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Bus Stop contains 29 nations, the 604th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Least Corrupt Governments in Bus Stop

World Census agents tempted government officials with financial and other inducements to bend the rules and recorded how often their proposals were declined.

As a region, Bus Stop is ranked 21,771st in the world for Least Corrupt Governments.

1.The Colony of Indalpine RepublicLeft-Leaning College State“Aslovaniūs cūos Lomit”
2.The Colony of Permian IslandsAnarchy“Aslovaniūs cūos Lomit”
3.The Territory of Permia ContinentalisAnarchy“Aslovaniūs cūos Lomit”
4.The Nomadic Peoples of NationStates Tour BusLiberal Democratic Socialists“Just passing through - hop on or off any time.”
5.The Protectorate of Emerald-Springs WA MissionNew York Times Democracy“Too Neorealist for this Neoliberal Institutionalism”
6.The Colony of Eashillen IslandsCorporate Bordello“The New Nation Creation System Rules”
7.The Homeowners' Association of Greenbrook FallsLiberal Democratic Socialists“A Nice Place to Live!”
8.The Republic of SureJanNew York Times Democracy“Sure, Jan”
9.The Colony of Saint Margaret IslandsDemocratic Socialists“Aslovaniūs cūos Lomit”
10.The Incorporated Colony of Aventurine BayInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Aslovaniūs cūos Lomit”

Regional Happenings


Bus Stop Regional Message Board


The Matriarchy of Gypsy Lands

The Spooky Scary Skeletons of North-West Commland


The United Kingdom of Miskhartia

New poll on Miskhartia

The Considerate dictatorship of Eastern Tatarstan

Exactly 3 years and 1 month ago, Altay was founded.
Enjoy the commemorative postcard:

3rd anniversary commemorative postcard (31st July 2021)
Altaic Peoples Army, Anti Pepe, Womania Slaves Camp, Elena, The Empire Of United Socialist Powers, Iron Union, Comitern, United Federation of Fascist States, Ceeio Horde, Alliance Of The LGBT, Union of Soviet Socialist Monarchies, Region of kangaroos, EastBloc, Red Shadow, Communism For All, Coaltion Of Fascist Nations, Womania Summer Imperial Palace, Eastern Tatarstan, Yanab, Cieszynski Slask, Austro Danubia, Los Imperio Mexicano, Gibet, Old zealand founding father, Cidade capitalista do sul, Entimide, Ulaanstan, Preussischer Staat, Altaic Peoples' Army soldier, J o Jian Defense Squad A4 and EBISh

Army day poster (27th May 2021)
Altaic Axis Sergeant, Alliance Of The LGBT, Comitern, United Federation of Fascist States, Womania Summer Imperial Palace, Womania Slaves Camp, Communism For All, EastBloc, League Of Constructed Languages, Conquered Lands of Elena Temnikova, Red Shadow, Coaltion Of Fascist Nations, Union of Soviet Socialist Monarchies, BillyGamesCool FanClub, Iron Union, Anti Pepe, The Empire Of United Socialist Powers, Region of kangaroos and Elena

"Spring cleaning"
A propaganda poster commemorating the restoration of The New Dynasty of Yikestopia (11th March 2021)
Major General Qudaylan Karuluqushteri of Altaic Axis, burning the flags of previous raiders (The Black Hawks, Lily, The Glorious Nations of Iwaku, United Kingdom and The North Pacific), and Captain Stevie Roger of the Edmundian Empire

"One half to us and one half to you"
Dividing of the remaining 4 regions formerly ruled by Elena temnikova between Altay and Southern Army (25th and 29th November 2020)
Altay, Womania Slaves Camp, Womania Summer Imperial Palace, Southern Army, Womania Army and Womania Coliseum

2nd anniversary commemorative postcard (31st July 2020)
Altay, Altaic Axis, Elena, League Of Constructed Languages, United Federation of Fascist States, The Empire Of United Socialist Powers, Conquered Lands of Elena Temnikova, Eastern Tatarstan, Yanab, Cidade capitalista do sul, North sachalin, Entimide, Ulaanstan, Tengeruunistan, Western tatarstan, Bukharan republic, Tungustan, Siebten reich, Peaceful bosnia and herzegovina, Vietidielieneshchina, We have mutual friends, Not china i swear and EBISh

Army day commemorative postcard (27th May 2020)
Altaic Axis and the colonies of Elena, League Of Constructed Languages and the United Federation of Fascist States

Illustration from operation Shock 20 draft announcement (24th January 2020)
A random Altaic Axis soldier.

