World Assembly Member Nations

The World Assembly has 25,090 member nations and 1,402 Regional Delegates.

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NationWA CategoryMotto
The United States of --Neo-America--Scandinavian Liberal Paradise“E Pluribus Unum”
The Holy Empire of -ArcadiaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“ενωμένοι στο αίμα”
The Allied States of -Camelopardalis-Father Knows Best State“Long Live the Giraffe”
The Zombie Red Republic of -Echolilia-Civil Rights Lovefest“Tacos aren't tacos, except when they are tacos”
The People's Republic of -GregoriaCorrupt Dictatorship“Unity is justified, when working together”
The Democratic Commonwealth of -Hellenic Empire-Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“Molon Lave”
The Rogue Nation of -HynesBekistanDemocratic Socialists“Try to be good”
The Armed Republic of -Nazi-GermanyCorrupt Dictatorship“Das Dritte Reich! HAGEL! | The Third Reich! HAIL!”
The Rogue Nation of -Ocelot-New York Times Democracy“Post tenebras lux”
The Republic of -Sonic-Democratic Socialists“God's in His heaven, all's right with the world”
The Federation of -United Earth-Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“Glory To The Federation”
The Catholic Dictatorship of -WeedLand-Psychotic Dictatorship“Weedies4Life”
The Magnificent People's Empire of 001AmEricA100Left-Leaning College State“Communism is more than a graph, it's a free market.”
The Federal Republic of 01001Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“To fail is to invite doubt into everything we believe”
The Holy Moly of 01101100Democratic Socialists“01001000 01101001”
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