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RIGHT TO LIFE is a community of nations that recognizes and promotes defense of the unalienable rights of the unborn. The nations of this region oppose induced abortion in all or most cases.

World Assembly members are required to endorse the President: United Massachusetts.

There is a two-thirds endorsement cap. The next regional election is on July 15–25.

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Regional Power: Moderate

Right to Life contains 98 nations, the 177th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Fattest Citizens in Right to Life

World Census takers tracked the sale of Cheetos and Twinkies to ascertain which nations most enjoyed the "kind bud."

As a region, Right to Life is ranked 7,641st in the world for Fattest Citizens.

1.The Christian Empire of The Rouge Christmas StateCorporate Bordello“Jesus, You alone, You rose from death with the morning”
2.The Ancient Waldensian Republic of New SequoyahCorporate Bordello“Light shines in the darkness.”
3.The Constitutional Monarchy of Failesian EmpireCapitalist Paradise“God preserve us”
4.The Kingdom of TarveliaConservative Democracy“For God and Queen”
5.The Republic of CyberpunkerRight-wing Utopia“God, Prosperity, Liberty”
6.The Kingdom of Barbaric OriginsCompulsory Consumerist State“Might Makes Right”
7.The Eternal Empire of HalsawCorporate Police State“Self reliance and self determination”
8.The Republic of Eastern Coa RuzzoalakursAnarchy“Twirling Toward Freedom”
9.The Confederacy of Claymore StatesCapitalist Paradise“God, Homeland, Liberty”
10.The Holy Empire of The holy Hobos of the holy landRight-wing Utopia“For Freedom!”
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The Republic of Horatius Cocles

Slavic Lechia wrote:Eastern Catholic also means those under Patriarchs... The Full name is Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church and Eastern Catholic is also used to describe us.

Just so we don't talk at cross purposes, I generally use "Eastern Catholic" to describe those Eastern Churches in communion with Rome. While I fully respect that "Catholic" is in the name of the Orthodox Church, most people would simply use the term "Eastern Orthodox" in common conversation, as I do.

The Holy Eastern Tzardom of Slavic Lechia

Horatius Cocles wrote:Just so we don't talk at cross purposes, I generally use "Eastern Catholic" to describe those Eastern Churches in communion with Rome. While I fully respect that "Catholic" is in the name of the Orthodox Church, most people would simply use the term "Eastern Orthodox" in common conversation, as I do.

Let's use "Papal" for the churches under the Pope and "Autocephalous" for those who are under autocephalous patriarchs. I myself don't agree to be rejected the fact that my church is catholic...

Edit: Those under Coptic Pope could be called "Oriental"... Just so we keep everything simple...

The Papist Conspirators of Lagrodia

Horatius Cocles wrote:


These people are living in a fantasy if they think somehow Joe Biden is going to cut back executive power. Trump just built on Obama’s legacy.

What I always suspect with NeverTrump Republicans within the media class (not most of the voters) is that their real opposition to Trump stems from his not being quite so interventionist. What America really needs is more foreign wars.

Edit: I should note the irony of people objecting to Trump due to executive power choosing Abraham Lincoln as a figurehead. It’s blatantly dishonest and ahistorical to co-opt the guy who pushed constitutionality to its limit and passed laws in places he had no jurisdiction over as your symbol of “norms” and “democracy” (elections in my state in 1864 were, uh, not so free) and “constitutional governance” (all that stuff). These people are the intellectual descendants of the pro-slavery movement.

The Theocracy of Rosa-Gallica

[quote=lagrodia;40163356]and the Son



The Papist Conspirators of Lagrodia

Rosa-Gallica wrote:[quote=lagrodia;40163356]and the Son



I mean, Church fathers and saints, including Eastern ones like Maximus the Confessor, defended the orthodoxy of the filioque in Latin but if you can’t see the difference between ekporeusis and proienai...

The Theocracy of Rosa-Gallica

Lagrodia wrote:I mean, Church fathers and saints, including Eastern ones like Maximus the Confessor, defended the orthodoxy of the filioque in Latin but if you can’t see the difference between ekporeusis and proienai...

We can discuss Saint Maximus the Confessor, but I think Saint Mark of Ephesus is an important figure to keep in mind as well.

The Federation of Roborian

Horatius Cocles wrote:


Ah, the Lincoln Project.

Their primary fear is an 'assault against our democratic institutions', so they support ousting the party that has rejected destroying the filibuster and court-packing in favor of the one increasingly pushing for it.