1st anniversary commemorative postcard (31st July 2019)
Altay, Eastern Tatarstan, Yanab, North sachalin, Entimide, Ulaanstan, Tengeruunistan, Western tatarstan, Bukharan republic, Tungustan, Siebten reich, Da bush, Qazaq argentinasi, Karijin and EBISh

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The All Sorts of Taost


is ranked 9,706th in the world and 1st in Bus Stop for Most Advanced Public Transport scoring 3,206.79 on the Societal Mobility Rating.

The United Kingdom of Miskhartia

25 Years ago today, Tupac was shot in Las Vegas

R.I.P Tupac Shakur

The Diplomatic State of The Kingdom Of The Three Isles

Again i forgot to make the poll public :/. Here it is!

The Kingdom of Hospe

Hello everyone. Please check this out.

2021 Oatland Motorsport Games
The 2021 Oatland Motorsports Games is the inaugural edition of the Oatland Motorsports Games.
The games are to be held annually in the second half of the year, it features four formats: Karting, Rallying, Open Wheel Racing, Endurance Racing.
The host country for 2021 is the Kingdom of Hospe.
The event is as much for competition as it is for showcasing the best of the host country and therefore the region.

All member nations of Oatland and nations that have an embassy with Oatland are eligible for the games.

How To Participate
Nations should telegram a list of contestants to Hospe and specify which event they will be taking part in. A single contestant may partake in both the Kart Racing Event and the Slalom Event( please specify if this is the case). However, Kart Racing and Karting Slalom are the only events that can experience contestant overlap.


  • Kart Racing- John Smith- Evans, Tyrone Sampson, Ella Shovlin, Kelly Smith.

  • Karting Slalom- Gbenga Smith, Lewis Smithson, Kelly Smith.

  • Open Wheel- Ryan Brown, Mary Brownlow

  • Endurance Racing- Kevin Nye, Lance Armstrong, Jordan Ade

  • Rallying
    Hospean Team Blue
    Bryce Hamilton
    Jenna Adams
    Hospean Team Green
    Louisa Chen
    Abike Fijabi

• Hospe
• Forest Virginia
• Octonovem
• Greater Ottonna
• Finmany
• Laufeyssen
• Hospean Border Islands
• Nerrise
• Tjorl

The official process for scoring will remain undisclosed. However, bonus points will be assigned for special notes and features such as: driver characteristics, a short paragraph on their backstory and past accolades.

Karting: Nations can enter as many as four(4) contestants for each event. The race event grid is decided by a two lap shootout in which the fastest legal times of each contestant is used to decide grid position.
The Slalom event features racing around cones on the track and receiving penalty points for every come knocked off.

1st - 35
2nd- 28
3rd - 25
4th - 22
5th - 18
6th - 16
7th - 14
8th - 12
9th - 10
10th - 8
11th - 6
12th - 4
13th - 3
14th - 2
15th -1
Fastest Lap -1
* A point for the fastest lap is only given if contestant finishes in the top 15.

• Race
• Slalom

Rallying: Nations may enter no more than two teams of two drivers each. The rally this year will consist of three stages: The Southern Stage where contestants will race through the southern country side which is currently experiencing heavy rainfall, the Central Stage with scorching desert conditions and the Northern stage with snow and ice over mountainous terrain. Points are allocated to top ten finishers per stage: 25-18-15-12-10-8-6-4-2-1.

• Stage Rallying

Open Wheel Racing: Nations may submit two contestants only. This will involving all contestants making use of a single chassis and engine type.
Qualifying is done through three knockout stages, where a group of drivers with the slowest times from each stage are left out of the next stage.
Points are assigned thus: 25-18-15-12-10-8-6-4-2-1
A point for fastest lap is assigned if the contestant finishes in the top ten.
• Grand Prix Racing

Endurance Racing: Each nation is allocated one car and should submit three drivers. The Sprint Qualifying driver should be specified from the above three. Contestants will partake in endurance racing events ranging from 6 to 18 hours. All contestants will make use of a single chassis and engine type.
Qualifying will will give contestants two laps to set a time, they will be classified by the fastest time.
Sprint Qualifying will be a five lap race which will decide the starting grid for the endurance event.
• Qualifying
• Sprint Qualifying
• Endurance Event

• October 1st-4th - Personnel Training Program(IC)
• October 11th - Signups Deadline
• October 12th- Opening Ceremony
• October 13th- Rally Practice Stage
- Endurance Racing Free Practice 1
- Kart Racing Free Practice
- Open Wheel Free Practice
- Endurance Racing Free Practice 2
- Kart Racing Practice and Qualifying
- Karting Slalom Training Session
- Open Wheel Practice and Qualifying

