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The Democratic Republic contains 73 nations, the 266th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Pizza Delivery Sector in The Democratic Republic

World Census staff spent many nights answering the front door in order to measure which nations have the biggest Pizza Delivery industries.

As a region, The Democratic Republic is ranked 12,156th in the world for Largest Pizza Delivery Sector.

1.The United States of Capital ALFather Knows Best State“The best or nothing”
2.The Empire of OreonsInoffensive Centrist Democracy“By The People For The People”
3.The Democratic Republic of United Mys CeeInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Pride and Industry”
4.The Kingdom of The alligator kingdoomInoffensive Centrist Democracy“A man and a woman will help us”
5.The Empire of UmachizzapireNew York Times Democracy“Gobernar es educar”
6.The Republic of OvioCapitalizt“Librã a de Pratõnes”
7.The Kingdom of ArsgardCivil Rights Lovefest“God save the King”
8.The Commonwealth of United Brazil RepublicCapitalist Paradise“Motto...”
9.The Democratic Republic of Silent Hill advanceInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Tudo posso naquele que me fortalecer Deus”
10.The Democratic Republic of BulgariusInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Die to my blade”
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The Democratic Republic Regional Message Board


The Commonwealth of The Pangaean Union Founder

Good Evening The Democratic Republic,

The Pangaean Union welcomes the exchange of embassies between two nations with simillar ideals.

We look forward to the changing of ambassadors and both regions supporting eachother with regional activities, helping both regions grow and stay stable.

Magnus Phoenicia is currently in your region and will act as an ambassador until we formally appoint an ambassador to represent us which will be done once our government is up and running.

The Syndicalist Communes of The English Peoples Union

Die Kalisch-Kampagne

It is finally time for us to make our move. Mobilising 700,000 men, with other German states providing a significant amount of force. We march into Kalisch, a town on the Prussian-Russian border. The town of Ostrowo, which is in our domain, will be used as a staging ground to start our advance into Russian land. Using 8 brigades of cavalry (40k) we plan to break through the Russian defences in the city quickly to split up any troops that stand in our way. If we are able to split defences up into two parts, we will be able to destroy them and occupy the city. Quickness is the order of the day again, moving with lightning speed to break them and end this. Before we can do any of that, however, we will need to use some of our cavalrymen to scout the city to see if there are any defences that we expect to be there. There being none would be wishful thinking for our strategists, but we hope that this campaign will be done with haste. Artillery will be there too, as to shell the defence into dust. May this war end soon, for one of us will perish in it.

The Divine Popularist Empire of Flixar

Establishment of Russian Intermarium
Trying to avoid Polish, Ukrainian, Belarusian, and Lithuanian unrest an vassal state under the name of Intermaruim to Russians or Chadia to the people living there will be establish. Chadia will act almost completely independent from Eurasia but in Military and Foreign Affairs. Any and All actions contain those two will be instantly reported to the nation Capital Saint Petersburg.

The Federal Republic of Swanovia

One Night in Melbourne
October 2, 1851
The war in the Goldfields has been raging for months. Eureka militias operating out of Ballarat have called miners to arms across the region, driving the authorities out of Bendigo and Castlemaine and seizing the vast grazing lands from their rich owners, dividing it out amongst the miners who wished to settle in the region. In Melbourne, tensions run high as exiled landowners clamour for the government to take further action and restore order to the region by kicking out the miners, while ships continue to unload hundreds of goldseekers onto the streets every day. Militias begin to spread their influence further out of the Goldfields and the conflict is beginning to unfold on the streets of Melbourne, this is the situation we find ourselves in.

Bloody rain again, thinks James as he stands under the pub veranda, smoking his cigarette. In front of him lies Sandridge, the sprawling Port of Melbourne, where he works as a docker, unloading the ships that roll into Port Philip every day carrying goods and people from across the globe. He flicks his cigarette out onto the ground, stamping it out and goes inside, where the raucous noise of workers enjoying beer and conversation after their shift was loud enough to be heard from the street. Inside, the bar was packed with people nursing pints of lager and ale, while the tables were filled with people playing cards and enjoying more substantial drinks, whiskey and gin. As James climbed the stairs, the atmosphere began to change as the noise faded away. Where most of the pub was there for pleasure, James was there for business, as a representative of the underground Victorian Dockers Union, an illegal trade union that sought better working conditions for the workers who kept Melbourne running. As he reached the top of the stairs, he saw the people he was there to meet and walked over to the table, taking a seat opposite them.

