Region: Selene


The Commonwealth of Mydic Empire

Mydic Chronicle

Three cabinet secretaries resigned today in protest at the proposed government budget. Secretary Arcadian Soulakis of Education, Secretary Aegius Marzantinos of Technology and Secretary Polina Tzinos of Climate Mitigation resigned following the announcements by the Department of the Treasury stating that their budgets were being slashed while the Defense and Aerospace budgets were being increased each by over 5%. The rather historic increases in the two has raised concerns that Archon Galanis is caving to the more conservative members of her coalition in their demands to up defense spending in light of the Leviathan Missions being run by the Commonwealth.

Leviathan is a series of missions to take place over the next five years where the Commonwealth Space Program (CSP) is planning to land a manned presence on Sorana as well as establish a planetary base of operations and an orbital launch station. The Empireís aerospace program has been seen to be relatively stagnant since the 2060s when it joined the VA, critics claim the VA despite its vast resources has been too cautious in regards to space exploration and calls for a more aggressive research base program has been proposed.

Archon Lydia Galanis has seen her popularity in the polls sag to their lowest point since she took office five years ago, they rest at just 45% of the public approving of or giving the benefit of the doubt to the Archon while a large 46% of the remaining respondents disapproved partially or entirely with the direction of the Empire. This yearís elections to the Synedrio (legislature) will prove critical as to whether the remaining five years of Archon Galanisí term are with a majority or an opposition controlled legislature.

Starstruck Prince
Prince Alexandros, the astronaut prince, has announced his engagement to fellow astronaut Natalie Angelis, the daughter of the current Fleet Admiral of the Empire. Prince Alexandros and Natalie Angelis have known one another since they each attended the University of Mydare as well as Aerospace Academy in Egia. Most recently the pair were both aboard Home Two when the Prince became the first member of the Imperial Family to enter Apollo orbit as well as the first to leave Vesta orbit. The last member of the Imperial family to go to space was Prince Nicophorus in the 1970s, the paternal uncle to the reigning Basileus Leto.

The Palace confirmed the engagement had the blessing of the entire Imperial Household as well as the enthusiastic support of Basileus Leto. The wedding is expected to be held at the Salt Palace in three months time with what will likely be one of the most high profile and star studded weddings in recent memory.

Imperial Support
Ever since the ascension of Leto III as Basileus of the Mydic Empire, he has managed to drastically alter the public perception of the Imperial Household as a national institution. This has also allowed the rehabilitation of the rest of the nobility in the eyes of the public as entities to rally behind in times of crisis and find support as ceremonial and guiding figures in a way. This general softening of the image of what is essentially a hold out of an autocratic system surprised many as other semi-monarchist states transformed into republics in those years.

Basileus Leto has been able to avoid any major scandals for himself but also for the entirety of the Imperial Household which has been a welcome departure from the scandals that plagued his family while he was growing up as well as the entirety of the 1900s when questionable marriages and some very public disputes played out in the tabloids.

The Great War (2017 - 2023) was during the final years of Basileus Isidorus Iís reign and while the family contributed as best they could to the war effort, ultimately it was their close business ties and relations with the Union that would sour public opinion and when in 2028 Isidorus died and Leto ascended it was his first act as Basileus to divest from the Union. This proved to be an immensely invaluable asset come the Egian War (2042 - 2044) where the Union and the Empire fought a one on one battle for control of the Egian Archipelago. Imperial members publicly and almost fanatically in favor of the Empire that several members even volunteered in the military or with the war effort.

This has allowed some to note that the popularity of the Imperial Family is hovering in the mid 75% range as of late and with the recent wedding announcement that number is expected to climb higher. A stark contrast to the current government ratings received by Archon Galanis. Though it is that the Imperial Household is non-partisan and ceremonial in nature, it has seemingly won over the public during the last half century.