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Welcome to The Order of the Grey Wardens! 🌈

In War, Victory. In Peace, Vigilance. In Death, Sacrifice.

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The Grey Wardens are an order of warriors of exceptional ability dedicated to fighting invaders throughout NationStates

Please endorse our Delegate Saint Tomas and the Northern Ice Islands (Guide)

🌸 Current Guardian Mission: (Guide) 🌸

The Potato Coast

Guardians can operate solely on the NS site but for the full Warden experience you must have Discord

Embassies: Amaranthine, The Amaranthine Isles, The Frontier, The League, the South Pacific, the Pacific, 10000 Islands, the Rejected Realms, Spiritus, European Union, The Free Nations Region, The Union of Democratic States, Thaecia, Hell, St Abbaddon, Mordor, and 113 others.Yggdrasil, The MT Army, Lily, Philippines, Islamic Republics of Iran, Portugal, Alvarez, Renegade Islands Alliance, The Empire of Friendship, Angels Encarmine, The United Imperial Armed Forces, Founderless, Spear Danes, Commonwealth of Liberty, FORGE, Aenaroth, The Exalted Lands, Asiana, Nesapo, Quizlet United Front, House of Five Leaves, Elite Region of Global Command, Stormlands, Super Reich I, A Territory of The Iron Order known as X, The Imperial Army, The Black Devils, The European Union, Sontar, US Military, The Sable Order, Fascist Regions, Northern Utopia, The Pink Wardens, fascist allied states, The Blue Wardens, The Chrome Wardens, Laughing Coffin, RHINIA, The Orion Raiders, The NSIA, The Gray Wardens, Atlantis, Rise to Fascism, fascistic libertarian legion, Equestria, Axis Powers the Sequel, Imperium of the Goddess, Brethren of the coast, Other World Queendom, The Mafia, Masterz, Coffeeland, Samaran Imperium of Slaves, Feminine Confederacy, the patriarchy, catholic nations under god, Aequus Isles, NationStates Prison, The Nationstates Police Department, The Black Hawks 2, The White Hawks, Arin, The Kingdom of Kvatch, The Non Was Of The Flavo imperium, Region For Fascism, K reich, Kaiserreich court, Renegade wolves, Hiraeth, The temple of konsiair, DankMemes, Tsee roleplay, The stronghold of sygian, The vun, I Wish, Alpha, Mexicaztlan, The Right Wing Alliance, New State, Martian Order, Soviet Paradise, The Higher Royal Empire of the Flood, Genesis Halo Network, Gaelean, Nova Bunicko, The bar on the corner of Kaiserreich, Iron Order Recruitment Centre, Kaisereich, The First Order Reich, True Kaiserreich, Star State, Imperium of the Goddess Messalina, The 1st Order, North Legion, The Imperial Reich, The Kaiserreich Galactic Empire, Children of the Grave, Thuria, Kyorgia puppet storage, The Greater Holy Isles, The Transgender Region, Valhalla, Libertarium, Martial Arts Dojo, Gehenna, The Order Of The Sword, Politika, The Death Eaters, Queer, Dominion of Tartarus, The Mystical Alliance, and Sanctum.

Construction of embassies with Concord has commenced. Completion expected .

Construction of embassies with Confederacy of Layem has commenced. Completion expected .

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Regional Power: High

The Order of the Grey Wardens contains 460 nations, the 43rd most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Lowest Overall Tax Burden in The Order of the Grey Wardens

World Census financial experts assessed nations across a range of direct and indirect measures in order to determine which placed the lowest tax burden on their citizens.

As a region, The Order of the Grey Wardens is ranked 18,475th in the world for Lowest Overall Tax Burden.

