Glorious Leader (Governor): The Playhouse of Shudana

WA Delegate (non-executive): The Baking Empire of The Pastry Union (elected )

Founder: The Playhouse of Shudana

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for nuclear defense

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Most Nations: 364th Most World Assembly Endorsements: 918th
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Everyone in this region has one collective brain cell.

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If you are in the WA then please endorse the delegate, The Pastry Union.


Member of the Brain Cell Family.

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Preolia, Pencil Sharpeners Puppet Storage, Singapore City, Anqeneng, Pocket Monster Isles, Organization of Islamic Cooperation, The Far East Oriental Federation, Singapore Indonesia Malaysia, Central Africa, My Trebuchet, Useless, The Embassy 4, The Bongos United, Sao Paulo, United Socialist European States, Cha Hetstopia World, Regions Against Raiders Alliance, The aligned states of united woodhaven, Aldorria, ETlandia, Cat Loaf, nya Skandinavien, Joe, Himinnrim, ATC, The Constitutional Democratic States, The Frozen North, NSSO, Assembly of Guardians, The PET league, United Nations of Jerusalem, Pulseland, Altay, Riftan Alliance, the Gym, Far Eastern Lands, The Southern Lands, Soviet Union Empire, Cordalia, The dinopedians, Nova Libertatia, iance, Authotaria, Westfield Wisconsin, Alliance of Power, Concrete Slab Fan Club, Bailiwick of Guernsey, Drip Cityyyyyyyyy, Halfworthia, Eqeustria, Valinor, Middle West Region, Elemental Emp, The Crackerish Mining Bureau, Narmer, U R N, Novoy Russkiy Alyans Protiv Zapada, Territhsolien, Hyperborea, The UMNS, Thicc Economy Bois, Seywin Of Redway III, United Council of Nations, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Mr Rogers Neighbourhood of Socialists, One big Island, A Luxican, Vermont Republic, The Antichrist Trump, United Minecraft Nations, Eltranite Spoiled Puppies Network, LIA claimed lands, Libertatium, The Bannedlands, Community of Nations, Old Spirit, Central Asian Union, Mad Land of the Mad Madmen, The Lexicon, Rumathier, Sao Tome, The Land Of Anarchy, Polska, Caledonia, RAMS, Sao Tome e Principe, Saint Peter Port, Chinatown, Third Coalition, North Alliance, Crimea, Soyuz Sovietsky Sotsialistik Respubliks, E Region, IDK WHAT I AM DOING LL, League of The 2nd Diplomatic Nations, Home Depot, Big History 2023, The Crab Port, The West Reborn, Joltulando 2, Eire Agus Albion Puppet Storage, The conquers of galaxies, BCN, La Main De Dieu, You have lost the game, Bilibili, Nova Skandinavien, Naboru, Frenighenian Community, Planet Earth, Wall, The project of the Holy John Three, The IMPERIUM, The Great Phantom Vanguard, Trebuchet Storage, Warring Microstates Under Georgeians, The Monarchy alliance, Calebs Haven, Merabloom, Georgetown, Bujumbura, Sachsen Anhalt, Montserrat, Seoul, Nashville, Manila, Saint Johns, Cotonou, Yamoussoukro, Chan Nations, Richard, Douglas, Caracas, Kingston, Costa Rica, United Earth Space Probe Agency, Omega Prime, Rwanda, Federation of Free States, An Alternate World, Republic of Cuba, The Northern Pacific, Hsiao Han, Oslo, Taipei, Pristina, White House, Bangkok, Suva, Auroran, Council Of Totalitarian Socialists, Alyr, The Sewers on the Corner of Every Region, Council of Constructed Languages, Novus Ordo Seclorum, Continental Imperium, Checkerboard, Great Lakes