Region: Philosophy 115


The State of Telgan

This, in all liklihood, shall be one of the last messages on the RMB here at P115.

As we move ever closer to the (re)founding of Philosophers, this region shall seek to archive the past debate. At times it has been thought provoking, interesting and challenging. The years of contributions from an incredibly diverse and commited cast of contemporaries has been a joy. It has been a pleasure to be on a long and winding journey with you all.

This region has a vast history, known for its sense of inclusion, intelligence, and patience. And with that Philosophers has an almost insurmountable mountain to overcome. However, we have reached the peak here, and another will come in time.

To the founder of the region, Dr George, from the beginnings of an on-line platform for a philosophy class for extra credit to an active community acorss the virtual world interested in the big questions: I say my thanks. Had it not been for a region like this, my time on NationStates would surely have been swift. It is my hope that the region of Philosophers will bring together others like here has over the previous 12 years.

This is the legacy of P115 now. And I wish it every success. We hope to find you there soon. You will be welcome.

The rose, Red Star of the West, Ruinenlust, and Worlthia