• October 14th - Rally Stage 1
- Open Wheel Race 1
- Endurance Racing Sprint Qualifying
- Karting Slalom Event 1
- 6 Hour Endurance Race
- Kart Racing Race 1

• October 15th - Rally Stage 2
- Endurance Racing Sprint Qualifying
- Karting Slalom Event 2
- 6 Hour Endurance Race
- Open Wheel Practice and Qualifying
- Kart Racing Practice and Qualifying
- Open Wheel Race 2

• October 16th - Kart Racing Race 2
- Open Wheel Practice
- Endurance Sprint Qualifying
- Karting Slalom Event 3
- 12 Hour Endurance Race
- Rally Stage 3

• October 17th - Rally Stage 3
- Open Wheel Qualifying
- Kart Racing Practice
- Open Wheel Race 3
- Kart Racing Race 3
- Endurance Sprint Sprint Qualifying
- Karting Slalom Event 4
- 6 Hour Endurance Race
•October 18th- Rally Stage 4
- Karting Practice and Qualifying
- Open Wheel Practice and Qualifying
- Karting Slalom Event 4
- Open Wheel Race 4
- Kart Racing Race 4
- Endurance Racing Sprint Qualifying
- Karting Slalom Event 5
- 18 Hour Endurance Race
- Karting Slalom Event 6
- Open Wheel Practice

•October 19th- 18 Hour Endurance Race
- Open Wheel Qualifying
- Kart Racing Practice and Qualifying
- Open Wheel Sprint Race
- Kart Racing Sprint Race
- Rally Stage 5
- Kart Racing Race 5
- Open Wheel Race 5
- Prize Giving Gala
•October 20th- Closing Ceremony.

The Opening Ceremony for the Inaugral Oatland Motorsports Games was celebrated in grand style at the Steel Jaw stadium in Freeland Harbour.
The event kicked off with a rousing rendition of the Oatlandian Anthem performed by the Hospean Metropolitan Orchestra.

An inauguration speech was given by Emperor Solis of Lennia.

The orchestra further regaled the audience with various performances of classic Oatlandian compositions.

A short film detailing the evolution of the automobile in Hospe was played.
The competitors from the nations: 
Hospe,Forest Virginia,Octonovem,Greater Ottonna,Finmany,Laufeyssen,Hospean Border Islands,Nerrise,Tjorl

marched out under their respective flags during the performance of the Motorsports Games theme song and were surrounded by a display of drones.

A show of stunt driving commenced, lit by strobe lights and pyrotechnics with an EDM and dubstep soundtrack provided by DJ Mousy.

The five trophies for Karting, Karting Slalom, Rallying, Endurance Racing and Open Wheel Racing were unveiled by King Jeffrey of Hospe , highlights from the most memorable motorsports events in Oatland were played.

The Opening Ceremony ended with a spectacular fireworks show to songs performed by Hospean rock band, Flowers For Anger.

Endurance Racing FP1
Endurance Racing Day One
Free Practice 1 got under way at the National Autodrome in Izio. The earlier rainfall meant the drivers had to contend with a drying track.
Simi Stucker would send Team Hospe's car into the gravel after misjudging his entry into Turn Four.
Team Forest Virginia spun several times on the track and narrowly avoided a pit lane collision with Team Octonovem. This led to a heated exchange of words between Octonovem's Natille Brunner and F. Virginia's Lee Godwin.
However, when the final times were chalked up, Team Forest Virginia would find themselves in p5 with a top time of 1:44:27.
Team Ottonna were fourth with a time of 1:44:05.
Team Hospean Border Islands had a quiet but speedy run finishing p3 with a time of 1:42:64.
Team Laufeyssen and Team Finmany would thrash it out at the top of the standings but Brad Elliot was able to some extra tenths of a second putting Team Finmany on the top step with a time of 1:40:12 as compared to Team Laufeyssen's top time of 1: 41: 04.

1 Team Finmany 1:40:12
2 Team Laufeyssen 1: 41: 04
3 Team Hospean Border Islands 1:42:64
4 Team Greater Ottonna 1:44:05
5 Team Forest Virginia 144:27
6 Team Hospe 1:44:29
7 Team Octonovem 1:45:01
8 Team Tjorl 1:45:09
9 Team Nerrise 1:47: 00

Kart Racing Free Practice 1
Free Practice 1 commenced at the Ozara International Circuit.
Eevi Larsen of Laufeyssen topped the time sheets with a time of 1: 27:08.
Octonovem's Gregory Havirz and Louie Vega rounded up the top three in second and third respectively.

Endurance Racing FP2
Free Practice Two commenced after the Open Wheel racers had their own free practice session. 

