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Founder: The Hyperborean Empire of Vostag

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Chief Executive:
Thor Odinson Vostag

Chancellor: OPEN Elect: TBD

Foreign Affairs Minister: James Krull of The Berber states Elect: May. 17
Domestic Affairs Minister: Mike Vilkas of Sain Coan Elect: June. 23
Defense Minister: Otto Wulf of Volohk Elect: June. 12
Communications Minister: Edgar Amontillado of Snowshoe Elect: June. 17

Embassies: The Illuminati, United Governments of NationStates, Coalition of Sovereign Nations, The Dirt Alliance, The Embassy, REGION OF HONOR, Eladen, Scandinavia, Wyndia, Imperial Russian Empire, The Bar on the corner of every region, Grand Central, Solar Alliance, Yarnia, Avadam Inn, Arconian Empire, and 132 others.Official European Union, Hollow Point, Regionless, The Arab League Congress, United States of America, Sikh Empire, Ozzy, The Republic Nations, International Debating Area, Laotis, The Great Universe, Gypsy Lands, The Vast, The Commonwealth Of Furry Peoples, The Milky Way Galaxy, Trump, East Asian Dominion, Region of Heroes, The Association of The United Continents, Union of Nationalists, Altmora, The Confederacy of Free Lands, Austro Hungarian Empire, Shrayan Bose, The Coalition of Fascist Nations, Novo Brasil, Despotic Europe, The Alliance of Dictators, Machtpolitik, Imperial Fatherland, The Alterran Republic, The Fallout Wasteland, Coin Collecting Club, Azerupt, United Imperial Union, Free Market Federation, Eastern Roman Empire, The New Mappers Union, Brasil, The Rose Garden, Zentari, The Empire of Friendship, Japan, Conservative League, Kylden, Haiku, Capitalist Libertarian Freedom Region, The Glorious Nations of Iwaku, Groland, Union of Christian Nations, MentosLand, Farkasfalka, The Reunited Resistance Against Liberals, Cold Springs, The Greater Nazi Empire, Arctic, Golden Dragons, NationStates White Genocide Memorial, Lardyland, The United Empires of Carson, Existence, Australia, The Sands, Northern Atlantic Ocean, The Augusto Pinochet Vengeance Force, United Fascist Workers Association, Region Name, Fredonia, Imperium of Earth, League Of Allied Powers, The Holy Reich of Greater Germania, Lands End, Corporate Allies United, Turkic Union, Pax Britannia, Emirates of Futurnia, Atonement of Harmony, The Commonwealth of Crowns, nasunia, Sunalaya, The Dank Meme Alliance, Commonwealth States, Prince Edward Island, The Persian Empire, Empire of Andrew, The Savage Garden, The Parliamentary Union of Nations, Sarnor, The Moderate Alliance, Imperial Catholic Alliance, Crystal Empire, Pontbridge Islands, The Sea Of Love, Portugal, Free Union Capitalist States, Union of Allied States, Die Schwarze Sonne, HoH SiS, Jakarta, J o J, Dream Land, Happy Utopia, The Confederacy Of Kishkhat, International sovereignty pact, Capitalist Paradise, Ozymandium, Monarchist and Democratic Alliance, Northern Africa, ACA, The United Coalition of Nation States, Non Aligned Movement, Australialia, United Christian Empires of the West, ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ, France, Chicken overlords, The Cormorant Pact, fluffy squishfish, The Interdimensional Community, Westeros Total War, The Flying Fishes Bait Shop, HALO UNIVERSE, The Reich, Glass Gallows, Union of Justice, The Assembly of Sovereign Nations, Steam Islands, The Black Fleet, Lisseum, Mad Land of the Mad Madmen, Zero Zero Zero Zero, and Slavers Bay.

Construction of embassies with Oneid has commenced. Completion expected .

Construction of embassies with Commonwealth of Mankind has commenced. Completion expected .

Tags: Anarchist, Anti-Communist, Anti-General Assembly, Anti-Security Council, Anti-World Assembly, Capitalist, Casual, Communist, Conservative, Democratic, Fascist, Featured, and 24 others.Free Trade, Imperialist, Independent, Industrial, Isolationist, Large, Liberal, Libertarian, Map, Modern Tech, Monarchist, National Sovereigntist, Neutral, Pacifist, Past Tech, Post-Modern Tech, Regional Government, Role Player, Serious, Social, Socialist, Surreal, Theocratic, and Totalitarian.

