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The Federal Republic of Khaledonia

KNN NEWS: sports edition

Khaledian National Games

Good news for sports fans the Khaledian National Games or KNG for short WILL START IN 5 MONTHS THAT'S 5 MONTHS! Preparations are already being prepared and the stadium is being prepared, Swimming, Boxing, Athletics, soccer, tennis, ect ect. We'll see who will be the winners, some say that the red fish team in soccer while others say that the Muscular Atoms team will be the winner in soccer.

now off the ball

golf or as some say ball in hole will have a special match the star golfer Mariano arista will have a match against richard burns the famous oil millionaire and known for his dark documentary of the sea the truth is not many are excited about this only golf fans

watch your teeth jackson

RING RING RING what is that? EXACT THE SOUND OF THE BELLS LADIES AND GENTLEMEN MAKE YOUR APPIES, today there is a fight between the minor league boxer jackson calix against Mel zenaya a first category boxer who with just one finger can kill you ladies and gentlemen it is already clear who going to win right?

The Free and Open Peoples of Franconia Empire

FENN News: edition 08 November 2074

Howling winds

Videos on the viral app ClicCloc have been circulating from the central empire of the eerie sound of the howling winds. The mixture of the wind and the sound of heavy traffic have been been making sound travel from the cities to snake neighborhoods around the outer parts of cities. People are advised to stay away from construction sites of the new 5 Minute Commute Neighborhoods Project due to blowing debris.

Tumbling Oil Prices

The agreement between Mydic Empire and the FE has been making the demand for tourism to Mydic Empire skyrocket. Gasoline consumption for the fraction of the users who still have gasoline is on the rise. This factor, and the fact the traveling the Empire is now easier thanks to newly developed highways under the Xemptoworth administration. The national average is at 7.55 Astrons a gallon, an all time high. Economists say that due to all the traveling that young Franconians are doing is helping the prices tumble. Some are even calling for a reverse on the ban of oil powered vehicles (starting in 2076) and revise the plan to make gasoline cars a "vintage item" to keep the old "Franconian Charm Days" (2035-2049) alive for our grandchildren to see. Whether or not the Xemptoworth administration wants to revise this plan is up in the air, but speculation on the Empress' meetings with LeeAnn Gordon-Sylvestir, Energy Minister, is saying that this might come to the forefront in the coming months.

-FENN News

The Federal Union of Mydic Empire

:Mydic Chronicle:

Following a lengthy series of talks, the Secretary of Energy is slated to fly to Franconia in the coming days to discuss possible survey sites for the end to end power cables. The new combined grid would allow the Mydic Empire to supply cheap nuclear energy to Franconia. The connection is being hailed in the Empire as win-win as the Empire stands to not only support a friendly neighboring nation but also establish a new market for its energy supplies. Meanwhile Franconia is set to have increased energy capacity and security through the combined grid enabling a calm to the periodic blackouts of recent years. Archon Lydia Galanis is seen as the architect of the proposal from the Empire's side and has been an active partner in briefings and meetings on the matter. Already some in the Conservative Party are calling for one of the terminals in the Empire to be named in her honor.

Survey vessels that had been stuck in port due to rough waves in the Cosmic Sea the last couple weeks have finally been able to join their Franconian counterparts. The vessels are surveying locations and potential risks to any undersea power cables that would need to run between the nations. While an arcing grid connecting the mainland of the Empire through the Paxus Archipelago into the neighboring Franconian islands before heading down into the main island is seen as the preferred route for now, others have called for more mainland to main island cables to be laid. Both proposals are facing some backlash from environmental groups in the Empire who say the new cables could harm marine life and ecosystems. One of the proposed direct routes would need to travel 150 miles within a marine reserve though the environmental impact statement provided by the Department of Energy showed little adverse impact.

Elsewhere in the Empire the safari reservations are preparing for a strong tourist turnout over the next several months as the weather is predicted to stabilize in the interior of the Empire following some difficult sand storms and wildfires from earlier in the year. The drought that had plagued portions of the Empire has seen to be breaking due to remnants of hurricanes and other tropical storms blowing inland, unfortunately with the dry clear weather ahead it is possible whatever progress against the drought could be lost. Thankfully the Department of the Interior and the Department of Agriculture have taken to reassuring the public that food supplies both for domestic and export purpose remain unaffected as the regions suffering drought were not considered arable land.

The Department of the Interior in conjunction with the Department of Climate Policy, Department of Agriculture, Department of Forestry and the Bureau of Land Management have announced the Green Sand Project. The GSP is aimed at reforesting a large portion of the old growth rain forests as well as reviving a process to fertilize the desert and turn it into a green region. Efforts to combat the desertification were mostly seen to be achieved in the 2040s and were progressively cut back as other priorities expanded. Unfortunately that left much of the sustaining infrastructure in poor repair and decaying with little maintenance, a major effort the GSP looks to not only undo the decay but also expand where the previous project left off in an effort to expand the green zones of the Empire against the dryer southern interior. While the GSP is considered a 50 year project, the first results should begin to be seen in as little as three to five years with larger impacts being felt around the twenty year mark.

