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Everything You Need To Know About The Saga of Our Region

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Hi, Baloo here! Welcome to my informative dispatch on the story I will call, "The Saga of Bruxxa". I'm assuming you have come here to maybe learn a bit more about the detailed history of our wonderful regions, Callista, The Vincence Empire, and those who came before. A lot of work and research went into this dispatch and is still being put into it, so I hope this is both informative and interesting for you. Surely the amount of the countless stories to be told cannot be contained in any amount of volumes. But to chronicle the saga, I can start with the founding of an unsuspectingly important nation...

Section 1: A Little Nation Called Bruxxa

The exact founding date of Bruxxa was Thursday, 7/25/19 in the feeder region, The Pacific. To the knowledge of some, he moved to Eientei Gensokyo the next day, where he stayed for a while and made many friends including Koishi Komeiji; while also making some foes. Not much else is known, however current studies of RMB posts are revealing more and more evidence every month. Due to role-play inactivity in the region and an unfortunate event regarding Dominion remnants however, he left Eientei Gensokyo for The Glorious Nations of Iwaku on 1/16/20, as they were partnered regions of each other. Once in The Glorious Nations of Iwaku, Bruxxa's path to greatest was set in stone. During his stay in The Glorious Nations of Iwaku, he made many friends such as the now on-and-off-CTEd T-34s and Realm of the neko goddess, The Strangers Club, and others. His time there was peaceful, with minor debates here and there, until a particular incident occurred.

Section 2: The Grieve Tan Tragedy

In his time in The Glorious Nations of Iwaku also befriended many young nations such as myself, Springtraplegendary, Volykos, Plus Nova Imperii, Barrow Cove, Tweeby land ii, Furghas (which he met on the forums and was a puppet Dominioan), La aduana, Red flame nation, and various important others. Lordshuckle (soon to be Sorianora) was also loosely affiliated with him due to myself. One particular puppet nation of his called Grieve tan was allegedly in part used by an irl friend of Bruxxa's, which led to a problem. Grieve tan was often accused of spamming, harassment, and random playful "annoyances". A nation that for the sake of privacy, I will call, "S", eventually sentenced Bruxxa to banishment from Iwaku for being affiliated with Grieve. In sadness, he, and a small number of his friends, moved to a region that he had previous founded, The Tavern, using a puppet of the same name, on 1/29/20. Bruxxa appointed myself, T-34s, and Springtraplegendary, as the first regional officers for The Tavern. Thus beginning Bruxxa's role as a leader, and his inevitable rise to regional power and prestige.

Section 3: The Tavern

Not too many things happened in the early days of The Tavern. Most days were full of recruiting, simple conversation, and establishing RO's and ties with other regions. The infamously funny nation Ink pink joined the region on 2/13/20 and left a few weeks after. Haruhi Japan, whose alt account, The Strangers Club, had been in part responsible for Bruxxa's ban from Iwaku joined the region on 2/17/20 and began to become very closely affiliated to The Tavern and its growth. New members such as Barrow Cove and Nottinghame helped to contribute to the friendly atmosphere. On 3/4/20, I, Baloo Kingdom, created the first RP map in our regional history. It involved many of the original members, including more recent ones such as Caesar Von Bingen, Traveness (now Haroldiaistan), and Imperial hresvelg. The map was updated periodically, and nations would stake claims on a world map until the map was full. Once full, the map members would role-play battle for the entirety of the map. The map surprisingly lasted until the waxing of The Tavern, and still maintained the same system. Barrow Cove was temporarily banned by Haruhi Japan once. But overall, The Tavern was an extremely prosperous and popular region with little to no problem besides an occasional squabble. However, roughly on 3/19/20, Haruhi Japan broke off from The Tavern due to regional political differences and formed The Vincence Kingdom which had a more serious government than The Tavern.

Section 4: The Regional Triumvirate

Unfortunately, this section may be cut short due to J o J taking over and deleting the entirety of the region's posts by re-founding The Vincence Kingdom. After Haruhi Japan split from The Tavern, it created a schism that remnants of still last to this day. Bruxxa temporarily left The Tavern for his old region, Eientei Gensokyo. I and a few others followed him there and eventually, we all returned to The Tavern with a sense of growth. Nations had to either decide to join Bruxxa or Haruhi Japan, and the sides were evenly split. Luckily, embassies were established with each other and the regions became partners. The World of the Frozen Flames was also brought into the mix, thus forming The Regional Triumvirate. The Regional Triumvirate marked a new age for local regional cooperation, and although the days of the Triumvirate were short, they definitely were sound. Many new members joined including, Wabobania, The Dream of Kirby, Callmedaddystratton, and The Mongo Empire, along with a few unspecified others. The regional map war took place then, along with many other interesting events. Sadly, The Regional Triumvirate was disbanded after a dispute between certain members over the future of the regions led to a second schism. All remaining members of the triumvirate were to move to The Vincence Kingdom per the request of Bruxxa, who was deciding to become less active on NationStates and move back to Iwaku. Though some were reluctant of this change, including me, all eventually ported to The Vincence Kingdom thus beginning the next chapter of our history.

Section 5: The Vincence Kingdom

Unfortunately, this chapter is also cut short on information because of J o J re-founding The Vincence Kingdom. Once all affiliated members had merged into The Vincence Kingdom, a new period of excellence and prosperity was destined. The RP map exchanged hands with many talented cartographers and participation was high. An average of 8 or so RMB pages were used a day. Various projects were both proposed and finished here, including one of my most famous works, Vincence Kingdom: Infinity Bear, which is a fun NationStates parody of Avengers: Infinity War. Regional Officers remained fairly the same as The Tavern’s lineup, including Haruhi Japan, Plus Nova Imperii, The Dream of Kirby, Sorianora, Imperial hresvelg, I, and a few others. Numerous new nations joined at this point, including Republic of Terra Nova and Ethics Committee of the SCPF, and at this point, everyone was peaceful. Some could consider this a Renaissance Period of sorts. The waters of NationStates were calm until they were abruptly displaced by a second argument over government type. Haruhi Japan wanted to have a more autocratical government like that of The Tavern, while nations Dominioan, Sorianora, and Plus Nova Imperii wanted a democratically elected government. When Haruhi Japan decided initially to refrain from a democratic government, Dominioan left with his supporters and created the Bluecrown Keep on 7/27/20. This caused Haruhi Japan to be rather upset, but he was still hopeful. Little did anyone know that things could get a lot more complicated. This event was a setup for the third and final schism that divided the region even more.

Section 6: The Third Schism

Only mere days after a cast of nations left The Vincence Kingdom for Bluecrown Keep, the remaining active members, most notably myself and Imperial hresvelg were left with Haruhi Japan and a now crippled region. Haruhi Japan, however, had a potential plan to revitalize what remained of the region. The plan was to set up a merger between The Vincence Kingdom, friendly and neighboring region The Wooloo Pact, and Old Zealand into a new region called, Isle Of Wooloo Kingdom. The plan looked good on paper, however, a lot of Regional Officers had to be cut. To further the problem, many native The Wooloo Pact members disapproved of the merge and left, thus dooming the Isle Of Wooloo Kingdom. This disaster drove Haruhi Japan into sadness, he created the region, Worthless. Remaining members and friends attempted to reason with him, though attempts were feeble. Haruhi Japan eventually decided to go to The Glorious Nations of Iwaku so that he could have a chance of talking to Bruxxa over what happened. The remaining members had no leader and thus decided to join the Bluecrown Keep, with the exception of Imperial hresvelg who decided to follow Haruhi Japan to Iwaku. It seemed that the saga was over, however the Bluecrown Keep was growing in power, and with the addition of a few key members after the collapse of Isle Of Wooloo Kingdom, it was on track to success.

Section 7: The Bluecrown Keep

Once the nations had successfully settled in the Bluecrown Keep, their democratic government was ready to form. A provisional government had been set up temporarily until proper positions could be elected. The government was made up of ministers for defense, state image, and foreign affairs, with a Prime Minister above them with delegate authority. The Prime Minister appointed all roles of minister including a Deputy Prime Minister who had similar, but lesser power to the Prime Minister. Founder, Dominioan, served as the permanent executive authority as a sort of "King" but let the democratic government made most of the decisions. An unelected legislative and judicial body and were also present, but were seldom necessary. Co-Founder, Sorianora served as the first Prime Minister, with Plus Nova Imperii as his Deputy Prime Minister. Things were going very well in the Bluecrown Keep. A new RP Maps were established, each with creative setups including, "What if Germany won WWII", "What if the British won the American Revolution", to just plain normal WWI role-play. New members joined including Yes Humans Are Recyclable, Unified Democratic Europe (who turned out to be Barlyy), Erantan, Barlyy, East Cashinamasian, The Great Hiatus (who contributed a great deal to the Bruxxa card trade), The H Corporation (now a part of TVE), and various others. Diplomacy was at its strongest in a while, as The Wooloo Pact became their finest ally along with Just Relax. Many interesting stories were unfolding in various creative dispatches written by a plethora of native authors. Soon the September Prime Minister election had begun, with previous Deputy Prime Minster, Plus Nova Imperii victorious with myself as his Deputy Prime Minister. While our prosperity was at its best, Haruhi Japan had decided to start his career back up again with the creation of his new and improved region, The Vincence Empire.

Section 8: The Vincence Empire

Following his exile to The Glorious Nations of Iwaku, Haruhi Japan decided to join a region called The Vorincte League, however unfortunately its members allegedly betrayed him. Haruhi Japan next choice was to join The Wooloo Pact, however, they didn't get along so well. Haruhi Japan then decided to start anew and create a Greater Vincence Empire, under a region of the same name. He began to raid unused regions to add to his collection, which at max included 15 different regions. After the fact, Haruhi Japan's remaining supporters, including Imperial hresvelg, Boris Cult (who originally opposed him), and Team Leo. The region then began to operate similarly to The Vincence Kingdom and serves as a card trading and casual roleplaying region. While all this was going on, Bruxxa had left Iwaku and rejoined the now dormant The Tavern. As he was inactive, he placed I, Baloo Kingdom, as the Regional Governor to look after the region from afar. The Vincence Empire has now established embassies with The Tavern, Bluecrown Keep, Just Relax, and The Wooloo Pact marking a new age of union and diplomacy between our local regional community.

Section 9: What Comes Next?

Shortly after, the prosperous Bruxxa trading card crashed in value from a market value of 45 bank to a much lower sum of 1 bank. Since then, the card has been raised slightly, with efforts building. At least for the Bluecrown Keep's faction, King's Nuclear Guard, N-Day 2020 went horribly. After vicious nuclear bombardment from the powerful Railgun faction, who originally aggressed us as a meme, we were left with a low negative score to finish N-Day. Despite these un-fortuitous events, the Bluecrown Keep continued to grow in prominence and influence, reaching over 75 members by October 9th, 2020. With the addition of the highly influential, Nooooooooooooooo, the Bluecrown Keep was thrust into the top 7% of the world in regional influence. At the dawn of Spooktober, regional RMB activity skyrocketed to an average of 15-25 RMB pages a day, allowing the region to reach the landmark of 1000 RMB pages. However, in the time of spooks, a conspiracy erupted. The Wooloo Pact member and former The Vincence Kingdom and The Tavern member, Barrow Cove, accused current Prime Minister of the Bluecrown Keep, Plus Nova Imperii, of infiltrating and sabotaging the government of The Wooloo Pact via a puppet. This eventually led to a call for the impeachment of Plus Nova Imperii. Upon his arrival, Plus Nova Imperii defended himself from his charges with Barlyy being the main prosecutor. After the fact, the impeachment charges were dropped, and a disastrous interregional war was prevented. The case, however, was not yet dropped. Barrow Cove did not attend the hearing to my public knowledge. No talk of a second hearing has emerged, with no new compelling evidence being brought to light. Who knew what the future would hold for the Saga of Bruxxa?

Section 10: Haruhi's Goodbye and the Return of The Vincence Kingdom

Immediately proceeding the events of the Bluecrown Keep impeachment hearings, The Vincence Empire member, Boris Cult, left The Vincence Empire for The Wooloo Pact after a disagreement with The Vincence Empire founder, Haruhi Japan. This unfortunate turn of events along with a string of previous others caused Haruhi Japan to once again be thrust into sadness. This is turn made Haruhi Japan realize that he needed to step back from the activity of NationStates and focus on his personal life more. Many from the Bluecrown Keep and The Vincence Empire, and The Wooloo Pact urged him to stay, however they came to an understanding eventually. Haruhi Japan left on similar terms as Bruxxa had, with him pledging to still be active on discord and that he would keep his nation from CTEing. As for The Vincence Empire and its active members, some, such as The H Corporation, moved to the Bluecrown Keep or The Wooloo Pact, while others remained there in order to keep The Vincence Empire alive and to rebuild it. Thus ended the times of Haruhi Japan, however, their legacy remains intact and preserved, just as Bruxxa's is. As these events were occurring, J o J and the Anti J o J Coalition were determining their peace terms. In those terms, J o J agreed to voluntarily give back some of his captured regions that were deemed unnecessary to them, and among those regions was the late The Vincence Kingdom. Members of the Bluecrown Keep, The Wooloo Pact, and The Vincence Empire arranged with J o J for the return of The Vincence Kingdom, and the region was granted. The return of such a memorable region was met with joy from the local regional community.

Section 11: The Future of The Tavern and Z-Day

On October 25, 2020, the West Pacific raiders attacked The Tavern seeing that its founder, The tavern, which is an alternate account of Bruxxa, had CTEd. Bluecrown Keep members and The Tavern fans alike immediately drew attention to Bruxxa to revive the founder and boot the raiders. Not too long after the efforts began, Bruxxa was able to easily ban the raiders from the region. This was met with much joy from the local regional community, and I, Baloo Kingdom was reinstalled as the Consul of the region for the time being. The next day, as a nice surprise, Barrow Cove was able to convince dormant nation, T-34s, to emerge once again to say goodbye to the members of our regional community. Nations we thrilled to see them again, and they all sent their well-wishes. Moving forward, it was again the time of the Bluecrown Keep monthly elections. The runners of this race were, Sorianora, Barlyy, Nooooooooooooooo, and Arisyan. After the first round of voting, both Sorianora and Barlyy came out on top. In the second round of voting, Sorianora alone was able to become the Prime Minister with Plus Nova Imperii as his DPM, however, he won in the closest race in Bluecrown Keep history. Citizenship forms were also added as a way to prevent voter fraud in future elections. After the Z-Day9 fiasco regarding a zombie take-over, the Bluecrown Keep was 100% overrun by zombies due to local efforts. Shortly after the wane of Z-Day, Bruxxa officially announced that he had plans to let The Tavern CTE in order to erase the memories of the past and push for a brighter future. This was met with sadness from the local regional community, but also much understanding. This event could be contributed to the formation of this history dispatch, which allowed for the preservation of our important history without looking through the RMB's of the past. Bruxxa formed a new region under the name New World Roman Empire, which he would use to build a new and improved future for the local regional community. On 11/5/20, the Bluecrown Keep reached a total of over 100 members, a significant milestone that marked a truly optimistic future ahead.

Section 12: The New World Roman Empire

After Bruxxa had left The Tavern, he made his way to his newly founded region, New World Roman Empire. Not soon after arriving, he decided against destroying The Tavern; as was originally planned. Fellow founder nation, Haruhi Japan also moved their account to the region as they decided it might be their best option. Unfortunately, while attempting to remove The Vincence Kingdom from J o J's control by refounding it, the West Pacific was able to raid and refound the region first. Negotiations began to retrieve The Vincence Kingdom from the West Pacific. Later, the first election for Consul of New World Roman Empire was held with the candidates being Haruhi Japan and I. Haruhi Japan was able to snatch a victory by two votes and become the first Consul. Elections for the senate were to be held later. Meanwhile, the Bluecrown Keep was rapidly expanding in members due to major recruitment attempts driven by key members of the region. The 115th member joined on 11/16/20, showing a nine-member increase since recruitment efforts began. Continuing with the previous trend of Pacific region raiding, neighboring region The Pact of Roosters was temporarily raided by The North Pacific for unknown reasons on 11/18/20.

Section 13: TPOR-BCK Merge and the Decline of the Old Order

Shortly after The Pact of Roosters was raided, Mathuvan Union decided that it may be time for his region to be converted to puppet storage and for him and any other remaining members of his region to join Bluecrown Keep. This was accomplished on the same day as the raid, and it went fairly successfully. Shortly after the fact, the Bluecrown Keep transitioned into the holiday season, introducing both a November and Christmas themed WFE and multiple seasonal dispatches and events. A medium-sized verbal conflict between neighboring region The Wooloo Pact and the Bluecrown Keep erupted, which lasted about a few hours until eventual moderator intervention. This was the NationStates Moderator's first visit to the RMB of the Bluecrown Keep, and the citizens hoped it would be the last. On 11/30/20, the fifth election for Prime Minister of the Bluecrown Keep began. The candidates were Plus Nova Imperii of The Democratic Torch, Barlyy of the New Prosperity Party, and Arisyan of the Free and Equal Party. After a drawn-out, back-and-forth election, both Plus Nova Imperii and Barlyy made it to the second round of voting. Many accusations of voter fraud and illegitimate votes appeared during the running, and most of those issues were dismissed or resolved. In the end, after a more significant gap between the two candidates appeared, Barlyy was declared the victor. He became the first non-The Democratic Torch Prime Minister in Bluecrown Keep history, marking a new age in our democratic system. Unfortunately thereafter, previous Prime and Deputy Prime Minister, Sorianora, departed the Bluecrown Keep to start up the new region he had been working on, Callista. His leave solidified the new age of government that had been sparked by the outcome of the very historical election prior.

