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Nudest: 526th Largest Black Market: 777th Most Advanced Law Enforcement: 850th+8
Most Corrupt Governments: 973rd Most Extensive Public Healthcare: 1,097th Most Eco-Friendly Governments: 1,164th Most Subsidized Industry: 1,410th Best Weather: 1,485th Most Advanced Defense Forces: 1,556th Most Advanced Public Transport: 1,580th Most Advanced Public Education: 1,627th
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A region of the great, the pathetic, the strong, the weak, the smart, and the dumb nations. THIS IS YARNIA! We gladly accept any new members to one of NationStates' most storied regions! Our boards are open for any discussion, as long as they remain civil.

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Please join the WA and endorse others, especially Something Dumb

All Embassy Requests Accepted - We do try and maintain real relationships, but we have a lot of embassies. Let us know if you have concerns.

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    Yarnia Map

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    Yarnian Parks Administration

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    Yarnian Historical Record

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    The NewsStand

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Tags: Casual, Democratic, Eco-Friendly, Featured, and Minuscule.

Yarnia contains 4 nations.

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Furniture Restoration Industry in Yarnia

World Census analysts spend quiet weekends in the countryside in order to determine which nations have the largest Furniture Restoration industries.

As a region, Yarnia is ranked 3,066th in the world for Largest Furniture Restoration Industry.

1.The Rogue Nation of Something DumbFather Knows Best State“Duh”
2.The Dominion of IKINGCAKEInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Cake is love, cake is life, and cake is not a lie.”
3.The Tolerated Personage of Harold HoltzmeyerInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Remember me!”
4.The Federal Republic of Giant Cat Throw PillowsIron Fist Consumerists“Throwing giant cat throw pillows for fun!”

Regional Happenings


Yarnia Regional Message Board



Correction to our earlier message: We no longer represent the SECFanatics Region.

The State of Renegalle

The latest Force Flyer is out!


The Heart Government has been dismissed, elections for the House of Representatives have been held, elections for the Court have been held, and more Ministers have been dismissed and replaced.

Heart Government Dismissed
In an unexpected series of events, the Heart Cabinet narrowly voted for intervention into the regionís affairs by Force. Following this vote, Prime Minister Libertatis Regalis of Force dismissed the Heart Government and appointed a caretaker government. The caretaker government consists of Farallaracks, Lashnakia, Vamperiall, and Waltonburg-Vallonheim. Their primary job is to establish a new Constitution for the region, facilitate new elections, and oversee the next government for its first few weeks in office. This whole dismissal of the government though, has not been without controversy. The government willingly gave up control in the first place because of its inability to make the region more active and a declining regional population. Many say that the government should have stayed in place to fix things for itself rather than having Force once again interfere. Whatever the result, Heart is in for an interesting next few months.

First Elections for the House

The first Elections for House have concluded, resulting in the creation of a Legislative Branch in Force. Six people announced their intention to run, they were Great Latinoamerica of Force, Seoul-Pyongyang of Force, Marcelli of Force, Salibaic of Heart, Western Chosetus of Force, and Wracobia of Force. All six were elected, but for some of them it was very close.

Western Chosetus: 7-0
Seoul-Pyongyang: 4-3
Wracobia: 5-2
Great Latinoamerica: 6-1
Marcelli: 6-1

Salibaic: 3-0

Emergency Court Elections
Due to the absence of a Judge in the Court and the Prosecutor's job being heavily changed by the new Constitution, Emergency Court Elections were held this month. Only one citizen sought the position of Prosecutor, Sword BJ, and there were three contenders for Judge, Lashnakia, Western Chosetus, and Seoul-Pyongyang. After an unusually civil debate, voting was held. Sword BJ was unanimously elected Prosecutor and Western Chosetus was elected Judge.

For Sword BJ: 7
Against Sword BJ: 0
Abstain: 2

Western Chosetus: 6
Lashnakia: 3
Seoul-Pyongyang: 0
Abstain: 0

Cabinet Shake-Up
Three ministers, Seoul-Pyongyang (Minister of Defense), Fortis Draco Islands (Minister of Communications), and Mokkland (Minister of Culture) announced their resignations in October. After speaking with them, it is clear that none of them would be able to maintain activity, or complete a satisfactory level of work. The new Defense Minister, Vamperiall, has already ramped up things in the military, conducting several operations already, and getting people involved quickly! Lashnakia, the new Minister of Communications has been working hard to produce high quality content for The Force Flyer and Quantumland, the new Minister of Culture has created a new map for Roleplay which will be implemented in the coming weeks.

Opinion Editorials

"I think that the people of Force should be able to have more of a say in Democratic elections. This is because the citizens who aren't on the Force Chat on The Force Regional Forum are unable to vote. So I think that you should put a vote on the Force homepage on NationStates. Make it easier for the citizen to vote, and whats more, a telegram can be sent to everyone in Force to notify them about an election. This is just a thought to make Force a better place to be."


"Less than a week ago the Heart government voted to let Force intervene with the government to help Heart recover from the last few months of emigration. Libertatis Regalis, the prime minister of Force, also deemed that a rewrite of the constitution was necessary and that their goal was to get 75 residents within the region.

Heart has had a rocky relationship with recruitment in the past anyway, primarily because any recruitment it has ad, it lost because Force was the region in charge. Many residents left because this is where the action was at. Libertatis will not be able to reach that lofty goal of 75 members and be able to keep it for long.

