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1.The Confederate Empire of Sheng ChinaMother Knows Best State“大皇后万岁,大帝国万岁”
2.The Holy Empire of Greater CoreaDemocratic Socialists“All Hail Corea! (대한제국 을 위하여!)”
3.The Kingdom of AspfallAnarchy“Ultio Et Fama”
4.The Republic of KorenaNew York Times Democracy“Liberty, Justice, and Prosperity For All”

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The United Empire of Argent

Happy Easter to all who celebrate!! <3

Sheng China, Tokora, Roman Hibernia, Florentinz, and 1 otherYangtian

The Democratic Republic of Tokora

Argent wrote:Happy Easter to all who celebrate!! <3



Manchuria changes its flag

The ascension of Aisin Gioro Xian on the orchid throne was an historic event in Manchu history as it marked the first time a woman became a reigning monarch in Manchuria. She was also the youngest empress on the throne at a mere 29 years old. This, however was not the only surprising event that happened. A few days after she became the Yangxi empress, the government announced that the country would change its flag for the third time of its history. The flag most manchus were used to was the yellow flag with five stripes in the canton, each representing one of the 5 main ethnic groups of the country, being Manchus, Han chinese, Russians, Japanese and Koreans respectively, under the autoritarian rule of the Wangshan Emperor from 2020 to 2060, the flag became associated with opression such as what was endured under the Kangde emperor, in an era when the concordia association, which is today Manchuria's dominent party despite the democratisation towards the end of the Wangshan emperor's rule, was still the sole legal political party. As such, the flag became increasingly associated with the party which, was also responsable for the forcefull ethnic cleansing of Han chinese in the 1950's. With this in mind, the empress proposed a bill to parliament to change the flag to a new one she had previously created. The flag features two horizontal stripes of equal size splitting the flag in two, the upper one being red and the lower one being yellow. The flag also features the imperial seal on the left corner of the red stripe. Red is meant to represent the Han, Japanese and Koreans as well as the han who were killed, while the yellow represents the Russians and Manchus. The flag was nicknamed the "Han and Manchu friendship flag" by the empress and was officially adopted by parliament. political analysts say this might be a turning point in Sino Manchurian relations as this could indicate an attempt at a rapprochement with china which would be yet another historic event for Manchuria.

The Confederate Empire of Sheng China

Argent wrote:Appearing from the shadows as the Prince assumed he was hiding, Jin-ho made straight for the bar in the room as he answered the Prince, "To be blunt, your highness, yes. Yes, he is trying to kill you."

Opening the bar and quickly finding the good baijiu with a smile Jin-ho starts pouring two glasses, "Maybe not actively, mind you, but he is certainly setting you up for failure."

"He knows that the situation is bad. Very bad. So bad, that he and you both are not likely to fix it without serious external help; likely from the Imperial Army." Jin-ho returns the cap to the bottle and places the expensive liquor back in the bar. He walks over to where the Prince sits and offers him a glass. "A call which he will not do in order to save his own skin."

Sitting himself down next to Zixin, Jin-ho continues, "Summoning the full might of the Colonial Militia would draw too much attention as well." The agent takes a quick sip of the baijiu and gives an audible sigh. "That's good."

"So, he is setting you up to be the fall guy. If you fail at Sana'a then you can be blamed for the entirety of the situations severity because you were too incompetent to win or manage the war. Then he can ride in ahead of the Colonial Militia or the Imperial Army sweep the insurgents aside in glorious Imperial fashion." He declares sweeping his hand through the air before turning it into a fist. He turns back to his drink and takes another sip.

"He'll be hailed as a hero and you'll be cast down again as a failed upstart. Or you'll be dead. Win-win for him." Jin-ho sighs as he shakes his head, "Even if you succeed, he takes credit for providing you with forces. Minimal though they be."

The man then jumps to his feet and downs the last of the baijiu in his glass before making for the bar again. At the bar he takes the bottle out and this time decides to take it with him back to his seat next to Zixin. Before he sits he gives Zixin a wicked smile, "What we need to do is out maneuver him in an embarrassing fashion. A coup de grâce."

Zixin begrudgingly takes the glass offered to him and takes a small sip; not really interested in drinking, but equally disinterested in being completely sober. As Jin-ho elaborates on Governor Xiong's motives, Zixin hopes it will throw some water on the angry inferno building at the notion of this fat, aged governor standing in his way.