Section 14: A Rather Unfortunate Chain of Events

On 12/1/20, fellow nationmate Haruhi Japan made an unexpected visit to the Bluecrown Keep. Unfortunately, he came bringing prophecies of oncoming destruction and fall of the Bluecrown Keep by his hand or our own. Citing the fall of his own region, The Vincence Kingdom, many were convinced that our democratic regime had finally cracked and failed. This sparked the depression of the newly elected Prime Minister, Barlyy, who in their brief emotional instability, left Bluecrown Keep and resigned from the WA. This sparked an already agitated populace to lash out and in some cases, leave the region temporarily. After a period of turmoil, numerous apologies, and countless opinions shared, things began to settle down. But the faults had been triggered and the region remained riddled with uncertainty. The next day, prominent member of the Bluecrown Keep government and two-time Prime Minister, Plus Nova Imperii decided that he had enough of Bluecrown Keep and left to join Callista. After a loss of such an important member of the government, the Bluecrown Keep was running low on power. Many other older nations such as Yes Humans Are Recyclable, and The Mongo Empire also left for Callista. On a positive note, the Bluecrown Keep reached 3000 RMB pages at around this time also. Many new nations had also joined the ranks of the Bluecrown Keep, including but not limited to Spirium kingdom. However, with Callista gaining more and more ex-Bluecrown Keep members, Callista became much more formidable, much faster than anticipated.

Section 15: Callista

The idea for Callista presumably arose after Sorianora wanted to form a region of his own, maybe even earlier. After his latest term as Prime Minister of the Bluecrown Keep, he decided to resign from politics in the region. Sorianora then left the Bluecrown Keep for his preexisting region and started furthering his work on a government of sorts. Not too long after, prominent Bluecrown Keep member Plus Nova Imperii left for Callista, as previously stated. Nations Mathuvan Union and Haruhi Japan also left their own respective regions soon thereafter for Callista. The government of Callista is comprised similarly to the government of the Bluecrown Keep, however, there are differences. For example, Callista has the four main secondary "ministers", remained "secretaries" respectively. In place of the executive "King", Callista had a "Tsar". The "Prime Minister" role remained the same with the "Deputy Prime Minister" being changed to "Lieutenant Prime Minister". The position of "Judge" was the only role added not present in the Bluecrown Keep. Not soon after the establishment of the official government of Callista, a draft for an alliance was formed. The interregional friendship was named the Bluecrown-Callista Alliance. It instated the removal of foreign intervention in regional politics, the needed mutual protection of regions, and the official bond of regional companionship. A bright future seemed now more possible than ever, or so it seemed.

Section 16: The Diaspora

With a peak, there comes a fall, and the time of Bluecrown Keep was running thin. On 12/11/20, Prime Minister Barlyy left the Bluecrown Keep unexpectedly after claiming that the region had changed from his liking and that he felt that he had been elected undemocratically due to possible newfound puppet fraud in the regional voting processes. This unfortunate event caused ripples in the Bluecrown Keep signaling its end. Later that day, region founder Dominioan announced that he would decide the future of the region the next day. Much to the chagrin of the remaining residents, Dominioan announced on 12/12/20 that the Bluecrown Keep would be closed, ending the region's six-month reign. Dominioan also announced that the region would begin its three-day closure period which I would head. This would advocate for the diaspora of past Bluecrown Keep members across NationStates to ensure that disunity would be impossible. The majority of ex-members left for Callista with the other officially endorsed heir regions, such as First World Order, Isle of Wooloo Kingdom, and NeutraIKEA, receiving somewhat lesser amounts of Bluecrown Keep refugees. After the three-day period before the closing of the Bluecrown Keep, all ex-members had been dispersed thoroughly across many regions. Even I myself left for Callista after the three days were over. Post-diaspora, a much-needed calm in the storm was reached. Many were reunited with their previous friends that they had been separated from after the fall of The Vincence Kingdom, and others joined our regional band for the first time. The diaspora had been successful.

Section 17: A Change of Times

With the diaspora settled, regrowth could now begin, and begin it did. In Callista, the similar government to the Bluecrown Keep was soon filled with corresponding government officials. With a completed government came good promise, but also turmoil. The same political disagreements previously present in the Bluecrown Keep began to show in the new region of Callista. Nevertheless, time and work continued. Abroad, a war between regions Isle of Wooloo Kingdom (made of the members of the defunct The Wooloo Pact) and Krasnaya erupted with mild intervention from Callista. A solid regional roleplay map set in the late 1800s emerged and prospered with on and off activity. It became a pivotal part of Callista's activity and appeal. Unfortunately, the Judge of Callista at the time, Haroldiaistan, decided to leave our regional group due to tensions escalating to the regional roleplay map. This event caused member Caesar Von Bingen to be appointed as the temporary Judge until a new judge could be elected. A flash election for Judge was held on 1/1/21 with the primary candidates being Arisyan and previous Prime Minister Plus Nova Imperii. This election seemed to cause much friction in the region due to opposing viewpoints and the newly appointed Prime Minister, Haruhi Japan. In the end, Arisyan came out victorious, and soon after the old occupants of government seats were swept out and replaced or rearranged by the Prime Minister. Some nations became RO's for the first time in our regional history. Even some older members who were consistently in power were removed or demoted. This change of power is the root of this section's title and personifies this period of time. A new age had begun.

Section 18: The End?

Not long after the election of a new judge, Callista went through a number of small changes. Many different ideas for roleplay maps were attempted, spanning many different eras and premises. Meanwhile, many nations celebrated anniversaries and other happy events. For a moment of time, there was general peace and discussion. Discussion of current worldly political affairs and discussions of harmless good things. Callista seemed to be doing quite well as a region, although being rather static in terms of population increase. However, the pillars of regional stability were cracking under the surface. Many discussed an end to the region due to a decrease in roleplay activity and just plain activity in general, however, others were more optimistic. On 1/24/21, the cracks began to show after the current Prime Minister, Haruhi Japan, suggested merging the region with a smaller or more active roleplay region. Many agreed but were uncertain about the parameters of such a task. The final blow to Callista was a personal statement from the venerated founding nation, Bruxxa. The message essentially urged his followers and friends to leave the region in the past and end the cycle of needless reform and regional collapse in turn for a larger and more stable region, as an example, The Glorious Nations of Iwaku. With that, it had been decided. The Saga of Bruxxa was over and the plans of the future were soiled. As many loyal nations dispersed yet again, each giving a written goodbye, Callista grew smaller. So on, and so forth, on the little nations went. Or was it?

Section 19: The New Beginning, The Conflict, and The Jared Scandal

When all seemed lost in the effort to sustain the stability of Callista, things started to miraculously turn around. Once again, the remainder of the region put aside its differences a banded together with a beacon of unity. Upon the leave of Haruhi Japan for his The Vincence Empire, Mathuvan Union was placed as Prime Minister, with I remaining as the Lieutenant Prime Minister. Unfortunately, Haruhi Japan was banned from Callista as a result of the previous conflict and the oncoming administration. This decision sparked a three-day-long war between The Vincence Empire and Callista. Raids were threatened on both sides and embassies were scheduled to close. The war ended up being more of a verbal one rather than a physical version. Eventually, Haruhi Japan called for an armistice, and Sorianora agreed. Meetings thereafter were held with Haruhi Japan about ban appeal, however, he refused to accept any appeal proposal, feeling in part responsible for the dangerous conflict prior. Afterward, time passed swiftly upon the fresh Callista. Suddenly, with no warning, interregional hero Bruxxa denounced Callista for its corruption. This was taken badly by Judge Arisyan who resigned from Judgeship after an argument with Bruxxa. Not soon after, clarity was reached when Bruxxa explained that his roommate, "Jared", had seized possession of his device while he was away for the day and had been the one messing around with us. Bruxxa apologized, and deemed the event "The Jared Scandal". Arisyan was reinstated popularly as Judge and regional confidence was yet again restored. Soon after, a new regional anthem was voted on and decided to be "God Save the Tsar". Callista was once again normal.

Section 20: Callista and The Vincence Empire’s Enrichment

After the misery of the Jared Scandal and war with The Vincence Empire, the people of Callista along with The Vincence Empire stamped out a new path for the regional line. This season of enrichment kicked off with controversy regarding embassies. Judge Arisyan made the decision in February of 2021 to close embassies with new-coming raider region, Krasnaya. Some regional officers, mainly Prime Minster Mathuvan Union, disliked this action and reversed it promptly. Feeling this was the wrong choice, Arisyan undid the reversal of the Prime Minister. The same happened again until Prime Minster Mathuvan Union called for the impeachment of Arisyan from judgeship due to his disregard of the other regional officer's opinions regarding embassy closure. The vote taken on impeachment swung towards a surprising landslide choice to not impeach or remove Arisyan from judgeship. On The Vincence Empire front, activity was booming once again. Many new members joined up the Vincence ranks, finding much roleplay, chatting, and discussing to do. Not soon after, Haruhi Japan, who had previously been banned from Callista after the war by their own wishes, was now officially unbanned and could talk freely on the RMB. To further increase the enrichment of Callista, the dormant nation King of the Ratfolk (also known as The Mongo Empire) founded the "Callista Minecraft Realm", an idea modeled off of the previous "Bluecrown Keep" Minecraft Realm. With the addition of a new platform for connectivity came both challenges and positives, and overall, the "Callista MC Realm", or "Callista SMP", was very popular. Even nations from other regions joined in on the fun. With the success of a Minecraft Realm bringing regions together and a great show of democratic soundness, things were again looking up for both Callista and The Vincence Empire.

Section 21: A New Administration

With the recent success of the Callista SMP and the betterment of relations between The Vincence Empire and Callista, progress temporarily took to the front seat. However, trouble once again returned to Callista much more internally this time. Prime Minister Mathuvan Union made the decision to not close embassies with the familiar region, Old Zealand, whose founder had apparently attempted to steal members from The Vincence Empire, specifically Ethics Committee of the SCPF. This decision was unpopular with many members of both Callista and The Vincence Empire, and continued to fuel frustration within the populace. Both Sorianora and Haruhi Japan also publically disagreed with Mathuvan Union's decision. Upon this backdrop, Prime Minister Mathuvan Union officially resigned from the position of "Prime Minister" claiming that he had failed the populace of Callista as Prime Minister and instating I, Baloo Kingdom, as the new interim Prime Minister of Callista. Following this sudden change of power, some claimed the region was done for. Others saw this as a new opportunity for growth. Baloo Kingdom chose Caesar Von Bingen as his LPM and also swapped out other roles of government to ensure a fresher approach to government role holdings. At the beginning of his administration, Baloo Kingdom did not do much as Prime Minster, mostly filling time with RMB and SMP growth. Later, he instated the first "Sub-Ministries" of Callista, additional unshown government roles that could handle more specific issues in the region. Even before passing the amendment of "Sub-Ministries", approval rates for Baloo Kingdom were surprisingly high for a member of the regional line who had never held to the majority seat of power. Some, including the previous Prime Minster Mathuvan Union claimed that Baloo Kingdom had done nothing as Prime Minister and did not deserve the praise he was receiving. Nevertheless, progress and reform continued, and the next Callista election would soon be underway, a coming testament to the integrity of the democratic system.

Section 22: Bruxxa's Departure And Now We Wait

Following the signing of the "Sub-Secretaries" into law, it was time to move on to the next thing. More growth was on the horizon. A new venture, a colony, The Legionary, made up mostly of First World Order refugees, optimistically volunteered to become the first official colony region of Callista. Their people were given the same rights and privileges under the law as normal citizens of Callista, such as the ability to vote, while also being allowed to be semi-autonomous, making their own rules. The regions quickly bonded in friendship, with some members of The Legionary even moving over to Callista. Next up, trading cards made a significant comeback with the hype of a possible third season of cards coming. The Callista Cards Council was set up with the nation of Callista Cards, a counterpart to Callista Dispatches that would hold periodic trading card giveaways. Nations such as Nooooooooooooooo, Barlyy, Saarz, The Dream of Kirby, Cerata, the founder Sorianora, I and many, many others saw exponential growth in our DV's surpassing our wildest imaginations. A sort of "Cards Race", reminiscent of the real-life "Space Race", had begun in the regional line. Unfortunately, at around this time, one of the great founders, Bruxxa himself, announced his leave from NationStates, claiming that we had become too far apart from his original regional plan. This event deeply saddened most of the regional line. In response, Haruhian Cerata submitted a controversial proposal to the World Assembly's Security Council calling for an official Commendation of Bruxxa, hoping that this would cheer him up enough to return to NationStates or at least solidify his legacy. The proposal, mainly focusing on the value of the Bruxxa trading card and his contributions to the regional line/it's founding, quickly gained much support and disapproval. It was able to reach quorum in the Security Council within the day of its submission but still found much criticism. Upon such stress, Cerata was forced to take down the proposal to appease the angered members of the WA. Meanwhile, the previously stagnantly decreasing population of Callista stopped its downward trend moved again slightly upwards, and sort of the same occurred in The Vincence Empire as well. As previously stated, the next election for Prime Minister was to be held at the end of March, and debates between candidates began.

Section 23: Politics and the Trading Card Phenomenon

With the interim Prime Ministership of Baloo Kingdom coming to a close, and debates between the two candidates, Plus Nova Imperii of the Tsarist Party and Baloo Kingdom himself running under no legal party affiliation, it was time for the election to be underway. After 24 hours of voting via public poll, Baloo Kingdom came out victorious and chose Nooooooooooooooo to be his Lieutenant Prime Minister and keeping the rest of the Regional Officer positions the same. Meanwhile, running unopposed, Poskukune was elected as the new Judge of Callista, succeeding Arisyan. Bruxxa, at around this time, reported having finally outlived his long-time foe, "S", marking the end of an era. Also of the time was the steady and increased popularity of Trading Cards, which were still highly valued. In fact, as a result of card importance, NeutraIKEA, run by Barlyy became Scardinavia, in which some Callista members moved puppets or main accounts to including Saarz. On The Vincence Empire front, roleplay remained fairly steady, with few bumps at most involved, in contrast to Callista's lack. Unfortunately thereafter, a long-time ally of Callista, The Isle of Wooloo Kingdom was declared dead, and its residents were again forced to immigrate collectively to a new host region, the Institute of Cellulose. Later, a small dilemma occurred with the passing of the WA Delegacy from regional founder Sorianora to incumbent Prime Minister Baloo Kingdom with his return to the World Assembly. The situation was pretty cooperatively and quickly resolved, with it only spanning the length of 24 hours. And aside from those events, things were looking good for the future of Callista, The Vincence Empire, and the rest of the regional line.

Section 24: The Second Renaissance

With the passing of the Delegacy, security was reached. Upon such a platform, great regional growth could be facilitated. In the time following, Callista saw advances in all fields, starting with the release of a long-awaited and delayed movie transcript. Production of Rome Wars: A New Pope, originally created by Plus Nova Imperii, was handed over to me, Baloo Kingdom, and was released on May 4th, 2021 in celebration of Star Wars Day. Following a continuous upward trend, the Trading Card business boomed substantially, with many nations achieving high ranks within the Trading Card community. Also, card veteran, Barlyy decided to retire from the trading card scene, an unexpected event at the least. A number of new and old faces came to Callista in the time in between, with Bruxxa and T-34s returning after a long time away. Over in The Vincence Empire trouble was brewing with activity decreasing gradually. With The Vincence Empire's RMB consisting mostly of roleplay posts, it was difficult to determine the security and well-being of the region. An incident involving roleplay gone wrong almost led to tragedy, however thankfully the crisis was averted. Back in Callista, the RMB was facing the looming problem of spam posts. Spam had destroyed our previous region, Bluecrown Keep and the same fate was not favorable for Callista. In order to prevent such an incident, Callista created an official spam region, Callistic Missile, created by The Dream of Kirby, in which the RMB rules on spam were relaxed. Not too soon after, a merge proposal was formed between The Vincence Empire and Callista. The proposal went to a vote and it was unable to pass in its current form. In slight relation and compromise, the Minister of Culture was proposed and was easily passed. This role would also handle the spam problem along with other cultural aspects such as trading cards and regional events. An election was held for the role with the primary candidates being Arisyan and Caesar Von Bingen. Arisyan won and became the first Minister of Culture of Callista. And with that, this chapter of the Bruxxan Saga was over, making room for the next.

