World Assembly Delegates

The World Assembly has 19,873 member nations and 917 Regional Delegates.

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NationWA CategoryMotto
The Republic of -A100Father Knows Best State“More peace, less war.”
The Pogue Warriors of 1-502nd Airborne InfInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Truck Assault Qualified”
The United Kingdom of 11 Templar KnightsLeft-wing Utopia“Prying open my third eye...”
The Republic of 1997 Ford FiestaDemocratic Socialists“noli figere quod non fractum”
The United Socialist States of 4meric4Corrupt Dictatorship“мы диктатура пролетариата”
The Republic of 9006Psychotic Dictatorship“Democracy by challenge”
The Fedəration of A Puppet of My NationMoralistic Democracy“non erit tibi hoc”
The Incorporated States of Aanlin MraAuthoritarian Democracy“Watch the world Watch it fall”
The Realm of AbduFather Knows Best State“Less talking! More raiding!”
The Furdom of AcelandiaNew York Times Democracy“The Wolf and Moon leads our path!”
The Holy Empire of AchkaerinDemocratic Socialists“Words are mightier than the keenest blade”
The Aderan Republic of AcroticusCivil Rights Lovefest“And victorious in war shall be glorious in peace”
The Agrarian Republic of AdastraFather Knows Best State“Per Aspera Ad Astra”
The Radical Directorship of AdeiaticDemocratic Socialists“We exist, therefore we rule”
The Glyden Republik of AdiyaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Magnanimity, Valour, Wisdom, Industry”
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