stoners, Empire of the Trident, Cats rule and Dogs drool, Scones and Biscuits, abolishing, Florida man emporium, Funkeln, Doing a little trolling, abutted, ISB TOK, Unregion, THE PLATONIC REPUBLIC, Old Oratorian Islands, academies, Catnip, TROWD Puppet Storage, Eolor, The United Peoples Union, The Divided Unity of Nations, abstainer, Holy Kingdom Brazilian Empire, Terra leon, Devide by Zero, skk, The Party That Never Ends, Hispanosphere, Unified Socialist States, Iron Clad Union, Fornsigtuna, Huago, Jade Was Here, Black Sea Islands, Loaflatnann, The Communist Commonwealth of Jinensia, Concert de France, The Simple Void, atlantiantic, AntiFurra Latina, Worlds United, The hyphenistans, PepelaoLand, Kerala, Wuzia Pact, REGIAO DE MERDA, aborted, Korinka, Orlean, Er e, Golden Union, Federation of Earth, sussy men, gokuismogoku, The Insulam Confederacy, League of Commonwealths and Free States, Greater Tychovodom, accidentally, Greater Hiletia, The Jungle, The Peoples Communist Union, Libertasia, abroad, Norahem, The Kaiser Empire, The Holy Cabinet, Commonwealth of Arrechean Nations, Sambucus Canadensis, United States Space Force, United Nations of the World, dugong, The United Republic of Socialist States, Magna Orbis Terrarum, The Holy Region, Mr Inlow Is Our Daddy, Europa Nova, The Great Axolotls, Brave New World, Kaamsel, fluffy squishfish, dirty place, Peaceful World, Ergo, Space Time Continuum, Cosmonaut league, Economy of EuroAsia, Gilads Holy Empire, Engiwa and authoritarian, Sheepland, Naroslavia, Witnesses of the Cross, The United Nations of Socialism, United Federation of NationStates, Oay, The Greatest Colonies, Go Green, Oshrasoros, Trade union, abducting, Treyend, the dictorship of covenant, The Beluverse, eeeeeeeeee, God clan, idot, Jramble, The Ancient Realm, sad, The ancient atlantic, United Warsaw, abounded, Banar, Sacro Imperio Romano, The paradise land, The United Entente, Milexaavykin, The Empire of Gilderon, The Land of Dweebs, North Antartica, MLG FAZE CLAN 420, Meep, The ULN, Commonwealth of Geopolitics, academically, The world of nation, Eat Trash Region, Greeks, abbey, Zionist Union of Jerusalem, The Region of Nations, Alternio, Rathaia, 5th Alabama War of Rights Nationstates, Oddness, Catharsis, The could islands, Chebureks Paradise, Shurhands Alliance, Moderates, The League of the Epic, absurdities, New world of empires, Timoristan, Continent of Era, YodHeia, The Cedric Region, The Eurovision Region, South Central Saskatchewan, Gamer Zone, abhorrently, Jeffersonia, Plush United, The British lsles, The Dead Meme Alliance, Point Nemo, European Union of Romanian Communists, The Instrumental Alliance, Trans Americas, Warzone South America, ez ur bad, Figuinos, The Great States of Fascist Nudists, Congress of Alam, Greater French Empire, Alliance of Puppet Nations, Marleyean continent, The Abbey, The Popptart Empire, Theocratic States, N Land, The British Isles of north western europ, Neu Anterra, gm19, Realm of the Dragon, The Union Of Gato, 1st Order, Money And Sandwiches, The King Isle, Icecream land, New Mandalore, The Diamond Alliance, The Revolutionary Commonwealth, The Orient League, States of Matter, aberration, The Bluejackets World, Bengalistan, The Great Sanctus Regionem, Antartica, Alborada, EACS Regional Board, Thuisland, Homework folder do not open, Chrubatao, Kewl Dudes, Crisptopia, Nudist Region, The region of the independent warriors, Region Of England, Jashax, abbreviations, Bruh man, Continental Hollywood, UnionofSoviet Socialist Republics, CTSN, Forbidden islands, abhorrent, Antisocial League, the hivemind, Groot Nederland, Socialist Confederation, North Europe Germany, Speedgecko Isle, the confederate Territories Of fizieliea, Fistinith Land, The Doomsday Legion, Kaorska, Bay of Plenty, The National Republic, Baby, Palos, Allied Nations of Glioca, Holy Cities of Mecca and Medina, The Remnants, The Communist Republics, Alliance for anime, Eye, Areda Muiri, The Prison, Blibble Blobble, Brasil PT BR, The Great Jingo Rainforest, Association of the Countries of the Free, Aberdare, The Fangirls, The Order of the Black Circle, TheCultOfCabbage, Atlantic Union, Seventh Expedition, A region by that name already exists, Suid Afrika unie, United Democratic States of Velonia, LNF Hospital, The Region of Peace, The Federated States of X, Vales Cabin, The Thanien Plains, Anti Panda, The Greater Star Region Of Bleria, Islands of Rock and Sand, rectica backup 2, Ruuussiya, EMPIRESES, Dingle land, Zehauoran Archipelago, the Lower Intestine of Mickey Mouse, InterAfrican Prosperity League, Axis Powers 3, England is my City, SMERSH, Alphonsine, The Great Milky Way, The man registered, absentees, Coalition of Greater National States, Avenging Broccoli, Legio I Genua, Weed Nation, Windmago, The Paragon Union, The Democratic Republic of Lazio, The United Nomadic Tribes, Mason Association, The Snakes Oliver Alliance, Congress of Social Democratic Nations, Group Space Version Two, Heavy Metal Heaven, The United Arms, Wilburia, OldWorldBoxes, Multiverse 001, Burnt Ends, Great French Empire, The Ultimate Dictatorship, Arecrtykey, abysmal, Union of Metropolitan Socialist States, Lonely Empire, Federation Epsilon Indi System, Central Military authority, ahhahaha, Louisiana Purchase, Soodan, The 1980s, test12, Kingdom of cats, The Coalition of Socialist States, The Great Pacific Cabbage Patch, Dudsvians, Northwest Europeia, The Flying Spaghetti Monster Lands, Cats Democracy, The States of Democratic Progress, The Ozbornian Ocean, Bengal Assembly, The Imperial 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The Brotherhood of Malice contains 192 nations, the 112th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Insurance Industry in The Brotherhood of Malice