Kicking out the government is also an unnecessary action. How does Heart have any leadership in the future if Force overtakes the region without retraining or future assistance? The answer is that they canít. All of the previous government officials are left in the dark and have no way of learning how to run a region, therefore leaving the region to fail in the future.

It seemed the only way to keep recruitment up in the region was to draw attention to it. My first governmental job was under the controversial Bennisia as the Minister of Communications (MoCom). He at least brought the desired attention to the region that it needed to get people to stay, even proposing regional mergers to keep the community strong."

[161 nations; 41 WA nations] Force
[54 nations; 4 WA nations] The New Kingdom
[38 nations; 5 WA nations] Heart
[22 nations; 8 WA nations] RGBN

[275 nations; 58 WA nations] Total (excluding provinces)

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The State of Renegalle

Something Dumb

Your region, Yarnia, no longer meets the following embassy requirements:

  1. Active RMB

Foreign Policy

Consulate Requirements
  • Must have at least 30 nations

  • Must have least 10% of its population in the World Assembly

  • Must have an active RMB

  • Must not be an embassy collector

  • Must not be a puppet storage region

  • Embassies cannot be of extremist (i.e. Nazi, terrorist) ideology

  • Must have an off-site forum

Special exceptions will be made for regions not meeting the first four requirements that have a special relationship with Force. Exceptions for any other reason may also be made at the discretion of the Diplomacy Council.

Embassy Requirements
  • Must have at least 50 nations

  • Must have at least 20% of its population in the World Assembly

  • Must have an active RMB

  • Must not be an embassy collector

  • Must not be a puppet storage region

  • Embassies cannot be of extremist (i.e. Nazi, terrorist) ideology

  • Must have a Discord server

Special exceptions will be made for regions not meeting the first four requirements that have a special relationship with Force. Exceptions for any other reason may also be made at the discretion of the Diplomacy Council.


  • Abusing embassy posting privileges will result in bans of the nations that posted the messages, or in extreme cases, immediate embassy closure

  • Not maintaining the requirements to have an embassy are grounds for embassy closure

  • Being in conflict with Force's allies or in bad standing with the international community may result in embassy closure


1. Ally - Regions that have signed treaties with, are in an organization with, and/or have consistently cooperated with Force

2. Friendly - Regions that have collaborated with Force in events of any manner to strengthen the bond between the two

3. Engaged - Regions that have actively pursued more intimate relations with Force (e.g. sending ambassadors)

4. Neutral - Regions that have made no diplomatic endeavors with Force further than opening embassies

5. Hostile - Regions that have taken action against Force and its ideals

6. Enemy - Regions that are at war with Force






New Legland

Warzone Confederation


The Chariot

The Democratic Republic


Sword BJ

Democratic Union of Free States



The Free Nations Region


The Chariot

The New Mappers Union



Red Wolf Alliance


New Legland

The Rejected Realms


New Legland

South Pacific


The Chariot



The Chariot



New Legland

The Wolf Clan






The East Pacific


New Legland

No regions in category 4 are displayed. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Emperor, Prime Minister, or Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Copyright © 2019 by the Force Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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We will check back in one week's time to see if these requirements are once again met. If so, our embassy will remain, but if not, we will have to close the embassy.

Thank you,


Founder & Emperor of Force

The Corporation of The NewsStand

Read All About It! This Week:

- Not just any truth, it's the Union Truth
- Heart surgery in the Force Flyer
- Tune in - it's Radio New Vegas

- Book your place in the sun for Roulette
- And Christmas is coming! Get those suggestions in for the Cookbook, the Nice List, and the Advent Calendar

The Red Intellectual Republic of DFTBA-Land

In recent months the International Debating Area (or IDA) has suffered from low activity. It is no longer the busy and prosperous region it once was, a place where people from around the world would come to get their views challenged.

We intend to change this. Currently, the International Debating Area is undergoing its Grand Restoration as a last effort to reinstall activity and frequent debates. We would appreciate it if members from across all our embassies participated in our debates and perhaps even move a puppet to our region. Right now, we're hosting our first serious poll in a while:

Gun Control

Please vote and debate in the International Debating Area RMB.

If you feel like our region offers a lot to you or your region, don't be afraid to subscribe to the Debaters' News Outlet (or DNO). To do so, telegram DFTBA-Land.

The IDA has a rich history with many great debates. Donít let that history end today. Join our debates. Question your views. Become a part of our community!

The Peanut-Butter Jar Nation of Morocco Mole

Mole enters and drops a quarter into the RMB's coin slot

Let's see what this peep show has to offer.

The Tolerated Personage of Harold Holtzmeyer

Enters with a small valise

Immigration control?



I am expressing our thanks and gratitude for the diplomatic relations between us and for that you kept a good behaviour with us.
I want to thank you for your friendship during all these years.

For those who don't know me, I am Koguria the Governor Chancellor of Holy Byzantine Eurasian Confederacy, founded by DACOROMANIA, a region which is now in "stand-by" after a critical issue and it was classified now as out-dated. Not my fault, but by foreign intervention. And my region is now closed with password.

My region's founder moved to create a new other region. If you want keep forward relations with him you can proceed a new embassy with him, just that he do not "collect" embassies.

Best Regards.
And a Happy New Year!

The Red Intellectual Republic of DFTBA-Land


New Poll!

The Future of the Arctic

Please Vote & Debate in the RMB!

P.S. Please also discuss about the best way to put your plan into action.

Post by Sagacious Phoenix suppressed by Something Dumb.

The Rogue Nation of Sagacious Phoenix

Hey, sorry to bother you, but if you have a second, feel free to let us know your thoughts on space exploration !

Thank you for your time!

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