Northern Utopia World Census

The Largest Governments in Northern Utopia

World Census agents lined up at public agencies around the world in order to study the extent of government in nations, taking into consideration economic output, social and cultural significance, and raw size.

As a region, Northern Utopia is ranked 2,295th in the world for Largest Governments.

1.The Unified Provinces of JezabelstienCorrupt Dictatorship“Praise Irene.”
2.The Alpine Kingdom of The Soviet state of SvalbardScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Better dead than a weeb”
3.The Democratic Socialist State of KjanuLeft-wing Utopia“Peace, Protection, Prosperity”
4.The Indivisible Republic of GrenopiaLeft-wing Utopia“ceg ńotaizekik ici'ījaiko”
5.The Royal Constitutional Regency of United Kingdom of Miotia-CandorInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Cry if you need to, but don't run away from living.”
6.The United Socialist States of Nordic Democratic RepublicScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Equality, life, and freedom for all!”
7.The Highest Imperial Federation of Feng DynastyMother Knows Best State“Bright as a Crowned Phoenix's Flight”
8.The Federal Republic of East LismoreInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Peace through Strength”
9.The Dominion of DarkStar CabalPsychotic Dictatorship“Absolution through Technological Domination”
10.The Grand Capitalist Rebublic of United KuzikstanIron Fist Consumerists“We are not your enemy, until you make us one.”
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