Section 25: 404 Callista Is Experiencing Technical Difficulties, Please Stand By

A new chapter began in Callista - The Vincence Empire history, and one not unlike the others. Yes Humans Are Recyclable, Isle of waifu, and a few other in his posse left Callista over the spam situation and settled in Time Clock. An attempt was made on the second Callista Minecraft Realm to begin an organized war that never truly got off the ground. The Regional Officers of Callista continued to work together to better define and handle spam, and thanks to The Dream of Kirby, a matching Callistan flag fad began for a couple of days. Next up, Callista gained a regional banner, which featured some of our most prominent figures, and Barlyy formed the regional system of Bar Vegas. Surprisingly enough, political campaigns for the next Prime Minister election, one month away at the time, began. The previously meme party, the Baloominati led by myself, teamed up with the more legitimate Tsarist Party, headed by Plus Nova Imperii to form the Tsarist-Baloominati Coalition. The Callistan Prosperity, headed by Arisyan, and the joke Rickroll Party queued up as the opposition. Unusual early campaigning, especially for the Baloominati, deemed very successful, drawing droves of supporters even from other unrelated regions. The campaigning continued until the next election. Afterward, there was some scuttlebutt following the citizenship application of regional founder Haruhi Japan, when some argued that Haruhi Japan should not have to apply for citizenship to Callista with him being such a well-known and important historical figure, while others argued that in order to be fair, he still needed to go through the proper channels of admittance. Meanwhile, regional legend, Barrow Cove returned to the regional line and became a Private Secretary, blessing the region with many fun polls. I, myself planned the long regional event of Baloo's Bison Burger Road Trip 3, and a long strand of Saga of Bruxxa themed fan-fics began to form under the main authorship of Cerata, Socialist States of Ludistan, and Barrow Cove, featuring the likes of Haruhi Japan, Poskukune, and myself among many others, and lastly, old nation Pooor formed Pooortopia as his puppet residence. In The Vincence Empire, things were still going swimmingly, with map roleplay excelling in all fields and only minor issues with roleplay disputes and the aforementioned issue with citizenship in Callista. A WA Secretariat, who need not an introduction, sent a puppet to reside in Callista under the name, Coromandel and serendib, along with requesting an embassy with his recently refounded region, Bear World. Trading Cards, as always, were as popular as ever, and the same went for the revered Bruxxa card as Callista hit 75 nations and The Vincence Empire remained at around 100. When the month of June rolled around, a conflict suddenly appeared involving Head Justice Poskukune. I will refrain from providing the details of said conflict for the sake of privacy, however I can say that the conflict ended, unfortunately. Head Justice Poskukune resigned and began a hiatus from Callista while CPP Prime Minister candidate took an ambiguous break from NationStates. Plus Nova Imperii took over in the stead of Poskukune as Head Justice at least until the election. An unfortunate end to a rather eventful two weeks. Afterwards, Callista recovered and pushed back up to normal again. All and all, a good time in Callista - The Vincence Empire history, despite its rough areas.

Section 26: Holding Fort

Continuing the trend of the last era, Callista and The Vincence Empire started off like they had been. Spam saw its last moments in Callista, with Cerata getting banned in the process, an action somewhat controversial. The Vincence Empire continued to sustain ample roleplay activity, a rarity in Callista. In Callista, a small turmoil over native RMB language was resolved and the 200th Day anniversary was celebrated. The Socialist States of Ludistan made his own region called New Legion as a fallback from Callista if we were ever to fail. And Callista was facing a strange politic dilemma, me. It seemed that no matter what happened, the Baloo-Barlyy campaign would snatch victory in the upcoming election. For this reason, Barlyy retired from Callistan politics in search of a more competitive and interesting stage. Ex-Judge Arisyan took his place as LPM in the upcoming election. Regardless, both regions continued to see surges in Trading Card success and found much competitive spirit with the addition of the new Patriotism and Food Quality nation statistics. In The Vincence Empire, minor tremors of activity were felt as a self-coup of government under Haruhi Japan occurred, though inevitably, TVE was not damaged and surely survived. Many interesting roleplay topics were explored there, and advanced success. Dollystana formed the new political party in Callista called The Knights Who Say E, to rival the Baloominati-Tsarist coalition. Meanwhile, the second Callistan Minecraft Realm ended, making way for a later third based in the newest update, and run this time by regional founder Sorianora. This new realm was highly anticipated by the community and is meant to include all that were present in the previous realm. A new flag design was proposed for Callista with The Vincence Empire’s input included, though the flag remained the same in the end and the average day yielded 177 RMB posts. Up next, it was time for the well-awaited Baloo’s Bison Burger Road Trip 3. This 37 day ongoing road trip held the attention region for some time. In addition, the revised Callistan Constitution written mainly by Barlyy was finished in this time, and was to be implemented after the next Prime Minister election. Lastly, the regional line as a whole had something to celebrate as we all turned historically 700 days old. Aside from the major events, the regional line was still up to their classic playful antics. Many a joke told, many a laugh had. 700 days together, though not always physically, but great nonetheless. And hopefully the next 700 would be just as nice.

Section 27: Chugging Along

This specific era of the timeline started of with the arrival of an old friend from the days of The Tavern, Wardrop, who came to Callista after a long CTE-spell. Not soon after this, the quarterly Prime Minister election of July was to begin. The candidates, Arisyan, Baloo Kingdom, and Dollystana were ready. All was to be normal until all candidates campaigning against Baloo Kingdom periodically dropped out of the race through thin poll results. As a result, I won an uncontested election, an event that hadn’t happened since the Prime Minister days of Plus Nova Imperii. Following the election, the constitutional changes promised by Barlyy were put in place, eliminating and changing many of the previously existing RO positions. Other Baloominati policies were also implemented as a result. Next, the time of year had come again to celebrate the Fourth of July, with some nations dawning themed flags and joined in themed discussion. Aside from the events of the Fourth, the RMB progressed as usual with an average of 83 posts a day. Talk normally centered around Baloominati activity, baseball, and general memematic behavior. On the gameplay side of things, the new WA Security Council category of Declarations came about at around this time and was able to occupy most of Callista and The Vincence Empire’s attention both humorously and genuinely. Meanwhile in The Vincence Empire, the Haruhi Japan coup government stood strong with roleplay barely ever ceasing to be impressive. Later, Callista veteran and military leader Plus Nova Imperii created an innovative Hoi4 mod of the government, full and playable within days. The mod became cherished almost instantly. Baloo Bucks also launched at around that time, a joke currency that garnered a lot of support fairly quickly, while the Baloo’s Bison Burger Road Trip 3 finally came to and end. Foremost in this era was the popularity and influence of the Baloominati. Never before had a political party been so powerful, at least in a long time, in and out of the regional line, but power unchecked can be dangerous if not in the hands of the right person.

Section 28: Remaining

Following a time of still-standing, another month of it was to come. The Callista RMB ran at an average pace, discussions ranging from politics, to memes, to baseball. The Vincence Empire RMB also ran similar to its previous state with an ever-excelling roleplay community. Many new nations came to both saga regions, however relatively constant CTE-bombs reduced numbers in both. With no soon elections, regional politics were still unchanging. Nations such as Nooooooooooooooo, Arisyan, Haruhi Japan, Sorianora, Dollystana, New brian, The Dream of Kirby, Royal polish-lithuanian commonwealth, Ethics Committee of the SCPF, Caesar Von Bingen, Plus Nova Imperii, and Milt the Hippo were among the notable around this time along with many unmentioned others. Though not too many significant political events occurred during this time, the nations of Callista and The Vincence Empire still supported each of their governments as much as they could. In Callista, the user Yes Humans Are Recyclable suggested that we form into a new region with the current ones being too unmoving and stale. Many nations of both regions supported the thought, but not too much came out of it in the end. Afterward, not much more occurred other than casual debate and discussion in both regions. Similar to the last time period, a lost one at that. But maybe with the right combination of events, none in particular, the regional line would be flourishing once more. Maybe.

Section 29: N-Day6 and Spooktober

Just like a fantasy storybook, what was predicted to come, came. In this era, the regional line would liven up a bit from its previous relative slumber. But to start it off, a prominent member of Callista and LPM, Arisyan, decided that it was time for him to take his hands-off NationStates for a bit and take a break. Not soon after, Haruhi Japan suggested that it was time to end The Tavern. He claimed that it was an embarrassing reminder of the past that was no longer necessary for operation. Due to pushback from other members of the regional line, however, this never came to be. In Callista, Plus Nova Imperii again attempted to revive the long-dead Callistan roleplaying community with a new theme, however not much traction was gained. Not soon after, an old threat from the past appeared, the Drewpocalypse. After popular Youtuber Drew Durnil published a second video about NationStates, a new wave of NationStates recruits joined the mix. Thanks to good policy-making in The Vincence Empire and Callista, Drewpocalypse 2 did not have much of an effect on either of the regions. In The Vincence Empire, roleplay continued to thrive, and meanwhile in Callista, the Baloominati continued to increase its appeal and popularity to the people of many regions. Then, out of seemingly nowhere, The Vincence Empire became the first of the regional line to become a featured region. This was celebrated as a major success in both regions. The biggest thing that can be taken away from this era is the return of casual and comedic discussion in the RMB of Callista, who finally had something to talk about again. Activity numbers dramatically increased here from the previous era due to a number of overlying factors one of which included the upcoming N-Day6. Shortly before N-Day, The Vincence Empire decided it was time to reorganize their government. Founder Haruhi Japan along with The Socialist Republic of Alaska, The Greater Western Union, The greater commonwealth of england, Ethics Committee of the SCPF and many others, came together to create a new constitution that came into effect soon after. Back on the topic of N-Day, The Vincence Empire and Callista both decided to create their own nuclear factions, The Vincence Empire's being the Verchy Defense Network and Callista's being the Ohio Burger Nuke Network. N-Day6 started out fine for both regions, however, after the sheer dominance of the faction that was The Crabs of The Apocalypse, both regions soon were defeated once again. It was then decided that Callista, The Vincence Empire, Institute of Celluose, and a few other regions were to band together for the next N-Day to prevent what had occurred the first two times. Changing tone, regional founder Bruxxa announced that he was soon becoming a Youtuber themed around Pokémon, a surprise to many. Afterward, it was again time for the election of a Prime Minster in Callista. The incumbent Baloominati nominated myself, Baloo Kingdom for the position with Barlyy being chosen for Lieutenant Prime Minister. The CPP nominated Yes Humans Are Recyclable with incumbent Lieutenant Prime Minister, Arisyan being chosen to reprise his role. After 18+ hours of voting, and the closest election with the lowest voter participation in a while, myself, Baloo Kingdom was elected again for the position of Prime Minister. After a grand election, the month of Spooktober had yet again set onto the regional line. Member nations dawned their old inverted or spooky flags for the month to celebrate spookiness. And with the new month also came the promise of a new Minecraft Realm for the regional line. The Fourth Callista Minecraft Realm launched on October 2nd, 2021 to the largest appraisal and attendance yet. This realm would be unique in the way that for Halloween, an old realm would be revived and able to play on for a day or two. All and all, this was a much more eventful period than the previous three had been. And hopefully, this activity spike would continue for as long as possible.

Section 30: Spooktober 2: The Electric Boogaloo

The season of Spooktober had yet again come to the world of NationStates, and Callista and The Vincence Empire were ready to celebrate. With the recent launch of the fourth Minecraft Realm, region members joined together for a week or so in-game, creating all sorts of amazing, weird, and sometimes useless creations. Activity on the realm tended to peter out as time passed. Not soon after the launch of the realm, Callista nation Saarz sadly CTEd. Following the outcome of the 2021 October Election, member Munie became the first foreign nation to ever hold a public office, that being the office of Homeland Security, replacing long incumbent Caesar Von Bingen. Also following the outcome of the recent October 1st elections, political candidate Yes Humans Are Recyclable and his suspected puppet nation 8000 were both banned from Callista after investigations by Lieutenant Prime Minister Barlyy into puppet fraud became conclusive. It was after this event that the regional population of Callista really started to steep low into the 40s. Not soon after, it was time for the election of a Judge, which Plus Nova Imperii won. Staying on the note of politics, Prime Minister Baloo Kingdom announced that he would not be running in the 2022 January 1st Election. Upon this announcement, the long-lost wave of political competition was reborn. The Vincince Empire founder, Haruhi Japan, registered the progressive Regional Triumvirate Party in Callista whose goal it is to return to the era of regional bonding from the past. Bluecrown Keep founder, Dominioan, also launched his own Callista political party called the Meritocratic Party whose goal is to return Callista to the government system of the past where the founder chooses the ROs based on personal preference and the WA Delegate is the only elected position. Next up on the calendar was the real-life event of Minecraft Live 2021. Both regions heavily increased their activity on their RMBs for this event, discussing at rarely seen speeds. Not soon after, regional legend Bruxxa officially released a voice and face reveal in the form of a couple of Youtube videos. Around this time, the average day yielded 117 RMB posts in Callista and 178 RMB posts in The Vincence Empire. Spooktober was coming again to a close, which meant that Z-Day was afoot. Both regions chose to officially carry to the roles of zombifiers early on in the event. Neither region was particularly successful in the end when it came to winning the event, however, it also wasn't expected to play out like that. To close out the month, Baloo Kingdom yet again set out a massive wave of recruitment telegrams for Callista, bringing the population back into the comfortable mid-60s and again shrinking The Vincence Empire-Callista population gap. Overall, Spooktober had gone well for both regions. Nothing too negative occurred, and it is to be hoped that the same will apply for the upcoming months.

Section 31: Turkey and the No Barlyy November

Following the wane of the spooky season, the time of the turkey had begun. Starting things off, a somewhat controversial decision was made to allow previously-banned The Vincence Empire nation Cerata to enter Callista. This was met with some backlash as some did not believe that they has redeemed themselves in any way. Also at around this time, meme-posting became yet again popular in Callista. The Vincence Empire's roleplay scenarios were growing ever-complex and interesting while not too much occurred politically. Meanwhile, in Callista, the incumbent social organization, the Baloominati, was growing ever-popular with the populace. In reflection of this, an amendment was passed that enforced native representation in the Prime Minister role. This was again met with pushback from those who opposed the incumbent Baloominati, and as a result, caused the amendment to become a sort of rally call for those pro-hyper-democracy. Unfortunately, the second result of this was the disbanding of many of the opposition parties in Callista, decreasing political diversity. Not soon after this, a proposal was created by Barlyy to change the name of the formal name of this history dispatch from "The Saga of Bruxxa" to something other that would honor another person deemed more important in retrospect to our current region. In the end, the name change did not occur. Next, Prime Minister Baloo Kingdom of Callista began a new policy of creating formal partnerships with friendly regions in order to ensure collective security. The first region partnered with was the The Vincence Empire, for obvious reasons, followed by Just Relax and Bluecrown Keep. In another positive turn of events, regional founder Bruxxa regained activity and moved around the regions before settling. Contrastly, Lieutenant Prime Minister of Callista Barlyy had to take a leave of absence due to personal issues. This was met with much sadness in the interregional community, so much so that Barlyy's farewell dispatch stayed #1 Trending in the world for 10 days. Also at around this time, Callista made a feat of finally being considered "Moderate" by the World Assembly, marking a change in the times. Following the absence of Barlyy, Plus Nova Imperii was appointed as Lieutenant Prime Minister and Cerata was elected as the new Judge to replace Plus Nova Imperii. On Monday, November 22nd, 2021, Callista officially turned one year old. Shortly after, on Thanksgiving Day, interregional nations got together to play a small game of Cards vs NationStates. A notable nation that CTEd at around this time was former Judge Poskukune. Sometime later, regional founder Sorianora provided information given by site moderator Sedge that hinted at the soon arrival of the third season of trading cards. This news was well-awaited and somewhat rejuvenated the trading cards scene in the regional line. Callista also reached 3000 pages of their RMB at around this time. After a month of waiting, the Fifth Callista Minecraft Realm was launched on December 2nd, 2021, uniting nations once again in commemoration of the Caves and Cliffs Part 2 update, with Haroldiaistan returning finally from CTEdom. In a surprise turn of events, Barlyy returned from inactivity to the joy of many. Shortly after this, Cerata resigned from the position of Judge and moved back to The Vincence Empire, and Barlyy unanimously was elected to be the interim Judge of Callista. To round out the month full of memes, the memes seamlessly continued...Are you kidding me ??? (WIP)

Section 32: A Very Baloominati Christmas

Starting off this winter era, the Callista-based Minecraft Realm previously mentioned was off to a good start. Nations all across the regional band came together to have some collective fun. A pinnacle point of this time was the expansion of the operations of the Baloominati throughout Callista and the rest of the NationStates world. Baloominti agents and sub-divisions were placed in partner and foreign regions to further the ideals and goal of the Baloominati into other regions to work towards greater unity. Meanwhile, in The Vincence Empire oversaw a merger between itself and The Jewel Robotox Nations, who before was a merger between now-defunct The Robotox Empire and the Jewel Nations. Then, rather suddenly, the Baloominati attempted a coup against the Tsar Sorianora of Callista threatening possible succession if a list of demands were not met. These included the removal of the Tsar from power and the acceptance of the Baloominati as a permanent institution in Callista's government. In the end, the terms were worked down to Sorianora joining and endorsing the Baloominati with power in the Tsar and democracy still remaining intact. Shortly after this, Haruhi Japan, the leader and founder of The Vincence Empire publically announced that The Vincence Empire would no longer consider itself a part of the regional line at least for the time being. This came to the dismay of many in Callista who most of wanted to continue to keep the regional line intact in some way. Nevertheless, the community in Callista continued to grow ever closer to each other, forming bonds that would be hard to break. And in a more general sense, this was part of the experiment of the regional line in itself, to create a community where everyone would feel like they had some purpose in; a region where even though it was small, it could still stand up to the big guys. And upon that note, it was time for Callista's second-ever Christmas. Not too much occurred event-wise, but seasons greetings were frequent. Due to the real-world isolation and reflection time found by many of those affected by the pandemic, numerous informal debates were held around this on the RMBs of the regions. And with that, the year 2021 was over, thus entering the mystery of a year that would be 2022. The January 1st elections for Prime Minister would soon be underway, and with myself, Baloo Kingdom, out of the race, a possible new era of politics was dawning. Candidates Barlyy and Arisyan both would be first-time Prime Ministers if elected. Who knew what the future would bring for NationStates and the Saga of Bruxxa?

