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Most Influential: 974th Largest Information Technology Sector: 1,019th Highest Wealthy Incomes: 1,086th Most Scientifically Advanced: 1,126th Most Advanced Defense Forces: 1,275th Highest Economic Output: 1,276th Most Cultured: 1,289th Most Corrupt Governments: 1,361st Smartest Citizens: 1,457th Highest Average Incomes: 1,484th Most Advanced Public Transport: 1,498th Highest Poor Incomes: 1,678th Most Extensive Public Healthcare: 1,803rd Largest Mining Sector: 1,832nd Largest Governments: 1,865th Most Advanced Public Education: 1,907th Most Subsidized Industry: 1,978th Most Inclusive: 2,033rd Fattest Citizens: 2,058th Lowest Crime Rates: 2,086th Most Eco-Friendly Governments: 2,132nd Rudest Citizens: 2,141st Greatest Rich-Poor Divides: 2,150th Largest Manufacturing Sector: 2,235th Highest Food Quality: 2,307th Most Patriotic: 2,326th Most Secular: 2,327th Most Beautiful Environments: 2,380th Largest Retail Industry: 2,399th Largest Arms Manufacturing Sector: 2,455th Largest Publishing Industry: 2,570th Most Avoided: 2,582nd
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The region on which the sun never sets!

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♛ Regional Year: 1993 [Updated 05/14/2022] (12 OOC Days = 1 IC Year)
♛ Regional Motto: Ex est cinerem, ad astra
♛ Regional Founding Date: October 4, 2015

Please endorse our elected Prince Regent, HIH Maplestan

Embassies: The Western Isles, British Isles, The Reich, Ultimum Terrae, The Erviadus Galaxy, Nova Historiae, The Commonwealth of Crowns, Albion, Eastern Roman Empire, St Abbaddon, The Universal Order of Nations, Australia, British Empire, The Exalted Lands, Independent Order, Elparia, and 34 others.The British Empire, The Alterran Republic, Barbaria, Union of Nationalists, The Bar on the corner of every region, Hollow Point, United States of America, Indian Mars, Monarchist and Democratic Alliance, Japan, Realm of the Whispering Winds, Despotic Europe, The Allied Republic, The Illuminati, The Monarchy alliance, Iron Front, Greater Middle East, The Alliance of Dictators, Ersetum, Global Union Consortium, Chicken overlords, The Cult of PCHS, The Great North, Roma Invicta, The Orange Order, Soils Sails and Science, Pax Americana, Pax Transpolia, KAISERREICH, Novapax, Pax Indica, Gay, POLATION, and Lasai.

The embassy with St Abbaddon is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

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Regional Power: Moderate

Pax Britannia contains 42 nations, the 420th most in the world.

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The Greatest Rich-Poor Divides in Pax Britannia

Nations ranked highly have large gaps between the incomes of rich and poor citizens. Nations low on the list have high levels of income equality.

As a region, Pax Britannia is ranked 2,150th in the world for Greatest Rich-Poor Divides.

1.The Trustworthy Corporate Hydra of VelstadoAnarchy“A gun in every hand, A tank in Every garage”
2.The Republic of FlecatyaIron Fist Consumerists“Flecatya Endures”
3.The Commonwealth of Stralian FederationCapitalizt“That's Not a Knife!”
4.The Commonwealth of AFG PrussiaCapitalizt“DERUUU”
5.The Federal Republic of Legio de CaesarInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Jewel of the East”
6.The Most Serene Republic of Novo VenesiaCorporate Bordello“Audentes Venus Iuvat”
7.The Empire of Eastern RhomanionCorporate Police State“Αχώριστο και Αδιαίρετο”
8.The Corpo-Republic of Neo-SydneyInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Mono no Aware”
9.The Empire of Sovereign GermaniaCorporate Police State“Gott Mit Uns”
10.The Kingdom of CzechogalesiaCorporate Police State“Neoddělitelné a Nedělitelné”

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The République française of Nuovoiork

In the War Room

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I confess that our great nation is at odds. France has never experienced anything like this, and while we are still a formidable state, wether or not we retain our power in the 21st century rests on this matter."

President Sarkozy had lost plenty of sleep over the recent protests in the streets of most major cities, including his own beloved Paris, and, while peaceful, the pressure from the public would only grow in it's intensity.

"There are many things we could do about the matter. Could you declare martial law?" asked Hollande.

