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This region is dedicated as a monument for Greek nationalism and the Metaxas Regime's legacy during its time in power of the Kingdom of Greece. This region is loyal to all Nationalist and Fascist regions as a means of confronting the threats of Communism, National Socialism (Nazism) and Anarchism.

We formally reject Antifa influence as it is a left-wing populist group that seeks to undermine all right-wing movements, including our own. We will do anything that is necessary to prevent this region from being overrun by the radical left-wing (Communism and Anarchism) and far right-wing (Nazism/ National Socialism).

Ζητώ ο Μεταξάς! Ζητώ η Ορθοδοξία!

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Embassies: The Coalition of Fascist Nations, Greece, The New Mappers Union, Fifth Empire, Nuevo Amanecer, The New Iron Order, White Contra Brotherhood, Union of Nationalists, J o J, Albosiac, United Fascist Workers Association, The Union of The Greater Axis Powers, The Autocratic Union of Empires, Slavska, and Panellinion.

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The Largest Basket Weaving Sector in The Metaxist Front

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As a region, The Metaxist Front is ranked 18,225th in the world for Largest Basket Weaving Sector.

1.The Nationalist Republic of United HellenesIron Fist Consumerists“Αμύνεσθαι Περί Πατρής!”
2.The Orthodox Way of The 4th of August PartyMoralistic Democracy“Alors, c'est la guerre!”
3.The Military Junta of Hellenic Social RepublicIron Fist Consumerists“Θρησκεία, Οικογένεια και πάνω απ' όλα Ελλάδα!”

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The Military Junta of Hellenic Social Republic

The 4th of August Party wrote:Tis true but I've seen raids that have destroyed larger nations than us (most notably, The Iron Confederacy) and considering the majority are either inactive, I don't believe we have a strong defense... This region will need to rise from the ashes through either recruitment or propaganda if we are to create a capable military wing for Metaxism.

Sorry for answering late. But you know you always have my military support.

Post by LadyMorrighan suppressed by The 4th of August Party.

The Holy Empire of LadyMorrighan

In celebration of the official opening of the New Reich of Bunicken
Location: New Reich of Bunicken RMB
Time: Saturday, November, 9th, 2019 at 15:00 EST.
You are formally invited to the Grand Opening of the New Reich of Bunicken . We are holding a sword dueling tournament, You can volunteer to participate or just come as an observer and show your support.

Who will leave this tournament carrying the title of the Queen's Champion?

Her Majesty, Lady Morrighan and His Excellency Kaiser Wilhelm von Wermarn-Arnburg
LadyMorrighan and Selven
Tournament Organized Minister of Culture and Propaganda Jordan I
Jordan Pitts

The Orthodox Way of The 4th of August Party

Today, according to the AEST zone, is November the 17th.

This date is deeply controversial to many across the Greek nation. Some people celebrate this date as a date where students rose up against an oppressive government and sacrificed their lives in order to bring back democracy to Greece. Others dread this day as a day where the ideologies of Communism and Anarchism became normalized in the Greek nation which in turn led to the radical left-wing politics we see in the present. Some say these students were martyrs whilst others accuse them of being traitors. The Metaxist perspective sees these students as traitors and the event itself as responsible for the issues that Greece faces in modern times.

The students are often praised as a truly "democratic" force when they were opposing the Junta and are immortalized as martyrs by the current government. This is false as they were influenced by various Socialist, Communist, and Anarchist forces and were opponents of the USA (the bastion of "democracy) and NATO. Greece, as a nationalist and "democratic" nation, should not be immortalizing the actions of an ideology which has proved detrimental to the nation throughout all of its histories. From the Greek Civil War to the modern-day, the Communists and Anarchists of Greece have proven to be treasonous and militant throughout all their history.

In contrast, the presiding power over Greece (Georgios Papadopoulos and the Greek Military Junta) saw Greece benefit economically and militarily. Papadopoulos's regime saw a Greece that maintained traditional values under the guise of "Religion, Faith and above all Greece". Papadopulos's Greece saw a country, whose economy has always been unstable, managed to see economic growth. A country, who despite having a long history of political division, that managed to stay united under a common faith and Nationalism. A country, who was at that time surrounded by Communist and hostile neighbours, that managed to resist and quash the Red terror. Greece was truly better during the Reign of the Colonels than what it is today.

Some may ask, "what is the connection between the events during the Uprising and it's legacy in modern Greece?". Truly, I say to you, that due to the normalization and celebration of this event, we see radical Left-Wing ideologies gain popularity and legitimacy in Greek politics. It is due to this event that PASOK and SYRIZA were elected. It is due to this event that we have been plagued by the likes of Alexis Tsipras and the KKE. It is due to this event that we find ourselves in economic turmoil. And it is due to this event that we see a very militant and large presence of the Radical Left.