They describe themselves as conservatives opposed to abuses, not policy, to the point where they say that Republicans in Congress cannot even be called conservative, but call voting for Kavanaugh 'enabling' Trump, and they don't seem to be attacking that pick from the right.

They talk about holding people accountable, but consider a probe into Joe Biden's cronyism in Ukraine to be "Russian propaganda"

They cry foul about the use of federal law enforcement to counter violent riots, while favoring a President and Vice President who have called for federal law enforcement to confiscate legally owned firearms from law-abiding gun owners. (While snidely deriding the actually peaceful anti-lockdown protests in Michigan and comparing them to active violence)

They're definitely the conservative ones here, but the government needs to be spending more on COVID and tax cuts are just the 'ghost of trickle-down economics.'

Then, not even hypocrisy, just ignorance, they say that no progress is possible until Americans get back to work and kids get back to school, which they then claim Republicans are going to obstruct. What kind of glasses does it take to think that Democrats are the ones trying to open the schools against GOP opposition?

All that just from this one article. I'm not just sympathetic to Republicans willing to call out Trump, I'm actively fans of theirs, and I wish there were more, but there is a vast difference between calling out Trump and throwing out conservatism, and the Lincoln Project is on the wrong side of that.

Even if one assumes that Biden winning over Trump is the better option, grants them that point, I cannot see it as anything but delusion to think that there will be less abuses of power and extension of authoritarianism with full Democratic control of government rather than a divided government with opposition in the Senate. I can accept their wanting to be rid of Trump, even if I think endorsing Biden is going to far, but going beyond running against Trump to actively trying to tear down the GOP majority in the Senate strips down whatever moral claims they make about "We're the real Republicans!" Anyone in their right mind can see that one party rule by the party of big government power is not the recipe for a decrease in authoritarianism and unchecked power-but that's exactly what the Lincoln Project wants.

The Federation of Roborian

Lagrodia wrote:Louis Armstrong is not a dead traitor.

I can't believe I forgot about that, and then of course the flip from "I love Mount Rushmore so much that I'm going to wear it as a costume for the Fourth of July!" to the "How dare he speak on stolen land" bit.

In complete honesty, no joke, I would have greatly preferred for Biden to pick Hillary as his VP over Harris/Duckworth/Warren.

Lagrodia wrote:
Horatius Cocles is right that “likability” works against women. But I think this particular point is correct. Obama could be funny, regardless of what side of the aisle you were on. Kamala Harris’ sense of humor is racist stereotypes of her heritage that her own father has to distance himself from.

I don't actually, despite not liking her at all myself, think that Harris has the biggest 'likeability' problem. I think her bigger issue during the primaries was less charisma and more having no idea where to position herself, hence the flip-flopping on healthcare that would putt Romney to shame, and going from her big busing speech (which the moderators conveniently forgot about the time limit for) to admitting that she did not support it either. I think that she has decent enough charisma if she can get kept on course with a consistent method, she clearly fakes it and plays herself up too much, as SNL caught onto, but, while not Obama, I think she's relatively well-off in that area.

La France Bonapartiste wrote:
I guess this gets down to the difference between the average person and the reasonable person; but I still feel like your reasonable person is too reasonable.

I don't think it really is about being a reasonable person, I do think it is very much knowledge-based. The average person, and even the vastly below-average person, knows at least the basic facts that sex produces babies, and that no birth control is perfectly effective. Now, I think that you can say that the average person is not necessarily that rational to properly assess risks, just as in the example of smokers who are convinced that they won't be the one to get lung cancer (or on the flip side, people who buy lottery tickets), but that people are reckless with risk does not mean they are not aware of it and choosing to proceed regardless.

La France Bonapartiste wrote:
Considering Jack Sparrow, on the issue in question, also said "I've never actually been that drunk," I think he's more reasonable a decision-maker than you give him credit for.

That, or he got so drunk that he can never remembers being that drunk.

The Federation of Roborian

Horatius Cocles wrote:Just so we don't talk at cross purposes, I generally use "Eastern Catholic" to describe those Eastern Churches in communion with Rome. While I fully respect that "Catholic" is in the name of the Orthodox Church, most people would simply use the term "Eastern Orthodox" in common conversation, as I do.

It's Christianity mate, you're supposed to be talking at Cross purposes.

The Federation of Roborian

Apparently Harris, rated by GovTrack as literally the single most left-wing member of the entire U.S. Senate, literally ahead of Bernie, is a "moderate", according to the New York Times.

I'm starting to get nostalgic for back when the mainstream media just skewed and spun the news rather than outright lying.

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