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Welcome to Northern Utopia! Founded in July 2017, we are an independent roleplay region for all.

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Northern Utopia contains 72 nations, the 249th most in the world.

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The Largest Soda Pop Sector in Northern Utopia

The World Census recorded sales of fizzy syrup water in order to determine which nations have the largest beverage industries.

As a region, Northern Utopia is ranked 12,457th in the world for Largest Soda Pop Sector.

1.The Republic of Epic gamers2Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“Free the gamers!”
2.The Incorporated States of Arrettrez Holding CompanyCapitalist Paradise“Live rich. Live short.”
3.The Reformed State of New Republic of FronteraCivil Rights Lovefest“Novus Ordos”
4.The Most Serene Republic of MilterniaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Strength Through Freedom”
5.The Federation of Yotsubishi Heavy IndustryDemocratic Socialists“Cuteness is Justice”
6.The Protectorate of LeidengardeMoralistic Democracy“For God, For Crown, For Country”
7.The Constitutional Monarchy of Thanedom of JonFather Knows Best State“Prideful, Determined, Strong”
8.The Federal Republic of East LismoreInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Peace through Strength”
9.The Dictatorship of GreshimpreaIron Fist Consumerists“Strength Through Compliance”
10.The Provider of NU DispatchDemocratic Socialists“NU's official dispatch management nation.”
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The Frozen Islands of Neyde Spears Kingdom


after several months of delay and technical difficulties (mostly caused by a family of dolphins stealing the tech equipment) NU Vision is back!
the rules are the same as ever: submit a song, give points to your favourites and then we will reveal the results! this editions winner gets a lifetime supply of Neyde Spears bobbleheads as well as a new and exciting nuclear weapon.

the theme for this NU Vision is the Autumn; songs which remind you of falling leaves, quiet grey days and even the cold windy nights as halloween draws near. submit your songs by the deadline of Friday the 11th of September! best of luck and NO VOTING FOR YOURSELF

(OOC: just a rule refresher, submit songs that remind you of the autumn by telegramming a youtube link to me, when the submission period is over i will make a playlist of the songs and a form to award points with. then the winner will be revealed after a few days!)

The Republic of Protectorate Hungary

The Grand Senate, Buda, Hungary. President Jason Coro-Coro had called his parliament for a special meeting - it was usually called twice a month, however needs must and it would have to be called a third time on this occasion. He was going over his notes for his speech - he knew it had to be perfect, otherwise parliament wouldn’t support him; and despite having worked on it for over a month, he had constant nagging doubts that it was terrible.
There was no more time for that, however, as a few moments after he’d finished going over his lines for the sixth time, the huge double doors at the front of the building creaked open slowly and two lines of politicians cams in single file - on the left, the government made up of the Christian Socialist part; the right, the opposition, the led by the farmer-labourer party, along with numerous other small parties.
As the members of parliament took their seats, Jason took to the stage in between the two sets of benches, cleared his throat, then began his speech.

“Fellow Hungarians: eighty-six years ago, the Hungarian economy collapsed, our nation brought to the brink of ruin by excessive spending and budget mismanagement. In our hour of the need, the Kingdom of Svalbard came to our aid, giving us a bailout and allowing our fledgling republic to survive - but not only this, they also leased the territory of Svarizia; the home of their people, an inarguably important symbolic and economic region, to us. They entrusted us with their most prized possession as a motion of trust and solidarity: and now it is time for us to return the favour.
After Jason had finished his speech, the following csőcselék (the Magyar word for parliamentary discussion) was absolute chaos. Regarded, it usually wasn’t exactly the epitome of orderliness, but today it was especially bad; everyone spoke as if their main goal was to out-shout everyone else - worryingly for Jason, this was not just across the floor, but members of his own party were having screaming contests at each other, even on the front bench. Some of these fights even began to become violent as people of opposing views starting throwing punches at each other. Some senators against the return of Svarizia starting calling for Coro-Coro to fight them, however he had already reclusively dipped from the senate and left in his car.
He knew the motion was bound to be controversial, however he had hoped it may go down a little more smoothly than that; but regardless, the coming days were going to be full of strife.

The Federal Republic of The Enclave congressional armed forces

The Island on the horizon

It was safe to say that Dr. Tyson Everett was not a fan of the cold. Looking out his porthole revealed that snow was now falling from the heavens, accumulating on the lip of his window, and falling harmlessly into the dark ocean below.

It was safe to say he really hated the cold right now. Pulling his blanket tighter, he took to re-reading the files on his table for what felt like the 100th time that evening, at least, the parts that weren’t blacked out by ink, that is.