"Hello Mr. Murphy", says one of the men, "I'm John, and the man on my left is Bruce. We're representatives of Mr. Lalor."
"Why couldn't Mr. Lalor meet with me in person?" asked James, "He did when we met last time."
"Well, things are a bit different this time" said Bruce, "He's needed to plan our attack on -"
"That's enough, Bruce", interrupted John. "Some things aren't to be said so openly, even amongst friends. The situation has changed James, Mr. Lalor is a wanted man and can't be seen in Melbourne. He sends his regards. Shall we move to business?"
"Very well", said James, "What of it?"
"We need you to move forward your plans to tomorrow", said John.
"We're aware this may not be ideal on your end but this is how it must be done, the conditions are perfect for our plan to come to fruition" said Bruce.
"Tomorrow?" exclaimed James. "That's ridiculous, I was told I'd have months to prepare. We don't have the men and we don't have the arms, we'd never be able to follow through on our end."
"Keep your voice down James", said John, "The last thing we need is our mutual enemy finding out about this. You must move tomorrow, and to make it easier we've got some things to help you out. Come with me."

John steps up from the booth, indicating for Bruce and James to get up as well, and begins walking back towards the stairs. Reaching the bottom, he walks over to the bar, nodding at the bartender who rings a bell. Almost immediately, a waiter opens a door, carrying two plates of food out to one of the tables. A man behind him holds the door open, and the three men walk through into the kitchen. Bewildered, James continues to follow John as he walks through, exiting through a door out the back and walking out into the rain, stopping in the muddy alley behind the pub that serves as a loading dock, currently blocked by a covered wagon. John walks around to the back and knocks on the wagon. To James' surprise, the flaps at the back open, revealing ten men and two dozen muskets and pistols. John turns to James and says, "I trust this will suffice?"
Speechless, James simply nods.
"Very well", said John, "If all goes to plan, Bruce and I will see you in the city tomorrow. Good luck."

The Federal Republic of Swanovia

Solidarity, Brother
October 3, 1851

As James lay awake in bed, unable to sleep, day broke over Melbourne. The wet weather of the night before had given way to a fog rolling in off Port Philip, a rare occurrence for the city. The prospect of the day ahead struck fear into his heart, and the lack of sleep didn't help his demeanour either. Undeterred by the stress or the fog, he readied himself and began the short trudge to work, the streets still muddy from last night's rain. As he walked, more and more men filtered out of their homes and joined him, making their way to the port for another day's hard labour. Arriving at the port gates with two dozen other men, James made his way through the milling crowd to find Robert, his fellow organiser of the underground Victorian Dockers Union (VDU).
"Today's the day, Rob. You ready?"
"Ready as I'll ever be", replied Rob, "Still pretty bloody stressed through."
"Me too mate, me too. Let's go find the boys and get this show on the road."
The two men began methodically making their way through the crowd, finding those they knew were on their side and alerting them to the coming action.
At 7am, the foremen opened the gates and most of the men began to filter in to begin their shifts as usual, yet unusually a small group seemed to be leaving, heading back towards home and Melbourne. Seeing they had enough workers for the shift, the foremen thought nothing of it and promptly closed the gate behind the workers. Yet these men, no more than two dozen led by the big Scot Robert Gilchrist, and the wily Irishman James Murphy, weren't headed home. As they made their way up Port Road, they stopped off at each man's house, picking up supplies from several houses along the road into Melbourne, including weapons and crucially, a Eureka flag. The men began their march, James and Robert at the front waving the Eureka flag, with the rest of the men marching solemnly behind them, holding their firearms close.

As they began to get closer to the city, word began to spread and rumours began to fly, the men were storming the Legislative Hall on Bourke Street, or the Victoria Police headquarters or Melbourne Gaol on Russell Street, or even the Bank of Australasia on Swanston Street. Crowds of onlookers, supporters and police began to line the streets, waiting for the men to cross the Yarra and enter the city. Yet the crowds gathered in vain, for the mens target was never in the city. Instead, they skirted the south bank of the Yarra and continued east, heading towards the only target worth seizing outside the city, the home of Governor LaTrobe. The men knew what they were about to do was treason, and if it failed they'd be executed. The heavy burden of the potential consequences weighed on them, and they took a moment to compose themselves in the trees outside the cottage perimeter.

