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Politics of Valentian Elysium

Politics of Valentian Elysium

The Politics of Valentian Elysium takes place within the framework of a federal parliamentary democracy within a constitutional monarchy, with a multi-party system.
Executive power is mostly held by the Prime Minister, with the Head of State acting as a sort of figurehead, while still maintaining a couple of executive powers. The Judiciary is independent from the executive and the legislature. The head of state is the Holy Emperor/Empress. Legislative power is held (mostly) in the National Council and Parliament.
Executive Branch

Main office holders





Holy Emperor

Nino Ciáran Lian Wolfgang


14th March 2002

Prime Minister

Uther Morvarid Dries

Social Democratic Party

21st April 2016

The Holy Emperor is the head of state as well as the formal head of the executive, although they possess little power. The Holy Emperor is a hereditary role, and is passed down with absolute primogeniture (first-born is the heir, even if it is a girl). The Holy Emperor can abdicate, however the role is usually passed down after the Holy Emperor has died.

Following elections for the National Council and Parliament, which occur at the very latest every 4 years, the Holy Emperor chooses a recently elected member, usually the leader of the most elected party, to form a government. The cabinet that is eventually appointed by the Holy Emperor with the advice of the Prime Minister must receive a simply majority in Parliament. Since 2016, the Social Democratic Party has formed a coalition government with the Green Party, and will likely stay that way until 2020, when the next elections for Parliament occur.

Legislative Branch

Valentian Elysium has two legislative bodies: the 450-seat National Council and Parliament (generally known as Parliament, not to be confused with the Parliament, which is the entirety of the legislature), and the Upper Chamber of Parliament. For Parliament, each delegate is elected for 4-year terms on the basis of proportional representation. In the Upper Chamber, the delegates are indirectly elected by the people, as the number of seats in the Chamber decides the percentage the vote a certain party received. The main difference in here is that the delegates in the Upper House must receive approval, on the advice of the Prime Minister, from the Holy Emperor.

The National Council and Parliament considers and approves the Constitution, constitutional statutes and other legal acts. In addition, they approve the state budget for the year. Certain officials specified by law, as well as the candidates for the position of a Justice in the Constitutional Court and the Attorney General, are elected by Parliament. For a bill to become law, it must pass Parliament with at least a simple majority. All important international treaties are also approved by Parliament before their ratification. Furthermore, it grants approval, with the aid of the Holy Emperor, for dispatching military forces outside of Valentian Elysium's territory, and foreign military presence in Valentian Elysium. The current Speaker of Parliament is Amalthea Michayla Sheach.

The Upper Chamber has much less legislative power than the Parliament. The only real power they possess is to decide whether the laws that were passed in the Parliament are able to be enforced in Valentian Elysium. They may return the proposed bill to Parliament, but if the bill attains a constitutional majority (66%) in Parliament, the bill becomes law, with the Upper Chamber having no say afterwards. If the bill gains a simple majority again, the Upper Chamber debate the bill again. The delegates in the Upper Chamber are indirectly elected through the general election. The percentage of votes the party gets, it receives in the Upper Chamber. Moreover, the Upper Chamber usually does not incorporate the least voted party that received seats in the Parliament into the Upper Chamber, unless Valentian Elysium is in a state of emergency. This is decided by Parliament. The current Speaker of the Upper Chamber is Lloyd Neville Whitaker, and is always non-aligned.

Judicial Branch

Valentian Elysium's highest forum for appeals is the Supreme Court, whose judges are elected by Parliament. Below the Supreme Court there are regional and district courts, with military courts hearing cases pertaining to the military and its personnel. Valentian Elysium also has the Constitutional Court, which decides on constitutional matters. The 15 members of the Constitutional Court are appointed by the Holy Emperor, from a shortlist of nominees that are chosen by Parliament.

Political Parties and Elections

Suffrage: 18 years
Parliamentary Election: Members of the National Council and Parliament of Valentian Elysium (MP) are directly elected for a 4-year term under the system of proportional representation. Voters may indicate their preferences within the semi-open list. The threshold for a party to enter into Parliament is 4%. The last elections took place on 21st April 2016, and the next elections will take place on 21st March 2020.

The list of political parties can be found here