1.The XXX of XXXCorporate Bordello“Xxx”
2.The Lucky Kingdom of EshialandAnarchy“How lucky!”
3.The Confederacy of Moon LandsAnarchy“The moon will illuminate our way.”
4.The Absolute Democratic Republic of Outer MyundtopiaIron Fist Consumerists“Everything is free here!”
5.The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico y CubaAnarchy“You Can't Stop Progress”
6.The Dictatorship of BlankzerAnarchy“A.P.D”
7.The Republic of ZebastianCapitalist Paradise“Liberty and Progress”
8.The Kingdom of Tallera ThosineCorporate Bordello“You Can't Stop Progress”
9.The Republic of ScandingtsiaCivil Rights Lovefest“By The People For The People”
10.The Republic of Bon VantelmokloCompulsory Consumerist State“Justice, Piety, Loyalty”
1234. . .4546»

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The Order of the Grey Wardens Regional Message Board


The Kingdom of Lower Union

United Anarchists of Earth wrote:you can role-play it out with someone, but there is no formal way, or in-game way to actually do it. No button to press, no keys to type, just role-play

How i could role-play

Post by Anti-Natsi State suppressed by Lucabaduka.

The Rogue Nation of Anti-Natsi State

Lower Union wrote:How i could role-play

I just roleplayed in my most recent post.

The Friendship Bazooka of Lucabaduka

Anti-Natsi State wrote:-snip-

This is not at all appropriate discourse for the RMB. If you have information that we should know in an administrative capacity over this region, you can telegram any Warden-Commander or higher, but shouting accusations on the message board is hot garbage that accomplishes nothing.

The Friendship Bazooka of Lucabaduka

Fortisbellator wrote:Lucabaduka why do we have to be on Discord if we become Wardens? (I’m a Guardian right now.)

Guardians get missions that move hours before the region updates, but for more serious defender operations, there is often only a few seconds of possible reaction time to stop a region from getting raided, or to secure its liberation for its native inhabitants. It is not possible to coordinate over an RMB or telegram when the timing is so precise. So we coordinate in a unified defender server where we can coordinate in real time.

The Constitutional Monarchy of Fortisbellator

Lucabaduka wrote:Guardians get missions that move hours before the region updates, but for more serious defender operations, there is often only a few seconds of possible reaction time to stop a region from getting raided, or to secure its liberation for its native inhabitants. It is not possible to coordinate over an RMB or telegram when the timing is so precise. So we coordinate in a unified defender server where we can coordinate in real time.

Alright. Do you play the endorsement game then?

The Friendship Bazooka of Lucabaduka

Fortisbellator wrote:Alright. Do you play the endorsement game then?

I have no idea what you're referring to.

The Constitutional Monarchy of Fortisbellator

Lucabaduka wrote:I have no idea what you're referring to.

Like what’s happening in Layem—you endorse the certain people until the region is taken over.

The Friendship Bazooka of Lucabaduka

Fortisbellator wrote:Like what’s happening in Layem—you endorse the certain people until the region is taken over.

The Order of the Grey Wardens is a defender region and I'm one of the military commanders. So yes. I keep some defence records on myself here, if that's what you're interested in.

There's also a dispatch that BT wrote up years ago here that talks about how military gameplay works. It's a bit dusty, but still largely accurate.

What is Raiding?

Raiding is when a group of nations move to a region to elect a delegate (giving control of that region over to that player), to capture or destroy the region.

What is Defending?

Defending is when a group of nations move to a region to either boost a native nation and/or delegate’s endorsement count or to elect a delegate of their own (giving control of that region over to that player), to protect the region from a raid, restore the region from a previous raid, and/or to preserve said region's original native community and/or history.

Where do the Grey Wardens Fit On this Spectrum?

The Grey Wardens primarily operate is a defender organization in that we believe that invading regions is wrong and look to prevent invaders from being successful. We take this a step further than most other defenders as we are willing to invade invader regions to give them a taste of their own medicine.

What Can a Delegate Do to a Region?

In many regions, a delegate cannot do anything to harm the region. If the region's founder still exists, they can set the delegacy role to "non-executive", so the delegate has no access to border control, appearance, or embassies, the tools that raiders usually use to deface a region. Even if the founder makes the delegacy "executive", so the delegate can do all these things, the founder always has supreme power. They can reverse any changes a raider makes.

The real danger comes when the founder has ceased to exist (or in really old regions made before founders existed). In these regions, the delegacy becomes automatically executive, so they can do whatever they want - and there's no founder around to stop them.