"You ready, James?", asked Rob, "You're absolutely sure we should go through with this?"
"Not at all mate, but it's too late to back out now", replied James, "And Jesus, I'm nervous!"
"Let's just get it over with. I'll see you on the other side."
James nodded and indicated to the other men that the assault was about to begin, taking a pistol offered by a man on his left. Taking a deep breath, he emerged from the cover of the bush, taking a guard walking past by surprise. Holding him at gunpoint, James put a hand over his mouth to silence him, then pointed the gun at his head. Keeping the guard between himself and the cottage, he closed the distance and then indicated for Robert to break down the door. Storming into the cottage, he found himself in the kitchen, currently occupied by a hungry guard fixing himself a sandwich. James took the gun off the head of the hostage and pointed it at the guard that was meant to be manning the door.
"On the ground, now. No sudden movements or buddy here bites it." The guard put his hands in the air and obeyed with one of the other men taking the guard's pistol. Moving through the kitchen towards an open door, James found the Governor, hard at work at a desk covered in papers.
"Up, now", said James.
Without looking up, the Governor replied, "Just who do you think you are talking to me like that in my own home?"
James repeated himself a bit more forcefully, and this time the Governor looked up and saw the gun.
"Jesus, who are you?" he exclaimed, leaping out of his chair.
James stepped towards him, throwing his hostage to Robert and indicated for him to take him to the kitchen with the other one. He pulled a coil of rope from his waist and grabbed the Governors arm, pinning it behind him and causing the Governor to yelp in pain.
"Governor LaTrobe, you are under arrest for treason against the people of Victoria. I'm going to take you into the kitchen, and we're going to wait for the police to arrive. Don't do anything dumb", said James as grabbed the Governor's other arm and began tying them behind his back.

Once police realised the men weren't moving on the city, they urgently sent cavalry troops to the cottage but by the time they arrived it was too late, the armed men in James' group were already positioned in the windows and the Eureka flag flew defiantly over the cottage, a symbol of solidarity amongst the working class of Victoria against the tyranny of the colonial government.

Victoria Police and the colonial militia rapidly deployed more troopers to the cottage, fearing both for the safety of the Governor and for the potential ramifications of the crisis on the government as a whole. But the movement wasn't done for the day, far from it. While the authorities were racing to deploy troops south of the river to the cottage, the Eureka miners mobilised by Bruce and John made their move on the city itself, filtering into the crowds gathered on the streets of Melbourne and spreading rumours about a tyrannical government, an incompetent Governor and an ineffective police force, agitating the crowd into a furore before directing them at their main objective, storming Melbourne Gaol and freeing the interned miners taken prisoner in the Goldfields.

Already overstretched and operating on a shoestring budget, Victoria Police was hardly ready to handle the crisis at the Governor's cottage, let alone the storming of Melbourne Gaol. With the Yarra River splitting their numbers and hindering their ability to effectively communicate and the situation rapidly escalating at the Gaol, all it took was for one trooper to open fire before the situation devolved from a riot into anarchy. And devolve it did. A shot fired from the second-story window of the Victoria Police Headquarters opposite the Melbourne Gaol killed a rioter and turned the full force of the mob away from the Gaol and onto the police. Guards of the prison were savagely beaten and left for dead as the mob swarmed across Russell Street and smashed through the thin line of police guarding the building and began ransacking the offices, going room by room and beating the defending troopers. As the mob reached the second floor, they swarmed into the room from which the shot was fired, throwing the trooper out the window to the crowd below baying for blood, dooming him to a violent end. While bloody, the storming of the two buildings was over within an hour and the will of the Victoria Police had been broken. When word reached the cottage south of the Yarra of the massacre on Russell Street and the decimation of the troopers north of the river, the remaining troopers fled, leaving the Governor in the hands of the VDU.
With the collapse of Victoria Police and the militia garrison deployed to the Goldfields months ago, Melbourne has fallen to the Eureka movement, and with it the Victorian government has collapsed. In its place, the Eureka movement has declared itself the Provisional Government of Victoria, with the Governor and Lieutenant Governor to be replaced by Eureka leader Peter Lalor and VDU leader James Murphy respectively, while the colonial Legislative Council is to be replaced by the Victorian Council of Trade Unions (VCTU), with members to be elected from the various trade unions that previously operated underground. While news is travelling faster and faster these days, the news of the collapse of the Victorian government is yet to reach Sydney, let alone London, and it is unknown how the other governments in Australasia will react to the new Unionist menace in Victoria. One can only imagine poorly.