Alliance, EARN, Lands of Fel, ICNT, Tyche, Legends Never Die, The Union of Mediterranean Nations, The Adelphine Commonwealth, Federation of Bread, The Prison Cell, comando do Unsc prime, Bozarkia, Bessurean Highlands, The Shifting Valley, The new algirian lands, The Middle Pacific, UwU Lands, The Appalachian Order, Yedinstvo, Niedersachsen, Changuu, Kano, Perhia, Liriava, The Decency Street Project, States of the Ethensian Commonwealth, Uni Islam Asia Tenggara, The Meme Must Go On, The Atlantic Alliance, Friendly Pacifists, New Terrania, Orion Arm, Colinas da Terra Inicial, The Great Monarchical Nations, The Swiss Guard, The Real Boneyard, United Nations of Prosperity, New Austin, The Coldseeker MC, Plane Club, The Budapest Memorandum, United Chaos, The Accepted Realms, Huccian Isles, Southeast Asian Union, THE EURASIAN FEDERATION, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, The River Plate Basin, Greater Koaland, Edmundian Empire, The Alliance of the Dark Storm, Raazorol, The New State of Germani Prussia, Kampala, Holy Slavic Empire, Neo Siberia, The Crimson Confederacy, Wallace Line, Free Nation Society, Umbra, Far Away, Nouakchott, Ruins, Wo Got, Faraway, Sith Empire, Bharatiya Janata Party, The Hague, Massachusetts, Jakarta, South China Sea, Podgorica, Fiji, Rogue, Baku, Vanilla Nations, Empire of Brazil, East Timor, Ghana, Asuncion, Mackenzie, Western Sahara, Bharat, Yaounde, Wellington, Artic, Dodoma, British North America, Atlantic New Lands, The Apolean Frontiers, Washington DC, Brunei Darussalam, Port Moresby, Shurima, NationStatesHolics Anonymous, Ulaanbaatar, Burundi, THICCEST THANGZ, Djibouti, Botswana, Honduras, Colombo, Djibouti City, Dakar, Lome, Douala, Buenos Aires, Sol III, The Capital Republic, International Commonwealth of Nations, Domaine de Courcel, The Union of Nations, Nordic Commonwealth, Islands of the Sun, The Sahara, Chaotic History, The Demonic Kittens of Joy, Pizzania, Shadow Garden, The Maitai Union, A Random Region, Franco Germanic Empire, New Atlantica, Pink Lotus, The Northern Commonwealth, Triordian Rands, Jennifer Government, Refugees of Grosland, Cactus Union, 001 Alpha Prime, The Christmas Season, Deadlands, Ipomoea, Nicioniar, Wasteland Stronghold, Nebraska Territory, Respublica Romana Libera, Sumeria, Sumer, Casanare, Collis, Upper Peninsula, Gaborone, Little America, The Free Will, Icelandic Commonwealth, Ottawa, Montreal, Mecklenburg Vorpommern, Queens, Nuku Alofa, Connaught, Luxembourg City, Virgin Islands, Province of Ontario, Dushanbe, Palau, Columbia, Tuvalu, Azerbaycan Respublikasi, San Salvador, Nexus Military Alliance, HoH SiS, The Outer Rim, anti furry legion, The reunited Hauslanderian Empire, Anti furries, Name 0, South Tarawa, Northern Mariana Islands, Imperial Pact, Pirate Paradise, Victoria City, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Fort Andrew Accords, Pub, the Channel Islands, Republic of South Africa, Congo Kinshasa, Tarawa, Nursultan, Citta di San Marino, Land of the Ravens, Arctic Radioactive Lands Roleplay, Coldseekers Motorcycle Club, The Coldseekers Motorcycle Club, Arctic Union, The Realm of Karoow, The Corps, The Hesperican Republic, southern nations of the west, World of Polls, Aureum locum, The Paradox, The Communist Empire, Jaoheah, Khuzifenq, 00 00, Krupp Industriekomplex, The New Galactic Empire, Low Earth Orbit, New SovietUnion, Rhea, Roman Byzantine Union, Tryzalore, Galactic Imperium, Pcm 6, The Great Balls Land