"I have to get the approval of the National Assembly for that. And they already are filled with Demontagne supporting Gravonists".

"You could do some kind of PR campaign while things are still civil. It seems to me that the public just isn't happy with the idea of France decolonizing", stated Foreign Minister Le Pen.

"That could be done. My campaign speeches on decolonization are not enough to satisfy the public, it seems. Chirac, don't you have some friends in France actualities et Culture?"

"Ouais. I'll see if I can pull a few strings. Perhaps you can use that utilitarian view of decolonization that you pulled off with President Lindler, but in essays and opinion pieces".

Sarkozy nodded in agreement. "In the meantime...Marine, do you have a report on French North Africa?"

Le Pen handed him some papers in a manila folder with some photographs. "The, southern departments, are still stable for the most part. After that scene in Ceuta the anti-colonial activists have distanced themselves from some of the more violent factions. But otherwise, the Legion has stamped out most of the more violent activists. There are still a few camps left in the hills and desert, but they hardly cut it as a threat".

Sarkozy crossed himself. "Good. Let us pray for stability in the years to come. I don't want the world to have to drag France, Malta, and Hungary into modernity...kicking and screaming, in my term as President".

The Empire of Transapol

Privet, I am from Pax Transpolia. Thank you for having us! For that steaming cuppas are on us!

The Kiwi Commonwealth of Oskikankl

(Sorry for the inactivity. Finals have taken their toll and soon i'll have some breathing room. i accidentally deleted my email, so i will have a new discord account in time)

The Soon to be Slavic Ethnostate of Scotia Flow

Scotia Flow in Detail (sort of) - Meddling with Holidays - Issue 40, November 1992

After a recent vote in Parliament, the FPP majority passed a bill that moves Christmas Day to 24. December while also making the next two days national holidays as well. The first Christmas to be affected will be Christmas 1993. The vote on the matter was not very divided, mostly thanks to the aforementioned FPP majority. Out of 58 MPs present, 37 voted for, 15 abstained and 6 against.

Alongside this, the General Staff of the Army has announced that they have decided to add Neoslavic counterparts to English names of our Airborne Cavalry brigades.

The following is a statement paid for by the Great British Unity.


The Kiwi Commonwealth of Oskikankl


"Can we keep our port please?"
Said a Minister without ease.
"It's my third term in office, I do what I want
i even patented the Comic Sans font"
"That's going to be a detriment to Hispanophones, sir,
indeed that will cause quite a stir"
"Oh really? It was my fifth wife's thought"
said berlusconi with new suit bought

"Now back to this port stuff, if I recall
My ministers dwarf me because I'm tall
They say we've found oil in Duccino
Making the land all the more valubo
My only concern is China, with their parody noodles
Our pasta is superior as they scribble doodles
of their work in Oman, which we're not for
Seems like Oman's leader is Breen's whore"

"Let's talk to Malta and tell them some things"
Said the Minister counting his gold rings
"Tell them to open the door
to the Suez canal so pasta can soar
back to the Mediterranean where we can at last
sell our things freely without looking like an ass"

The République française of Nuovoiork

La Uffda, Chapter 1

President Sarkozy was not usually an anxious man. He preferred a good slow burn and then see how things go, though not with the naivety of his predecessor. Though the recent riots and skirmishes both in France and French North Africa have taken it's toll on him.

Why does anyone want a job like this? Sarkozy thought to himself as he soaked in a tub of bubbles and warm water, sipping his white wine. The riots in France had finally cooled down after he caved in and had the Legion fight back against the rebels, though things were still fairly tense. With a public this big, armed, and mad, it was not like he had a choice in the matter.

President Sarkozy heard a knock at the door. He fumbled to make himself decent. "Who is it?" he called with anticipation and guilt. This moment of weakness would surely smear him later on, or so he thought.

"Oh, monsieur President. Pardonnez moi, I can come back later", said Foreign Minister Marine Le Pen, blushing a bit as she scrambled to close the door.

"No, no. Stay", he said, sinking back into the tub with a look of defeat on his face. "What do you need, Foreign Minister?"

Marine, trying her best to act normal, regained composure. "...Our recent intel on Spain is quite damning, to put it nicely".

Sarkozy's expression slowly evolved from a look of defeat to reserved intrigue. "And what's that? The Spaniards finally accomplish something today and not tomorrow?"

