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EX-President Antichrist has been defeated, yet he continues his pernicious campaign of lies. He is a continuous danger. He WILL run again in 2024 - and he could win.

This story may not be over. This region will stand as a warning about that man and his character, whether he still proves to be THE Antichrist, or just an antichrist. It is a shocking indictment of peoples' character that 70 million+ supported a person who contradicts Jesus Christ in every way.

Whatever happens, know these truths still: God does not live in his heart, and:

"Therefore keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come." - St. Matthew 24:42

All embassy requests accepted. God bless you!

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Post self-deleted by The Antichrist Trump.

The Eternally Damned States of The Antichrist Trump

"And here was a group, here were people who said 'Germany first'. The slogan was 'Germany awake!'" - a man discussing the NSDAP, or Nazi Party, and who himself was a member.

Sound familiar?

The Roman Empire of Antoninus Pius

However although I voice my support to anti-trump activism, I think considering him the antichrist is a bit over-

The Eternally Damned States of The Antichrist Trump

Antoninus Pius wrote:However although I voice my support to anti-trump activism, I think considering him the antichrist is a bit over-

I am merely talking from a religious point of view, not a secular one. I don't expect non-Christians to understand this possibility necessarily. And note, in my pinned dispatch, I do NOT claim he IS THE Antichrist, although he could be, OR, perhaps he's just an antichrist. I am speculating...and there are many curious things (which are facts) about him if you read it.

Thanks for your note.

Post by The Sovereign Realist State suppressed by The Antichrist Trump.

The Proconsulate of The Sovereign Realist State

(You know, for a christian... you don't seem very tolerant or compassionate...)

The Antichrist Trump wrote:100% lies. You should be ashamed of yourself. Mainstream media has been exposed? By whom? Reuters? Associated Press? Anything less than a credible source is garbage, and you're feeding yourself crap just to satiate your own biases.

(sigh) right... the problem is that people like you do not fundamentally understand that the internet destroyed the ability of journalism to be independent.
Modern journalists are indoctrinated in completely biased schools and depend on paychecks paid by big corporate conglomerates.

Besides, even if you still bought into the narrative, how could you possibly justify all the lies blowing up in the faces of the mainstream media for the past decade?

"@SchmittNYC As it stands: Hunterís laptop is real, the Biden family sells access to the President, Obama knew Hillary invented Russian collusion to distract from her emails, they did spy on Trump, and Fauci likely funded the creation of Covid-19. "

Add to that the MSM being successfully sued by Nick Sandman and soon by Kyle Rittenhouse. Add all the predictions of economic doom if Trump and Brexit won, and all the economic success if Biden won.
Add the 1/6 circus around a perfectly peaceful event but how cities burning, police removed from entire blocks, mass vandalism and executions in the streets because of BLM and ANTIFA were "fiery but peaceful" events.

To believe MSM news is to live in the twilight zone...


The Antichrist Trump wrote: The genocide of Indigenous Peoples is a proven fact, and residential schools - where those graves have been found - were tools of that genocide. Why would a school have a cemetery? Because the children, stolen from their parents, died too often from neglect, abuse, or disease. And their bodies were dumped into unmarked graves. If you don't condemn that, I know damn well who does - Jesus.

(sigh) ok, so... where are the bodies?...
There was ethnic cleansing of natives by US military, sure.
But there was no such thing carried out by religious schools.

Post by The Sovereign Realist State suppressed by The Antichrist Trump.

The Proconsulate of The Sovereign Realist State

The Antichrist Trump wrote: Victim complex huh?

Is ad hominem necessary? You don't know me nor are our personal lives relevant for a political debate.

Lets assume that I do have a victim complex. Your christian solution is to ...shame me and attack me for it?..............................

The Antichrist Trump wrote: I bet you believe there's a war on Christmas too, right? In a nation where 65% self-ID as Christian. I'm a liberal Christian and I feel zero threat to my faith. The threat to Christianity is manufactured by the right.

manufactured... right....

So, I must be imagining the cultural attempts to eliminate religious language, too. Do you say 'happy holidays'? Do you know what happens to you if you try to speak against abortion in a north american college these days?

Are you aware of what is happening all around the christian world?

"Last year, attackers defaced, damaged, burned and pillaged roughly 3,000 Christian sites throughout France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the United Kingdom and Spain."

Post by The Sovereign Realist State suppressed by The Antichrist Trump.

The Proconsulate of The Sovereign Realist State

The Antichrist Trump wrote:

Re: high energy prices in the USA. Please read the article.