Provided that the delegate is has access to the regional controls, the delegate can alter and/or utilize the following:

• The World Factbook Entry (WFE)
• Regional Officers
• Dispatches
• The regional flag
• Suppression of Regional Message Board (RMB) posts
• The regional password
• Ejections and bans
• The ban list
• Embassies and embassy settings
• Regional tags
• Region-Wide Telegrams
• Welcome Telegrams
• Regional Polls

In order to partake in military gameplay, you will have to have to be a member of the World Assembly

What is the World Assembly

The World Assembly (WA) is a large legislative body that any nation can participate in and become a member of. The WA is made up of two chambers: The General Assembly and The Security Council. World Assembly Members are open to actively vote and participate in both chambers, but are not required to do so. Legislation passed by the body affects all of its member nations.

Councils and Proposals

The General Assembly is based around Role Play, and may affect your nation stats very slightly. The Security Council can pass three types of proposals: Commendations, Condemnations, and Liberations. A Commendation and Condemnation is a badge that appears on a region or nation's page as a way of recognizing the deeds by said nation or region (to encourage or discourage their actions), and a Liberation is a badge that is placed to remove a delegate-imposed password on a region and block the delegate from making another one. This does not affect a founder’s ability to password a region, though, and cannot be imposed upon individual nations. Security Council Liberations do not evict delegates or occupying forces.

Choosing a nation

If you wish to use your World Assembly nation for defending or raiding, without needing to leave the region you reside in, it is highly recommended that you log out and create a separate nation to join the World Assembly. World Assembly nations are also used for combat, and need to travel often, so making a secondary nation your World Assembly nation is typically a good idea if this is what you are interested in. If you are not interested in this, however, regions may ask that you endorse a specific nation or nation(s) as elected World Assembly delegates.

Joining the World Assembly

To join the World Assembly, go to your settings and enter in an email address that you check regularly . Next, go to the World Assembly page and you'll see a button near the top of the page that says "Apply to Join". You'll then be sent a confirmation email.

This email should arrive instantly. If it does not, check your spam folder, it is usually found in there. Be sure to remove the email from the spam folder if you want your email provider to recognize that emails from NS aren't spam.

Click the link inside the email, and you'll automatically be logged in and accepted into the World Assembly! You can now vote on resolutions, endorse other nations, and move your World Assembly nation as your military puppet! Note that it is against the rules to have more than one nation in the World Assembly at a time; the game may eject you from the World Assembly and even ban you from it if you try to have more than one nation with membership at the same time. You can have as many nations as you want and as many applications and confirmation emails for as many nations as you want, but only one can be in the WA at a time. You must resign from that nation to transfer membership to another nation if you wish to change it. In order to help prevent you from accidentally getting a second WA nation, you should use the same email address for every nation you make. The game has a built in safety mechanism that will prevent you from breaking the rules if you follow that procedure.

Endorsing a nation

To endorse a nation, you must both be in the World Assembly and in the same region. Simply scroll to the bottom of that nation's nation page, and click the button at the bottom that says "Endorse NationName". You have then successfully endorsed a nation! You can also see who has endorsed you at the bottom of your own nation page.

How does a Nation Become Delegate of a Region?

To become delegate, you must have the most World Assembly endorsements in the region when it "updates".

What are Updates?

There are currently two updates each day.

Each update is known as the following:

  • 12:00AM-1:30AM EDT - this is known as the Major Update.

  • 12:00PM-1:10PM EDT - this is known as the Minor Update.

What Happens During an Update?

The following is a list of all that takes place during the update:

  • National population increases.*

  • World Census Reports are issued.*

  • World Assembly resolutions finish voting and new ones arrive (at the beginning of update).

  • Influence increases (or decreases, for a nation that has left the region).

  • Inactive nations and empty regions cease to exist.

  • WA endorsements are verified and new WA Delegates are elected, if necessary.

*Major Update only

How Does Update Work?

Over the course of an update each region updates, one by one, although less than a second after each other. During this time, nations are updated within the region.

