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From the great rainforests of Assam to the glittering Golden Temple of Amritsar, from the mountains of the northeastern Himalayas to the backwaters of Kerala, India is a diverse and wonderous country, which has culturally existed from the dawn of agriculture along the Indus Valley.

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Embassies: 10000 Islands, Southfield, United States of America, Scandinavia, Antarctica, Poland, USSR, Israel, Argentina, The Commonwealth of Crowns, China, Australia, NationStates, One big Island, Non Aligned Movement, The Western Isles, and 80 others.Deutschland, The Atheist Empire, Indonesia, International Debating Area, Singapore, South Pacific, The Bar on the corner of every region, The Embassy, Novo Brasil, Ireland, The Sands, Japan, World Conference, The Srivijayan Consortium, Iran, Philippines, Dauiland, Union of Democrats, Universal Pact, The International Polling Zone, Monarchist and Democratic Alliance, The Independent Newspaper, New West Indies, Altay, The NewsStand, Region Name, The Democratic Republic, Indian Mars, nasunia, Novus Lucidum, Enadia, Sunalaya, Greater Middle East, Soviet Democracy, Yuno, CISB, Krillin, The Moderate Alliance, The Interdimensional Community, Latinoamerica Libre, Thaecia, Texas, Sonnel, Melayu Archipelago, Northern Utopia, Portugal, Assembly of Regions, Africa, Thalassia, The Confederacy of Aligned Nations, The Wolf Clan, Refugia, Codex Ylvus, Wintreath, Abydos, Virtuous Nations, The Global Democratic Union, phoenix partners, The Sportsbook, Old Zealand, Aissurian Union, Indian National Parliament, Eastfield, Yggdrasil, First World Order, Oatland, New Western Empire, 21st Century Rome, The Moonlight Battle Born, Gay, Eastern Europe, Caer Sidi, The Democratic Union, Spiritus, Commonwealth of Liberty, Late Nite Festival, Red Wolf Alliance, The south India, The League of Conservative Nations, and The Twitter.

The embassy with South Pacific is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

The embassy with Eastfield is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

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Regional Power: Moderate

India contains 112 nations, the 145th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Politically Free in India

These nations allow citizens the greatest amount of freedom to select their own government.

As a region, India is ranked 13,148th in the world for Most Politically Free.

1.The Colony of OphweriaCivil Rights Lovefest“Swipe right on the left”
2.The Diplomatic Corps of Aclionian MissionNew York Times Democracy“Nous sommes contre le tyran”
3.The Cutie little nation of TikistanidadCivil Rights Lovefest“Republic of Tikistan”
4.The Liberal Democratic Republic of NordviskaNew York Times Democracy“Honesty and equality triumph.”
5.The Republic of United states of subcontinentCivil Rights Lovefest“We are one”
6.The Republic of Veda RashtraNew York Times Democracy“Peace and Justice”
7.The Democratic Republic of Aloo GobiCivil Rights Lovefest“Deeply”
8.The Dominion of ClimateChangeAnarchy“Oops we done messed up..”
9.The Federation of The All India Sports CommitteeCivil Rights Lovefest“Satyamev Jayathe”
10.The Democratic States of Hindus BharatNew York Times Democracy“We kashmiri want to live with india”
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The Kingdom of RIHAAM

Also, The South Pacific is impossible to raid. TBH wouldn't dare to do so bechare that would destroy them.
But I jate the Hawks.

The Free United Samrajya of South Kerala

Homeland of Great wrote:We lost Bharat India and Rajpore
And South Pacific Closed an embassy with us

how did that happen?

The Colony of Ophweria

Indusse wrote:Neo Kerala, Thripunithura (Nirupama),Chalakudium ulpade

Region sthapichappol thanne kore Malayalis undayirinnu alle?

Transl.: There were a lot of Malayalis when the region was established, weren't there?

The Free United Samrajya of South Kerala

South Kerala wrote:how did that happen?

Did they leave?

The Princely State of Lyassa and Nairoa

Bharat India wrote:I am offically out of this group. You guys treat me unfair. I feel like because I am a girl.

See you!

You guys are very bad Indians!

Hey, take it easy. I'm not an Indian at all. What happened?

The Free United Samrajya of South Kerala

Since Bharat India left the region , her land will be grey now

The All Time Favourite Republic of Indusse

Ophweria wrote:Region sthapichappol thanne kore Malayalis undayirinnu alle?

Transl.: There were a lot of Malayalis when the region was established, weren't there?

Yes. Shariyanu paranjathu

The All Time Favourite Republic of Indusse

Kind Attn Citizens

It was bought to my notice that the regional parliament is not functioning properly and is been idle for long. Due to this I'm opening the spots for the parliament seats. If interested please quote me. There are a total of 5 seats to be claimable. The PM,speaker and WAD has already been in the parliament.

The Princely State of Lyassa and Nairoa

South Kerala wrote:Since Bharat India left the region , her land will be grey now

I consider myself fairly intelligent.
I understand will be and now, but what you mean grey? Is it some Indian thing?

The Rogue Nation of Returning IT

Sky Blazers wrote:Ummm... Sorry but it seems you've got your facts wrong.
Be it here or in real world, India has been the best, is the best and will be the best.
We are strong. Our strength lies in our unity. What do you think? We are not divided, Differences exist in the world everywhere - Be it our home or community, or nation. Our Nation is our home. Don't Dare to say anything degrading about our motherland because you should know one thing very clearly that if our motherland is at stake , no difference will matter,All the citizens would come together.
Don't Underestimate and that will be the only good thing for you.
You might want to know that we have the finest of people in our nation - intelligent, hardworking and smart.
Long Live India - Jai Hind

Hahaha that's a what great people call as babbling and prejudice. Hahahaha to be honest the new founder aka Indusse has done marvelous job compared to the old, broken, dusty and in two day dead Tripunithura. I will also appreciate Yavanastan and Neo Kerala and Awell Islands for not giving this half dead nation that so called 'Bharat Ratna' which was given to a person who temporarily left India by saying 'I am leaving India forever', the same nation couldn't find any place in The Wolf Clan and Israel and the same nation came back here who was known as Hindu Mahasabha. *Clap* *clap* hahahahaha. Also Indusse is quite intelligent as he became Prime Minister, Founder and leader of opposition and the ignorant nations here who call themselves nationalist proved out to be illiterate about politics as now India is a one man dictatorship; hahaha and the so called 'elections' are just a formality.

Worthless region India
Future superpower nation India

Hahahahaha don't run from facts! hahahahahahahaha

ITS HERE [IT is here] hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahaha

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