The drink does not help as Jin-ho continues to speak on the Governor's motives and two faced nature which only fuels the fire. He propels himself to his feet and paces about erratically for a moment, hoping to dispel some of the agitation at Jin-ho’s mention of being "cast down as a failed upstart." The word 'fail' echoes in his head as heat bubbles in his chest. He can feel the warm flush of anger working its way up his neck, and it takes everything in his power to contain his emotions and to not lash out. He breathes heavily through clenched teeth. His knuckles turn white in his balled fists.

Once his ire is successfully curbed, for now, the young prince turns to silence Jin-ho on the subject when he notices the Argentian agent's smile. Zixin knows the wicked smile as a sign that Jin-ho has a plan.

"I like embarrassing. I’d prefer utterly ruining, but embarrassing will do." Zixin retrieves his still- full glass and finishes it off in a few short gulps, enjoying how the warm burn of the alcohol spreads across his chest and literally melts the tension throughout his body. The prince raises the glass to Jin-ho for a refill. "What do you have in mind, my friend?"


Feniks Nadezhdy, Shesterniserdtse, Eastern Europe

The silence in the white marble covered office was broken with the deep inhale of a cigarette. Loosening his tie Alexi turned on the office TV with a click of a simple sleek remote. The national news blaring to life as Dimitri, Alexi’s advisor, enters the room. The glow of the television casted onto Alexi as the two reports sat behind a clean gray desk with a fake green screened city landscape in the background.

In latest news: Industry! To much of a surprise of stock market analysts the merging of the national stock markets since the birth of the nation has resulted in an unremarkable smooth transition with little to no bumps on the road of capitalism! Much of this success can be credited to Industry Cassanova, Casimir Bosnasiev. CEOs in the mining, pharmaceuticals and elecontrics markets have stated that due to Mr. Bosnasiev’s financial guidance to several well known Shesterniserdtse corporations, he has been the messiah like figure of those who send their prayers to the rolling green.” The female reporter would say in rather thick sounding, strong and proper Russian. The male reporter sitting across from her staring at his own tie every so often at what seemed like a faded water spot. Alexi chuckling at the awkward man slightly with puffs of smoke escaping his mouth and darting for the ceiling.

How are things today my friend? You seem more tired than usual.” Dimitri would ask, walking over right before the couch Alexi was lounging on, blocking half of the TV from Alexi’s sight, clutching a newspaper under his arm and a cup of coffee in his right hand in which he would offer to the Prime Minister.

Eh...I admit Dimitri I’m stressed about the nation. Sure it’s normal for a national leader to worry about his people but we are much like an infant child taking their first steps amongst the world stage filled with adults. I want these people to thrive and prosper but I’m quickly learning anything I do will piss off someone. I mean sure a few people to be angry about change is expected but after holding council with Speaker Huznmin and Deputy Minister Mutasnez any decree or bill I wish to propose seems to have some sorta negative effect.” Alexi would confess to his dear friend and political advisor, running his free hand through his hair clearly filled with anxiety as he’d hold his right hand above the glass ashtray on the office’s coffee table tapping his cigarette ash into it.

Well Alexi you can’t please everyone but if you ask me you’re doing a good job so far. I mean hell, you don’t have soldiers marching through the streets and you haven’t proposed anything to your sole benefit or that of the circle around you. I’d say you’re doing better than most. That being said I can understand your stress but we both know some of the things you’d like to propose would never get through the Federal Council. I mean redirecting funds from the military into medical research? It’s a noble thing for sure but are you trying to piss off the second most popular political party of the nation? One that mind you is entirely run by “keep the nation pure” kinda people? You’re practically asking for someone to start taking shots at you!” Dimitri would say in a compassionate yet stern tone. Placing a firm comforting hand on the shoulder of Alexi’s suit jacket.

Dimitri I understand it sounds crazy but it would benefit the majority of the nation’s citizens. We spend an outrageous amount of military funding for what? Production of swords for Officers? I mean Christ Dimitri we’re talking about a group of people that FIGHT one another for promotions! What kinda message does that send to our youth who mind you are REQUIRED to serve the military for at least two years? The indoctrination these poor kids go through has to be traumatizing. Can you imagine if you’re some college age kid wanting to have a career as a chef and you get drilled the mentality that you need to practically beat your boss in hand to hand combat for a promotion/pay raise?” Alexi would vent off in a concerned tone that could only be described much akin to a father worrying about his child.

