Region: Northern Utopia


The Weird little lumps of Neyde Spears Kingdom

NU Vision
Hi sluts. Its Nicki Minaj here. The NSK television directors got bored so we're opening up Neyde Vision to the world.
So here's what you gotta do: telegram us a YouTube link to your song (OOC: This can be any song of your choice!) And it will be put in a playlist. After a day or two, depending on the entry numbers, we will give a link with the playlist and a voting form. You can give a number of points to 5 songs. Then, after the voting period ends, we will reveal the results!
The rules include no voting for yourself, no "idk" votes and no entering potentially offensive songs! We have standards here.
The winner gets free tickets to the Nicki Minaj world tour. As well as a large sum of money, nuclear weapons and you get to choose the theme for next months contest. This month there is no specific theme so go wild!
So what are you waiting for? Get entering! (And buy my new single)