By Congress, how he wished the State Department had at least put him on a ship with decent heating. But no, they had decided to ship him out on the oh so lovely ECN Unyielding. A quaint little corvette half a century out of date, only saved from being scuttled by its long service history during the pacification campaigns. The Unyielding had been his home for the past week and a half while en-route to some new island the Enclave had sunk its teeth into at the edge of the world.

He was still surprised that the claiming of this island had barely shown up in state media broadcast. Usually, the State Department would flaunt newly acquired territory to the citizens of the Enclave in hopes of attracting new settlers to the area, so you could imagine his surprise when it was only mentioned in passing by the media.

But that was neither here nor there. What did matter was the cold that seemed to bypass the ancient bulkhead of his cabin, and leech the heat directly from his bones. He had known it would be cold this far south at this time of year, but he had no idea it would be this cold. He had grown up accustomed to the scorching heat of the wasteland, not the unyielding cold of the poles.

He still didn’t really know why he was en-route to this island anyways. The files he’d been reading had been near useless in their current state, only giving him the faintest idea on what he was getting himself into.

So far, all he knew was that they found something. Something they had not been expecting, or even looking for. They had found ruins. Of what? Of who? He had no idea. From what he could gleam from the report, they had uncovered these ruins during some sort of large scale construction effort currently underway on the island. Apparently, the State Department had found the ruins more interesting than whatever they had previously been working on, and focused their efforts on studying them instead of bulldozing over them and continuing construction, hence why he was currently on a ship freezing his butt off in the middle of the ocean.

At least he wasn’t the only one suffering from the cold. From the limited interactions he had with the crew of the Unyielding, he had learned that dozens of other scientists and scholars had also been brought on to help study and catalog these ruins. He had yet to meet any of these people, as he had barely left his cabin. He just couldn’t brave the cold as some of the others had, and as such, remained in his cabin in the hopes of retaining body heat.

He was able to take solace in the fact that in just a few days time, they’d arrive at their destination and disembark this lemon of a ship, and shack up in the newly built base camp that was rumored to have a great central heating unit.

By Congress he could just imagine the luxurious heat that awaited him in his new posting. Tossing the files onto the nearby table and flicking off his overhead light, he curled up on his uncomfortably cold cot, and dozed off to the thought of a nice warm bed.

Oh Congress, he couldn’t wait to get to this island.

To be continued...

The Frozen Islands of Neyde Spears Kingdom


with several fabulous entries, NU vision is back with a blast. You may vote whether you entered a song or not, so no worries there!

the entered songs can be found here --->

the voting form here --->

remember the rules (No voting for yourself especially!) and have fun :D

Post by Meera Merr suppressed by Grenopia.

The United States of Meera Merr

Neyde Spears Kingdom wrote:Neyde sat sullenly in her room. Another hazy day. The sunlight glared through the unwanted gap in the curtain, brightening up the dust and dryness around her. She hadn't been out in a while, so much to do, so many plans that had just come up to nothing. Now the Autumn was coming, still no transport reservations, still no work with the fairies, the historical book hadn't even been started. It all felt empty.

"Is this what you wanted?" a husky voice asked from across the room
"Oh piss off you," Neyde sighed, heaving over the bed to get a glass of water. She hadn't been drinking enough that day.
"Is this what you wanted?" it repeated itself, sounding as dried out as a dead insect "try try try, always saying you'll do this or do that. and nothing. why? too lazy?"
Neyde tried her best to ignore whatever the thing was, waving her arms like a tired butterfly. Tiredly, she sat up on the bed and reached for a packet of crisps.
"Its not my fault. I'm not very well at the moment."
"But what happened to all those outlets?" the voice seemed to be touching her shoulders now "all those stories you wanted to write, all the changes you wanted to make to help others out. The song contest? all gone down the drain. and for what?"
"Maybe i just don't want this anymore..." Neyde sighed suddenly. Her eyes felt heavy.

She flopped back onto the bed "all those dreams i had when i was little, maybe its time to just give them up. They always say follow your dreams or whatevs but at the end of the day its all the same sappy bollocks. I can't do it anymore, what's the use?"
The thing seemed to smile then "leave" it whispered. "Leave this place, don't tell anyone, don't make a show of it. Just close the door and don't ever look back. No use now." its dry voiced soothed out "its never for ever; you move on, people forget about you. you don't need to keep forcing it. just leave."