It’s a noble cause that we can spend some time talking more in depth on later. I understand where you’re coming from trust me. But I think we need to worry about a couple of other things that we can look into while we’re still in office with the possibility of actually making change. Take a look at this.” Dimitri would say patting Alexi’s shoulder for a moment before tossing the newspaper under his arm into Alexi’s lap and starting to light up a cigarette for himself. Walking over to the window and making sure the blinds would be closed and the door to the office firmly shut.

”Natalia Gutsoviz found dead”!? The grassroots organization leader? Dimitri when the hell did this happen? We used to campaign with her at universities...” Alexi would nearly shout in a shaking complexion, rapidly flipping through the newspaper at the speed of light, his cigarette brushing against the thin paper a few times singeing it a few times.

Her body was found four days ago but she’s been dead for roughly two to three months by what the autopsy states. The report says she died of a heart attack.” Dimitri would shake his head in a mournful gesture.

Heart attack? But Natalia was completely healthy! How the hell did a 26 year old die of a heart attack and no one found her for two months in the time she died!?” Alexi would exclaim shocked and confused, placing his cigarette in the ashtray on the table holding his head with his hands.

Police are investigating but if you ask me personally you have your answer right in front of you. Natalia’s organization was big on environmental preservation and holding corporations accountable for any possible corruption or shadow deals they may try to pull behind the people’s backs.” Dimitri would accuse pointing to the TV showing a proud photo of Industry figure Casimir Bosnasiev.

Please Dimitri, a political assassination of a university grassroots leader? We don’t have time for conspiracy and even if so we couldn’t do anything even if we wanted to. This is a job for the police, not politicians.” Alexi would dismiss waving his hand, staring at the photo of his friend plastered on the newspaper in a look of remorse and grief.

Well you are right that we can’t do anything about the investigation but I would think again about your ideology pertaining to assassinations. You take a notable healthy 26 year old screaming and rallying on the steps of large corporations and you find her suddenly locked up in her apartment decaying away and no one came to check up on her in over 60 days? With how active she was? I mean look for yourself, no one on the news nor the internet is talking about it. She was only complaining about corporations and you want to piss off a Facsist military. Only reason it’s on the newspaper is because, who do you know that still reads the damn newspaper?” Dimitri would state rather sternly taking a drag off of his cigarette, pointing to the TV once more for a moment before sitting down next to his dear friend.

God...You’re right. I-...Um...O-Ok. W-Well how about other events? How fares the world?” Alexi would ask in a fearful shaking tone, his hand clasping onto his cigarette like a man about to hang at the gallows given his last smoke before the drop.

Well...Wars, famine, poverty and so forth...The normal. Good thing is Argent, the nation south of us seems not to take aggression towards the formation of our nation. Then again I can’t say I truly know how they feel about us, my only evidence that they don’t hate us is that their tanks aren’t rolling through our streets and the border guards have stated they had one occasion where they had a pleasant conversation over coffee with one of the Argent border patrol guards. Though the difference between our nation and theirs is comically different.” Dimitri would chuckle towards the end of his sentence, shaking his head much like an uncle would at some sort of family shenanigans.

I mean that’s good. At least we’re not angering anyone on a global scale. Last thing we need is a reason for those damn crazed “blood of the pure” kind in our military to drag us into a war. We’re in no position for any sort of global conflict. But what do you mean by “the difference is comical”?” Alexi would question, raising an eyebrow taking a sip from his coffee before exclaiming in yelp, burning the roof of mouth on accident.

They’re something different. Their technology looks easily 30-60 years ahead of ours. I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t see us as a threat simply because to them we look like a bunch of cavemen carrying spears and clubs. I mean really Alexi the way their border guards were described they sound like soldiers outta some sort of sci-fi universe! They’re the last kinda people we wanna piss off but I’d be lying if I said they didn’t seem cool to me on a personal level.” Dimitri would express with as much emotion as a child talking about a video he recently played.

Well as much as they sound interesting, I’ll certainly heed your words as to not anger them. We’ve only just raised our banner and I don’t wish to see it burning. Plus...Like you said we have much more internal things to worry about…” Alexi would exhale with a smile that slowly faded as his eyes rested on the newspaper before him.


