Region: Northern Utopia


The Republic of AusValia

Tauranga Stand off Day 3

Today has been the most successful of the three-day standoff after twenty-one people, nineteen of which are children have been released from the compound led by Ashton Carter, a man who believes he is the savior of all of mankind.

The twenty-one people released came out in exchange for food and supplies, but they claim to have been released voluntarily. Meanwhile, eighty-one are still being held.

The stand-off has garnered so much attention that the Presidential Palace has ordered daily briefings from the Director of the Federal Police. Many at police headquarters seem to agree with a need to apply pressure to Mr. Carter in attempt to speed up negotiations. However, in a released memo, profilers warn that increasing tactical pressure "could eventually be counterproductive and could result in loss of life."

President Williams Soars in New Poll

With only two weeks until election day, President Williams is leading Mayor Robert Richie by twelve points. Neither side has shown a hint of slowing down as the Williams campaign has announced an aggressive, "four cities a day" campaign scheduled to finish off the last five days. Meanwhile, Richie is spending his time in the Southern cities of Perth, Bryon Bay, and Williamsburg.

Meanwhile, Conservatives in down-ticket-races are showing some concerns, especially in the Lower House in which the United Future Party is not losing in a single seat they need. The President has focused his attention on trying to win back the Upper House, after being controlled by the Conservatives for the last six years.

President's Unveils Economic Package

While campaigning, President Williams has announced plans for his new Business Economic Package. Some of which are as follows:

1. Large business loans with low interest rates being offered ONLY to small businesses which may be struggling

2. Business loans with high interest rates being offered to major corporations as a form of bailout or assistance.

3. Expansion of Unemployment Insurance to cover 4% more of earnings in the last paycheck

These reforms caused some concern amongst the populace. While many rejoiced at the economic aid coming their way. A minority voiced concerns over how the AUS would fund such projects. While no deal has been completely agreed upon, it appears it will pass the legislature.