Regional Power: Moderate

Barbaria contains 96 nations, the 198th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Devout in Barbaria

World Census Inquisitors conducted rigorous one-on-one interviews probing the depth of citizens' beliefs in order to determine which nations were the most devout.

As a region, Barbaria is ranked 2,976th in the world for Most Devout.

1.The Democratic People's Republic of New GoguryeoPsychotic Dictatorship“The State protects.”
2.The Confederate States of TritraMoralistic Democracy“A Land of Morals.”
3.The Kingdom of ValgoriaIron Fist Consumerists“Valgoria belongs to the Nords!”
4.The Theocratic Order of Cascirula DominionIron Fist Consumerists“Respect and Loyaty to the Dominion!”
5.The Confederate Principalities of Solitude IslesPsychotic Dictatorship“May it rain Blood!”
6.The Imperial Confederacy of Holy Barbarian EmpireCorporate Police State“Ærlighet for imperiet!”
7.The Constitutional Monarchy of CaruikaIron Fist Consumerists“Honesty. Servitude. Honor.”
8.The Free Land of SnowshoeAnarchy“Keep on Shoe'n, or don't, it's none of my business”
9.The Godly Empire of CulofIron Fist Consumerists“For the Unity and Grace, from Our God.”
10.The Republic of South CarambeCorporate Bordello“Al'Rise Under Warring State!”
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Regional Poll • What is Your Nation's Main Source of Energy?

Poll called by The Free Land of Snowshoe

Voting opened 2 days 11 hours ago and will close . Open to residents. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

Last poll: “What is your Nation's National Beverage?”

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Barbaria Regional Message Board


The Godly Empire of Culof

Malulota wrote:Does anyone want to sell me nukes?

Why on God's green earth would I sell you nukes? No. Just, no.

The Stratocracy of Hunnack Orionus

Malulota wrote:Does anyone want to sell me nukes?

Even though you are my friend. No.

The Dope Republic of Free Regay

Malulota wrote:Does anyone want to sell me nukes?

even though my country doesn't believe or use WMD's, I would never sell you nukes, so no.

The Absolute Monarchy of Velbria

Malulota wrote:Does anyone want to sell me nukes?


The Social Democracy of Vasnlia

Malulota wrote:Does anyone want to sell me nukes?

If I were to agree, I might as well just nuke my own country back to the stone age to save you the time. Never, no I will not.

The Grand State of Malulota

rough crowd.

The Constitutional Monarchy of Nambaslavic

You came across a tribe on the shore of one of the islands. It seemed to you that the last time you were here, the coast was empty for many kilometers.
Despite the fact that you hear the language of local people for the first time in a couple of days, you get used to it.
This is Nambaslavic. They are ruled by Tsar Nambat the First. People say that through him God himself commands people.
Despite isolation, people have achieved significant technology and are not far behind you. What will bring these people will show the future.

The Hyperborean Empire of Vostag

What in the name... 82 friggin posts... Got me thinkin we had spammers.

Welcome new nation. If you have any questions then feel free to ask me in the form of a telegram.

The Hyperborean Empire of Vostag

Garnel wrote:The Garō stay silent apart from the whispers of a few retelling everything to those who were on lookout
“We understand everything and any problems or unforeseen circumstances will be quickly handled regardless of who does what in my opinion...” the leader states with “confidence” still keeping a mostly monotonous voice

IC: The agent gets a strange look on his face; "Hey. Dont I know you buddy? From Garnel right? Um. Cheche...or um Chiache! That's right. You were there when Chiache was in charge I think. Now that was some fun work for me. But anyway. Any questions from you Volohk boys?"

The Provisional government of Garnel

Vostag wrote:IC: The agent gets a strange look on his face; "Hey. Dont I know you buddy? From Garnel right? Um. Cheche...or um Chiache! That's right. You were there when Chiache was in charge I think. Now that was some fun work for me. But anyway. Any questions from you Volohk boys?"

The garō leader steps back, they havent Heard- that Name in years...not just because he was prime minister but because he personally trained him at one point...regardless he keeps his composure and is thankful he switched subjects

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