United Gulf Sheikdoms Celebrate National Day

On this day on april 9th 1989, the 12 sheikdoms that form the country united to form the United Gulf Sheikdoms. The area was originally part of the Ottoman Empire then became a French protectorate in the 20th century and was a patchwork of sheikdoms with the most important being Doha and Manama as well as 10 other on the arabian peninsula. In 1971, they gained independance seperately from france and most of them quickly became rich thanks to their oill reserves. By 1989, pan arabism was rising in the Sheikdoms and the Emir of what was now Qatar, Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, had a vision of uniting the sheikdoms and managed to do so after negotiations. He is now regarded as the founding father of the country. Today also marks another important date. Last year, at the same date, the current ruler shocked the country by winning a lawsuit against the government preventing it to elect a new dynasty to rule the country and becoming the first female reigning monarch in the country, which greatly empowered women and sent shockwaves through the arab world. Aisha Al Thani now rules the country hoping to improve the lives of her people. While the country is rich, its economy is mostly reliant on Oil and Natural Gas exports. To celebrate, a large military parade was held in Doha followed by shows and massive fireworks.

The Russian Far Eastern Republic of Trans-Amur

Sheng China wrote:(Im so sorry for being so late, i've been so very blah and bleh lately and struggling to get along.)

(Also I apologize for accidentally suppressing the post. Total slip! Im so sorry!)

Relieved to hear that the Ambassador has survived his harrowing ordeal with only a few injuries, Beiping jubilantly welcomes Valinkov to the city. The festivities that had been put on hold at the disappearance of the Ambassador now roll out in full force. Vendors and performers peddle their craft. Banners and flags fly high and proudly. The people of Beiping danced and mingled in the streets enjoying the festivities and celebration.

Ambassador Vadinkov is met by Imperial Minister of Foreign Affairs, Cao Shicai, and a troupe of Imperial Guards flying the Imperial standard and the flag of Trans-Amur. Upon meeting the Ambassador, Minister Cao bows his head in respect which is simulatenously followed by a salute from the Imperial Guards.

Raising his head, Minister Cao addresses Vadinkov, "Your Excellency, I welcome you to Sheng China and the proud city of Beiping. I and the city itself are relieved and over-joyed to see you safe and in one piece."

Minister Cao turns to gesture between the parallel standing lines of Imperial Guards flanking a blue carpet. At the end of the standing rows of guards is a waiting limousine. "If you would follow me, I will escort you to the Audience Hall at the Beiping Palace. Grand Prince Sheng Wei awaits us there. He sends his apologies for not meeting you himself, but he is feeling unwell and exposure to the cold air will only exasperate it."

The Minister then descends down the carpet toward the car with the Ambassador. On arrival the doors are opened the the Minister gestures for the Ambassador to and his entourage to enter the spacious suv limousine. Once all are inside the vehicle pulls away and begins driving toward Beiping Palace to meet with Grand Prince Wei.

"I will of course hold my questions about your terrible ordeal until we meet with the Prince so that he may also hear it. All I ask though is that you will allow us to escort you and your entourage back to Trans-Amur when our summit is complete; so that we may assure your safety." The Minister earnestly asks him while opening the small bar that the cabin had; revealing the small cache of bottles of various spirits. "Would your Excellency care for anything? I hear that a common drink in the north is Vodka and Tarasun. I even acquired Sbiten if you wish something non-alcholic." He gestured to the Ambassador's advisor and bodyguards offering the same.

"Also, please feel free to ask me anything on the way to the palace." Minister Cao mentions as the limousine enters the city proper and begins heading down the main boulevard where the gate to the palace proudly stands tall.

The ambassador exited the plane smiling and waving. Upon meeting Minister Cao he too bowed in respect before shaking his hand rather enthusiastically and also rather tightly without knowing it. When he realized just how tight his grip was he instantly let go and apologized for his mistake.

"Haha. Sorry about that Minister Cao I did not mean to hurt your hand."

After hearing the concern from Minister Cao the Ambassador laughs and smiles. Finding the whole ordeal to be a rather fun affair. He takes a shot of vodka after getting in the vehicle. The bodyguards decline the offer.