I do dispute this ridiculous notion that everything "bad" is the President's fault; was everything bad when that monstrosity was in office his fault? OH no heaven forbid; it seems it's only the president's fault when a Democrat is in the White House. Nor is he to blame for the cost of energy. Again. Read the article. This one too:

And my retort was the natural conclusion of your argument; you blasting green energy policies would lead one to conclude you prefer cheaper energy and hence more fossil fuel usage, since they tend to be cheaper.

More garbage re: Biden is to blame for supply chain/inflation. "I study supply chains and their impact. Itís true that prices are surging largely because of the severe shortages of both goods and labor in supply chains"

If you can prove Reuters/AP lie, prove it.

So, lets see: the Biden Admin kills oil deals, increases taxation, increases money printing, punishes fossil fuel companies with regulation, forces mask mandates and vaccines which lead to fewer available workers in transportation duties, commits to more spending on green energies and climate treaties ...and you believe the POTUS has nothing to do with the supply chain crisis, inflation and energy price hikes...

I mean, do you also still believe inflation is 'transitory'? Or maybe you believe it is all Putin's fault...

Post by The Sovereign Realist State suppressed by The Antichrist Trump.

The Proconsulate of The Sovereign Realist State

The Antichrist Trump wrote: More myth busting that you're pushing:

"Yes, crime is up. But eight of the 10 states with the highest murder rates in 2020 voted for Donald Trump."

(Again, Salon is rabidly biased but ok)

When you think of the race riots of 2020, do you think of blue cities or red cities? Was CHAZ in Seattle or in Houston?

When you think of #defundthepolice, do you imagine a lot of Alabama towns advocating it?...

The article you mention focuses a lot on murder rates and states. What we should be looking at is cities. Poor states facing a decades long meth crisis do have lots of crime, for sure.
But the question here is who fights crime and who facilitates it.

Many red states have very blue cities

People are leaving blue states and cities, and flocking to red ones

NYC crime

Of course, even looking at states, the data is not great for liberal multicultural places
Safest states are republican and the biggest liberal ones are all very badly placed

Post by The Sovereign Realist State suppressed by The Antichrist Trump.

The Proconsulate of The Sovereign Realist State

The Antichrist Trump wrote:OK, so, if you have a child, make sure you hire the nearest rapist or murderer to babysit your child. After all, you have to accept your neighbour for his flaws, right?

You know full well, that is an absurd strawman fallacy.

The Antichrist Trump wrote:Oh wait, you DON'T have to accept a person for his flaws? So who gets to decide which flaws are okay to accept, and which aren't? You? Shouldn't we evaluate people by their character? About whether they're trustworthy and upright? The man hasn't a shred of decency, yet you defend him. You know who else was defended despite his flamboyant statements and so forth at the time? Hitler.

You seem to function entirely on extreme notions of black and white.

There is a difference between character and personality. The world is not black and white and some people can have bad temper and have strong morals, while others who are soft spoken can be the most vicious duplicitous snakes.

You prefer to believe in corrupt career politicians, rather than in the only guy who doesn't need politics to get rich and chooses to subject himself to vitriol.

I choose to believe in those who speak the truth, that is all.

The Antichrist Trump wrote:So Trump told uncomfortable truths in that Africa is a s***hole

1. No evidence he ever said it other than testimonies of democrat politicians

2. I don't mind strong language, I am an adult

3. I believe he was comparing Haiti to Norway, actually

4. some countries are desirable places to live and others are not. If you wish to right a wrong, should you not first understand where the wrong is?...

The Antichrist Trump wrote: most Mexicans are rapists and drug dealers?

1. He was referring to ILLEGAL immigrants on the southern border

2. While he did not have to, he did add the nuance that "some are good people"

3. He was also speaking the truth

4. Giving shelter is an act of charity but there is nothing in the bible about giving it indiscriminately and blindly

The Antichrist Trump wrote: You defend the indefensible which is utterly abhorrent. Tell me do you think Jesus Christ would support Trump? Vote for him? And if we should just accept everyone for their flaws, why did Christ call out the pharisees and teachers as hypocrites? Was Jesus wrong to do so?

Trump is only human.

While I would never choose Trump to be the best rolemodel, I do see him as a bigger force for good than his detractors.

He was less bellicose, he supported the police, he allowed private initiative and generally brought peace and prosperity.

Socialism brings misery, conservatism brings prosperity. He was very clear on where he stood and his policies demonstrated it.

The Eternally Damned States of The Antichrist Trump

When you start denying the reality of Indigenous genocide, the conversation is over.

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