The World Census posed as door-to-door salespeople in order to establish which nations have the most extensive Insurance industries.

As a region, The Brotherhood of Malice is ranked 9,021st in the world for Largest Insurance Industry.

1.The Avengrynkhal Ascendant of Klaus DevestatorieCompulsory Consumerist State“Hope is gone.”
2.The Glorious Monarchy of The Immortal AfflictedCorporate Police State“Aergri somnia”
3.The Bloodlands of MyrveniaCorporate Police State“Caprae mortis, libera animam meam”
4.The High Priesthood of RaxionIron Fist Consumerists“blessed is the outcome, whatever it may be”
5.The Rogue Nation of Smog TownFather Knows Best State“Humanity is temporary, capitalism is eternal”
6.The Holy Empire of BelundLeft-Leaning College State“Justice Matters Most”
7.The Federal Republic of RacciaLeft-Leaning College State“Не говори глупо, пока не победил!”
8.The Chaos Malice and Destruction of Bloody Good RiotMoralistic Democracy“Embrace malice or malice will be forced upon you”
9.The Republic of Matt airConservative Democracy“Matt air never dies”
10.The People's Republic of MountaindewkingsCorporate Police State“Fortnite battle pass for free”
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Regional Poll • Where to hold?

The Plaid Dad of Venico wrote:With slight hesitation, Gob grabbed a spear and started following the crowd as they began to approach the outer gate. A volley of arrows came over the wall just as our group was arriving. Most missed and clattered against stone harmlessly but one landed in the ribcage of a skeleton. Luckily, we're fairly confident he's unharmed. Lurchrot hopped up a step and started belting out orders. "I need 2 places manned! The upper walls to repel climbers, and the gate for when they burst through!" As if on cue the old wooden gate burst open in a hail of splinters. In a bound, Lurchrot threw herself beyond the gate and started bringing her club down ferociously where she could. Everyone else began climbing stairs to hold the wall or pressing close to hold the gate.

Voting opened 15 hours ago and will close . Open to residents. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

Recent polls: “Weapons a plenty”“Game time”“How hard are we partying?”“After Work Activities”“Let's finish our day”“List of Priorities”“What's our name?”

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The Brotherhood of Malice Regional Message Board


The Sultanate of Your High Student

Vict0ria wrote:Question of The Day:
If you were skilled in the use of any one weapon of your choice, which would you choose?


The Anarchic Territory of Ukrainian Free State

Vict0ria wrote:Question of The Day:
If you were skilled in the use of any one weapon of your choice, which would you choose?

The Infinity Gauntlet with all the stones.

Who wouldn't?

The Spooky castle of Count dracula

Question of The Night:
Who would you be in the typical horror movie dynamic?

The Shuriken Shotgunner of Shadoke

Count dracula wrote:Question of The Night:
Who would you be in the typical horror movie dynamic?

Probably the guy who thinks he can fight the killer

The Plaid Dad of Venico

Count dracula wrote:Question of The Night:
Who would you be in the typical horror movie dynamic?

I think I'm the stronger guy who everyone is counting on in the first act who gets iced very quickly.

The After-School Vampire Cult of Vict0ria

Count dracula wrote:Question of The Night:
Who would you be in the typical horror movie dynamic?

Maybe the nerd girl...

The Chaos Malice and Destruction of Bloody Good Riot

Count dracula wrote:Question of The Night:
Who would you be in the typical horror movie dynamic?

The villain.

The Nomadic Peoples of Transformers

Vict0ria wrote:Question of The Day:
If you were skilled in the use of any one weapon of your choice, which would you choose?

Laser guns of course!

The Scottie of Scottiesland

Even though I think we would be most effective with our Spear on the wall I also don't think Gob would abandon his friend. (Plus this isn't supposed to be min-max :P)

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