The World World Census

The Largest Retail Industry in the World

The World Census estimated levels of employee ennui to determine which nations have the largest retail industries.

31.The Grotesque Playground of MackintoshCompulsory Consumerist State“Success is knowing who to blame for your failures.”
32.The DOMA🎌IN of VIVIENFather Knows Best State“G👏G👏”
33.The Armed Corporations of Aurora IslandsCapitalist Paradise“If you have money, nothing is impossible!”
34.The Federation of GorvaniaRight-wing Utopia“Boh, Bat'kivshchyna i Svoboda”
35.The Confederacy of HalbhalbhaCorporate Bordello“Yeah, Nah”
36.The Murabian Protectorate of UnthankCapitalist Paradise“Beware!”
37.The State of CaezarIron Fist Consumerists“State”
38.The Boderlands of Bunnings SnagsCompulsory Consumerist State“The children came back”
39.The Armed Republic of SprinklerCorporate Police State“To rule and opress”
40.The Bottles Full of Olde English 800Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“The Legend”
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