Region: Forest


The Green Technocracy of Uan aa Boa

Be aware that Lily would like to be condemned and the great and the good of the gameplay community would support that. Commendations and condemnations are often interchangeable. They're both badges of community recognition - for recipients such as raiders playing an "evil" persona a condemnation is seen as a more appropriate trophy. But because it's a trophy they'd like a nice shiny trophy, and this proposal is rightly viewed as shoddy work. Some commendations are intended as a rebuke, such as those of The Pacific or Koem Kab, but many are not.

So if you genuinely don't like Lily, consider tag raiding a form of spam or objected to the raid on The Embassy then voting for a condemnation might not be the best way of expressing that. As any parent will tell you, sometimes the best response to attention seeking behaviour is to ignore it.