The Commonwealth of Valleandea

Advanced Machine Shops

Workshops were transformed into better-developed machine shops as more and more automated systems began to take over industries, most prominently, the manufacturing sectors. These shops were established inside the bustling cities within the western and eastern provinces as demand offered incentives for metal workers and engineers to work and contribute to the growing economy. As the Ministry of the Interior issued notices for talented craftsmen in machine tooling and published their plans of advancing workshops, tens of thousands of candidates flocked into the governmental buildings and applied for their grand project. Every paper that detailed valuable information on manufacturing techniques, workshop safety, etc, was recorded, and many craftsmen themselves were provided with the opportunity to build the upcoming engines and factories. 

Plans for these machine shops were to have them stationed inside the first series of factories as these would provide quick and essential repairs and modifications to keep the engines functioning. More machine shops will be built inside other factories manufacturing mechanical parts as well. These shops were a heavy investment in due part to both the owner and the government, but it was a necessary option to get a factory operational. It was a place where the dream would happen as officials claimed, and without this single shop, it would take ten more years just to get to one of their hundreds of goals. As a result, all-metal workers, who’ve had years of experience creating parts and tools, and their shops were considered highly valuable resources, just on par with their miners. Many of them had an innate talent for what’s called subtracting manufacturing, controlled material removal, additive manufacturing, and many more as they worked and produced guns, military tools, civilian tools, etc. Knowledge of calibrations, housekeeping, recycling, inspections, and safety was a bonus for the craftsmen. And from their knowledge, the government issued all of their techniques, proficiencies, routines, habits, etc, to be taught to the new schools of engineering. Both the Ministries of the Interior and Education were collaborating on this idea to generate greater numbers of engineers, designers, and scientists; these are all for the sake of advancing the country even further than the rest of the western nations and empires. 

In a few weeks, an initial number of 200 machine shops were employed with the government. They collaborated with them to figure out the best possible options to continue their line of work, and an additional 500 will be planned if everything had worked out correctly. Factory construction had included several spaces for machine shops in their architectural floor plans. And with that added space in their layouts, it resulted in cheapening the manufacturing processes.

The Republic of Soviet comminust

I'm back! Guys I'm soviet communist plz ignore the flag but you can remember me?.
I misses you guys! And this region too! Because I out because I want to see other region (out : 100 - 90 days ago)

The Republic of Soviet comminust

Okay I'm out but I will back later! See ya

The Commonwealth of The Pangaean Union Founder

Hi all,

The Pangaean Union is delighted that both of our regions have connected on an embassy level.

We look forward to engaging and building each other up.

As part of our establishing embassies with TDR, one of the benefits is your members ability to post on our NS Roleplay thread.

Can act as an ongoing roleplay or world building. And if you want to interregional interact, just state TDR region is in an area of the Pangaean Map. And if one of you chooses a direction I.e north, east, etc, probably all state u are from that direction.

Any questions just ask. But that is one of the benefits.

And here is the link;


The Coalition of The Independent States of Allied Forces

It's back.

Formerly known in Ye Old Wintercrest Days as the Revolutionary Daily, we've decided to rebrand and rename our regional newspaper. So with that being said, I give you:

The Winter Gazette

Correspondent of the Wintercrest Central News Agency, District of Internal Affairs - Office of Information

You're reading the VERY FIRST EDITION of the People's Constitutional Republic of Wintercrest's (hopefully) monthly regional newspaper, the Winter Gazette! Where all regional and external affairs of Wintercrest are journalized in one factbook for the People.

The Winter Gazette is not responsible for any nausea, fatigue, diarrhea, stolen newspaper copies, death or other illness which might be caused when reading the ensuing articles, nor do we refund...


A New Era

By Belungia || Tuesday, June 21, 2022 || 1825 CST

Two months.

Two months is all it took. When Wintercrest officially shut down in March of 2022, there was no hope for the region. Activity was dead, the population dropping by day and the people who were keeping Wintercrest "alive" were busy in the real world. But then something was realized. A spark of hope, lit aflame. The Independent States of Allied Forces realized he was unable to abandon the region, let it sit and collect dust. So he brought together a team, consisting of Morograd, Uponda, and Piper Winter. Using their one shared brain cell, they brought forth new ideals unto the land of Wintercrest and in doing so, let go of tradition, relics of the past.