Section 33: Welcome Folks, to the Barlyy Administration

The January 2022 Elections were here, and a monumental election it was. In a skewed vote, Barlyy won the election defeating Arisyan. I, Baloo Kingdom, was chosen to be his Lieutenant Prime Minister, and Nooooooooooooooo was chosen to be the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Shortly after, Baloo Kingdom released the official cast list for the next Callistan film parody, 1984: A Callistan Odessey. Fast forward a couple of days, the January 2022 Judge Election was held for Callista, the two candidates being Baloominati member Plus Nova Imperii and Callistan Prosperity Party leader Arisyan. After a deal between the diametrically opposed Callistan Prosperity Party and the Baloominati, dubbed the CPP-Baloominati Deal, the Baloominati revoked their support of Plus Nova Imperii in favor of Arisyan. This was an unwelcome surprise and resulted in the leaving of the Baloominati on the account of Plus Nova Imperii. Now that Barlyy had complete control over the government of Callista, he could begin his extensive agenda of changes and events. First on the list was the final relaxation of the RMB rules, now allowing certain copypastas that had been deemed not of the characteristics of spam. Not soon after, old nation Team Leo returned from CTEdom. As commissioned by Barlyy, Nooooooooooooooo created an updated regional banner for Callista in order to reflect more current showings. Also at around this time, the RMB speed was noticed to be much lower than on average in Callista, which prompted future questions about how to increase activity. Also at around this time, the Saga of Bruxxa reached its 900th-day benchmark, a momentous achievement. Back to the trend of Barlyy administration, the Constitution was in need of revision. In these revisions, the Head Justice was added to the internal cabinet, impeachment of government officials was removed as a constitutional right, and all of the additional ministers except the Minister of Foreign Affairs were removed. Now that the Constitution had been revised, Barlyy decided to go to new heights and run for Prime Minister in the upcoming elections of the Institute of Cellulose, his running mate being Zarbik. Their platform was dubbed "The Baloominati Polka". Given the relatively high support for the Baloominati the Institute of Cellulose's current government, this seemed like an easy choice to make, however, it was soon found that accomplishing such a task would be much more difficult than first imagined. Barlyy, under his puppet Briteannia, was constantly under fire from members of the Regionalist Party of the Institute of Cellulose, who generally disliked Barlyy's Callistafication of their region. Anyway, Barlyy decided to partner with Laraniem to create the Larasta Yearly Hedonistic Acts (now featuring Callista). With the help of Hagston, this event was a success, with members of Laraniem and Callista coming together in celebration. To parody Zarbik's Prime Minister address (unmentioned given earlier), Barlyy released his own version, finally officially revealing his voice to the region. Also at around this, Callista, was under fire by members of the Institute of Cellulose, was somewhat forced into creating an official roleplay map in order to prove that the region was in fact capable of doing so. As a result of this, the RMB, which was previously sleepy, had woken up, and dramatically increased in the sense of activity. During this scuttle, and as a result of the Baloominati's seeming betrayal of his trust, long-time member and cofounder of Callista, Plus Nova Imperii, left the region due to what he claimed was a far-stretch from his intentions. Not soon after, the roleplay map previously mentioned was implemented and members of both Callista and The Vincence Empire joined in. The roleplay saw much initial success that continued for some time. In a funny turn of events, the long-dormant comedy series by Dominioan, "Ohio Burger News", released its sixth issue, and also on the topic of dispatches, Prime Minister Barlyy released his extensive masterpiece on the history and current issues of the Baloominati, "The Balooist Legacy". Next, Callista joined the interregional defense pact known as LDR. Meanwhile in The Vincence Empire, things were on the side of change as polls were held by the government to determine the future choices of the region. Almost as quickly as Callista joined the LDR, they had to leave it due to a reconsideration of the legitimacy of the pact on a world-scale among other things. In these dissents issued, and in a sort of ironically Reynolds Pamphlet-like situation, Head Justice Arisyan leaked private government conversations in which Prime Minister Barlyy made remarks about the people of the Institute of Cellulose. Many members of the region took offense to these statements, sparking a long and heated debate over Institute of Cellulose-Callista relations. In the end, however, things cooled down, and no embassies were closed. To close things off, Callista received a new WFE to complement the changes being made. All and all, January was a productive month for Callista, and with a large spike in activity and new members, things could only get better. The Barlyy Administration had been nonstop compared to the previous Baloo Kingdom Administration, a trend that was on the positive side of history.

Section 34: The Great Unification of 2022

To start off a very important and eventful time period in the history of Callista and the entire regional line, regional founder Sorianora accidentally ejected and banned Prime Minister Baloo Kingdom from Callista whilst trying to check endorsements. This was reversed almost immediately and was able to cause a short panic. Meanwhile, the regional roleplay map of Callista flourished and caused mich activity on the regional RMB. Numerous roleplay posts were created with much detail to fill up the growing map. History had its eyes on Callista, and in the next step of the Barlyy Administration, an act was passed in the internal cabinet that transformed the regional government of Callista into a one-party state. This act may have been the most controversial act in Callistan history given the intense backlash it received immediately after being implemented by both those in the region and those in friendly regions. Barlyy and other Baloominati supporters argued that this act increased the potential for new ROs to take office given that at the time, there were virtually no opposition parties. Opponents of the One Party State Act claimed that such an act proved that Barlyy was a power-hungry dictator. To continue the trend of controversy, recently unbanned member of Callista, Cerata, was again banned for violating the spam policy. Cerata defended themselves by saying that the current spam policy was not specific enough and that he did not intend to go as far with the spam as the RO team thought he did. In the end, the ban stood. Another player, Very totally free, who had already been under the suspicion of the Callistan government via a tip from
The Vincence Empire, was banned for the usage of racially derogatory terms on the RMB. This ban was also somewhat controversial given that some region members believed their usage of the term was not meant to be derogatory. At around this time, the ex-IWK nation Yazakhastan arrived in Callista and took a pro-Tsar approach to Callistan politics, creating the "Orthodox Church of Callista". The creation of the church caused a dormant pro-Tsar movement to revitalize with newfound vigor, gaining the support of many out-of-region nations. After the other controversies mentioned and the creation of actual opposition to the Baloominati, the internal cabinet decided to repeal the One Party State Act. Now that political parties had become legal again, the Orthodox Church of Callista registered itself as an official political party along with other older opposition parties. In a different light, a good number of voice reveals took place around this time including Yazakhastan, Baloo Kingdom, and Cerata each to their own success. Continuing the previous trend, yet another controversy occurred, this time on the interregional scale when Emperor of The Vincence Empire, New Yi Empire raided The Tavern with third-party raiders off of bad information. The Tavern was thankfully defended by defenders and was returned. After this, New Yi Empire went under massive scrutiny after committing such an unprovoked attack on our region's shared history. It was soon found out through an investigation into the scenario in the ban case that New Yi Empire had been led on to believe that The Tavern was a target to raid by regional founder Haruhi Japan. Haruhi Japan claimed that they had been joking about the said statement and that New Yi Empire has misunderstood. The case is still controversial to this day. In response to this event, regional founder Sorianora proposed the Historical Region Preservation Act which would work to jointly protect important historical regions from being raided. The act passed and was put into effect immediately. Shortly after this, Head Justice Arisyan announced that they would be going on a prolonged hiatus from NationStates for around a month. As such, an Interim Head Justice needed to be voted upon, the main candidates being The Dream of Kirby, Yazakhastan, Poskukune, and Dollystana. The election was not held immediately due to the next event in history. Rather unexpectedly, Haruhi Japan announced that they had been considering merging The Vincence Empire with Callista. The statement was rather official, and the reasoning was based on a lack of hope for the long-term success of the region. Many members of Callista were excited by this news, as it meant that the regional line would finally be united for the first time since the Bluecrown Keep. Others were skeptical, saying that migrants from The Vincence Empire would disrupt the flow of Callista and lead to its demise. Change, in general, was the main topic of discussions, and in the end, an official merge was never agreed upon. Also at around this time, upon special arrangement, Prime Minister Baloo Kingdom reached the one-year landmark of his terms in office. After this, on February 18th, the unofficial merge of migrants from The Vincence Empire into Callista began, and despite the merge not being official, the large majority of ex-TVErs joined Callista anyway, however notably without Haruhi Japan. The Interim Head Justice elections were subsequentially started, and after a long and close battle, the Baloominati's endorsement, The Dream of Kirby, won out with Callistan Orthodox Party leader Yazakhastan coming in second place. During the election, the Baloominati also held primaries for the first time for their April 1st Prime Minister pick. Baloo Kingdom won the straw-poll and Nooooooooooooooo was determined to be the LPM choice. Once the majority of the migrants had arrived, many decided to join the roleplay map and become citizens, causing the already bustling map to become even more bustling and the RMB to zoom. Seeing all this change, Baloominati co-leader and technical Prime Minister Barlyy decided to leave Callista for a new region, Konglomera, with now-on-hiatus Head Justice Arisyan. This was seen as very sad by many and irresponsible by others. And in a shocking turn of real-world events that came in the form of the invasion of Ukraine, Callista's flag was changed to fit the design of the flag of Ukraine to show support. After all that, an exciting time. So much happened; the world turned upside-down. Who knew what would happen in the coming days of Callista?

Other Historical Documents:

On one corner of the world, a lucky guy, one that got a Testakandia card and used his power to help a bunch of people who wanted to increase the card value of the Bruxxa Card. And so he did, he put all of his effort in making the Bruxxa Card Value go up and succeeded for a short period of time, it was so inflated that popped up weeks later. But the guy never surrendered and even though defeated he still fights and protects the Bruxxa Card Value even if he won't have the same success he will keep his promise of a big inflated Bruxxa Card, slowly but surely. This guy was The Great Hiatus

Chapter 1: The Testalandia Card
A lonely nation in a technocratic region, with pretty much-doing nothing and was getting bored, he was checking his cards periodically. He wasn't very interested in them, he just ignored the existence of these for a long time, and never expected that this card would change his view of things, and out of the many legendaries in existence that had to appear in that deck was the Testalandia card, a very high valued card that out of pure luck he got it. He didn't know what to do with it, does he wanted to keep it? Or sell it? He wanted to keep it, but then while checking other regions he found this initiative to raise the value of one card, a card very important for the region itself... the Bruxxa card.

Chapter 2: The Bruxxa Iniciative
He never expected to find a small but very active community such as BCK, and got to find an initiative to help one card to raise its value and make it one of the 100th inflated cards, and so he sold the Testalandia card, and a young Hiatus, inexpert of the Card Market made plans to make the Bruxxa Card be one of the most highly valued cards ever, and with his +500 bank worked hard to make it a reality, he joined the Bruxxa Initiative and started to buy as many Bruxxa Cards as possible

Chapter 3: The Rise of Bruxxa
And so Hiatus bought as many cards as possible with an exaggerated speed, and increased its value up to 80-100MV, buying every card he could and running out of bank very quickly, he started to buy from 40 up to 100 and held onto it for those incredible prices inflating the card and successfully made Bruxxa proud of his effort. And so the Bruxxa was sitting there inflated for some time, no one in the Bruxxa Initiative expected they would come this far and for Hiatus, he was so proud of his work. But everything has an end

Chapter 4: The Fall of Bruxxa
You could have thought that this would have a nice ending, but no. Not so long after the success, many people started to sell the Bruxxa Card at relatively low prices, making its MV starts to fall very quickly, Hiatus left with almost no bank couldn't do anything but contemplate the destruction of his work, and just like that, even though the Bruxxa Legion tried it's best to slow down or even stopping it's falling. The Bruxxa Card returned to a 1MV.

Chapter 5: Small Recovery
After the really fast decrease of its Market Value, Hiatus stood straight and said "It's not over yet". And so he started to raise some bank to at least increase its value to something acceptable, and so he did, he raised its value to 6 and attempted to keep it like that until he gets more bank so he can start buying and selling at big prizes and kept the Bruxxa Card relatively calm but at the end, it happened again.

Chapter 6: Where we stand
With another decrease in its value and very dependant on himself to start making some bank, right now Hiatus is very busy trying to keep the hope alive, and with his friends in the Bruxxa Initiative. And so the Bruxxa Card is kept in a constant fight to increase its value, a card very difficult to ride but, not even that is stopping these heroes who fought for it and who are still fighting. Not sleeping day and night to accomplish a very unreachable dream, but at the same time possible to fulfill.

Chapter 7: Stuck
After weeks and weeks of hard work, the Bruxxa MV got stuck between 3-1. TGH (The Great Hiatus) at this point with very low on bank cannot keep up with the market and as he tries desperately to gather more bank and seize as many Bruxxa cards as he can to make the Bruxxa Initiative take control of the Bruxxa Card Market, but not everything is bad news as many of the 0.20 Buyers are almost gone but at the cost of the MV going up and down too many times. Once again with an uncertain future to come and almost no time to waste, TGH and the Bruxxa Initiative have a lot of ground to cover if they want to return to the golden days of the 100MV and only time will tell if that will be possible

Chapter 8: The 5 MV Chaos
TGH keeps fighting hard to keep that value up, but with no effect and right now out of bank once again. Many nations have opened up to sell many of their Bruxxa cards accepting 7 bank for them, but as Baloo gathers up more bank with his puppets to get as many Bruxxa Cards as possible, TGH keeps struggling with the rest of the Bruxxa Initiative who don't have puppets and are at the mercy of getting lucky in getting as many packs of cards as possible, either to sell them or to junk it to get more bank. With many sellers on the market, this could be a golden opportunity to not only get more Bruxxa Cards but to increase its value up to 7 bank, is this the chance we were waiting for? Only time will tell.

Chapter 9: Why?
Everything was scrapped on the end, the Bruxxa card got rekt once again with a big slow down after a big downgrade with Baloo trying to recover some of the lost ground while Hiatus, well Hiatus only got to watch how we faced a really low point and then recover while Hiatus didn't get to be part of it as he is stuck with low bank and with no possibility of an increase... Hiatus can only wait and watch.

So why? Wait "why" what? What is the question about... what was its purpose? Hiatus doesn't understand the question, is it asking why Hiatus have stayed dormant? Is it asking why Hiatus just appeared when he could have done something? Hiatus answers that he doesn't know, what would Hiatus know that? It just happened and his inactivity and really bad communication with the other Initiative members had something to do with them trying to solve the problems themselves while Hiatus disappeared. Will Hiatus finally do something? I don't know, why you don't know? I just don't know.

Chapter 10: Surprise Ending!
Hiatus took a break from NS just to come back and see the absolute sorrow of what the Bruxxa Card was, it was a surprising hit to the soul and a sad ending for the small journey of the nation that gave a sense of hope to the initiative of inflating the card. But at last, everything comes to an end, the Great Hiatus that managed to revive in NS has to sit as everything around gets engulfed in the flames of an old story, that will always stay in its heart.

The Great Hiatus does not think this was a pointless journey, even if the journey was short, even if the objective was not fulfilled, we all learned from the experience and we can only strive to improve. This story shall not be forgotten, and there will be more adventures in the future to come, The Great Hiatus wishes all a very nice day and goodbye.

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The Regional Triumvirate is an organization made up of three regions: The Tavern, The Vincence Kingdom, and The World of The Frozen Flames.

All decisions regarding the organization are decided by a 2/3rds vote between the founders of each founder region. All members of each region are welcome at any time to add their input into decisions, but ultimately it falls to the founders themselves.

The primary goal of the Triumverate is to ensure the safety of each member region, and thus every region within it must follow all laws passed by the founders.

Triumvirate Army: Member nations who join the army must be in the WA. Members of the army are used to defend any member regions, and if needed, to invade.
And though the triumvirate may be weak and broken, it was never formally ended, so the mission lives on.