"This whole ordeal has been the most fun I've had all my life, I almost want it to happen again. Alas though, I understand your concern for me but I believe the escort won't be necessary. The Republic has deployed it's most elite forces to clear the areas of.. Troublesome fauna. I do hope these talks prove more fruitful though than my trip, though I suspect things might be harder than I'd like to think."

He takes another shot as he looks out the windows at the festivities.

"It's nice and peaceful, the air is fresh and the people are happy. Not like home. Home is hard, people are harder and life is somewhat tough but it is the life we make do with." He laughs abit before smiling and turning to the Minister. "How are things with you? My good Sir."

The Confederate Empire of Sheng China

Trans-Amur wrote:The ambassador exited the plane smiling and waving. Upon meeting Minister Cao he too bowed in respect before shaking his hand rather enthusiastically and also rather tightly without knowing it. When he realized just how tight his grip was he instantly let go and apologized for his mistake.

"Haha. Sorry about that Minister Cao I did not mean to hurt your hand."

After hearing the concern from Minister Cao the Ambassador laughs and smiles. Finding the whole ordeal to be a rather fun affair. He takes a shot of vodka after getting in the vehicle. The bodyguards decline the offer.

"This whole ordeal has been the most fun I've had all my life, I almost want it to happen again. Alas though, I understand your concern for me but I believe the escort won't be necessary. The Republic has deployed it's most elite forces to clear the areas of.. Troublesome fauna. I do hope these talks prove more fruitful though than my trip, though I suspect things might be harder than I'd like to think."

He takes another shot as he looks out the windows at the festivities.

"It's nice and peaceful, the air is fresh and the people are happy. Not like home. Home is hard, people are harder and life is somewhat tough but it is the life we make do with." He laughs abit before smiling and turning to the Minister. "How are things with you? My good Sir."

(im sorry for the length again XD)

Retrieving his hand from the ambassador, Minister Cao held it limply in front of him with a joking smile, "A strong grip from a strong man! It makes me wish for the days of my youth when I was not so skin and bones."

As Vadinkov told his story and enjoyed some vodka, the Minister too enjoyed a few shots of liquor from the bar as he listened; preferring the traditional Baijiu liquor from the bar. He gave a hardy chuckle when the tough Russian had mentioned enjoying the whole affair actually.

The Minister looks out the window at the city streets of Beiping that is full of people enjoying the festivities made for this summit. "It is nice and peaceful now, but this city knows too the hardships of difficult life. A mere decade ago this city was largely empty and half in ruined because of the wars with Choson. Today it is alive and vibrant because of hope and hard work. No small part being played by the Crown Prince himself."

He let's out a heavy sigh as his memories play back scenes of warfare and suffering people. Shaking his head and taking a shot of the Baijiu to clear his mind he continues, "That is why we thought it best that Beiping be the place for our summit. This city and its people can relate to the hardships you face. Together we can form a bond to make each others lives stronger and more prosperous."

"With me you ask? Oh, the sands of time keep ticking by as the joints stiffen and the grey hairs grow." He lets out a hardy chuckle while stroking his largely white beard that has only the stray few black hairs remaining. "But I do so enjoy coming out of my office to personally conduct some good diplomacy!"

They finally arrive to the imposing front gates of the Palace. The walls and gate house tower nearly a hundred feet above them with the archers towers flanking the gate house rising another 50 feet on top of them. They pass through the gate house and out the other side into a large and spacious courtyard of cobblestone.

The entourage pulls up before a short marble staircase that leads to another, albeit much smaller gate in a much shorter ring wall. Minister Cao leads Ambassador and his men out of car and begins walking up the stairs. "This is Beiping palace complex. It was once the mightiest fortress in north China. It has been retrofitted as a civil palace since then. The outer walls and gate were kept for posterity."

Passing through the smaller, but intricately designed gate, they enter yet another cobblestone courtyard. Dominating the courtyard is a double-eaved white and red hall sat on a marble platform. Flanking the walkway to the hall are Imperial Guards with Imperial Standards and the standard of the Trans-Amur Republic. After crossing the courtyard between the stone like guards and climbing the two sets of staircases, they enter the hall.

The floor is polished marble which reflects the red columns and red rafters. Standing at the center of the room, just in front of the platform where a throne sits, is Grand Prince Wei speaking to some of his ministers. His long black hair is largely down with only enough tied up to hold his gold princely crown in place. He excuses himself from his ministers when he spots Minister Cao and Ambassador Vadinkov.