So I call out to all Greeks, Nationalists, and moderates of the Right-wing! Do not celebrate a day that seeks to normalise the militant actions of the Anarchists and Communists of Greece. Do not celebrate a day that seeks to radically change Greece's values and national identity. Use this as an opportunity, as a reminder, to resurrect the values that supposedly died with the Greek Military Junta. Always remember the values of "Θρυσκεια, Οικογενια και απ'όλα Ελλάδα" (Religion, Faith and above all Greece).

"May God preserve Greece and guard the Race"

- Ioannis Metaxas

Post by Espanos Nacionalistas suppressed by The 4th of August Party.

The Imperio of Espanos Nacionalistas

Greetings The Metaxist Front!
The New Reich of Bunicken Imperial Christmas Service will be hosted soon!


When: Friday, December 20th
Where: NRoB Discord Server - 3PM MT / 5PM EST
This Christmas Event consists of service by his Imperial & Holy Majesty Wilhelm von Wermarn-Anburg in the Royal Garden that consists of Christmas music and mass gathering. Afterwards, this mass is to bring everyone together in a warm and welcoming environment and to overall have a good time.
Hope to see YOU there!

The lycan emperor

Merry Christmas and Yule!

Post by Truth will out suppressed by a moderator.

The Synarchist Federation of Zordennox

Jocospor for WA Secretary-General!

Yeah. You're all thinking, "This'll never work."

That's exactly why I'm doing it.

You don't like me (probabl- okay, definitely).

But in the last four years, no one has fought as hard as I have to expose the blatant corruption of the World Assembly.

Hell, I sacrificed my reputation for it, and took my region with me.

    Why should forum drafting make or break a resolution?

    Why should a resolution's author be judged harder than a resolution's content?

    Why shouldn't you self-commend/condemn/liberate?

All this is dictated by the WA Elite. (Trust me, they do exist.)

I intend to, as I always have, put a stop to that.

Under a World Assembly I lead, the QUALITY OF A RESOLUTION will be ALL THAT MATTERS.

No more deceit. No more Elite.

No more bullsh*t.


Towards a New World Assembly, friends.

And if the counter-campaigns come, I'll take it as a compliment.

Jocospor :D
founder of the
Confederation of Corrupt Dictators
and sole proprietor of the

Authorised for public distribution by:
The Shadow Cult, Vocryae
1st April 2020

Read dispatch

The Estado Militar Fascista of Greater New Hispanyoan Empire

Anti-WA Elite Alliance: KNOW THE REAL ENEMY

Have you ever wondered why some groups of people are more alienated than others? Why is there frequent targeting on these alienated groups? Why these groups are suppressed and hunted, raided by ravagers like The Black Hawks? What if I told you there was a reason for it all? What if I told you that this is all done on purpose? You may think of it as a far-fetched fairy tale, but let me tell you a story. We all know what a criminal is, they can attack you, attempt to suppress you, humiliate you, they can delete you if they think they can get away with it. Criminals, as we know are people who have no regard or respect for others, and only care about themselves. Now, this is where you should expand your thinking: imagine what could happen if they got power, what they could achieve. They could use the full size of that power to execute even larger crimes like these, and make alliances with other criminals to make a whole power chain of their own to commit more crimes on a major scale, during everyone’s time on this game it was filled with suppression, hunting, being alienated, etc. Many justify these things as emotional nature, and as simply the way it all works. This is where we were all wrong, but you see, this is where we were all wrong, what you must learn is that it was a group of criminals all along, yes they got power, yes they intended to do these things to their opponents. They intended to slander all who try to do the right thing, Suppress whatever came up and threatened their power, these criminals are called the WA elite, because of their small group, and how they are trusted by the majority of NS’ers, so, you may be wondering where all the good guys are at. The good guys are mobilizing into an alliance, simply called the Anti-WA Elite Alliance, To combat these criminals and to go toe to toe with them, and it shall become a historical moment of our lives, and we want YOU, as a regular nation and region who has experienced these things that the WA elite have done yourself, to join the Alliance, to help us fight toe to toe against the elites and to say NO to their actions!

To join, telegram Greater New Hispanyoan Empire!

Read dispatch

Comrades, i encourage you to help out by upvoting this dispatch and spreading the word, it has a detailed speech in it in regards to the WA elite.

The Exquisite taste of The Ambassadors Reception


We've made a decision to close embassies with regions tagged as fascist.

Most people associate fascism with the horrors that occurred in the mid-twentieth century. You may have an eloquent argument that refutes this association, or that the brand of fascism you subscribe to is different. Nevertheless, rightly or wrongly, this perception is maintained by the majority, and the tag is seen as a symbol of hate.

By extension, by having embassies with your region, we are seen as endorsing hateful ideology. I'm sure you can understand that this is not the impression that we wish to give the wider world.

We will instruct the closure of our embassy shortly. Should you decide at any point in the future to remove this tag, we will be happy to consider re-opening embassies.

I'd like to thank you for having had an embassy with us.


The Receptionist

The Imperial Palace Forces of The White Youth Corps

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