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Bluecrown Callistan Alliance


Flag of Bluecrown Keep

Flag of Callista

Charter of Bluecrown Callistan Alliance

Charter Preamble

Due to the Cultural, Social, and Political Ties of Callista with Bluecrown Keep, Both Heads of States, King Dom I, and Tsar Sori I have both agreed to a Mutal Alliance and Pact of Non-Aggression. The Alliance also states that Bluecrown Keep and Callista shall remain Friendly to each other and its members, and will aid each other in any period of Need or Aid. It acknowledges the Soveirgnty of Callista, and that Hostilities between its members will Cease.

Bluecrown Callistan Alliance Charter

Article One: Foreign Affairs

I: Bluecrown Keep and Callista will share a similar Foreign Affairs and International Relations.

II: If Bluecrown Keep is in a Defensive Conflict, Callista will aid Bluecrown and Vise Versa.

Bluecrown Callistan Alliance Charter

Article Two: RMB
I: Hostilites shall Caesae between Members.

    a) Arguing between Members is Discouraged.

    b) If Debates get out of hand, Both Regions will attempt to Calm Down.

    c) Bluecrown Keep will not Dwell on Callistan Independence.

II: Roleplay between the regions is encouraged

III: Other Interactions between the Regions in encouraged

IV: Always follow NS Rules on the RMB.

Bluecrown Callistan Alliance Charter

Article Four: Laws

I: While Callistan Members are on the BCK RMB they abide by Bluecrown Rules

ii: While Bluecrown Members are on Callistan RMB, they abide by the Callistan Constitution

Bluecrown Callistan Alliance

Article Five: Politics

I: Bluecrown Critics and Offensive on the Callistan Government are Prohibited, and Vise Versa.

II: Endorsing Other Regions Political Parties is Strictly Prohibited but can form an International Political Organization.

Signed by


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This dispatch uses the DD/MM/YYYY format when it comes to the dates of certain events.
Current word count including BBCode: 13,186. Upvoting the dispatch is a privilege.
"The Balooist Legacy & The Baloominati"

Motto: "Look for the Bare Necessities..."

Founder & Leader: B. Loo (Baloo Kingdom)

Pope & Co-owner: B. Loaves (Barlyy)

Official founding date: 3rd of December, 2020

Preceded by: The Democratic Torch

Branches: Stronghold (Callista), Polka (Institute of Cellulose), Hammock (Just relax), Hexagon (Laraniem)

  • Status in the Stronghold: Under controversy

  • Status in the Polka: Weak

  • Status in the Hammock: Excellent

  • Status in the Hexagon: Expanding


  • Because of my resignation from the PM position from Callista and following my departure from Callista, the history portion of the dispatch will never be updated again.

Introduction, The Baloominati & Its Core Beliefs

Hello, and welcome to the official Baloominati dispatch. This dispatch is where we will add our latest announcements, the latest developments in Balooist history, our newest promises, our current goals, etc. I hope you enjoy the dispatch - lots of work went into it, I can tell you that. The dispatch's contents, formatting, etc. are all handled by Barlyy, the current co-owner and the Pope of the Baloominati.

Now, it's time to talk about the Baloominati & its core beliefs. The Baloominati could be considered a mix of serious and sarcastic - comedic propaganda such as memes are utilized heavily by the Baloominati. When it comes to being serious, however, the Baloominati's core doctrine could be summarized by the following sentence:

"Small reforms are better than radical revolutions unless revolution is absolutely necessary."

The implementation of this policy & its success is easily proven by Callista's current success. The Tsardom of Callista is currently a small/medium UCR with a member count of around ~65 at the moment and has around 80 or more posts posted on its RMB per day. Callista is known for being a very stable and rather peaceful and laid-back region, and this success could be attributed to the Baloominati and its monopoly over Callistan politics. The regions that came before Callista, namely Bluecrown Keep and The Vincence Kingdom are known for being unstable regions that were both short-lived compared to Callista because of the rapid changes that commenced in them and their radical political systems (TVK suffered from authoritarianism and autocracy while BCK suffered from insufficient checks & almost non-existent policing on the RMB). This core belief, along with the charisma the leaders of the Baloominati display, has kept the Callistan people united for more than a year. The Baloominati's honesty, transparency, realism, and efficiency could also be included as other factors to Callista's success. This core doctrine "small reforms over radical revolutions but there are some exceptions" could easily be implemented in other regions as well, which shows the universality and the compatibility of the Baloominati's policies with regions that are different than Callista.

It cannot be said that the Baloominati is "conservative" (or "centrist") since the Baloominati is open to reforms (and revolutions if need be). This is a common misunderstanding of the Baloominati's policies and this misunderstanding should be avoided at all costs. The Baloominati has no distinct "political standing" (such as "leftist", "rightist", "authoritarian", etc.) since its policies adapt to the current situation at all times. The Baloominati aims for a suitable, compatible, and beneficial status quo - one that the majority of the population can be satisfied with - and it will do everything it can do to reach that status quo. That's the reason that the core doctrine includes "[...]no rapid revolutions unless necessary". If the population is not satisfied with the current status quo, it shall be changed. Those are the Baloominati's beliefs.

The Baloominati Branches & Members

  • The Callistan Baloominati ("The Baloominati Stronghold")

    • The Callistan Baloominati, officially called "Stronghold", "the Stronghold" or "the Baloominati Stronghold", is the oldest & the most influential branch of the Baloominati (hence the name). It was founded on 03.12.2020 (the same date that the Baloominati as a whole was founded) by Baloo Kingdom and is currently led by Baloo Kingdom and Barlyy.

    • The Stronghold was the only branch of the Baloominati until recently when different branches started to be founded.

    • The Stronghold currently controls all positions in the Cabinet in Callista.

    • The Stronghold has won four elections in a row in Callista.

    • The Stronghold is made up of the following nations: Baloo Kingdom, Barlyy, Nooooooooooooooo, Caesar Von Bingen, Haroldiaistan, Dominioan, Blitzton, Messenger A, Poskukune, Milt the Hippo, Sorianora, Underfallen, Cormoe

  • The IOC Baloominati ("The Baloominati Polka")

    • The IOC Baloominati, officially called "Polka", "the Polka" or "the Baloominati Polka", is the second-largest branch of the Baloominati. It has officially been founded on 18.01.2022, more than a year after the original founding date of the Baloominati, and is currently led by Barlyy and Zarbik.

    • The Polka is the most controversial branch of the Baloominati, and has never won an election but is currently campaigning for PM in the 02.02.2022 elections.

    • The Polka has seen the most backlash out of any other branch of the Baloominati after proposing some controversial policies in the 02.02.2022 campaign.

    • The Polka is made up of the following nations: Briteannia (a puppet of Barlyy), Zarbik, Socialist States of Ludistan, Sorianora, New Ryansville, and The Joeanian Republic.

  • The Just Relax Baloominati ("The Baloominati Hammock")

    • The Just Relax Baloominati, officially known as "Hammock", "the Hammock" or "the Baloominati Hammock", is rather undocumented and a minuscule branch of the Baloominati. Its official founding date could be considered the time this dispatch is written, 2_.01.2022, and is solely handled by Zarbik.

    • The Hammock currently handles WA Affairs in Just relax.

  • The Laraniem Baloominati ("The Baloominati Hexagon")

    • The Laraniem Baloominati, officially known as "Hexagon", "the Hexagon" or "the Baloominati Hexagon", is a relatively new and small branch of the Baloominati and could be compared to the Baloominati Hammock. Its official founding date could be considered 15.01.2022 (the release of the Laraniem-Callistan collaboration event dispatch) and is solely handled by Jp morgann (who is a puppet of Barlyy) and Hagston.

    • The Hexagon currently handles foreign affairs and diplomatic relations between Callista and Laraniem.

The Baloominati: Current Goals & Promises

(DISCLAIMER: This dispatch only includes the current goals and promises of the Callistan Baloominati ("the Baloominati Stronghold") and general policies of the Baloominati. The other branches' individual promises will be included in their own, separate dispatches. X.P means that it is a promise, X.G means that it is a goal.)

1. P.) Start using APIs

APIs are automatic scripts that allow you to send telegrams, perform other actions, etc., and are the only legal way to automatically send telegrams to certain groups of people (except welcome telegrams). After discussing APIs with Cerata, a person who is somewhat experienced with APIs, we have decided that it is a good idea to start using APIs in order to recruit people without having to spend money on recruitment telegrams (most of which get ignored anyway). This is also the only policy that was promised in Barlyy's 01.01.2022 campaign that has not been fulfilled yet.

2. G.)Gain more influence in Institute of Cellulose

IOC could be considered the region that the Callistan government is the friendliest with which makes it an attractive place for the Baloominati to expand its influence. There are already plans in action to further our influence in IOC, most notably the founding of the Baloominati Polka and its 02.02.2022 PM campaign. Several other plans could work as well such as getting a nation in Parliament or the Cabinet.

The Baloominati's History, Month-For-Month

Some Backstory

It could be said that the Baloominati's history starts in Bluecrown Keep. In Bluecrown Keep, there was a very strong and influential political party called The Democratic Torch (but usually shortened to "TDT"). It was the strongest party in the region, and it had almost never lost an election until I, Barlyy, came. The party included lots of then-influential names, such as Sorianora, Plus Nova Imperii, and most relevant to this story, Baloo Kingdom. TDT was a monarchist party that believed in some sort of centrist constitutional monarchy. However, things started going south for the TDT when I joined the political stage.

October 2020 - TDT won the closest election in Callistan history. November 2020 - TDT lost the election to The Prosperity Party (which was led by me). That was the very first loss that TDT has faced in a long time, and it somewhat contributed to Bluecrown Keep's collapse- and, in turn, led to the Baloominati's creation.

November 2020 ---> Turmoil in Bluecrown Keep

After losing the election, Sorianora, the TDT candidate for the November 2020 election, decided to execute "Order Callista", which was something that he apparently was planning on executing for a very long time, and left Bluecrown Keep in order to found his own region, Callista. This led to further instability in BCK, and after some unfortunate events, Barlyy decided to resign as Prime Minister and leave the region. This caused even more instability in BCK, but after a while, Barlyy returned and everything seemed like it was returning back to normal until Barlyy decided to leave BCK once and for all - and this is where the Baloominati starts.

After Barlyy left BCK for the second time, the Cabinet decided that they needed a new Prime Minister and so a "snap election" was held. Baloo created the first iteration of the Baloominati, the "Baloo Party", in order to have a better chance at winning - and he won indeed, but it was too late. Later that day, Dominioan announced that he would completely close down Bluecrown Keep. This made many players grieve over the loss of such a memorable and active region, but after a while everyone calmed down. After being ejected from the region, most members decided to move over to Callista since that's where the majority of BCK immigrated to. Baloo, however, did not join to Callista right away. Baloo did "a tour around the NSVerse" in order to explore other regions but moved to Callista after the tour ended.

December 2020 ---> The Reborn Phoenix

On 08.12.2020, Baloo Kingdom decided that he would make the Baloo Party into a meme and created "the Baloominati" - its logo was, and still is, the Illuminati triangle with the arms and legs of Baloo from the Jungle Book, and Noooooooooo instantly joined the party. People absolutely LOVED the meme - everyone was already talking about how they should expand its influence, make it so that it is mandatory, etc. During this time period, MU and Rome started arguing and after they kept telling each other they should resign one of them resigned (go check Baloo's history dispatch if you want more details), which led to some instability in the region - but nothing too major, thankfully. Barlyy created his own joke party called the "Mafia Party" where the whole premise was that you "had to give Barlyy all of your cards or else you'd be banned". The Baloominati officially proposed an alliance between the two parties, and Barlyy accepted, thus marking the beginning of the Baloo-Barlyy friendship.

January 2021 ---> The Hell Is Going On??

The Baloominati was still a rather small party compared to the Tsarists, the strongest party during that time period which was lead mostly by Plus Nova Imperii - but the Baloominati was certainly growing larger thanks to all of the memes and Baloo getting people to join the party "as a joke" ;). Baloo's cult of personality was also growing thanks to all of the credit he got for not leaving Bluecrown Keep alone during its darkest hours and also for just being a likeable person overall. Folks like Arisyan believed that Baloo was "by far the best regional officer" at the time, and the polls prove that. At the start of January, another election was held which was won by Haruhi Japan... but some of the things here are confusing. According to the waybackmachine, LinkBaloo was instated as Haruhi's LPM, but on the "list of political leaders in Callista", it says that Mathuvan Union was the LPM during Jan 1-Jan 20. I have decided that I will trust the waybackmachine, and I'm just going to say that "Baloo became LPM during January", which certainly contributed to the Baloominati's rapid expansion in Callista. Sadly, the Baloominati was still considered a "joke party", which meant that Baloominati members were not allowed to run under the Baloominati party.

February (and maybe some January) 2021 ---> The Hell Is Going On, Vol. 2 & The Lord And Saviour

Early Callistan politics were absolutely chaotic, and this is just another proof of that. After Haruhi Japan left Callista because of some form of argument and moved over to The Vincence Empire, Mathuvan Union was elected as Prime Minister while Baloo was instated as his Deputy. After some disagreements between then-Judge Arisyan and PM Mathuvan Union, Mathuvan Union suggested that Arisyan be impeached, but this was rejected by literally every citizen in Callista except for Mathuvan Union himself. However, after some disagreements on the dilemma about the embassy Callista had with Old Zealand, and with both the Tsar, Sorianora, and Haruhi Japan, leader of TVE, publically disaggreeing with Mathuvan Union on this dilemma, Mathuvan Union resigned from his position as Prime Minister in Callista, but chose Baloo Kingdom as the PM to replace him - his "interim prime minister". With Baloo finally inside the room where it happens, the Baloominati had all the power in its hands. Baloo Kingdom appointed Caesar Von Binger as his Deputy after a short time passed; however, the beginning of the term is one filled with inactivity in the government. After some sleepy Joseph action, Baloo decided that he would add "sub-ministries" - ministers who are not regional officers but instead deal with smaller affairs such as cards, recruitment, roleplay, etc., and the proposal won a landslide victory even though we never really got to see the sub-ministries in action (except the Cards Council). It was also during this period that Barlyy started personally giving advice to Baloo and telling him how he should deal with particular issues; plus, the cards aspect of the game started getting much more popular here in Callista. February was hard to research, but all you need to know is that Baloo became PM.

March 2021 ---> "Only Here For The Ending"

This might be one of the most boring months for the Baloominati except for the elections which were held on the very last day of March. There were lots of telegrams sent between Baloo and Barlyy over who Baloo should appoint as his DPM - Barlyy or Nooooooooo? After some discussion, Barlyy suggested that Baloo do a coin flip and choose his running mate that way, and Nooooooooooo won the coinflip. On the 31st of March, the elections were held, and Baloo won the election against Plus Nova Imperii - a rather influential candidate. This win meant that Baloo was going to be Prime Minister for 3 more months, a rather large time period. (Apologies for the short section, but March was very much boring for the Baloominati except for the discussions between me and Baloo.)

April 2021 ---> Sleepy Joe! Sleepy Joe!

Another boring month for the Baloominati yet again. Not much happened in the political stage in Callista in April except for the Head Justice elections. Poskukune won the head justice elections with zero opposition - the biggest landslide in Callistan history, all-0. Other than that, not much happened. Again, I apologize for the short section, but March and April really were not interesting from a political standpoint - just the Baloominati gaining more power by passively sitting there.

May 2021 ---> The Hell Is Going On, Vol. 3

May is, unlike the two months that came before it, incredibly chaotic. At around the 9th of May, some (respectful) arguments about roleplay could be seen. There was an attempt to revive roleplay in Callista, and it turned out that some people were actually willing to join the roleplay - however, after a shaky start, it started to fade out.

On the 19th of May, an election for the new Minister of Culture position was held which was won by Arisyan. The Minister of Culture's main duties were promoting culture (duh) and policing the RMB. Arisyan's win was crucial because it meant that an opposition member was in the Cabinet.

May was a very spammy month for Callista because of certain members (e. g. Cerata, maybe Noooooooo, Swedish-Norwegian Kingdoms, etc.) constantly spamming the RMB. Nooooooooo came under some fire on 19.05.2021 because he was "encouraging spam" and Plus Nova Imperii commented that "making Nooooooooooo LPM was a terrible idea". There were some OOC arguments as well between Plus Nova Imperii and Arisyan, but we will not talk about those here, but here is the post that ignited the political arguments that started on 19.05.2021:

Baloo Kingdom wrote:Prime Minister ≠ Personal Spam Firewall

During the spam crisis, I did not need to step in. We had like literally four ROs and even some non-ROs more than happy to suppress spam efforts. I mean, we literally made a RO just to handle spam, with other duties attached as well. Kirby made a spam region virtually on his own, I didn’t need to help. Handling spam isn’t my duty. In fact, me doing so disrespects the aspects of a self-autonomous government. Of course, this doesn’t mean that a PM shouldn’t do anything. You brought up the mention of my inactivity in government meetings and other various government events. This I’m sorry for. However, I cannot attend all events, and until I find that my absence is dangerous to the region, I will not force myself to attend them all. On the topic of roleplay, this is also not related to my role as Prime Minister. It is not my job to prop up roleplay. In fact, with the same logic, it would be possible to make me look the most horrible leader by simply making a bunch of roleplay maps and having them not catch on. My existence as Prime Minister should not be made responsible for private affairs such as roleplay. And until roleplay is considered a government-mandated right and requirement of the citizenry, I will not prop up a roleplay as my job or at least be considered responsible for it. This is my official response to all criticism related to the subject matter suggested.