During these times, the endorsements are also recounted within the region. The nation in the region with the most World Assembly endorsements at this time becomes the region’s delegate. Each region updates at a specific time within this time frame, and can only update once per update. Likewise, each nation can only update once. Therefore, once a nation updates, it can no longer be used during the course of that update. Once a region updates, it cannot be updated again until the next update. If you move to a region that has already updated before your nation updates, and leave it there until the end of the update, your nation will not be updated, and none of the effects of update will occur to your nation.

Do I Have to Be Online During Update in Order to Participate in Operations?

You do not. Some invasions start to take place in the time between updates giving us more time to mount defenses. Many operations also take place over the course of several or many updates. During such operations, you will be asked to reinforce our ongoing effort.

Being available does have its advantages though. You will have the greatest amount of opportunities to participate in missions as well as an increased opportunity to lead missions. Many invasions these days take place during the course of update.

Where do I Go to Receive Deployment Orders?

Missions will be posted in the Warden Barracks, which is located on our discord server. Missions will be posted as pins in said channel. Make sure to check them regularly, as they have a habit of changing. The pinned post will contain the information you need as a Warden to take part of the operation. Make sure to post a reply, letting us know that you have deployed including which nation you're currently using. Once an operation is over, a Commander will notify Wardens. You may leave the region at that time.

Read dispatch

Layem is technically already taken over as of about an hour ago, but we're building influence at this point to destroy the region since it's fascist and its membership has a history of doing some rather unfortunate things.

The Emergency Assembly of Filipino Union

Hey guys sorry if i just message here i been busy these past few days...

The Emergency Assembly of Filipino Union

Chapter 2: A Crack through the looking glass.

If you told the Prime President of the Filipino Union, Tenchonoblade Minecraft gonna mysteriously disappeared without an trace to it's citizens or closest friends or just an random person passing by. They would just burst out laughing at you're face as they shrugged you off as an nutjob on the loose. And shrugged off your claims as they continue to do their normal lives and errands. But not today...

It was supposed to be just like an normal day.
Wilbur thought to himself as he continue to the hallways of the room. His footsteps lightly echoing on the corridors. As his brown eyes focused on the cherrywood door.

"What's am i supposed to say to Dad?" Wilbur told himself and let out a deep and loud sigh afterwards as he continue to walked towards.

"What's you're going to say to me Wilbur?"An a sudden voice spoken behind Wilbur's back startling him. And halting his actions there Wilbur's eyes widen in horror as his eyes met another deep blue eyes, Blond messy hairline spring over his buckethat. Philza Minecraft his dad..

"Mate, i am waiting what are you gonna tell me?" Philza asked in slightly concern tone.His brow raise in confusion.

"Right, Dad have heard anything about Techno this past morning?" Wilbur asked, biting his cheeks and tongue inside.

"Mh.. No, I haven't since Tubbo seems pretty busy to stop for a chat about Techno's schedule today what's the matter mate?" Philza spoken softly.

"We'll you se-" Wilbur's answer is being interrupted by an shuffling footsteps echoing on the hallways. Wilbur and Philza's eyes turned focus on the group of politicans walking towards them in an frantic manner.

"Mister Minecraft oh thank the Prime we found you." an senator spoken to them. Breathing heavily as the senator halted infront of them.

"Have you seen Prime President Tehno?" The senator asked in an scared manner.

"Mh, nope i have not" Philza replied shortly.

"Oh dear Prime, Mister Minecraft please listen to me very carefully and please don't be shocked on what we gonna told you alright?" An JSS Agent spoken in an serious manner.

"The President, along with it's cabinet schedule to went an meeting, have mysteriously disappear in thin air." The JSS Agent exclaimed

Philza's eyebrows raise in confusion as he blink once or twice.

"I'm sorry, What do you say again?" Philza ask.

"The President and it's Cabinet members sir. They all disappeared without an trace." The JSS Agent explained nervously, quiet murmurs echoed through the other politicans hearing their conversation.

Philza felt he's gonna be sick, like his shoes nailed through the ground, as the voice of the JSS Echoed through his head, No his thoughts screams loudly, at his mind.

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