Walking toward the men, the light of the day time sun makes the golden feathers, that cover the shoulders of his outer robe, glisten.

"Ambassador Vadinkov, a pleasure and honor to meet you in person." The Grand Prince says with a warm and happy smile before bowing his head with his hands folded together and outstretched in front of him. Minister Cao immediately bows his head lowly and salutes the Grand Prince with his own hands folded and outstretched above his bowed head.

"I hope your flight here was far easier than your first?" The prince asks raising his head and then bowing to the Minister. Wei then gestures for them to follow him.

He leads them past the throne and through the hall. They exit the hall into the daylight again where they find a covered bridge that leads to a 3 story triple-eaved palace surrounded by a large moat of water. After crossing the bridge and entering the palace they finally reach another bridge that leads out to a pavilion that sits on the small man made lake which feeds the moat around the palace proper. The lake is in the palace's park where the cherry blossoms are in full bloom and the air is full of their sweet scent.

Sitting at the table and chairs provided at the pavillion, the Prince lets out a sigh, "Ah, finally." He chuckles, "That feels longer everyday as I get older. I think I am feeling Minister Cao's pain."

The Minister chuckles too, "You have not yet begun to feel the pains of age, your highness!"

Letting out a few laughs, Wei returns his attention to Vadinkov, "Ambassador, welcome to my home. I have to say, you have seen so much of my city and my palace. Sadly, I know very little of your country. Please, tell me about Vladivostok. Tell me about Trans-Amur." He cheerily asks while servants arrive to provide various drinks, teas, and small appetizers of dumplings, spring and egg rolls, wontons, and more.

The Republic of Roman Hibernia

Turokhan wrote:As Chris approaches Lekkas, he would find that the older man was writing enthusiastically in his notebook. Outside of Roman Hibernia's bubble, the world really had little left in the way of information on their ancient predecessor. Snippets of information from the ancient writers that have been compiled to make a best guess of what went on. So with the chance to record how Roman senatorial procedure actually functioned made readily available in front of him, Lekkas needed to take the chance to write on it.

Lekkas furiously finished his thought before he looked up at Chris, "Bored? Ha! No, your excellency. Quite fascinated I assure you." He shows off the pages of notes he took during the senate session. "I am going to make so many of my friends and colleagues jealous with this."

With a chuckles and happy smile he happily closes the notebook and ties its connected strap to keep it closed, "I'm sure I will eventually, but at the moment my head is abuze. I will review my notes and likely bother you with some questions again later."

Leaning back into his chair from where he had been sitting on the edge since the beginning of the session, Lekkas stretches with some audible pops coming from his joints. A happy smile stretches across his face. "To think, progress is coming."

He pulls himself to his feat with some help from his walking cane to balance. Lekkas stretches his hand out to Chris, "Thank you, Proconsul! You've done so much for us just by agreeing to see me, much less all of this." He gestures to the once filled chamber. "Progress is finally coming to Turokhan. Thanks to you, sir. We are indebted to you."

“Well I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. We don’t usually get to see this enthusiasm on a day to day basis.” Chris stands and accepts Lekkas’ offered hand. “But there is truly no need for such thanks. This is an honor and a privilege for my nation.” 

Chris leads Lekkas out of the Curia into the sun filled forum. The recently dismissed senators are walking about chatting with each other. Friends and family are enjoying the day as they patronize the local food vendors that set up shop in the forum.

“You know, there are plenty more sites and buildings that you can visit if you want the full Roman Hibernian experience.” Chris says before listing the various places that Lekkas had yet to see. “Also, as a personal gift from me to you.” Chris waves over one of his secretaries that is never too far behind; despite Chris’ best efforts to lose them from time to time for a little air. The secretary approaches with a wrapped box. Handing the box to Lekkas, Chris continues, “It is a high quality digital camera. To store some mementos from your time here.”

“Now where was I? Oh, have you ever heard of a ‘Giant’s Causeway’?” He returns to listing the fantastic sites to be seen across the Isles.

In the following weeks, ports around Roman Hibernia are a buzz with new activity as cargo ships bound for Turokhan are loaded with various construction materials. Meanwhile Roman Hibernian engineers are being recruited and prepared for their flight to Turokhan with the hope of suitable landing strips.

