Prettiest Princess of Cruelty4CARD2 Strikes2 RadiationHappy end of the world
Flap Flap Boom 13CARD39 Strikes39 RadiationGuy 92
-RIM-CARD15 Strikes15 RadiationThorn2048
Flap Flap Boom 50CARD102 Strikes100 RadiationFlower dance
Anarcho-capitalist central AmericaCARD25 Strikes25 RadiationRhapsody in Berserk
Hall of the Mountain KingCARD66 Strikes27 RadiationGuy 49
Gridland EmpireCARD4 Strikes4 RadiationUnravel
Prettiest Princess of Cruelty15CARD75 Strikes0 RadiationImage material
Roy MustangCARD66 Strikes66 RadiationGuy 142
AryxiaCARD22 Strikes22 RadiationEldlich the Golden Lord
Roboute GuillimanCARD50 Strikes50 RadiationGuy 52
MSN 50CARD68 Strikes50 RadiationGuy 81
Krasnoyarsk-1126CARD36 Strikes36 RadiationVlast 3
41 tebeats and typosCARD20 Strikes20 RadiationGuy 30
New LakembaCARD21 Strikes21 RadiationGuy 50
Waterfallean 28CARD50 Strikes50 RadiationGuy 4
Pasir labaCARD73 Strikes73 RadiationHraorreaneglelneo
Dr Alto ClefCARD50 Strikes50 RadiationEvent puppet 31
MSN 50CARD50 Strikes50 RadiationGuy 13
RyushenCARD38 Strikes38 RadiationEvent puppet 48
KuzanCARD26 Strikes26 RadiationEvent puppet 51
Waterfallean 53CARD50 Strikes50 RadiationVolt87
Waterfallean 21CARD40 Strikes40 RadiationId 18
BallistikovCARD17 Strikes17 RadiationMalevolent gladiator
29 tebeats and typosCARD11 Strikes11 RadiationRaletekolzasieseo
JirenCARD49 Strikes49 RadiationEvent puppet 35
BallistikovCARD11 Strikes11 RadiationFushoku ressentiment fushi yoku sargkuza
DavionCARD79 Strikes25 RadiationVolt88
Jack RaidenCARD26 Strikes26 RadiationVolt94
Beta CaroteneCARD67 Strikes67 RadiationHamstershire
AlqualondeCARD47 Strikes47 RadiationVolt10
NPOwnedCARD49 Strikes49 RadiationVolt33
BallistikovCARD38 Strikes38 RadiationFushoku ressentiment fushi yoku sargkuza
AelyriaCARD5 Strikes5 RadiationJubilee 11
18 MirrormindCARD75 Strikes75 RadiationHonor for all 1047
Mk SteeleCARD23 Strikes23 RadiationJubilee 7
Purple Rain 53CARD50 Strikes50 RadiationPlanarian puppet 30
CosnariaCARD14 Strikes14 RadiationPlanarian puppet 25
WardenCARD22 Strikes22 RadiationNorthern 20
Purple Rain 74CARD60 Strikes60 RadiationVolt4
MSN 52CARD25 Strikes25 RadiationPlanarian puppet 33
Lost In A RaveCARD67 Strikes67 RadiationRadiant Sword 88
Gmt2001CARD23 Strikes9 RadiationDistrict Line 23
Princess San MononokeCARD67 Strikes67 RadiationRadiant Sword 95
11 tebeats and typosCARD37 Strikes37 RadiationHonor for all 1042
I won a contestCARD66 Strikes66 RadiationRadiant Sword 71
Flap Flap Boom 42CARD38 Strikes38 RadiationHonor for all 1015
CosnariaCARD11 Strikes11 RadiationGuy 476
Zombie 47CARD12 Strikes12 RadiationHonor for all 1015
Hallyu TakeoverCARD65 Strikes65 RadiationRadiant Sword 83


Each nuke that Strikes its target generates 1% Radiation, up to a maximum of 100%.

Strikes on a fully irradiated nation do not count toward the total.

Radiation slows the rate of new Production. A 100% irradiated nation cannot generate any Production.