II, Moneylania, Falanchua, Lappland, BRICS, United Slime Empire, Quahog, Epicenter Of Prosperity, Hapes Consortium, Kaaba, Sakartvelo, Purgatory, Wyndia, Newfoundland and Labrador, Sikh Empire, The Commadore Imperium, West saxophonian, Manama, Nassau, The Crablands, NDjamena, Thimphu, Dhaka, North Veridian, Bangui, Ouagadougou, Gitega, South Dakota, North Dakota, Praia, United Democratic Nations, The Golden Fields, embassyregiona, Avernia, Liverpool, Swaziland, The Confederation of Angevin realms, Oversaturation, Snowyland Lana, NATURALIST, Hangoutnest Beta, Terra Aequoria, Schloss Hexenberg, The Commonwealth of Finnic Peoples, Home of House, Berlin, Comoros, Minsk, Greater Bohera, Domination Araga, Knights of the Round Table, Belmopan, Maputo, Kinshasa, Asmara, Dublin, Havana, Malabo, Accra, Baghdad, Libreville, Nevada, Yerevan, Banjul, Hesse, Pitcairn Island, Algiers, Abidjan, Somalia, Iranian Islamic Republic, Brasilia, Roseau, Santiago, New Delhi, Santo Domingo, Tanzania, Crematorium, New Mexico, Addis Ababa, Prague, British Commonwealth of Nations, Bridgetown, Uganda, Isle of Man, Tegucigalpa, Central African Republic, Bissau, Effort, Western Pepenuggiet, Empires Forever United, Veridia, The Sunlands of America, Saint Wundoria, Allied conservative Union, Economic Nations Pack, Paddington Bear Ribald Hotel, Gobaith, Hell, The New Social Progressivist Order, South Southern Ocean, Karcasonia, Ninjonia, The Socialist People, The Funian Puppet Region, Naypyidaw, Mexico City, Bamako, Riyadh, Mogadishu, Bolognaise Battalion, Antananarivo, Bern, Abu Dhabi, Abuja, Warsaw, United European Union of republics, Bishkek, Comunidad de Naciones Iberoamericanas, Monrovia, Kingstown, Muscat, Vaduz, Edinburgh, Khartoum, Windhoek, Honiara, Cardiff, Port Vila, Beacon of Peace, Holyrood STFR RC, Vilnius, North Gloucesterstan, Castries, Kyiv, Port of Spain, Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte, Tunis, Basseterre, Lilongwe, Port Louis, Ashgabat, RealTacoMan, Funafuti, Rose City, The Alter Earth, The Intergalactic Domain, The Cursed Earth, The Oceanic Islands, POWER AMERICA, Mitski, The Better Federation of War Criminals, war against pootisman, N0PS, ATLAS Corporation, Liberalfederalist, LHS plain region, National Republic of Economia, Modorra, Azure Nexus, Card Farming Federation, Grand Economic Cooperation Sphere, the Obsidian Highlands, Britannia Prima, Democratic Progressive Party, the states of states of states of states, The End of Time, The ECC States, Task Force 31, Celestial Ocean, Poopa Stinka, Haumea, The United NationStates of Greater Rome, The Global Protection Nations, The Order Of Peace Nations, Industrial Workers Union, Minkuo, Sanyuktarajyam, The Deep Forest, The Germanic isles, Pax Terrae, Medieva, Polonia, Polish corridors, Philippinas, HINDUS, Ostaria, Nusantara, Fendar, Odessa Accords, Southeast Asia SEA, North West Siberia, Serovski Mir 2022, Independent Powers of the New Earth, The Garbanosphere, The United Federation Of Dinosaurs TUFOD, Hulumet, The Sunny and Optimistic Organization, 2026 and Beyond, Trashland, The Ocean Vanguard, Federation of Greeter Silly Nations, Antraland, DnD, Greenhouse, Father Figures Children, Provinces of Verska, The middle world, Crecknest, That Part Of The Forest, the New Bokian States, sicilia, South, The Cafe In The Middle Of The Universe, The H Region, ANTI BBD, siam land, Tsargate, Trisembly, United Kingdom, Grave yard, Fujianyorinki, My Precious, Neutrality