Needless to say, the populace was dissatisfied with the government and the government was dissatisfied with the populace.

Responses to this post quickly followed.

Baloo Kingdom wrote:Bro, I’ve been serious since the start. I just talk and post weird.

To quote the Callistan Constitution:

- The Prime Minister will serve as delegate of the region, if the Prime Minister is not in the WA, then the Vice Minister will serve as delegate, if the Vice Minister is not in the WA, the Tsar will serve as Delegate

- The Prime Minister has emergency power, a state of emergency must be issued by the Tsar

- The Prime Minister will select a Vice Minister as a campaign partner

- After winning the position the Prime Minister will select their cabinet consisting of Secretary of Defence, State, Foreign Affairs, Secretary of the press, and a Private Secretary(s)

- The Prime Minister and Vice Minister will be given all permissions

These are the roles and powers of the Prime Minister. There is also a mention of me appointing roleplay moderators, but they have already been appointed for a while now. No mention of handling spam or other roleplay responsibilities.

Barlyy wrote:True, but considering many of them have not done their jobs properly (even I'm faulty), the spam problem is still here. Just because there are a lot of regional officers does not mean you don't have to take action fast.

We only recently made an RO dedicated to handle spam. We had to take action faster, in my opinion.
Kirby's spam region doesn't seem to help a lot. You saw what Cerata did a few hours ago, correct?

This makes no sense whatsoever. The PM has to take action in times of crisis. You did that in BCK, why can't you do the same thing here?
Nobody is forcing you to attend to all meetings, Baloo. Everyone has their own personal live, and we respect that. However, I believe an RO, ESPECIALLY the Prime Minister, should try their best to attend to meetings.
Your absence was somewhat dangerous. The spam was a regional crisis. Sure, we managed to come up with a plan ourselves, but it took us a long time. Your help would've helped a lot here.

I completely agree with everything you said here. Maintaining roleplay is not and should not be a prime minister's job.

Baloo Kingdom wrote:I'm only responding to three of these, the one about meetings can be put under the umbrella of my other responses.

1. The spam problem is being blown out of proportion. Sure, random posts can be annoying. But really though, is spam really a crisis? We have significantly reduced it from its previous form, and even then, it wasn't more than bothersome.

2. The majority of spam that still exists is mostly made by the same person and their puppets. In my opinion, if this was really as much of a problem as it is claimed to be, you would have temp banned him a long time ago. I don't necessarily believe that this should have happened, but I surprised it hasn't. Spam will always be a problem so long as ten-year-olds can get their hands on NationStates accounts. It shouldn't be expected of a single figurehead to handle a problem such as that.

3. Yes, I agree, the Prime Minister should take action in times of crisis. In things such as foreign affairs, the WA, and raiding. But spam posts? No. We have a slew of RO's. If I take action on almost everything, why even have other people in office? Does the President of the United States of America have to go onto his cell phone and block every robocall for the country? No. We have companies and other private and government programs to help with that.

4. I was Prime Minister of BCK for like one day after the interim elections before everybody left. All I did was sit there.

Baloo Kingdom wrote:I just don't want people to call me out for not handling something that they themselves are completely cable of handling without the Prime Minister there. Each RO has very, very specific jobs to do. My job is to fill in the cracks. If the cracks to fill seem to be filling in well or are progressing at a pace in which it would be wasteful of my time that I could be using to fill other cracks, I don't do anything. No matter what, however, I do still do something. People vote on me or whoever else is a candidate because they think that I could choose the right people to handle things. The Prime Minister oversees those people, making sure that any mistakes they make, I can correct to the best of my ability. But even the Prime Minister can make mistakes. The LPM fills that crack. The same crack that a Vice-President would fill.

Barlyy wrote:1 - Do you think we would appoint a RO whose main purpose is to combat spam if the spam problem was just exaggaration? You saw Cerata, they posted 4 times in a row. You yourself said it's bothersome, then why not help stop it
2 - If I did have border control, I would ban them. I don't have BC though, so I can't. We don't expect you to completely handle the spam by yourself, either. We're just saying you need to help.

3 - Would the United States of America not do that when everyone else is slacking on the job? Would the president not do anything if the economy crashed and nobody did something about it?
I did my part in trying to stop spam. Some people didn't do anything about it for a long time.

The main thing I'm trying to say here is you just needed to help when we needed it.

Arguments ensued between Baloo and the rest of the populace, even including the Head Justice:

Poskukune wrote:Look Baloo I'm gonna put this straight to you. The Prime Minister is supposed to. Take charge. Ever since you took over from MU you have let other RO's take charge. In this past term I have had to take charge and more or less run to government. If it was not for sori I would not have survived this term,and i certainly can't survive another one unless you got off your Butt and did something. I'm fine helping you do your job, but i will. Not survive another term of doing your job for you. If you want, i can point out specific examples of me doing your job In The past 2 months.

It's clear why Baloo faced so much backlash during May: the populace did not like how the Baloo-Noooooooooo administration handled the spam situation and thought that the Prime Minister should be more active instead of "sitting around all day".

Poskukune wrote:Baloo, you only have as much power as you feel you have. A prime minister should not only appoint a cabinet, but it should supervise it. You claim that the constitiution gives you no choice but to do nothing. The constitiution is a framework, a mere skeleton of an actual government, in addition you failed in your Stated job which is to intervene in a crisis. Sori saw off the raid, I persued them and got the facts about the raid, I tried to Figure out the deal with Krasnaya, and when i screwed up, it was Rome that defended me. Where were you during all this, where were you on Saturday during the big government meeting? The prime minister is the leader of our government, And yet when have you lead.

Baloo Kingdom wrote:I don't blame you for being faster than me Mr. Judge. You have done very well in fields where I have seemed stagnant. Clearly, you have the traits of a good Prime Minister. However, I too have done things. And the things that I didn't, people like you already have their hand in. There are four ways this can end. 1. We drop it right now. 2. I go hardcore government. 3. You call up an impeachment hearing or referenda. Or 4. Beat me in the next election. Your legitimate choice.

Poskukune wrote:4 is the easiest way. Number 5. Is you fix your act, apologise for the last term, and do better in the next number 6 may be a last resort, If neither 4 nor 5 happen I will resign.

Even the Tsar, Sorianora, started getting involved after a while:

Sorianora wrote:Apologise for what? The only 2 controversies have been the spam, which is being combated as we speak, and the Krasnaya problem which you started and Rome and I got us out of

After all of this arguing, Baloo decided to "formally apologize":

Baloo Kingdom wrote:I formally apologize for my inactions on matters of foreign security in regards to the Kraysana-The Vincence Empire Affair, The West Pacific raid on Callista, the bubbling spam situation, and attendance to some to important government meetings within the last few months and weeks of my extended term. I do not yield the assumed responsibilities of the Prime Ministership, nor do I withhold myself from running for public office in the June 31st Prime Minister Election.

Some people such as Plus Nova Imperii and Barlyy were not happy that people forced Baloo to "apologize" stating that Baloo had nothing to be sorry for:

Plus Nova Imperii wrote:Baloo you don't have to apologize. You have other things to do than this video game.

Barlyy wrote:Ok, apologizing is just insanity. Poskukune, you are not entitled to an apology. Baloo has been very good at stabilizing. There are just some things where I believe he can improve.

Also, Cerata was getting on a lot of the ROs' nerves:


Things seemed to calm down after the above post, with the RMB turning back to normal (or so we thought...)Barlyy made his beliefs clear with a couple of posts stating that he "wanted quality, not quantity" and said that he "did not care about the population of the region" but instead wanted to "keep the number low but keep the friendships strong" - also, the populace was already preparing for the June elections in which Baloo would be running for Prime Minister (again). The Tsarists party, led by Plus Nova Imperii, endorsed Baloo's campaign which further proved that the Baloominati was much more influential than the Tsarists.

We all thought the RMB calmed down but then Cerata started becoming spammy once again (with a nation called "Isle of Waifu" as their sidekick) which made Arisyan give out even more warnings:

Arisyan wrote:Barrow Cove, Cerata, Isle Of Waifu: WARNED FOR SPAM. TAKE A SECOND TO READ THE SPAM RULES AGAIN.

This period could be considered the most oppressive period of Callista because of regional officers such as Barlyy and Arisyan cracking down on "spam" mercilessly by suppressing anything & everything that they considered spam (and their definitions of spam were very broad - anything that wasn't relevant to the current conversation was "spam" for them).

Arisyan wrote:I regret everything and nothing.




It could easily be said that they were both going insane. :P

Barlyy wrote:I'll admit, I've been a bit angrier than normal today. Forgive me if I came off as rude, it's just that it's annoying to just sit here, suppress posts and warn people over and over.

Things seemed to calm down again, and after some government meetings the following rules were put in place:

  • All current warnings that have been issued to previous spammers will be cleared.

  • Almost all spam will lead to suppression and a warning (check Arisyan's dispatch for more details).

  • All members are allowed 3 warnings before they receive a one-day RMB ban.

  • After this one-day RMB ban, if the mentioned member spams one more time, they will receive a seven-day RMB ban.

  • After this seven-day RMB ban, if the member still continues to spam, they will be banned/banjected INDEFINITELY.

During this time period (oh my goodness, it's still 20.05.2021??) Plus Nova Imperii's party, the Tsarists, and the Baloominati decided to form the Tsarist-Baloominati Coalition. The Tsarist's voice was not heard that much in this coalition, I must admit, because of how loud and influential the Baloominati was.

With more warnings being handed out to Cerata, Nooooooooo, and Isle of Waifu[1][2], people became rather disillusioned with the government's handling of the spam situation, an old-time member decided to leave the region[3]. This caused Barlyy to interrogate them on the matter[4]. Cerata also received another warning which meant that he only had 1 warning left - if he received that warning, he was going to get banned. Barlyy warns LPM Nooooooo as well[5] and Barlyy suppresses so many posts that it ignites even more arguments:

Cerata wrote:If you think about this, it's actually killing the region more. Somebody just left, and soon more are to follow unless you lax the rules. What fun is it? We don't have a utopia, but we shouldn't have a dystopia really too. The system is flawed, and therefore it should be fixed. If you say spam is destroying the region, that's kinda biased. Sure, seriousness will help, but that's temporary. If you want permanent change, you need something people can agree in in the long term. ALL the people. You can't just agree to disagree against spam, people need it to crack a joke, and I'm sure arisyan could take a break, and maybe joke around himself. This is purely optional, but it's your choice.

Barlyy wrote:I understand where you're coming from, but your "fun can only be achieved by spam" perception is flawed in my opinion. There are other ways to have fun than to spam "Turkey" or "Ukraine" or "owo uwu". If you think that's the only thing that's fun, go ahead. You can joke around in anyway possible in Callistic Missle, yet you use it for "<br>" spam. We can joke around by forming coherent sentences, you know?

More people leave:

Isle of waifu wrote:I was already planning on leaving anyway tbh. I just didn’t know where to go. It has nothing to do with barly or arisyan suppressing, it really has to do with the fact that I constantly fill the RMB and people generally don’t seem to like it when I do that.

The arguments eventually get to Arisyan, and following this post, Arisyan leaves the region...


...but the arguments continue:

Nooooooooooooooo wrote:Nothing's gonna happen you know. Look at Waifu and GBD and Cerata, they've constantly been warned for the past 3 days and yet they haven't been banned.

Baloo Kingdom wrote:It's because they cheated the system in a way. We've only had strong anti-spam legislation for less than 24 hours. Previously, it was a madhouse. Their offenses were reset for the new legislation. They were about to be banned previous to legislation. Now the same will happen if the trend continues.

Cerata wrote:Barlyy, the issue is, why is spam such a big issue with you? Spam is a way to let people relax, and a ton of people have fun with it. It's not my liberty, it's everyone's liberty. The regional mods can't take it, and everyone ends up in a lose-lose situation. When I first posted on callista, it was a vibrant region, with everyone spamming, but now, I don't feel like it has anything anymore.

Barlyy wrote:I have lost care for activity anymore. If I had to sacrifice activity for meaningful posts, I'd do it. I do not care.

Barlyy wrote:"Spam is fun"?... How many times do I have to tell you "go spam in callistic missile"? Go to Lardyland, go somewhere else. There are so many regions you can spam in, and yet you choose to spam here?

What is it with you and spam? I've lost my "spam is fun" perception a long time ago. Believe me, I still cringe at my old days at BCK.

Eventually, people start suggesting that everyone takes a break from posting for a while:

Plus Nova Imperii wrote:alright. I'd say that everyone take a break from NS or the Callista RMB for an Hour or 2.

Baloo Kingdom wrote:Agreed. Posting after and within the recognition of this message is strongly discouraged unless extremely necessary. Other posts may be temporarily surpressed.

After a small break, everyone goes back to arguing:

Nooooooooooooooo wrote:(response to Barlyy's post)
I don't cringe. You know why? Because I have a sense of humor that can actually handle a few spam posts here and there. Don't act like no one got suppressed or warned back then. Sure, there may have been a few instances where it was over the line, but people still need to have fun. People can say E if they want to beause it has meaning. People can say "no" if they want because it has meaning. In fact you were the one who started it. So all I'm saying is just ease up on the rules a bit, man.

The Dream of Kirby wrote:(response to to Cerata's post)
You weren’t in Bluecrown keep. The spam in it created this region, and after callista, the “Spam Free BCK” was created bluecrown keep crumbled to rubble. Now, the spam has gotten to callista, if we don’t do anything about it, then it could end us again. Spam is a real problem.

Nooooooooooooooo wrote:(response to Kirby)
Sure, spam is a real problem, but banning E and uwu and no? That's a little too far. The exact reason I came to BCK was because XKI had a strict no-spam policy and they banjected me. I was looking for a region that was much more laid back. Not one where we devolve into arguments about birds or letters of the alphabet every 5 seconds.

Barlyy wrote:I'll leave my post here - I'll need to go before the lockdown ends as I need to send my phone to a mechanic. (Response to the above post from Nooooooooooo)

1 - Sure, you're correct, but people change. I was comfortable with it before, I'm no longer comfortable with it now. This has gone full circle to the late-BCK shenanigans that made me leave the region, and I don't want to lose another region to this. I was on the verge of leaving, and I don't think I'd be able to emotionally handle a BCK 2.0.
2 - Ah yes, back to the "spam is fun" argument. I've already told the same thing to Cerata, and I'll say it here. In my world, in my view, spam does not equal "fun". If you think it is, we made a region exclusively for you people, for god's sake! If you want to spam so much, GO. TO. CALLISTIC. MISSILE. I mean that in the nicest way possible.
What about people who don't like spam? Are they just supposed to leave? Not have any form of their own fun? No. That's not how Callista will be.
3 - I answered this in section 1 of this very post.
4 - Go ahead, then. Propose something. Have you done a single thing as LPM? No. You've just sat there for pretty much your entire term.

Nooooooooooooooo wrote:(Response to the above post from Barlyy)

1 - Well if you're not comfortable with it, that's fine. I've got nothing against regret.
2 - I'm not saying spam is fun. And I also said that there were instances that were over the line that weren't fun.
3 - That's fine. If you don't like it, then you don't like it.
4 - Really? I may have done some small jobs like supressing here and there, but my main concern was the happiness of our citizens.

Barlyy wrote:Have you people not got any consideration for others? Do you really think you're entitled to upset people who actually want to have a normal conversation? If you want to spam, go to the region that was pretty much SPECIFICALLY MADE for you people.

The arguments continued... After a while, on 21.05.2021 (wait, it's STILL the 21st?), Barlyy lodged this post on the RMB and then left Callista to move over to Bluecrown Keep:

Barlyy wrote:I'm out. I'm out, I'm done.

I must congratulate most of you for ruining my experience of this community. Your input was extremely valuable. Also, why don't you people just go completely over the line while you're here? Go spam "758291" in the RMB here, I have lost all care. I'll keep in contact with people I'm actually willing to keep any sort of relationship with. The others, don't try to contact me.

This could very much be considered the "climax" of the late-May Callistan crack and was certainly a surprise to many people. People did not expect Barlyy to get this angry and to leave the region, but hey - it happened. This instantly caused a lockdown in the RMB[6] and the RMB went quiet for a little while. After some silence, the Baloo administration came up with a new spam policy which was passed rather quickly and won a landslide. Things calmed down a little more, and even though Barlyy told people that he "would not rejoin Callista", this turned out to be incorrect [Barlyy did indeed create his own region (called "Bar Vegas"), but this region did not last and Barlyy joined Callista not too long after]. Callistans remained strong through the rest of May, Barlyy made a campaign for the June 30th PM elections for Baloo, and everything went back to normal.

