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Most Nations: 602nd Most World Assembly Endorsements: 674th Most Devout: 1,517th+2
Most Cultured: 1,815th Most Cheerful Citizens: 2,377th
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Welcome to the Melayu Archipelago.

Melayu Archipelago or sometimes referred to as Western Oceania is a subregion with a total area of 6.8m km2 and a total land area of 2m km2. It consists of islands that are geographically west of Australia, southwest of Indonesia, south of India and east of Madagascar.

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Embassies: India, Novapax, Wishtonia, Teremara, RAMS, Indonesia Raya, Assembly of Regions, Africa, The Moderate Alliance, The Embassy, Bharat, Fredonia, The Glorious Nations of Iwaku, Montrandecs Neighbours, The Western Isles, Sunalaya, and 35 others.One big Island, Nusantara Archipelago, Portugal, Emery, Lardyland, China, Nova, Union of Democrats, Global Assembly, Nation of Earth, Enadia, Slavers Bay, Allied Conservative States, Old Zealand, The south India, New Reich of Bunicken, SEC Fanatics, Raxulan Empire, The Srivijayan Consortium, Turkic Union, United Empire of Islam, The Confederation of Nations, phoenix partners, Association of Islamic Nations, The Great Universe, Hive, Traveling Wilburys, The Cormorant Pact, Lisseum, Asea, Battleship, United League of Nations, Philippines, The Independent Newspaper, and Asia.

The embassy with The south India is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

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Melayu Archipelago contains 29 nations, the 602nd most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Rudest Citizens in Melayu Archipelago

World Census experts telephoned citizens from all nations at just before dinner time, in a study to determine which populations were most brash, rude, or brusque.

As a region, Melayu Archipelago is ranked 7,644th in the world for Rudest Citizens.

1.The Islamic State of LibonesiaMoralistic Democracy“There is no might nor power except with God (الله)”
2.The United States of SpringmontCapitalizt“Already There for Future”
3.The Community of Human Android Institute of Kota UsmanAnarchy“Autonomy is the future”
4.The Republic of KencanaCorporate Bordello“Together We Stand”
5.The Great Empire of BachokDemocratic Socialists“To God Bachok Surrenders”
6.The Sultanate of OtksarinAnarchy“Our Sultan, out leader”
7.The Ngwaziate of ZiwanaCorporate Bordello“Chimwemwe chilichonse chimatsata kumapazi achisoni”
8.The Constitutional Monarchy of KlateInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Capitalist Heaven”
9.The Kingdom of EramanNew York Times Democracy“One Eraman”
10.The Community of Melayu ArchipelagoInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Make Melayu Archipelago Great Again”

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Melayu Archipelago Regional Message Board


The States of Tolol

Andrha Pradesh wrote:Vote no for liberation Syria


Post by Jo Hore suppressed by a moderator.

The Federation of Suvarnadvipa

Hello !!

The United Kingdom of Pemecutan

Suvarnadvipa wrote:Hello !!


The Federation of Suvarnadvipa

Pemecutan wrote:Welcome

Thank you.

The Spooky Scary Socialists of SFR Philippines

Hello, last N-day we had an NAP. Does it still stand?

The United Kingdom of Pemecutan

SFR Philippines wrote:Hello, last N-day we had an NAP. Does it still stand?

I believe for this edition our region is not joining N-Day as most of us are inactive and quite busy in RL

The 𝔻𝕒𝕤 𝔹𝔹 Empire of BrightonBurg

The best poll in Human history is here!


^ Best Seasonal Beverage!

The FLOATING PARADISE of Southern Palm Islands

The Republic of NS Boy 1

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Edition 3
Issue IV
Notice: The logo and content used in the issue are the property of The Independent Newspaper. Any unauthorized capture or copying of the content is restricted.

Opinion Article
Should elections be the norm?
By La xinga, writer of NationStates News

Kuriko is not even done his/her first year as Secretary-General, yet it feels like the next election is arriving shortly. Although, well, it's not. Now, Kuriko and Running Mate The Salaxalans promised to fight fascists, and with Kuriko returning to a Defender after HumanSanity became delegate of XKI, it seems ever more likely. Kuriko has promised much more stuff, and a lot of them have already become true with only 1/8 of Kuriko's term passing.