countries, Preitana do Sul, Greater Vrndria, Old Zealand, Ultra Space, Afilia, National States Union, The Southern Overlord, Rivognan Puppet Storage, Nova Historiae Conventus, Gunsmoke Region, Tonganskijak, Parrots, CHOAM, Europe Lands, The Plains of Wistow, Womania Empire OWK, Christian Collective Realms, United Havkaas, UIR, Emu Timeline Oceania, Waffland, United Kreushia, The Holy Republic Of Pierce VIII, The Planet Renooth, The Kardashians, SpongeSpongeSpongeSpongeSpongeSponge, Sacrum Axis Bloc, Spiritual Roblox, Holy Hawaiian Empire, Bersyanda, The Atlantic, Rose, The Imperium of the God Emperor, The shadow realms, New Year, The United States Armed Forces, the Yomese Empire, The Celestial Archipelago, Roman Communes, Det Internasjonale Forum for Kyllinger, International Petroleum Cartel, The Slumber, Continental Coalition, The Russian Room 2, Association of Orwellian Nations, Interregional Court of Justice, Khuzifenq Expanded, Saoguay, Calico, Two natons w, Raiders Incorporated, Kilimanjaroian, Socialist Federation of Ozkro, Zomanian League, Celestria, The windswept peaks, Panjshir Valley, Anglosphere, Eastern True Waskaria, Holy World of Great Roman World, The Federation of Fanciful Philosophies, Die World, Holy John Four, Strawberry Communists, Equila Unity Pact, Western True Waskaria, Free Grenada, Stellar Fields, Union of Hindu States, Cordovain, Romanian Roman Empire of Romanian Romans, North Koreagedoen, Koronus Expanse, AnimeGirls, Shyshaeia, The Resurgency of Byzantium, United Union of States, International Power Control Court, Planet Majestia, Melayu, World Imperial Federation, Farmers of Zunba, United Economics of the ComeCon, Tushonka, Neo Equit, The Imperial State of Steakia, New Chiken, United League of Confederation, Cherokee, Beren Pact, keplers B, Moku, Peinda speindea, Weyard, Temecula, Belarus the Republic of, The Utopian Commonwealth, The Object Pacific, Alphamenten, The Next New World 2, New Braincell City, Waskarian Card Farmers, Brain Cell Family, Coldonia, The New Republic of the Philippines, Commonwealth of Amerisian Nations, The Chrysanthemum Fields, Eternus, Dimmersun, Julio azevedo, Yajib, Republic Of Genzi, Union Of Arab, Peaceful Solitude, Regional Message Board, Sutherlands, Helio, Sovereign Dominion, Takin Spanish, Cookieverse, Terra Especaria, The Saabish Union, Blue Ridge Isles, Confederation of Sovereign Republics, Andromeda, The Enchanted Realms, Raj, Non WA Region, Pussy, Animal Nations Support Pact, The Vincence Empire, The Ares 6 Mission, Neutopia, Centralist Coalition Cooperation Org CCC, South west tree, Disney World, Belacinostan, Region of Canada, Bilibili the second, The New Moderate Alliance, BOPDR, Grampas Basement, Etrie, Library, Island of Weilssen, The Third order alliance, Derru, Interstellus, New Autumn, Alvaro, The League of NationStates Players, The Group of Great Grandmas, North america and north europe 2, Bolivar 0345, The Land Of Frayed, Left Wing Psychiatric Hospital, Stuckunion, The world intelligence, Norwegian forest cats street cats friend, Powdered Toast, the RIGHT Nations, The DPRXX, Interstellar 2602, Wabbingean Empire, Itavran Sector, Scandorid Continent, Venerable Socialist Realms of Meneraza I, The Hellenic Realm, Aquania, Land of Europa, Da People Realm, Volkisch Sparta, Judahian League, 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The embassy with Greater Temecula is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

