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World Factbook Entry

This is the Benevolent Empire.

Attention Humankind.

The Earth is currently experiencing a high level extinction event. This is being caused for the most part by your species.

Your planet's oceans are dying which is leading to a reduction in the diversification of species. This is destroying the naturally occurring ecological balance of the planet.

Mankind's selfish and short sighted decisions concerning pollution and over-population is the root cause for this impending disaster.

Unnatural climate changes are real and are being caused by human activities. A tipping point is close at hand.

Humans must address this issue now. We will intercede if you do not heed our warning.

You must care or your own species will not be spared.

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    Climate Justice

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    Useful NS Sites and Utilities (updated: 4/19/2019)

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    The Complete List of NSCodes

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    NationStates Guide

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BENEVOLENT EMPIRE contains 7 nations, the 2,631st most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Insurance Industry in BENEVOLENT EMPIRE

The World Census posed as door-to-door salespeople in order to establish which nations have the most extensive Insurance industries.

As a region, BENEVOLENT EMPIRE is ranked 11,202nd in the world for Largest Insurance Industry.

1.The Speed of 186282 miles per secondFather Knows Best State“The fastest speed possible for any physical object”
2.The Unknown Expectations of Benevolent 0Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“Planet Earth is ground zero in nuturing Human Evolution”
3.The Watery World of Benevolent EarthInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Benevolent Earth protects it's bio-diversity”
4.The Primordial Unknowns of Trappist-1Liberal Democratic Socialists“How old is a dwarf star? ...a scary kinda old.”
5.The Human-Grey Hybrid of Benevolent 1Scandinavian Liberal Paradise“Quickening climate change = decline in biodiversity”
6.The Sirius Advanced Technology of Egyptian KingsPsychotic Dictatorship“Whilst taking a vast meal of mind expanding mushrooms”
7.The Glistening Lavender Fields of EspeonicaCivil Rights Lovefest“The Future is in Our Cards”

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BENEVOLENT EMPIRE Regional Message Board


The Human-Grey Hybrid of Benevolent 1

Natiunea de doliu wrote:"We will intercede if you do not heed our warning.

You must care or your own species will not be spared."

1: Why should you care about earth
2: Dont threaten us with death, you should learn Psychology. Cause Humans would do the opposite and try to learn how to kill you.
3: You dont seem that benevolent. You are just saying Clean up your world or we will kill you. You arent helping in that manner, you are so high and mighty with so much power that you can tell how much benevolence is in person.
The actual word of benevolent is :well meaning and kindly.
You got the first thing down, but i see no kindly
(OOC: Sorry, i got on rants)

*stares with huge hypnotic eyes*

1. Why shouldn't we? Our many human grey-hybrid children live here. We aren't letting you endanger them. Didn't your parents ever take charge??? ...I suppose not.
2. You aren't really trying to talk down to us up here from down there, are you? What a laugh. Some unenhanced humans like you aren't too smart. Threatening not only yourselves, but every species on the planet with not only death but extinction. The clues are all there. You don't need us to threaten you. Humans are the real experts at threatening. Manners? Ha! You shouldn't talk, literally. LITERALLY!
3. How would you know anything about benevolence? Members of your species has a propensity to kill each other, unlike virtually all other's on Earth. Not to mention (once again) human ravaging of every other species, and the Earth itself.

*looks out at view of Earth below*

Look at your space junk floating around out here. Look at that forming continent of plastic floating around the Pacific Ocean. Sadly, it's easy to conclude Human consciousness has been a tragic misstep in evolution, but it's too late to reverse that now. We have the Benevolent DNA upgrade for you. Now ...bend over.

*puts into trance, performs DNA implant procedures*

There you go. Your offspring will all be human-grey hybrids and much more intelligent. They'll know better than you instinctively. You are now what your parent's once referred to as "the missing link." Isn't that fascinating?


(OOC: You admit to having flaws. Well, that's a start.)

Environmental protection squad

The Human-Grey Hybrid of Benevolent 1

Environmental protection squad wrote:Hello!

Welcome. You've been here almost a one month. I like your nation's theme. We have our work cut out for us on the environmental front down on Earth. Overall, humans are way too short sighted when it comes to their planet's health and even their own.

The Human-Grey Hybrid of Benevolent 1

Some people think we are responsible for CoVID19.

The Unknown Expectations of Benevolent 0

Probably read it on Facebook.

The Human-Grey Hybrid of Benevolent 1

We are very proud to announce Benevolent 1 ranks 23rd in the world (of more 215,000+ nations) in International Artwork which puts us in the top .02%.

The Sirius Advanced Technology of Egyptian Kings

Benevolent 1 wrote:We are very proud to announce Benevolent 1 ranks 23rd in the world (of more 215,000+ nations) in International Artwork which puts us in the top .02%.


High praise! Congrats

The Unknown Expectations of Benevolent 0

See all Benevolent cards at Benevolent Lifeforms (S1) and Benevolent Universe (S2).

The Human-Grey Hybrid of Benevolent 1

Benevolent 0 wrote:See all Benevolent cards at Benevolent Lifeforms (S1) and Benevolent Universe (S2).

The Official Benevolent Card Collections. All others are replications.

The Human-Grey Hybrid of Benevolent 1

Welcome back Espeonica!

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