The first step was removing the role of the now former Revolutionary Mothers, Zenny and Piper Winter. The Independent States of Allied Forces when questioned about this noted that "While the role of Zenny and Piper as not only the Revolutionary Mothers but as the Founders of Wintercrest can not be understated, they are simply no longer around. This is through no fault of their own, but the question aises. Wintercrest is a People's Republic, with the power residing in the People. So why then must two people, who are not active, give their assent to all legislation that comes through the Revolutionary Peoples' Congress? This, among other things, adds yet another layer to the already complex onion that is Wintercrest's regional government. This is something that must rectified when the new Wintercrest is put into motion." With the unveiling of the newly renamed People's Constitutional Republic of Wintercrest, the ISAF says "Our motto is forever forward. This is why we must not be stuck in the past but instead adapt our region to meet the standards of today's more successful and active regions."

Already this new edition of Wintercrest is seeing a resurgence with regional population rising from the low 30s to the mid 60s in just over a week and a plethora of activities to boot. Only time well tell if Wintercrest shall befall the same fate as its predecessor, however.

Ice Ice Baby

By Belkan Pride || Saturday, June 18, 2022 || 2132 CST

It's back! On Saturday, June 18th, Wintercrest Founder released a regional guide on roleplaying in Wintercrest. Taking it back to the old school days of RMB RP that Wintercrest was known for, the setting is 1947, the start of the Cold War. All information including rules, regulations, and map claims can be found in the factbook. Telegram The Independent States of Allied Forces for more info.

The Wintercrest Regional Guide to Roleplaying - CLICK HERE!!!

Group of Humans Play Card Game Online Instead of Going Outside Like Normal People

By The Independent State Allied Force || Wednesday, June 22, 2022 || 1204 CST

Regional Leader The Independent States of Allied Forces (not to be confused with the writer of this article) hosted an online session of Cards Against Humanity in the regional Discord server, the game where people try to make the darkest jokes they can instead of socializing normally. I mean seriously, go touch some grass! The game was attended by our friends in The East Pacific and The Free Nations Region with many laughs being had. But the last laugh was by the ISAF, who defeated his opponents handily, winning two games in a row. As is typical, the victories have gone to his head, with the ISAF declaring himself "The greatest CAH player to ever grace NationStates." Somebody please knock him off his high horse...

(From left to right: Rogue River, So Pep, Uponda, The Independent States of Allied Forces, Morograd)

Overseas Expansion

By Hotel Trivago || Saturday, June 25, 2022 || 0835 CST

On Thursday, June 23rd, Wintercrest proudly announced the passing of the Wintodor Accords with the region of Odrya. The Accords is a mutual defense pact between the two regions and the move comes several weeks after an official opening of gameside embassies between the two regions. Wintercrest's President of the State Council the ISAF, a citizen of both regions, said in a press conference Friday that "Odrya and Wintercrest now embark on a prosperous journey of friendship, one that we hope shall continue onwards for a long, long time."

Wintercrest TV 📺

Miles "Pudge" Halter wants to gain a deeper perspective on life, so he enrolls in boarding school. While he's there, he gains a group of loyal friends and falls in love with Alaska Young. When an unexpected tragedy strikes, the close-knit group of friends try to make sense of what they have been through. The limited series is based on the John Green novel of the same name.

Ok, listen. John Green's book is an amazing read and I highly recommend to anyone. The TV series does it justice in most regards with good script writing and great casting. Charlie Plummer (Mile "Pudge" Halter) did an excellent job of catching Pudge's awkwardness and cringe (I caught second-hand embarrassment soooo many times) and the rest of the casting was spot on. I was disappointed in some of the things they left out but creator Josh Schwartz and the episode directors more then made up for it with what they added. This is a show about substance abuse, coming-of-age, teen drama, etc. Bittersweet and beautifully performed, it's a show that will make you cringe, laugh, maybe even tear up a little. At the end, it leaves you questioning life. What does it mean? What should I do with it? How do I adapt to it?

That, my dear friends, is Looking For Alaska.


New residents and citizens! What do you think about Wintercrest? Are you enjoying your time here? Any suggestions on what you'd like to see? Telegram us at Wintercrest Central News Agency and let us know!


We're sorry. The resident you are trying to reach has a voicemail box that is not set up. Please hang up and try again.

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