All teams set improved times but we saw a new number one as Forest Virginia beat their fp1 time by over six seconds.

Team Nerrise improved their time by three seconds but still brought up the rear. The Hospean Border Islands were the only to not post an improved result posting a slower time than their earlier effort. 

Team Octonovem took five seconds off their earlier effort to claim the number two slot. The Tjorlish team also improved their lap time but could only move up two places into sixth.

1 Team Forest Virginia 1:38:21
2 Team Octonovem 1:40:04
3 Team Finmany 1:40:10
4 Team Laufeyssen 1:40:11
5 Team Hospe 1:40:16
6 Team Tjorl 1: 42:12
7 Team Hospean Border Islands 1:43:20
8 Team Greater Ottonna 1: 44: 02
9 Team Nerrise 1: 44:09

Kart Racing Free Practice 2
Hospe's Iris Freed set the early standard with a 1:25:00. Multiple attempts to match this time led to nothing but a stunning late lap by Eevi Larsen put Team on top with a 1:24: 44 with only four minutes left in the session.
Tjorl's Rosemarie Lafrentz rounded up the top three with a time of 1: 25: 04.

Kart Racing Qualifying
After an hour in which many teams rushed to make necessary adjustments to their karts, it was time for Qualifying.
All eyes were on Eevi Larsen and she failed to disappoint, setting an astounding 1: 23: 35 time early in the session. Eleven minutes from the end of the session, however a bevy of faster times rolled in. Octonovem's Louie Vega put himself on provisional pole with a time of 1:23:05, but on the same lap Finmany's Max Grove and Cam Tyrrell brought in near identical lap times of 1:23:02 and 1:23:03. Tjorlish representative Lafrentz also found her stride with a 1:23:00.
It would be Hospe's Iris Freed that would take the times to another level with a 1:22: 71 and claim pole position to deafening applause. The fast lap times kept rolling in, including an improved result from pole favourite Eevi Larsen.
Qualifying Results
1 Iris Freed Hospe 1:22:71
2 Rosemarie Lafrentz Tjorl 1:23:00
3 Max Grove Finmany 1:23:02
4 Cam Tyrrell Finmany 1:23:03
5 Louie Vega Octonovem 1:23:05
6 Eevi Larsen Laufeyssen 1:23:07
7 Cash Bowyer Forest Virginia 1:23:09
8 Gregory Havirz Octonovem 1: 23:11
9 Rochas Okaro Hospe 1:23:14
10 Ismail Amani Nerrise 1:23: 20
11 Anders Andreassen Laufeyssen 1: 23:24
12 Rick Smithy Finmany 1:24:01
13 Matthδus Holgersen Tjorl 1:24:06
14 Natalia Saller Tjorl 1:25:11
15 Mariam Garba Hospe 1:25:14
16 Jari Hansen Laufeyssen 1:25:21
17 Kelean Harvick Forest Virginia 1:26:00
18 Rosco Martin Forest Virginia 1:26:07
19 Mitch Smith Finmany 1:26:11
20 Khadija Shiri Nerrise 1:26:13
21 Andrew Masoumi Nerrise 1:26:14
22 Hansjφrg Hermansen Tjorl 1:26:19

Special Thanks to Aclion. I got a lot of inspiration from their dispatches.

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Thank you.

The Democratic Republic of Ricore

Hello, Norbert Michelange of Ricore, Minister of Morning Calm for Lewisham here, I wish you well☕ *sips coffee and puts it down on the coaster*

Well, N-Day⁶☢️☢️☢️ has come and gone (our faction Chips and Crisps came 106th place after being knocked down from 24th by griefing trolls and their gameplay 😒) but what did YOU think of it? Too much 🦀 and 🥔 or not enough nukes to go round, or just simply overrated fuss for nothing?

Please check out our poll and vote in our diplomatic survey about N-Day⁶, we'd love to hear what you think on Lewisham's rmb!
Stay safe and have a good weekend!


Vehicle Overview

A typical airship from Paperino's military fleet, the Aerowing is a jet plane that is also capable of interspace flight. The ship has a nose shaped like a hockey mask, and three main exits through front, side, and bottom hatches. There is a seat and seatbelt for each team member, and console panels mainly for navigation and weapons control. The Aerowing also has room to store other vehicles in the cargo bay, including several gliders.

The Aerowing is equipped with a constant link to Drake 1, and emergency medical supplies. Weaponry ranges from dual laser cannons to missile launchers. It has a hangar in the Pond beneath the ice rink, and the roof of the building opens to allow the Aerowing to launch.

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The Spooky Scary Skeletons of North-West Commland

Wheres my bus today?

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