The embassy with Huccian Isles is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

The embassy with Cherokee is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

The embassy with Belacinostan is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

The embassy with New Chinese Communists is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

The embassy with Commanders at service is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

The embassy with MoneyLand is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

Construction of embassies with The Reapers Coffee Shop has commenced. Completion expected .

Construction of embassies with Atlas University has commenced. Completion expected .

Construction of embassies with Great Lands has commenced. Completion expected .

Construction of embassies with False Waskaria has commenced. Completion expected .

Construction of embassies with Ooo has commenced. Completion expected .

Construction of embassies with Zog Solar system has commenced. Completion expected .

Construction of embassies with Nevadia has commenced. Completion expected .

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One Collective Brain Cell contains 81 nations, the 364th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Gambling Industry in One Collective Brain Cell

The World Census tailed known underworld figures in order to determine which nations have the largest gambling industries.

As a region, One Collective Brain Cell is ranked 10,915th in the world for Largest Gambling Industry.

1.The Free Land of Among Us In Real Life SusCorporate Bordello“There is 1 imposter Among Us.”
2.The Community of Jonathan sucksCapitalist Paradise“Joseph is Just Better”
3.The Republic of ZorantopiaMoralistic Democracy“Asdasdasd”
4.The Federation of Floccinauci nihilipilificationCivil Rights Lovefest“Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia”
5.The Republic of DANGEROUS AlbumMoralistic Democracy“Dangerous! The girl is so dangerous!”
6.The Republic of INVINCIBLE AlbumInoffensive Centrist Democracy“I can't do anything, she's invincible!”
7.The Dominion of AsinfrondCorporate Police State“Power, Pride, Prosperity”
8.The Republic of July 27th 2023Moralistic Democracy“Might Makes Right”
9.The Republic of July 6th 2023Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“Unity, Discipline, Work”
10.The Empire of Far Cle Mellan PerInoffensive Centrist Democracy“You Can't Stop Progress”
1234. . .89»

Regional Happenings


One Collective Brain Cell Regional Message Board


The Baking Empire of The Pastry Union

Gorutimania wrote:THE WHAT??????????
first ANAL
JEFF is pretty cool
NUTS is nuts ngl
SAD is just trying to be edgy

It was going to be my faction, but then I realized what it would be abbreviated as and decided not to make it.
Oh yeah, I forgot EDGE and TESTES

The Federation of Gorutimania

The Pastry Union wrote:It was going to be my faction, but then I realized what it would be abbreviated as and decided not to make it.
Oh yeah, I forgot EDGE and TESTES


The Free Land of TG Oceanic Territory

The Pastry Union wrote:Hey, at least we have a better name than most factions.
I've seen ANAL, JEFF, NUTS, SAD, and of course the infamous RAPE

"At least we have a better name than most factions." 🗿

The Free Land of TG Oceanic Territory

The Pastry Union wrote:Hey, at least we have a better name than most factions.
I've seen ANAL, JEFF, NUTS, SAD, and of course the infamous RAPE


The Baking Empire of The Pastry Union


Our member nations have called for a time where laws can be reviewed, conflicts can be resolved, and peace can be strengthened.

On February 25th, whenever that may be for you, any nation in a region that is part of the Brain Cell Family can post their suggestions in the BCF's rmb, and will be reviewed by the Regional Officers to determine their validity.

We hope you will share your much-needed suggestions with us.

Peace and prosperity to you all,
The Pastry Union, President of the Brain Cell Family

The Murder Owl of Spanish or Vanish


Our member nations have called for a time where laws can be reviewed, conflicts can be resolved, and peace can be strengthened.

On February 25th, whenever that may be for you, any nation in a region that is part of the Brain Cell Family can post their suggestions in the BCF's rmb, and will be reviewed by the Regional Officers to determine their validity.

We hope you will share your much-needed suggestions with us.

Peace and prosperity to you all,
The Pastry Union, President of the Brain Cell Family

Oh, just wonderful!

The Free Land of TG Oceanic Territory

For Shudana:

The Free Land of TG Oceanic Territory

Goodnight OCBC.

The Kingdom of Pop Star

I have joined the brain cell

The Empire of Rusticus Damianus

Neo-Hermitius wrote:yeah finding evidence is hard so best I could come up with. Iíll give more on Monday but for now bye bye

You could just ask me directly instead.

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