Now onto the juicy stuff. In 2016, Caelapes won the election, and in 2020 Kuriko won. The next election will most likely be in 2024. But do we really need to wait till 2024? Should we, instead, add a "congress/parliament" with a representative from each region, with midterm elections? Or maybe political parties, or just the ability to impeach Kuriko for existing?

The pros for this is simple: Fun. Nations that are not new to the game will probably have a lot of fun with the whole political stuff. Nations new to the game may also be more interested in the game and want to stick around. The people having fun the most will be the politicians and the ROs, the main dudes at the head of these stuff. It will also attack the thought that NS really doesn't have much stuff to do. You will ALWAYS have something to do.

The cons, well, are a bit more complex. First of all, it will make the admins do quite a lot of work. Don't forget the Admins are people, not bots.................we think.

Second, although it may make new nations more interested in the game and want to stick around, it may also make new nations extremely confused, and just decide not to log back in. Three, this can allow regions to continue making themselves the point of the game, and four, NationStates is not an electoral game, it's a game to create a nation.

What do you think? Should we do this? That's up for you to decide for yourself.

Raxulan Empire Closed Embassies with Farkasfalka

After some forum conversation, the Administration of Raxulan Empire had decided to close embassies with Farkasfalka. We contacted their Soveriegn to know more about the issue. "We orginally opened embassies with them due to their right wing association (Conservative/Libertarian) and out of hopes that they would be useful to us in our fight against Communism, however the alliance we had (if you can call it that) did not produce very profitable results and seemed to carry more baggage then what it was worth, hence we are closing our embassies with them", said Rost Dreadnorramus.

Layem Imposes Travel Ban on Citizens Alliance of Democracy

Recently the region of Confederacy of Layem had imposed a travel ban on Citizens Alliance of Democracy. We talked with Democracy Alliance Founder to know more about the the issue. "I was attempting to reform things in Layem with new laws, and was planning to do it after the election. Someone said I was wanting to do this, and I got banned from the region. I got vocal about this real fast, exposing Layem's lies and authoritarianism. Because I was tarnishing their reputation, they banned travel to my new region. As a side effect, Layem was removed from the United Regions Alliance and the founder was put onto a watchlist. These were not my actions, however, my vocalism may have raised awareness to these topics. I have attempted to violently seize power in Layem in early June. They use it against me, although I am ashamed of it and want to leave it in the past. Just telling you this because they may target you. You now have heard both sides of the story. Be careful when talking to the founder; he can turn into a raving jerk sometimes."

Currently, no communication was made possible with the other end.

MoFA Elections in Confederacy of Layem

The region of Layem is soon going to hold its Ministry of Foreign Affairs elections. We talked with Randolphina, one of the candidates, about their election manifesto. "Currently Layem faces really "nothing" in the foreign affairs sphere. We only are close to 1-2 regions and are currently looking to expand and become closer with more regions. I've promised a 'one month plan' in my dispatch if you are interested to take a look. I plan on making Layem more 'inter-regional' friendly", said Randolphina.

Augustin Alliance Emerged as N-Day Champion

Augustin Alliance has emerged as the N-Day champion, pushing all other factions below it. Last year's winners, Horsemen of the Apocalypse, was the most targetted faction this year, finishing in last place with a world record-breaking amount of radiation (821,369). Ba Sing Se completed at the third place with 0 radiation. An Alliance of Potatoes deserves appreciation, for not only having the most number of nations, but also for fighting back to second place. The Potatoes managed to upgrade their score from -65k to 284k, within a few hours.

Overall, throughout the N-Day, nuclear war was intense among the first few regions, with Horsemen of Apocalypse dominating the scoreboard in the initial hours. More information can be found here.

Political Scale of NationStates

In a recent poll, we asked people what do they think of the general political-leaning of NationStates. Most of the people, believe that a specific portion of nationstates is left-leaning, while a fair amount of people voted to express their opinion, that most of the nationstates is left-leaning.

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