"You could say that. The regions of Extremadura, Asturias, and Navarra have all seceded from Spain. I suppose the Falangist regime was too unkind to them over the years".

"Very interesting. What are they like?"

"A coalition of traditionalists, mainly. A few Ratists, Liberals, and Gravonists all discontent in the same way. It's a good opportunity to flex a bit, particularly after this incident in Africa", stated Le Pen.

"Indeed. King Hugo sure has his uses. Respectable, popular, landed. He'll make a fine ally I'm sure. How much damage have they done?"

"Oh, some dead regional leaders, many dead police, a few riots. The usual. The Spaniards are confident that they can be sniffed out quickly".

"Based on their current success, I doubt it", replied Sarkozy.

"It will keep the public distracted while things calm down. besides, if we are going to lose Africa.."

"We won't lose Africa", said Sarkozy with a growl.

"If we WERE to lose Africa would be good life insurance for the French Sphere. And besides, we need more ETU members and the Falangists are too obsessed with trade restrictions to consider anything but isolationism".

"Fair point. It's been a while since we've had a war anyway. Let's see how successful they are and go from there. Get Hugo in touch with us when you get a chance".

"It shall be done, Monsieur President. is there anything else you need?"

Sarkozy hesitated for a minute. "Close the door.."

The United Soviet Federation of Crystius

Death to Traitors - December 18th, 1992

    Tonight, an emergency meeting of the Supreme Soviet and People’s Deputies was called by President Yanayev. The meeting was broadcast on all Soviet television stations, as well as to international outlets.

    With thousands of statesmen gathered in the Moscow Presidium, they were eventually greeted by Director for the Committee of State Security, Vladimir Kryuchkov, who assumed the chamber’s central podium. The Director, a member of the R.E.D., opened his statement by thanking politicians for their gathering, and asserting that now more than ever, security within the halls of the Federation’s government is crucial.

    Affirming President Gennady Yanayev’s assertions of the ongoing Western Conspiracy which seeks to dismantle the United Soviet Federation from within, the Director confirmed that internal investigations had uncovered the presence of hundreds of fifth columnists within the Soviet government. From here, the Director retrieved a multitude of files from one of his nearby secretaries who accompanied him to the podium.

    Reading from the files, Kryuchkov began to list out the names of various members of the Supreme Soviet and Congress of People’s Deputies who themselves had been uncovered as foreign actors and instigators of sedition within the Federation! One by one, each was escorted by armed guards and Spectre agents positioned in the chamber. The session was punctuated with a singing of The Internationale by supporting members of the Carsonist Party.

    Likewise, across the Federation, local police precincts have been uprooted of corrupt figures. Foreign actors on the street level in Moscow and all other cities will be neutralized accordingly in line with new investigations by Kryuchkov’s Committee. The Soviet government now faces a complete investigation for the seeking out of those disloyal to the R.E.D.

    The Federation endures.

The United Soviet Federation of Crystius

Yanayev Murdered! Kryuchkov President - December 25th, 1992

    "This is an emergency announcement on CT USF as requested by the Central Security Committee. Your attention, comrades, for this emergency announcement."

    Harrowing news from Moscow, as this morning, it was discovered that the President of the United Soviet Federation, Gennady Yanayev, was murdered in his bed. The entirety of Moscow has been placed under complete lockdown by the Committee of State Security and the Soviet Army. While investigators confer at the scene of the President’s assassination at Novo-Ogaryovo, it has been confirmed by initial reports that the President was murdered between the times of 0400 and 0530 in the early morning.

    As the hunt for the killer intensifies, any and all suspects at the Presidential estate have been detained. Investigators also reported in a press briefing that 54 suspects attempted to flee the scene of the crime and were shot by police.

    In the ranks of the Rapid Emergency Directorate, the provisional government was quick to respond to the death of President Yanayev. In the wake of the tragedy, the 7 members of the R.E.D. voted unanimously to confirm Director of the Committee of State Security Vladimir Kryuchkov as President of the United Soviet Federation.

    In his first emergency statement to Soviet television stations, President Kryuchkov announced that he would “maintain and intensify,” the policies enacted by Yanayev regarding the ongoing state of emergency, support for Cobol in the war in Malaysia, and the maintaining of the Carsonist world’s airtight security against the forces of imperialism. Additionally, President Kryuchkov has made clear his approval for the expansion of the Federation’s nuclear stockpile, as well as the stationing of nuclear launch-capable sites in other parts of the Carsonist world.

