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Europeia Master Dispatch

Our Region

Hello, and welcome to the Europeian Master Dispatch! Here you will find basic information about our region and what it has to offer.

Europeia was founded on March 6th, 2007 by King HEM. While the region was originally a monarchy, on June 30th, 2007 it became the republic we know today. The region's government consists of the Executive (the President, Vice President and Cabinet), the Legislature (the Senate) and the Judiciary (the High Court). Europeia also contains an autonomous city state called Arnhelm, where members of the City Council roleplay and pass legislation affecting city governance.

Getting Involved

There are many ways to meet and socialise with other Europeians. Check out our Regional Message Board for discussions about nations, isuses, the World Assembly, Cards, and more! We also encourage you to register on our forums, which has space for chatting, playing games, and participating in the regional government. Last but not least, we have a lively LinkDiscord server, and we'd love to see you there.

We're a large region with many resources to help newcomers to NationStates pursue whatever interests them in the game. By far the most central part of the game is the World Assembly. See our World Assembly Advancement Program dispatch for information about the many different areas of gameplay that are opened up by joining the WA.

You may have gotten a kick out of answering the cleverly written issues. Did you notice that sometimes you get "cards" after you submit an issue, There's an entire world market for buying, selling, and trading these cards. See our NASPAQ dispatch for details.

If you're interested in nation roleplay, check out West Europeia. As a resident of Europeia, you'll be able to post in the West Europeia RMB without needing to move a nation there. Join in on the lively scene!

Occasionally you'll see notices on the forums, Discord and RMB for "radio shows." These are podcast talk shows put on by Europeians on our LinkMixlr page. Come join us live, or browse the showreels to listen to past shows.

Government of Europeia

See the "Government" drop down menu near the top of our Linkforum for a full list of who is currently in office.

The Executive

The Executive branch is headed by the President, who is invested with executive authority under the Constitution, aided by the Vice President. The President and Vice President are elected together by the citizens of Europeia approximately every 70 days. The President appoints a Cabinet, confirmed by the Senate, which is composed of Ministers and other executive deputies who perform important functions in the government.

For a more detailed description of the general activities of the Executive, please read the LinkGuide to the Executive.

The Senate

The Senate is the legislative body in the region, and can be made up of anywhere from a minimum of 5 Senators to a maximum of 10 Senators. Senators are elected by the public every 70 days in a general election. In the Constitution, the Senate has authority to "make laws only for the peace, order, and good government of Europeia, in relation to all matters respecting the government of the same."

For a more detailed description of the general activities of the Legislature, please read the LinkGuide to the Legislature.

The Judiciary

The Judicial Branch of the region comprises of the Chief Justice, three Associate Justices and the Attorney General. The Justices sit on the High Court of Europeia, and are called on to interpret the law, review the legality of people's actions, or hear criminal trials. The Attorney General is responsible for advising the President and Cabinet on legal matters, and is the chief prosecutor in Europeia.

For a more detailed description of the general activities of the Judiciary, please read the LinkGuide to the Courts.