This was by far the most chaotic and unstable period of time that Callista has ever faced, but thanks to Baloo's charisma the region did not collapse. Needless to say, the late-May cracks boosted Baloo's popularity.

June 2021 ---> Some Peace At Last & Cerata v. Callista

After the chaotic month of May, June (aka Pride Month) started off with chaos as well. On the 2nd of June, Poskukune made some OOC comments that will not be mentioned here for your eyes' sake. All you need to know is that he was expelled from the Callistan Prosperity Party, lost his Head Justice position, and left Callista for a little while. Plus Nova Imperii was appointed Head Justice until the next election. Poskukune came back around a week later, though, so this was not that big of a deal - but it is safe to say that this event somewhat tarnished Poskukune's reputation in Callista.

After this, on 10.06.2021, Cerata was banned again from Callista by Barlyy. This was carried over to the Head Justice, Plus Nova Imperii. Barlyy represented Callista, so the case's official name is Cerata v. Callista. The following quotes are from the court case. Churchill 1 is Cerata and Barlyy represents Callista:

Churchill 1 wrote:At around 9:00 AM PST, I was banned from Callista by Barlyy for posting "Mc Mc mc". (with the last one uncapitalized, of course). I do realize this might be slightly annoying to the regional members, but the callistan rules have nothing against this. The only one that even comes vaguely close is the single post ban. Even though it was not formally stated in the dispatch, and might be later, it is currently not, which means it is legal, under the right circumstances. No regional officer has clearly stated that repeated posts are illegal. So they aren't until proven otherwise. This is my case.

Plus Nova Imperii wrote:Was they're a Conversation going on when you posted it, because that would classify as interruption

Churchill 1 wrote:It wasn't an interruption, as Caedmare clearly had an error, that could've been pointed out.

Barlyy wrote:As Cerata has presented their case, I will present mine.

Since Cerata has gone through all of the regional procedure, including getting banned from the RMB for 1 day, 1 week and getting banned indefinitely, they should not have been spared. However, we decided to give them a second chance. Our terms were that after one warning, Cerata would get rebanned for infinity.

The offending post in question, which is "Mc Mc mc", was considered to violate the section "Random and pointless posts that interrupt an important discussion. Results in warning, but not suppression." in Arisyan's current "Defining Spam" dispatch, even if it wasn't an interruption, but considered "pointless". So therefore, the post in question clearly violates our regional RMB rules.

Churchill 1 wrote:(response to their own post)Even if it was not, it did not interrupt the conversation, as he merely ignored it, and as for the proponent, Barlyy, actually caused a larger RMB disruption by banning me from the region.

Plus Nova Imperii wrote:(response to Barlyy's post) But was there a Conversation. If so what page number was the Mc mc mc located

Barlyy wrote:region=callista/page=display_region_rmb?postid=44249177#p44249177

I deemed the post here pointless and random, even if KFC and McChicken were mentioned before. My reasoning here is that there is absolutely no point in just repeating the word "Mc" three times.

Churchill 1 wrote:I was attempting to empathize the "Mc" part, which I was trying to make a pun out of, as "BFC" is clearly not "Mc", a whole different franchise.

Barlyy wrote:That is completely unnecessary, and it really does not change the fact that it was pointless, even if it was trying to be a pun.

Plus Nova Imperii wrote:Hmmm. When reviewing the Spam Policy, it says that the discussions has too be important. Would you call that conversation important.

Churchill 1 wrote:(response to Plus Nova Imperii)
Barlyy's conversation with Caedmare did not benefit the RMB, as it was also pointless. Talking about fictional fast food restaurants and eating food from them is not considered RMB fuel.

Barlyy wrote:(response to Plus Nova Imperii)No, but we should remember that our citizens have voted for the relaxation of the rules, including "fun little conversations are legal". Also, the "Defining Spam" dispatch does *not* include a section like that.
(response to Churchill 1)
It's not about *contribution*, it's about *pointlessness*. Say, someone was to say "guys you guys suck lololol amogus!!! uwu owo" when there are a bunch of people also talking about it. It doesn't change the fact that it is pointless.

Plus Nova Imperii wrote:(response to Barlyy)
This is true. Give me a couple of minutes to think. The defendant may give a rebuttal

Churchill 1 wrote:(response to Barlyy)
Yes, but what if we think about the fact that it is not pointless, and while the case you stated is true, if nobody contributed, wouldn't the conversation... just.. die? I wasn't expecting backlash because of a single post with 3 "Mc"s in it. It did contribute to the conversation, just no one replied to it. It was clearly related to the topic you had stated earlier, and you were also making some fun out of that too. Just because I contributed to it in a different term that you thought was spammy didn't mean it did not contribute.

Barlyy wrote:No. There WERE other ways to contribute. Example: "Yeah, I really like [FAST FOOD RESTARUANT]'s food." The reason it got suppressed, as I said, is because of it being considered "pointless".
No, that is not how it works. Just because a post "contributes to the conversation" (which is debatable) does not mean it cannot be "pointless", and therefore, "spammy".

Churchill 1 wrote:But does that mean no one else can post? Just because someone wasn't the one to start a conversation doesn't mean they can't post anything out of the ordinary in the conversation. Conversations are meant to branch out, and random interruptions are meant to do that. Just because someone posted something else that wasn't too related to the conversation doesn't justify the fact that it's bad. Are we just going to keep talking about chicken wings forever? No! The "Mc mc mc" post could have lead to something else branching out from the original conversation, such as maybe corporations, or maybe even zombie chickens!

Barlyy wrote:No, no, no... You can obviously branch out from conversations. That has always been a privilege all of our residents and people who post in our RMBs have had, and we are not here to violate that. The flaw here is that "Pointless" =/= "stick to something forever". If you have something interesting to share, or even just talk about, you can talk about it with being *too* interruptive and/or spammy.

Churchill 1 wrote:Yes, but I can defend myself by going back to the previous point: You didn't exactly define what was "spammy". So spam can basically be what you don't like. I clearly followed the other stated rules. My post also did not impact the RMB much, as it flowed smoothly as usual afterwards. If you had just ignored the post and went on, you could've kept the conversation going with the other person.

Barlyy wrote:The problem with "Mc Mc mc" is that it is considered pointless, even if it "tried to divert from the conversation" which sounds like a stretch.

Churchill 1 wrote:read my previous post

Barlyy wrote:Spam HAS been defined. We have a whole dispatch for that. And we are not like other regions, we don't "just ignore" rule-breaking posts.

I am now going to sleep. I recommend that this case is postponed until tomorrow.

Churchill 1 wrote:You did not clearly state it. If you want someone to not do it, put it in the dispatch. New players won't see the post from hundreds of days ago stating the word "banana" is illegal.

Barlyy wrote:The dispatch has slight flaws that we are working on, but these flaws do not include the your post, that rule is clear as day.

If they do post "banana", we'll make them read the defining spam dispatch.

Churchill 1 wrote:(this is a few posts combined)
Yes, but I read it. And the thing is, I did not know that it was illegal. I knew that single word posts were illegal, as well as the other rules, and I respected that. Why don't you put it in then, eh? If you argue that you didn't, I know that I only had one warning left, but you did not clearly state that warning, showing that it was not properly jurisdicted as a formal law. If you're so serious about rules, list them out. I did an RMB search, and you never clearly stated that rule. If you didn't state it, then it doesn't count.

If you use moral excuses for everything, then stop stating the formal rules and move on to moral rules.
Barlyy if you think about it and ponder it some more, morally correct decisions for the collective good, if ever used, will be beneficial, straying from the already preestablished rules and customs. However, morally correct decisions made for small misdemeanors and trouble that could easily be enforced via rules are simply not logical. While, sure, you could spend an entire hour sentimentally talking to a nation about how his single word post could kill the entire universe, it could be easily added into the rules, as it is a commonly mistaken and enforced rule. If you do want this minor abrasion of the rules to be harshly punished for no reason, I see it as a fault of you, that you have not correctly stated it in any blatant way, making it not legal. You can't really argue with the moral side of this, as most people would've just ignored the post and moved on, the only effector being Caedmare, who I responded to. As I previously stated (as well), your ban announcement actually caused more damage to the efficiency of the RMB. If you are criticizing my wrongings, consider yours instead.
As this states, sometimes being too overprotective of a certain subject can lead to its death. Your case. Take it or leave it.
It wasn't spam that killed BCK. It was the opposite of spam, in fact.

Being too protective of your beliefs in the spamless callista, and clinging to your rock in the middle of the lake will get you nowhere. You say you're "changing", but it'll be too late to help.

You're not the only one who's experienced region death. Believe me, I've seen my fair share. Almost all caused by rules that were too strict.

Sure, I know that I'm probably the spammiest person ever, but take my point. Almost all new nations are spammers. Deal with it. You can't make a region grow by staying in the past.

Barlyy wrote:(combined posts)
I know, that's why it's getting suppressed and SPLEENS warned.

I was sleeping. Jesus.

We will put "don't spam a word again and again" as a rule. BUT, that does not mean your post is safe. It STILL violates the "pointless" rule.

Stop talking about the repeated use. We are talking about the "pointlessness" rule. It's not "moral rules", it is very much formal.
Aand more filler. Just what I expected.

This is NOT about morality. Your post very much violated formal rules.

Well, one word posts are on the dispatch. Stop talking about stuff that you have no proof to back up.

You have literally violated the rules 10 times. That's not a "minor mishap".

"Efficiency of the RMB"? What the hell does that even mean? If you're talking about activity, like I have stated before, I do not want filler posts to be considered "activity". They're Schrödinger's posts, they exist and don't exist at the same time. I'd rather kill the RMB than to allow people to break rules.

Your regions "died" of strict rules, BCK died because of voter fraud and people not wanting so much spam. I would rather kill this region than to allow another BCK.

I will cling onto my past, thank you very much. I've learned from my past. What caused what. I know that, because I am partially stuck in my past. I'm not "clinging onto a rock" just because 5 guys are spamming. You don't have any rights here.

Your liberties end where others' begin. So quit with your "strict rules!!! literally 1984" arguments.

Tell me this.

Is it fair for 5/6 people to ruin the experience of 50/60 people? No. Is it fair for us to ignore people when they break *formal* rules? No. Is it fair to make exceptions? No.

We don't make exceptions.

Even if the rules will be softened, as the time you getting banned, the same rules still apply. Your post very much broke the rules.

After all of this going back-and-forth, the Head Justice finally ruled a decision:

Plus Nova Imperii wrote:Hmmm alright I have made my decision

I find Cerata Guilty

This meant that Cerata was going to be banned forever unless someone decided to overrule that decision (spoiler alert: Cerata gets unbanned).

The rest of June was a peaceful period for Callistan politics. Barlyy promised that he would write a brand-new constitution and that the new constitution would be implemented if the Baloo-Barlyy/Arisyan campaign was victorious in the June 30th elections. The Baloominati did indeed win the 30.06.2021 elections - with Baloo as PM and Arisyan as his LPM - and a new constitution was implemented in July.

July 2021 ---> Peace At Last!

The month of July was rather peaceful. The constitution written by Barlyy was implemented and this new, updated version greatly improved Callistan politics. Barlyy reentered the Baloominati after a short hiatus from Callistan politics which meant that the Baloominati would continue being active in governmental affairs thanks to his charisma (totally not biased writing, folks). Other than these constitutional changes, and the Head Justice elections which concluded with Plus Nova Imperii winning.

August 2021 ---> Peace At Last, Vol. 2

August, too, was a peaceful period for the region. It was so peaceful that I was unable to find anything that's worth putting in this section, and I must admit I am getting a little tired, so this section will be super short. There is not much that happened in August except the slow and steady deregulation of the RMB - this is somewhat important as deregulation originally started right after the late-May arguments reached their climax but started getting more and more apparent in August and the months after it.

September 2021 ---> The Status Quo

September started off with Arisyan, the LPM at the time, telling the region that he'd be logging on less frequently than before (the promise was only once per day but he never really kept that promise :p)... and nothing else really happened. Once again, the apathetic population was not getting any less apathetic. With the October elections coming up, Barlyy created yet another Baloominati campaign with Baloo running for PM and Barlyy running as Baloo's running mate. The CPP put forward Yes Humans Are Recyclable as their candidate against Baloo - unlike the previous elections, this one was not going to be an uncontested win for the Baloominati. The deregulation of the RMB continued in September as well.

October 2021 ---> Banishment of YHAR, Puppet Fraud Stikes Back, Baloominati 2.0

September was certainly more exciting than July or August. To start things off, The Baloominati won 75% of the vote in the PM elections but voter turnout was super low for this election. Just a few days after the election, the Callistan government (namely Barlyy and Sorianora) started to realize that a new member, 8000, was acting rather... odd. This was made very clear by Barlyy who led the investigations against 8000, and after some investigations, concluded that Yes Humans Are Recyclable and 8000 were led by the same user. This meant that the user behind Yes Humans Are Recyclable not only lied in their citizenship form(s) on two separate occasions, it also meant that he attempted puppet fraud in the elections - both of those were unforgivable. After some discussion, the government decided that it should be a 3-month ban, and so he was banned for 3 months:

Barlyy wrote:Another one bites the dust, folks!

Yes Humans Are Recyclable and his puppet, 8000, have been banished from Callista for 3 months for the following reason(s): Lying in citizenship form, lying in citizenship form, attempted puppet fraud in the October 2021 PM election. Here's how we found this out:

  • Both logged in at approximately same time

  • Similar posting habits

  • Both nations voted for Yes Humans Are Recyclable almost instantly and almost at the exact same time

  • 8000 joined the region in less than a day after joining NS, which is suspicious

He is able to take this into court if and only if he has conclusive evidence that 8000 is not his puppet.
We shall also close embassies with Time Clock (Sori, do your thing) as Time Clock is his puppet region. All new members will be monitored.

Glory to Callistortzka.

- Barlyy

This shocked some people - they did not expect such a veteran member to do something this reckless about the community's future - but what had to be done was done, and it was too late. This meant that the opposition lost one of its only members - a big blow to the CPP, this was.

After that was done with, on 08.10.2021, the Head Justice elections were held which was another landslide victory for the Baloominati with 80% of the vote. Plus Nova Imperii was instated as the Head Justice after their victory.

On 11.10.2021, Komahina (AKA Haruhi Japan) announced that they were going to create a new party called the Regional Triumvirate Party. This was the very first party to be founded in a long time ever since the Baloominati's founding. On 13.10.2021, Dominioan's new "Centralist Meritocratic Party" was also founded - it was clear that interest in politics was on the rise in Callista. Some debates about the current political system were held with some differing opinions: Barlyy defended the current status quo, Komahina wanted to make it so that all officers were to be elected democratically, and Dominioan proposed that the whole governmental structure is scrapped and people start being chosen & appointed by the Tsar. During this time period, foreigners (namely Zarbik) started joining the Baloominati and were appointed as "prophets" whose duties were to promote Balooist culture in foreign regions (namely IOC). Respectful debates continued to be held during the following days which meant that, for the first time in a long while, politics were actually generating lots of activity. On 14.10.2021, the CPP, the CMP (Dominioan's party) and the RTP (Haruhi's party) decided to form a "coalition" in order to have a better chance at toppling the Baloominati. - but after some... ahem... secret deals between Barlyy and Dominioan, Dominioan decided to leave the coalition and announced that he'd be running by himself with the Baloominati backing him.
It was certainly a shock to some folks - why would the Baloominati endorse Dominioan? Why doesn't the Baloominati simply run on its own platform? Well, there were some secrets that the public did not know yet - and that was the fact that something completely unexpected was on the horizon, and Barlyy (and the Baloominati as a whole) had to adapt. Here is the big revelation:

Baloo Kingdom wrote:Big Baloo is stepping back from the PM role in the future...for now???

Yes, you heard that right - Baloo was not going to run for PM in the 01.01.2022 elections. This completely shocked some folks - well, can you blame them? Baloo has been so strong for so long and it just seems nonsensical that they'd surrender all of that power to someone else - but hey, he did what he wanted to do, and we cannot change that as observers. This certainly ignited interest in politics ever more since people realized that they finally had a chance. There were discussions between Barlyy and Dominioan and the two concluded that Dom should run for Prime Minister in the 01.01.2022 elections (certainly nothing sketchy here lol :P).

November 2021 ---> He'll Be Back..?

To start things off, on 08.11.2021, two things happen:

  • Dominioan announces that he won't be running in the 01.01.2022 election and that the Baloominati "needs to find another candidate". This was a surprise to some, but not to Barlyy.

  • Cerata is dubbed "forgiven" by Barlyy and is unbanned from Callista. Thankfully there was not a lot of backlash that spawned from this decision.

