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Welcome to EmbassyRegionia

WARNING: EmbassyRegi0nia is an ILLEGITIMATE clone. Please see the recently created thread for more info.

Founded May 11th, 2021
Fully reorganized on April 19th, 2022


General Assembly: FOR
Security Council: FOR

Once an embassy collection region, dedicated to interregional connectivity, turned to ash. Following a disastrous raid carried out en masse by The Brotherhood of Malice, over 1000 embassies commenced closure. The future seemed dark. But not all was lost. Back, and better than ever, we have reorganized ourselves into a defending force for communities such as ours, who desired nothing but peace and prosperity but were instead plagued with the chaotic curse of raiderdom.

Embassies: the Order of the Silver Compass, Chris puppet storage, The Great Universe, Fontia, Free Place, Jafazia, Dictatorship RP, Amogusian Union, Ivory Tower, The Germanic isles, Allied conservative Union, ISP Front, rinascita, TMA, Territories Of The Asmor Federation, Arclantic Puppet Storage, and 77 others.The Mystical Alliance, New Foodia, Guinea Kiribati, Europe but better, The Commonwealth of Militant Realms, Sanctuary of Syl, Canguta Nations, Liberation Region, White Hawks, Fredonia, TopCornion, THE Region of lands, The Power Gulids II, Yecyma, Planetary Union of Earth, Poland Lithuania, The Peaceful Places, A Pacific, Region of Fun, Gentu, North Caucasus, Chicken overlords, Soviet Alliance, Krillin, Coque Borie Lethawik, The Embassy, The Community, Georgist Alliance, Alleghany, The United Independent States, SEC Fanatics, The Communist Lands, the power alliance, Andromedia, Cyclone Isles, Ladanvia, matheo, Sasaphire Universe, The Free Coalition II, The Land of Musical Notes, stabgate, 0 0 0, Neptunia, Photograph, Pax Transpolia, Wanderlust, 2nd Foolian Empire, The Semi Unknown, Region with a bunch of random polls, Eggtopia, Ijaka, h o r d e s, Intergalactic Alliance, Fenrir, Associated Powers Bloc, The Empires And Republics Of Power, The Nation, I need no fear Death for I have servedii, New Alvarez Union, Peace and War Who Knows, Infectious CangutaRub, The Church of the Great God, The Federation of Utopias Unitum, Interregional Defence Pact headquarters, The Glorious Nation of Arstotzka, Placeholder, Chips Off The Block, Northern Argaen Trade Organization, Niyax Isles, Miraculous Ladybug, Orifnan International, Breakfast at Milliways, Nitrepza, A Serene Pocket, Old Altistan, Laymen2, and Letters and spaces.

Tags: Defender, Featured, Founderless, Medium, Password, Social, and World Assembly.

EmbassyRegionia contains 35 nations, the 494th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Rebellious Youth in EmbassyRegionia

World Census observers counted the number of times their car stereo was stolen from outside fast food stores to determine which nations have relatively high levels of youth-related crime.

As a region, EmbassyRegionia is ranked 15,047th in the world for Most Rebellious Youth.

1.The Cat of Cat120Democratic Socialists“Humans think they're gods. Us cats, we know we are.”
2.The Republic of BeckeropsisInoffensive Centrist Democracy“In the time of chimpanzees I was a monkey”
3.The Theocracy of A LITERAL GODCivil Rights Lovefest“KNEEL BEFORE ME”
4.The Nefarious Deeds of Rocket Boss GiovanniInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Prepare for trouble!”
5.The Commonwealth of Oh I love butterInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Oh... I love butter”
6.The Peacebringer of Western New HollandInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Here to Bring Peace”
7.The Technical Support of MTF Rho-9Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“Technical Support”
8.The Derphish Derper of Sir DerpInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Derp........”
9.The Democratic States of Yznian Commune 1Left-wing Utopia“Unity, Discipline, Work”
10.The Republic of Yznian Commune 4Left-wing Utopia“Unity, Discipline, Work”

Regional Happenings


EmbassyRegionia Regional Message Board


The Principality of Regrbl

The Republic of Holder of Polls

Feel free to vite on my new poll

The United States of Laymen


The Empire of Region Tanoai

The Republic of Miraculous World

The Imperial Federal Empire of Transapol

What shall happen to this region now that it has no leader

The Democratic States of The Universe World for WA Delegate

Transapol wrote:What shall happen to this region now that it has no leader

No one has any power other than Border Control.
I will endorse Swaklaton so they can be in power again, I guess. This region is a step away from dormant anyway.

The Imperial Federal Empire of Transapol

The Universe World for WA Delegate wrote:No one has any power other than Border Control.
I will endorse Swaklaton so they can be in power again, I guess. This region is a step away from dormant anyway.

I would recommend re-founding

The Holy Empire of Useless Puppet

Transapol wrote:I would recommend re-founding


The Imperial Federal Empire of Transapol

Useless Puppet wrote:Why?

Then, you can keep your borders open by having a founder to protect the region and you will also have a leader unless said nation ceases to exist

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