    Under his presidency, Kryuchkov has clarified, the Federation will maintain a commitment to the Oslo Accords, and will unearth the full might of the Soviet Armed Forces against any who violate it.

The United Republic of The Grand Peruvian State

South America Prepares

With the sudden escalation of violence in Europe, military forces across South America have been put on high alert and in active readiness. In line with the LAC treaty, the forces of Peru, Brazil and Chile have begun organizing military movements, with Peru making the first move towards the continent's defense, should war come south. The aircraft carriers PRN San Martin and Humberto have been deployed to the Pacific, while President Bracero has advised her counterparts in Brazil and Chile to do the same. The President has also placed a ban on any Soviet naval vessels or aircraft from traveling within 200 miles of Peru's coast.

The Commonwealth of Stralian Federation

the 1993 Anual Military Parade is held in the Capital, this year it is on the 80th Anniversary of the 2nd American civil War. a large Parade is held to honor the Stralians who held the Besieged City of Chicago their is a Large Turnout with Tens of Thousands almost a Hundred Thousand attending in the Front is the Last few Veterans of the Campaign averaging at the age of 98-102 their Old Uniforms now to Small, large, or Tattered have been replaced with Tailormade Reproductions, the ones that don't Need a walker or Cane Carry the two historical Flags of the Stalian Federation, and the Modern Flag. behind them are the Veterans of the Post World War Clean up Operation and sport tailormade Reproductions of their Uniforms as well the Average age is 68. they Also Carrier the Historical Flags behind them are the Veterans of the Various Military Police Actions form the early 1960s these men are the Average age of 50, some of them have their original Uniforms some have Tailormade Reproductions t of them carry one of the Various 3 Flags. followed by them are the Veterans of the Various Police actions of the 70s most of them have thier Original Uniforms while a Few have Tailor Made Reproductions
their average age is about 42, behind them served during the 10 year stagnation. average age is 28-32, their Uniform's are all well maintained and a few of them Carry the three Flags. and behind them are the Currently Serving and New Recruits of all in brand new Uniforms, they carry three of them carry a flag, finally Various Reenactors Dressed in Combat Equipment form the Battle of Agincourt to the Last Skirmish with the Savages of East Timor. their are Reenactors Dressed as English Knights and Longbowmen in the back the banner Carrior flys the English Flag, the rest carrying Swords and Bows Respectively
in front of them are Reenactors dressed as Cavaliers carrying early Muskets and Sabers and in front of them are Reenactors Dressed as Redcoats and Blue Coats Marching side buyside and armed with Muskets their flag Carriers carry the Union Jack and Betsy Ross Flags. then their is the Reenactors dressed In Confederate Greys carrying 1st Civil War Era Weapons and Flying the Confederate Battle Flag and the Stars and Bars. then the Reenactors in 2nd American Civil war gear carry M1901 Rifles and in front of them are men Dressed in WW2 era battle Dress uniforms march with M1 Rifles, In Front of them are Reenactor's Dressed in the Mid 1950s early 70s Battle Dress Uniform marching behind them with LRA1s (Domestic FN-FALs that take M14 Mags) M14,s and Early M16 Rifles. in Front of them are Reenactors Finally Dressed in Desert Cameo and Woodland Camo They Carry the LCA1 (Domestically produced M16A3) and behind them are all of the Various Artillery Guns, Machineguns displayed on Trucks, and all of the Tanks form the M4Jackson-Lee (m4 Sherman, renamed to the Jackson-Lee because Sherman is a Viewed as a Bad guy in Stralian History) to the Newest Abrams Tank. then the Huey Gunship and Blackhawk flyover followed by the Chinook and the P-51 Mustang, the F4-Phantom and F-15 Strike Eagle then the Finale the Stralian Special Operations Commandos, the Desert Rangers, and the Republican Marines march past in their Perfectly fitting Dress Uniforms everyone of them, is Over 6Ft 3 Inches and Muscles that would Put Rambo to Shame. the only weapon they Carry is their "Digger" a large Bowie Knife with a Built in Compass, Piano wire that is stored in a Compartment on the Grip (for Strangling People Form behind) stored in a Leather Sheath that has a Compartment for a Sharpening Stone. named after the Diggers of the 2nd US Civil war
Parade Ends with the National Anthem.

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