On 11.11.2021, a new amendment is added to the constitution:

Callista Dispatches wrote:ANNOUNCEMENT:

There is a new amendment that has just been added to the constitution which states that users with their main nation in a foreign region cannot run for PM or LPM. People such as Haruhi Japan (Komahina) or Dollystana (Tsardom of Alaska) will not be able to run for PM/LPM unless they move their mains here.

- Sorianora, Baloo Kingdom, Barlyy

Even though it was "signed by Baloo, Sorianora, and Barlyy", it could be said that Barlyy was the man who came up with the idea. This sparked some controversy, as expected:

Arisyan wrote:Im gonna be honest here and say that this includes me..but why? what is the point of said amendment? I would like to be briefed on the reasoning behind banning people from running if their "main" (which is difficult to define) is in another region. I'd like to say I even have two mains, Arisyan (OOC) and Anatoliyanskiy (IC).

Haruhi Japan wrote:Seems very "democratic" to me.

Arisyan wrote:I believe instead we should merge the two. We have similar goals and were gonna run in an electoral coalition for the January election anyways.
However, I am still against banning people from running for office who have mains in other regions. Sounds pretty much like a political maneuver to get rid of the opposition, but like actually banning them from running.

Haruhi Japan wrote:Now you will believe me when I say the Baloominati is a threat.

Sorianora wrote:Just because it says signed by doesn’t mean it says approved of by

Haruhi Japan wrote:They will pass because the Baloominati dominates the government. There is no opposition.

Dollystana wrote:Seems kinda unfair, also why didn't you consult your judge on this?

Baloo Kingdom wrote:What Dom said
No silly, saying you have a bomb is a threat
There could be
It ain’t unfair, it just seems unfair. The law isn’t final in my opinion anyway. A revised version would replace the word “main” and replace it with a term that involves not allowing RO’s of other regions to become Prime Minister. All other RO positions are free to whoever wants them. I think it makes sense to have this as a rule. We wouldn’t want a foreign entity to be pulling the strings from a different region. You, Dolly, are kinda an exception to the rule, however, it would be expected for you to move your Dollystana account here if you were to win; the same going for anyone else of a similar scenario to you. I’m open to questions and suggestions.
Read above post

Baloo Kingdom wrote:If such a thing were to occur, changes could be made

Arisyan wrote:I wholeheartedly agree with it being for ROs of another region not to be able to run for PM or LPM. I mean, "main" nation is difficult to define as is.
Possibly we should put it up to poll as well, but it might not be necessary.

Despite all the backlash, the law was still passed - a huge victory for the Baloominati.

On 14.11.2021, Barlyy made a dispatch telling people that he would be taking a break from NationStates due to personal issues. I'll spare you the details of my departure, but this basically meant that

  • The Baloominati will have no candidate for the 01.01.2022 election unless Barlyy comes back

  • The government needs a new LPM this instant

The second bulleted point is what we'll be talking about; since, as you'll see later, the first bulleted point will be deemed irrelevant after Barlyy's return. On 15.11.2021, Baloo chose Plus Nova Imperii to be his new LPM, and held a poll on the same day asking the populace whether or not they approve of this decision. However, this decision caused some arguments:

Haruhi Japan wrote:Voting for yourself is an act of corruption.

Bruxxa wrote:Seems to me that a vote with one candidate isn't an election at all

Ethics Committee of the SCPF wrote:That isn’t a good example, irl elections have millions of voters while Callista has as much people as a unincorporated community in the US west.

Bruxxa wrote:The fact that there isn't a real election and baloo just picks someone and everyone automatically agrees reinforces this. I believe the political term for this is body packing

Arisyan wrote:You make a fair point actually, but on the other hand if candidates could not vote then we would lose a significant voter base because of this. Still, I'll think about what you've said.

Baloo Kingdom wrote:I believe there may have been a misunderstanding on what this poll is. Barlyy was my LPM, but now he's taking a break. Technically speaking, I could have just chosen a new LPM without a vote, as that's how it goes in an election (you don't vote for a Prime Minister and a Lieutenant Prime Minister, you just vote for a Prime Minister who then chooses an LPM). However, my fellow officers and I opted to rather allow me to choose a replacement and give the people an extra bit of choice. It is not an election, it is a formal acceptance poll. If Plus Nova Imperii does not win the LPM poll, I will move on to another choice and we will vote again. The original poll had more information on it, but was cut for time.


This isn't an election, this is a formal acceptance poll. This isn't a right, this is a privilege of the citizens. Apologies for the confusion.
Assuming that said theoretical political monopoly is a bad thing, which it doesn't have to be. Not to mention, I'm willingly giving up my power at the end of this term so there won't be anything to worry about (unless plans change).

Dominioan wrote:Abandon the Baloominati then. Leave behind the greatest power of this region. But don't expect an apology when we withdraw it all, and you realize how much the region relies on this organization and the prickly pear black market.

Kingdom of Englands wrote:Dont Give up power because outside forces kick up a fuss

Arisyan wrote:america moment.


Without Baloo and Barlyy running for office, im not sure the Baloominati can stir up enough support to win the presidency. The opposition is a very, very broad coalition (almost too broad) but we are united in the sense that we want change. But we don't want pointless progress, and if elected we will work with Balooists to govern. And regional collapse is not going to happen because we're just gonna make a new region, everyone joins said region and we're back to the beginning.

Dominioan wrote:Nothing changes. You can't change anything, I don't know how many times I'm going to have to say this. There is no opposition, everyone wants the same thing. The more we turn away from the established order, the less stable things are without anything actually improving, and eventually we collapse and it all repeats over and over. I'm so tired of it.

Callista is the best region this "line" has had. It can't die.

Ethics Committee of the SCPF wrote:I think your really overestimating the regions reliance on the Baloominati, it’s not like the political process can’t run without it.

Dominioan wrote:Of course it can. But every single time the established status quo is challenged, it all goes downhill.

But hey, maybe it wont be that bad. Everythings homogenized, no one has dissenting opinions. The "opposition" wants the same things but they call it more liberal. So if nothing changes, maybe it will be alright

Ethics Committee of the SCPF wrote:What are even policies of three parties at this point? They seem content letting things stay the same.

Dominioan wrote:Well there the Baloominati. Basically content with how things are. The recent developments involving the foreigner law and Barlyy are…complicated, but from the information I have been given I am sure that it was more a personal thing than an organization one. Basically how Callista has always been.

The CPP wants more democracy. They always forget to mention how this “more democracy” would come into play. Usually it’s on the lines of making things incessantly complicated or hand waving it and saying “more polls I guess”. Basically they are literally the same except they pretend not to be.

There’s no mainstream third party right now I think. Currently there’s a few anarchist or anti-democracy parties around I think, but that’s it

Ethics Committee of the SCPF wrote:What happen to your party?

Dominioan wrote:Withdrew for personal reasons involving my partnership with the Baloominati. Now it’s just them and the weird CPP+Everyone else alliance. But at this rate, who cares? Nothings gonna happen until Nooooooooooo and the Mario Party get elected

Ethics Committee of the SCPF wrote:Weren’t you opposed to them and partnered with the opposition?

Dominioan wrote:No. Barlyy decided he liked my platform and proposed that we partner, so we did. Im pretty sure it was mostly Barlyy on that decision, since he’s never really been a centrist and just wants to be on the side of power. Other things got in the way of it though, so I pulled out.

Ethics Committee of the SCPF wrote:Classic barlyy, of course he didn’t like your platform, it wanted to abolish the government.

Dominioan wrote:He liked it, he thought it was interesting and that it could revitalize Callista. At least that’s what he told me. It didn’t work out for reasons outside of the actual platform itself, that’s it

Ethics Committee of the SCPF wrote:You actually believe him? Like you said he’s always on the side of power and abolishing the government puts his power at risk.

Dominioan wrote:You don’t know all of the things I know right now. Barlyy has some weird ideas that he’s told me about, I’m pretty sure that him supporting my platform was definitely part of his ulterior motives.

I don’t care about what he believed though. He was the most active member of Callista and a really great guy, no one can take that away.

Arisyan wrote:Yeah, I guess you could say that it's pretty much the Baloominati-Tsarist Coalition and CPP-RTP-KWSE Coalition at this point. There's also Posks Tigerist Party but that's pretty small I'd say.

Once again, despite the small arguments, Plus Nova Imperii won the poll - another win for the Baloominati. A problem was on the horizon, however - now that the Head Justice is the LPM, the region needed a new Head Justice - so ANOTHER flash election had to be held.

Baloo Kingdom wrote:Oh yeah, by the way Sorianora, make Plus Nova Imperii LPM.

We also need to hold a flash election for Head Judge

Plus Nova Imperii wrote:Who wants to run for judge

Baloo Kingdom wrote:We'll have to wait and see, the Baloominati candidate is...uh...Nooooooooooooooo or CVB

Cerata announced his candidacy:

Cerata wrote:i wish to join
you cannot stop me
or i need to see your manager

...and so did Haruhi Japan/Komahina:

Komahina wrote:I will run under the CPP-RTP merger.

Komahina wrote:What you will expect from me as Head Justice:

• Professionalism

• Integrity

• Objective Judgment

• Listens to all sides of debate

• Promoting education and the pursuit of happiness

• Protection of privacy, and the rights of political and civil freedoms

• Complete separation of Church and State in the courts

• The right to a fair trial and a federal lawyer provided for every citizen if they cannot afford to hire one themselves

• Elimination of corruption and bribery in the court system

• Upholding righteousness and Callistan ideals

Komahina was endorsed by the opposition (CPP-RTP merger, AKA "UCO"):

Arisyan wrote:I endorse Haruhi Japan, who will be running as the candidate for the United Callistan Opposition (working title)

Baloo Kingdom wrote:So according to my intel, Komahina and Cerata are running for judge. Is there anyone else? If not the poll will go up tommorrow

Plus Nova Imperii wrote:Cerata would be great for the Head Justice role, he has been on trial the most

After the poll lasts for a little while (I cannot find the poll since it probably was deleted), Haruhi Japan concedes and Cerata wins:

Haruhi Japan wrote:You win fair and square. It's the people's will.

Cerata wrote:Alright, thanks mate. Good game.

...though some people are somewhat opposed to this:

Arisyan wrote:Cerata winning is a new low point in Callistan politics. Do they even have a campaign? I don't even know what they're running for. Also turnout is an abysmal 40%.

Haruhi Japan wrote:The Baloomimati will vote for anyone to keep themselves in power.

Dominioan wrote:They might just not like you. Its not like the Justice does anything anyway, most people who do bad things around this region deserve an immediate ban.

Haruhi Japan wrote:True. I tarnished my reputation here so that is completely understandable.

Arisyan wrote:I do agree. If anything, Cerata winning just shows how little the population is interested in change.

Haruhi Japan wrote:Disband the "Opposition" since it serves no purpose.

Cerata wrote:You hate me. Understandable.

Haruhi Japan wrote:You abandoned the region, took our API, and are now running for public office in a region I consider in many ways to be a rival. No, I don't hate you.

Cerata wrote:I'm sorry. I didn't mean it like that.. :(

Haruhi Japan wrote:It's all good. In fact, I'd like to officially announce my resignation from Callistan politics from here on out. Congratulations to Cerata for winning the election for Head Justice! *he steps down and shakes his hand*

Baloo Kingdom wrote:Do you think I or my followers are going to vote for a political party whose focus is specifically to undermine all attempts to make my final moments as Prime Minister as productive as possible? These statements highlight a critical flaw in the ideology of your opposition; it seems to be that not enough people want change. Need you not be reminded that the Baloominati is not an elitist organization, that it accepts all new members, that it does not promote unhealthy practices in government, that it bolsters this region's core social structure, is supported by far more than just those in power as clearly indicated by non-party and non-officer voting habits, is not a stifling block to change, in fact, facilitates the flexibility needed for change in the future, has a history and is fundamentally based on the idea of accurately representing the diversification of regional political alignments in government, has never discounted the need for alterations in the systems currently and previously instated as critical features of this region, and has always stood as a sign of interregional community since its unsuspecting founding. I would then consider it unreasonable to claim that change is necessary to keep an already stable region from dying. I will not and have never attempted to prevent the opposition from existing. I do not think that is a stretch to say that eventually, the political landscape of this region will change, and parties will switch, so don't worry. Plus, it is only a judiciary role; the Judge normally doesn't see very much action these days anyway.

Arisyan wrote:You make a very good point, but still, politics is a very important part of Callista and there should be more parties than just the Baloominati.

Furthermore, I've never actually been against the Baloominati, I just don't want to join them because I don't believe in any sort of organization that is based around a single person, no matter how much I agree with their ideals. This is more of a personal decision than anything against you, and is the main reason why I made the CPP. Plus, I have some differences in opinion on regional policy such as the Tsar (which I believe should be a solely figurehead role) and democracy (more referendums, no matter how minor this is different from the current status quo). If you don't run for re-election, then who knows, I could win, I might not, depends on who you nominate. But, I don't believe in pointless progress and I would only tweak a few things to make Callista in my head better, and all these "tweaks", per se, would be voted upon.

That said, congrats to Cerata for winning the judicial election, it's quite the 360 from your situation a few months ago lol.

Dominioan wrote:It’s going to be interesting seeing what’s going to happen after you (Baloo) step down. No one really has the influence like you do to become such a powerful community figure.

Baloo Kingdom wrote:Fair (to Arisyan) and fair (to Dominioan)

After all the arguments, Cerata was instated as Head Justice. Plus, Barlyy said "I'll be back" [inspired by the Terminator] to Cerata:

Cerata wrote:Barlyy just sent this. He's coming back.
"I thought Dom told this region that I would return eventually. You can tell the rest of Callista this. I'll be back in at least a month, things are getting better."

December 2020 ---> He's Back!

After a rather silent start to December, on 04.12.2021, I, Barlyy, returned to NationStates - and needless to say, I was bustling with atmosphere. I felt pretty bored after not checking in on the RMB, I got bored after not talking to those online strangers. I thought that NS was a burden when I decided to quit but then I realized that I was incorrect - NS was not a burden to me. So instead of trying to fix family problems that I am absolutely unable to fix no matter how much I try and thinking that almost completely disconnecting from the Internet is somehow good for me, I returned. I had a thirst I needed to quench - I had not talked to anybody for a long while after my departure, and needless to say, I missed all of you lads. I did not want to make anybody feel upset near me - I did not want to, and still don't want to, be a burden to others in any way, shape, or form.

Instantly after my arrival, Cerata resigned from their Head Justice position (because I'm too intimidating :P):

Cerata wrote:ok sori can me and barlyy switch

Cerata wrote:I felt that a more mature person should have a government position, so I actually resigned.

So now we have to go through yet another election. I made a dispatch right away but this dispatch was not serious since everybody already knew what my beliefs were - however, my eyes were not really set on the Head Justice position but rather pm the Prime Minister position. After some discussions with Baloo, he told me that he would be my running mate and that I should run for Prime Minister - and I started writing like we're running out of time. On 05.12.2021, just a day after my arrival, I published my PM campaign dispatch which was completed in almost no time. I won the Head Justice elections with no opposition.

Other than some secret discussions between me and Baloo about how the Baloominati should approach the 01.01.2022 election, the rest of December was rather sleepy.

January 2022 ---> ?????


Closing Statements

Wow, that took a long time to write. I've been writing this dispatch on a secret Baloominati account but that account shall not be leaked. There are some Hamilton references here and there, so if you know the songs, you'll be able to enjoy the dispatch a little more. The dispatch has been both fun AND exhausting to write - having to scroll through basically the ENTIRE RMB was not fun, but putting little references here and there and scrolling past some funny jokes certainly helped improve my mood over the past week. I decided to write this dispatch after writing the Baloominati Polka 02.02.2022 election campaign since that was fun to write and I am glad that I did it. People called me insane for doing this, and that is true, but I do not care. By the way, if you didn't read it fully, I will personally hold you accountable for anything negative that happens to the Baloominati in the future. Go and read the whole thing, a lot of effort went into this abomination.

I'd like to give a shoutout to Baloo Kingdom and Dominioan for helping me write this, and I would also like to thank every single one of you that are & were friendly to me in NS. Y'all are the best, especially the Callistans. <3

The dispatch will get updated monthly (or maybe even more frequently depending on whether or not there is an announcement to make) and the history section of the dispatch will be updated on the first week of every month unless I am super busy and/or unable to update it.

Peace out,


Barlyy reserves the right to edit this dispatch whenever they feel like it. Rekt!
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The Historical Region
Preservation Act

The Citizens of the Saga of Bruxxa,

Noting The Saga of Bruxxa is a regional line which has spanned over 7 regions in almost a 3 year time span,

Believing the regions which in which The Bruxxian Saga has passed through still hold a large amount of memories and sentimental value,

Acclaiming these regions to be historic monuments to past civilizations of The Saga of Bruxxa and therefore their need for immortalization and protection

Therefore enacting a policy to protect and preserve important regions in the Saga of Bruxxa, including:

Hereby acclaims that whenever one of the listed regions is threatened by raid or other means that the citizens of The Bruxxian Saga are to band together and expel the threat,

Further Noting this document may be amended at any time following a vote from the leaders of Callista and The Vincence Empire

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