Many senators are still rumbling along with some conservative members of society, but the move to aid Turokhan is supported too widely in the polls. Although “what are we getting ourselves into” is still on many people's minds. More so especially if they happen to have seen Lekkas bouncing around the city and countryside with his new digital camera after his visa was extended. 

Conversely Lekkas has been very popular with the younger generation, rising to the level of a meme on social media as ‘Take my picture with it, guy.” #TakeMyPictureWithIt has been consistently trending due to the frequent sightings of and selfies with the enthusiastic aging tourist often quoted as saying the phrase “Take my picture with it!” over even the most mundane sights around the country.


Firenze, Florentinz

Argent wrote:-snip-

Queen Alexandria strokes the long red cape hung from her back, staring from the balcony of her manor across the sun-baked city streets. By midday, the sun beat down relentlessly on the Italian peninsula at a smoldering 29°C. Despite this, a cool breeze, picked up from the Arno canal that beautifully swims through the city, breezes across her face— whisping strands of untucked brown hair from under the Florentine crown.

“Your Majesty,” the old, yet soft voice of Verecondo Carone comes from the open doors of the cartography room just behind her. She turns, breaking her passionate glare across the city:
“Mister Carone.” she replies shortly, acknowledging the scheming master of Florentine’s intelligence agency.
“A beautiful day, is it not?” he notes.
“Quite. The weather is nice— Summer is approaching.”
“We still have to get through the Spring.”
“Ah, but there is no Spring in Italia. There is either bitter cold or boiling heat.” she says with a half-hearted laugh, still somewhat breaking out of her earlier trance.
“That there is not, La Duce.”
“What brings you here?”
“I come with news.”
“As I would imagine, that is your job as I remember.”

Verecondo takes a few steps forward, handing the Queen an envelope. While modern technology was in public and private hands across the nation, Florentinz would never lose its flair of traditions from its classical past. Her eyes glance over the letter’s contents, before returning her gaze to Verecondo’s spider like face:

“There is someone to see me?”
“A foreign dignitary. Dythia Ylad of Argent.”
“Dythia… The Emperor’s sister, no?”
“I believe you two have met before.” he says, now placing his hands on the balcony himself and glancing over the mesmerizing scenery of urban Florence; the sun painting the streets, clad with the Italian tricolour, in a golden bath.
“We have, in Veince. Perhaps... a year ago? She spins webs, like you… Except she’s much better at it—” she adds with playful sas, turning to him with a bitten tongue.
“Perhaps so,” he laughs, “it truly takes a master of intrigue to be the Imperatrix of Argent.”

A brief moment of silence ensues, a dark feeling grows between them as the words leave his mouth. They both knew the dangers of their Imperial neighbour, and despite the relative neutrality of the Florentine-Argent relations, Dythia Ylad arriving for diplomatic purposes was something to tie a knot in anyone’s stomach— friend or hardened foe.

“Bring her to me then.” she says finally; Nodding in confidence.
“Yes, your Majesty.”
“Offer her the best amenities. We want to make good, honest impressions for our guest.”

A letter, sealed with the stamps of both the Royal Assembly and the House of Acordolo

The Diplomatic Office of the Royal Imperial Guard of Greater Polaris

Her Most Serene Majesty, La Duce Alexandria Acordolo, understands the Imperial Guard's disquietudes in concern of the social stability of Greater Polaris.

The Royal Assembly, each of accounted, agree in absolute confidence: Emperor Jeremiah the Fifth and his Imperial House along with his unrecounted base of support, including private citizens, the Imperial Guard, and organized/unorganized Loyalist militias, are the unquestioned, legitimate rulers of Polaris.

In accordance with the wishes of Her Majesty the Queen, we hereby offer you our collaboration in counter-intelligence and clandestine operations against those wishing to upset the balance of power in the Polarian state; via the tools and tactics of the MdV (Ministero della Verità).

It has been made clear by all members of the Royal Assembly that safeguarding the Polarian regime and Royal Family is of the utmost importance. Please forward further inquiries directly to the house of Queen Alexandria Acordolo, and Verecondo Carone of the MdV.

Her Most Serene Majesty of the Florentine, Greater Italian, and Aegyptus realms, La Duce Alexandria Acordolo.

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