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WA Delegate (non-executive): The Royal Provinces of Southern Igaliaris (elected )

Founder: The Telegram QUEEN YUNO-- not me of Mommy Yuno

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Most Nations: 155th Most Valuable International Artwork: 689th Most World Assembly Endorsements: 1,006th+7
Largest Black Market: 1,416th Largest Arms Manufacturing Sector: 1,673rd Most Devout: 1,778th Largest Manufacturing Sector: 1,954th Most Advanced Defense Forces: 2,191st Most Advanced Law Enforcement: 2,223rd Most Corrupt Governments: 2,257th
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LinkWelcome to Yuno!

LinkThe official regional forums.
The vampiric, anime, and Gothic lolita capital of NS.

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    Common Sense Rules for the RMB

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    Cute pink things

    FactbookMiscellaneous by Queen Yuno . 2,499 reads.

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    What is Influence?

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    animals in NS! [NS Animal Directory]

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    [NS GUIDE] How to earn Cards' money fast using puppets

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    cute animal emojis

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    Kpop Blowkiss Gifs!

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The embassy with South Pacific is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

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Regional Power: Moderate

Yuno contains 109 nations, the 155th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Pro-Market in Yuno

This data was compiled by surveying a random sample of businesses with the question, "Do you believe the government is committed to free market policies?"

As a region, Yuno is ranked 17,372nd in the world for Most Pro-Market.

1.The Rose of Graveyards2Anarchy“Mottos”
2.The Majestic Lands of Sink or SwimRight-wing Utopia“You have two options”
3.The Matriarchy of SakarietAnarchy“Language, Kiddo”
4.The Vast Jungles of Velociraptor IgaliarisCapitalist Paradise“Friendship! Fast for the Jungle Hills! Hiss!”
5.The Free Land of Horton Technological IndustriesCapitalist Paradise“Technology for Everyone!”
6.The Protectorate of ParheAnarchy“발해의 승리에 과 대한 세상의 악화”
7.The Royal Provinces of Southern IgaliarisAnarchy“Golden Eggs in the nest, Luxuries for the rest.”
8.The Republic of Atlae-Minion of YunoFather Knows Best State“Unity, Discipline, Work”
9.The Chaotic State of IgaliarisNew York Times Democracy“We spiral to madness.”
10.The Adventures of My Elephant GunCivil Rights Lovefest“Yes, It's Real!”
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Regional Happenings


Yuno Regional Message Board


The Nomadic Tribe of Tuskena

Greetings members of Yuno. We will stay here for a week and then move on. I told you we'd be back. My travel log if you're interested:

Translated from Tusken


Last visit: 07/9/20 Kantrias

At the time of our visit, the region held 276 nations.
It was founded by The Delphinium Throne of Cerian Quilor
The WA delegate was The Technocratic Empire of Asian Lands
The Tusken Raiders would like to thank The Futuristic Empire of Too-Technical Japan and The Love Beirut of Zoygaria for the warm welcome.
We also barely missed a war.
Zoygaria threatened anyone who messed with the defenseless Akaramo with orbital death.
We also learned what orbital death IS. And we had a nice chat about art.
T.T.J. made some more dope art. There was an interesting discussion about the morality of using the battle flag and swastikas in NS. We also got to welcome Wuzhishan and Mehrauma the region.
T.T.J. did some more dope art.
There was a war involving half the region. And I got to help Zoy by doing a digital version of the map.
The Exiled Canadians managed to have Involuntary Euthanasia as a leading cause of death. The Weeb gang sat around being weebs. Cause why not.

The Nostalgia Run

5/3/20 Coalition of Crown Albatross
At the time of our visit the region held 18 nations.
It was founded by The Imperial Republic of Zamastan
The WA delegate was Gladysynthia
We witnessed the condemnation and reconciliation of
Baytonia over use of the term "space geckos". We also attended the C.C.A. Rugby tournament.

5/11/20 Red Wolf Alliance
At the time of our visit the region held 193 nation.
It was founded by The Free Republic of NewLeinster
The WA delegate was The Holy Communist Monarchy of Pure Blooded Whites
We witnessed some interesting roleplay.

5/17/20 International Democratic Union
At the time of our visit the region held 117 nations.
The founder was The Free Land of The IDU
The WA delegate was The Federation of Lauchenoiria
We attended a debate on the humanity of capital punishment. A writing contest also took place during our visit.

The Random Run

5/31/20 Wintreath
At the time of our visit the region held 571 nations.
The founder was The Wintermootery of The Winter Nomad
The WA delegate was Rikuchar
We got to see the end of the Pokemon tournament.
A debate concerning the probability of getting two ultra rare cards in your first pack also took place.
Rikuchar stepped down from they're position as WA Delegate and
Stephenese Republic was elected/appointed/chosen/shrug.

6/6/20 Novus Lucidum
At the time of our visit the region held 50 nations.
The founder was The Galactic Federation of Odinburgh
The WA delegate was The Nationale Republik of New Nationale Einheit
The Armed Republic of Scalesburg is the first nation to welcome us before we could make a post. We watched an argument about who was the fiercest nation (of course we all know that's Zoygaria). A list of debates /arguments that happened:

1: America vs. Canada
2: Canada vs. Canadia
3: Pipeline vs. No pipeline
4: Black oppression vs. the lack thereof
5: General flapping of gums

We also stood by and watched Odinburgh drop combat elephants onto Ionalands rooftops.
Also thank you Arondul for liking every single post we made.

