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Most Valuable International Artwork: 158th Most World Assembly Endorsements: 268th Most Nations: 753rd+3
Largest Black Market: 2,242nd Best Weather: 2,267th Most Extensive Public Healthcare: 2,713th
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Welcome to Laraniem, the small region with a big heart. We pride ourselves in being a one-of-a-kind community, open to all who wish to chill and have a good time. We offer an in-depth roleplay universe, simple and accessible political gameplay, and countless opportunities to have fun in the world of NationStates, and beyond.


Please refer to our Embassy Policy


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  • Timeline 1: ~1000 AD

  • Timeline 2: Present Day

🗺️ Maps: see here


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    LaraLeague Season 3: June 2022

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    Laraniem Master Dispatch

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    Laraniem 2D Map

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    Regions of Laraniem

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Embassies: Laraniem Allied Army Corps, Alcris, The Fiercest, The Old Empire of Cya, United Essentan nations, International Debating Area, Union of Democrats, Gay Equality, The Slide Countries, Australia, The Planet X, Monarchist and Democratic Alliance, Silverhold, The United Empires of Carson, Australialia, Southern Africa, and 65 others.Eientei Gensokyo, The Illuminati, Chicken overlords, Organization of United Sovereign States, Hollow Point, Christmas, The Great Universe, Dispatchia, Europe but better, Anti Fairy Pact, 1980s America, Cheddar, Old Zealand, Philippines, Veurrfold, RAMS, The Monarchy alliance, Save Our Planet, Camerania, Norrland, The Democratic Union, ATOMIC, Strawberry Hill, Sea, NationStatesHolics Anonymous, Democritus, Oceania Region, Urana Firma, Grishahakkaverchynot League, Great Chuliu Empire, The Empire, Just relax, The Seven Realms, Oneid, Callista, Guinea Kiribati, Donjia, Alliance of Sovereign Nations, SEC Fanatics, Portugal, Lewisham, The Embassy, Lyrali, Institute of Cellulose, Liberal Democratic Union, New World Union, FIFA Lands, The Dimensional Rift, Mylktopia, Ocromia, The Deep Ecologist Party of NationStates, Green Legion, Brave New America, The Alliance of Eros, Council of Minuscule and Small Regions, The Western Isles, Arcesia, The Power Gulids II, The Region of Warsaw, Odrya, Newlandia, The Great Storm, Arclantic, The Orange Order, and Kavonia.

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Laraniem contains 22 nations, the 753rd most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Insurance Industry in Laraniem

The World Census posed as door-to-door salespeople in order to establish which nations have the most extensive Insurance industries.

As a region, Laraniem is ranked 11,773rd in the world for Largest Insurance Industry.

1.The Unianist Republic of Down UnianPsychotic Dictatorship“Down Unian citizens of the World Rise!”
2.The Republic of Alcris Diplomatic AccountCivil Rights Lovefest“Alcris Arise”
3.The Holy Empire of CarpienteDemocratic Socialists“If we can't make people smile, we will make them CRY”
4.The Military Republic of GhazvaNew York Times Democracy“May the sun shine on us for eternity”
5.The People's Republic of NikosbergLeft-wing Utopia“Play Dead”
6.The Constitutional Monarchy of A1bertiaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Shoe the Shoeless”
7.The Directorial Republic of Winterset IslesCapitalizt“vetur fellur endanum”
8.The Kingdom of New KosraeInoffensive Centrist Democracy“God Bless Kosrae”
9.The Sultanate of NuakogradCorrupt Dictatorship“That makes sense”
10.The Secluded Sanctuary of AleiaLibertarian Police State“EAK could not defeat us”

Regional Happenings


Laraniem Regional Message Board


The 𝗚𝗼𝗹𝗱𝗲𝗻 𝗙𝗶𝗲𝗹𝗱𝘀 of Hagston

Laftistop wrote:Hi

Hey! How are you?

The Democratic Kingdom of Koxor

Sidramye wrote:Ah that would be me, you can lower the temperature by reciting the French National Anthem in Hebrew seven times while rubbing a rubber duck.

Hmm, I heard drinking six litres of pepsi in fifty seconds, while reciting the entirety of both the Old Testament and War and Peace backwards and in Mycenaean Greek and also balancing seven spoons on one of your eyelashes, also helps.

The Republic of Kavonia Founder


The Hetland not Sidramye of Sidramye

Kavonia Founder wrote:Greetings


The Hetland not Sidramye of Sidramye

Kavonia Founder wrote:Greetings

Good to have embassies, we hope our regions will both prosper in the future!

The 𝗚𝗼𝗹𝗱𝗲𝗻 𝗙𝗶𝗲𝗹𝗱𝘀 of Hagston

Kavonia Founder wrote:Greetings

Howdy. How are you?

The Holy Empire of Carpiente

The Fall of Carpiente City

Due to civil unrest and unforeseen crop failure, Carpiente scientists estimate that this one great city will fall within 30 days .
The population has decreased, the capital's government corrupt, there will be small towns still staying but most of the land will fall to farmers and others.

signed top advisory scientist,
prof Horace Jackson

The Democratic Kingdom of Koxor

The Final Final-ly Goes Ahead
After days of investigation, Edropian and international police have finally caught the perpetrator of the poisoning in Drefort last week. Toydemir Tezcan, a Down Unian fan with nationalistic tendencies who travelled to Edropia to watch his team win and who despised Jakob Bern's penalty call, has been arrested for attempted murder and is being kept in prison in Edropia to await trial. Mr Bern is recovering well in the meantime, and regrets that he will not be able to referee the final, which is to go ahead today as planned.

The Grand Final
Tune in to the #laraleague channel of the Laraniem discord server for real-time updates on the match!
Sidramye 0-0 Mistletoe Coast

The Democratic Kingdom of Koxor

And the winner is...
After some incredible goals on both sides, and a remarkable comeback from Hetland who were down 3-1, the final was tied at full time. Half an hour of extra time was added. Two and a half minutes in, Mistletoe Coast's Barnabus Ravenswood scored, and it looked like a quick and easy victory for his team... but then, just 27 seconds later, while some MC fans were still cheering, Feliks Adben knocks the ball past their goalkeeper and into the back of the net. After this, the game remained tied, and it looked like it might go to a penalty shoot-out...
But then... Just 6 minutes before the end...
MC's Lysander Vanderbilt scored! With no time to come back, Hetland could only sit and watch as, continuing their unbroken 6-in-a-row win streak, Mistletoe Coast wins LaraLeague Season 3!

Final placements:
16th place: Fennlaand
15th place: Avanor
14th place: Federal republic of Socialsts
13th place: Patec
12th place: Kerelen
11th place: Iraeli
=9th place: Averra
=9th place: Hagston
8th place: Lile Ulie Islands
7th place: Koxor
6th place: Down Unian
5th place: Edropia
4th place: Homyland
3rd place: Juta
2nd place: Sidramye
1st place: Mistletoe Coast

The Republic of Pari of land

Why the withdraw of embassies?

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