Neyde sat still for a second, then she smiled and she shook her head. "you're right. things do move on. But not this." She stood up then, not looking strong, not defiant, but calm. "I might not be able to do everything i wanted to do right now, but that doesn't mean I'll never do it right?" The voice drew back, stuttering.
"No, i get to talk now" Neyde paced up to her mirror, fitting on her old lipstick. It was dry, she hadn't worn it in a while, but she didn't care, "Its not set in stone, it never is, now if you'd leave me alone now, I'm trying to have a little rest."
She expected a response, but none came. Smiling, she headed back to her bed, and this time she made sure the curtains were closed. Closing her eyes, she remembered a story she had made up for her teddy bears as a little girl, but she had never had time to finish it.
"Now then..." she whispered softly to herself, as she slowly drifted off into a dream.


The Republic of AusValia

OOC: Cheers all. I am back after a nice break, well kind of a break. Anyways, just continuing from where I left off with an election. I have been roleplaying on Discord and got use to writing short "get to the point stories" so bare with me as my writing skills will be on the low side and not comparable to you all.

Election Day

9:00 AM

Polls are open across the entire country as people begin to file in to cast their vote for the next leader of Australia. The candidates have been preparing for what could be a very close election, as early exit polls show a dog fight across the country. To make matters even more complicated, Independent candidates are polling just as high as party candidates, meaning this election could very close, it will certainly be a long night for all. President Williams voted first thing this morning in his home town, while UFP candidate, Thomas Westmoreland voted alongside his wife just a few minutes ago. ACP candidate William McAvoy said he will spend the day campaigning, a last ditch effort to reach some undecideds.

1:30 PM
Exit Poll Update: (Not the final tally)

Westmoreland/Baker (UFP)- 209,716
McAvoy/Hurst (ACP)- 225,684
Meko Haze (IND)- 400,012
Howard Stackhouse (IND)- 133,588

Lower House
UFP- Chances of majority- 58%
ACP- Chances of majority- 41%

Upper House
ACP- Chances of majority- 50%
UFP- Chances of majority- 50%

9:30 PM

Polls are now closed across the country as the hard task now moves to counting each and every vote. UFP candidate Thomas Westmoreland has shown a strong lead throughout the day with ACP candidate William McAvoy falling behind. While there is still a long way to go before declaring a winner, it is clear to see Westmoreland is in a comfortable postion. Howard Stackhouse, meanwhile, is leading with the Independent vote, however still far behind either of the party candidates. Stackhouse has so far recieved more votes than any other independent candidate in the nation's history. Stackhouse is polling very high with young voters, up 14% from the last election.

President Elect Stackhouse

Howard Stackhouse has just been declared the winner of the Australian election, breaking many firsts. Stackhouse will not only be the oldest person to hold office, but he will be the first Independent to hold elected office. President Elect Howard Stackhouse was polling behind most of the candidates for a majority of the election, but began recieving a last minute surge, likely picking up most, if not all, of the 8% of undecided voters.

"My father was a mechanic, and my mother a domestic servant, and I never dreamed I'd have this chance to serve so many people in so many ways. It would be easy for me to stand here a declare a sweeping mandate for this term, but I can't do that. This was a razor thin election. I've got a lot of reaching out to do. I am more thankful than I can ever say, that you have given me an opportunity that comes to few people, perhaps fewer are worthy of it."

Post self-deleted by Northern Missouri State.

The Frozen Islands of Neyde Spears Kingdom


After much delay the NU vision winner will finally be announced! We only received 5 voters which is slightly annoying BUT we did have a close race!

Finishing last with no points, sadly United Kingdom of Miotia-Candor didn't manage to gain favour this edition
In joint second to last, The Soviet state of Svalbard and Thanedom of Jon finish with 15 points each.
And lastly in the lower half, New Republic of Frontera's slimey entry garnered 20 points, which has caused great annoyance amongst the smile population.

Moving on however, things got really close with our top four!
Arwindom finished with a very strong 45 points, getting the most points at the start, and no wonder with the fantastic song they entered.
SO this leaves us with the final three: Corlenia Kjanu and somehow us. Two of these nations finished with 50 points each, but one edged out the win with 55 points.

winner is..........

Congratulations! You slightly odd folk have won for the second straight time with a fantastic song! For your reward you get a large supply of Pumpkins, some Autumnal spiced candles and a free WMD of your choice!

So that's it for this edition, stay tuned for our Winter NU vision in December!

The Democratic Republic of Embassys of Pluto

At 14:00 , a Plutonian plane,crashed near a military base,at first,it was frowned upon ,then the EOPAI discovered something inside ,several bombs,and a letter,instructions were found within the letter,Clearly,they were radicals,or were they,it was encoded within a strange language not known, some one would have to step foward...and soon...

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