6/12/20 The Internationale
At the time of our visit the region held 536 nations.
The founder was The Internationale Custodian of The Commune of la Guillotiere
The WA delegate was The People's Republic of Duravia
Thank you to The Federation of Mologno for the beautiful Molognian Sacred Goat pelt. And sass.
Darfaria traded us several tanks for some raw metal.
We were given honorary Tioguldosian citizenship by Tioguldos.
We have given Lyxis Monol of Tioguldos an honorary place in our tribe.

The Weeb Run. UwU.

06/28/20 Liliy
At the time of our visit the region held 69 nations.
The founder was The Supreme Commander of Lily of Sweeze
The WA delegate was The Sultanate of Dreu
Thank you to Sweeze for the welcome. We learned that Sweeze owns 835 nations. And that's a heckin lot.

7/6/20 Yuno
At the time of our visit the region held 121 nations.
The founder was The Telegram QUEEN YUNO-- not me of Mommy Yuno
The WA delegate was The Royal Provinces of Southern Igaliaris
We accidentally contacted this region through the Lily embassy last week. Oops.
Not much happened in this region, thus we returned to Kantrias for the rest of the week.

7/12/20 The Glorious Nations of Iwaku
At the time of our visit the region held 562 nations.
The founder was The 🌀 Malevolent Catastrophe ⚡ of Vando0sa
The WA delegate was The ☢️ CAUTION ☢️ of Enlais
We had an interesting little battle with The 5 nation league
Mohacian dopped an egg nuke.
We also lost an epic card to New Kyotostan on a Scott Pilgrim quote.
Noda Megumi played her piano. A lot.

The Medievil Run

07/27/20 Hyrule
At the time of our visit the region held 17 nations.
The Founder was The Hyrule Founder Nation of Ness Snorlaxia
The delegate was The Shadow Lands of Tekopolis

8/4/20 Yggdrasil
At the time of our visit the region held 126 nations.
The Founder was Goddess relief office
The delegate was The Malevolent 🔥 Storm of Thembria SSR

Read dispatch

The Kingdom of Doigt

Not sure if I should be glad of the newest arrival if they're not going to stay anyway?
Word of advice: don't bother with the rmb nor the forums, the discord group is the way to go to have a good idea of what's going on here.

The Nomadic Tribe of Tuskena

Doigt wrote:Not sure if I should be glad of the newest arrival if they're not going to stay anyway?
Word of advice: don't bother with the rmb nor the forums, the discord group is the way to go to have a good idea of what's going on here.

I don't have Discord but thanks for the advice.

The Dynastic Republic of Imperial Aura

Snail mail is the worst kind of mail they might get eaten by a bird! ;-; Poor snails...

The Chancellor of Alvaria of Crystal Yorkshire

WW is home!!! Sort of!! It’s great to be here!!

The Dynastic Republic of Imperial Aura

Crystal Yorkshire wrote:WW is home!!! Sort of!! It’s great to be here!!

Mlem <->

The NationStates Flag Maker of Flag Makeria

Hello embassy! Just wanted to let you know, if anyone needs a flag, feel free to telegram me!

Please upvote so others can see↑

Flag Makeria's Dispatch

Creating flags for YOU

If you are waiting for your flag, check to see if it is here!

What I do

Ok. I like to make flags. A lot. That's why I make them for the good people of NationStates, completely for free.

If you'd like me to create on for you, simply telegram me with the:

-colours you'd like
-any shapes or symbols
-basic design
-any meaning it has (if it has one).

Waiting list

Waiting Nation/Region

Flag Maker


Flag Makeria

Hermes Express 123

Flag Makeria


Flag Makeria


Flag Makeria


Flag Makeria

Nations/Regions I've made flags for

Outer Bele Levy Epies
Democratic United Jair Tizu Rome
Alabama novum
East Lodge
South Bengal
The Islands of Tonga
Small Calibre Automatics
Grand Island

New Regime Of Great Cyan
The Fiercest
The Mighty Alliance
Phoenix Partners

Country balls UN
Merica ball
Rogue Sharks
Catholic communist jerusalem
Imperial slagus lad heleterge

Some of my best flags

If you are waiting for your flag, check to see if it is here!

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The United States of Hebitaka

Hello guys

The République Fédérale of Castenor

Heyo friends of Yuno!

The Free Nations Region is hosting a debate session on Saturday, August 1st at 19:00 UTC, and we want YOU to come on over to our discord and participate in some lively discussion. But, first things first, we need to decide what we will be debating.

In this dispatch, I have outlined in detail eight questions. These questions are presented in four groups of two, each of which contains questions related to each other. In the following poll, you can decide which two questions we will be answering on Saturday:


I hope to see you there and I can't wait to see what topics the community decides upon!

Lerasi Tyramin
Minister of Culture, The Free Nations Region

The Emperor of Alpha Wolf

Good morning. In TWC we are forming a military rp, if interested in signing up just message The United Federation of Amestris

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