The union of ameriga

New Haven Gazette
09 November 2074

With the first round of the elections just days away the nation was held in the grip of anticipation and uncertainty. Polls in the recent weeks had tightened showing Governor Benbrooke neck and neck with President Martha Prescott who is seeking her second term. With the ongoing situation at home, the Union has sought to present a bold vision of a future with President Prescott reelected. One of her signature foreign policy bids has been to seek a reform of the World Society Security Council in favor of eliminating two current member seats and consolidating the remaining into a three seat body with each international bloc represented. As it stands the Union and the Commonwealth of Nations are unrepresented whenever the Union is out of rotation on the Council.

The reception of the proposal has been met with approval by every party of the Union’s political system as well as nearly unanimous consent from Congress to seek the matter with a resolution at the World Society. The rare show of political unity among the parties is being seen by some commentators as a rare show that the Union as a whole believes it should have a greater position in the world. The public has long been seen as content with being considered a responsible global partner, but now under the new Prescott administration they wanted to be recognized as the world leader they were. In reality the Union had become a prominent nation regardless of the Great War. The economy had not only recovered but had flourished, the military was once again proud and advanced. The public itself was suffering from culture wars but general cohesion had never been stronger among the States. Generally many felt the Union was moving in the right direction, Martha Prescott simply had to walk the tightrope of domestic issues in order to get her coveted reelection.

The Federal Republic of Khaledonia


drug and gangs war

In recent days, the number of cases of drug purchases has increased relatively due to this, Prime Minister Martinez Gomez announced a war against drugs and gangs. This started the military and police operations against drugs and gangs. Until now, there are already an estimated 4,560 arrested for drug use, 12,000 gang members arrested, 56 police and military personnel killed by clashes in the streets. Until now the war against gangs and drugs is not very known if it will be a total failure or help clean the streets of Khaledonia

The Federal Union of Mydic Empire

:Mydic Chronicle:

The Foreign Secretary condemned the ongoing crackdown on gangs and other drug related offenders in Khaledonia today. The ongoing drug war is being seen in the Empire as a drastic overreaction to the instability and rampant drug industry. The largest concern the Empire has with the crackdown is the human rights issue at hand and has even resulted in the permanent imperial representative to the World Society to call for an apolitical investigation into the crackdown. The Empire had long supported measures at the WS to reign in governments seen as too heavy handed on human rights. This stance had brought the Empire into conflict with the Amerigan Union on more than one occasion as the latter had a similar drug war in their own state of Deseret.

The Empire’s own drug policy has been brought into question in recent years as a slew of judges have questioned whether the current rehabilitation program would be better served if it were entirely government funded rather than being a hybrid system with private facilities receiving public funding.

The Foreign Secretary also announced a travel advisory to Khaledonia for all Imperial Citizens stating that the ongoing crackdown presented a difficult security environment and a degree of unpredictability was warranting additional concern.

The union of ameriga

New Haven Gazette

The Union was not a place that had to deal with rampant drug use or abuse. The policies of the 2040s-2050s really cut down on the illegal usage that had plagued the Union for decades before that. Reform systems had overtaken the older harsh prison system that had once been a hallmark of the Justice Bloc within the right wing parties of the Union. Notably Martha Prescott had advocated for reform programs in addition to her funneling untold millions into Deseret to combat the Cabal that had sprung up since the occupation in the 2020s after the Great War. Control in Deseret was concentrated in the capital city of the state, Dorado as well as other major settlements. Just outside of those Blue Zones as they were called was a lawless vast desert where the military periodically carried out strikes against Cabal Forces but was unable to exert total control.

Following the condemnation by the Mydic Empire, the Union felt confident enough according to sources inside the Prescott Administration to then back Khaledonia’s right to crack down on these “forces of lawlessness” as they were being branded in the Union. Following the suggestion that they would seek a Human Rights Inquiry into the crackdown in Khaledonia at the World Society, Union permanent representative, Jessica Blake fired back stating that it was an internal matter for Khaledonia and that they were simply taking the steps they deemed necessary to regain the necessary control to be able to provide safety for their own public.

The Federal Republic of Khaledonia


strong gangs

The clashes against the gangs in the most dangerous neighborhoods of Khaledonia in the west are getting stronger. Although the gang members do not have the best weapons and are not combat experts, they have adopted a trench system that prevents the police from entering the neighborhoods, forcing them to use helicopters or another option. While in the west they are entrenching themselves in their neighborhoods, in the east it is not the same.

drug gang members

in the east several gangs allied themselves with the new juticalpa cartel, which is one of the most dangerous drug cartels in khaledonia this caused the clashes to be harsher than even the military had to intervene in more than one, in the east the cities have become war zones between the military and police against gangs and drug traffickers.

In the north, the only threat is the Zetas mafia, which is losing more and more strength thanks to the fact that the mafia is destroying itself due to the bad decisions of its current leader, Anton Castillo.

Arrests and more arrests

According to several independent journalism sources, it is said that the police are abusing their power to catch consumers. 1 hour ago a video went viral of a policeman killing a pregnant woman with the excuse that she had cocaine in her backpack. A photo of 3 soldiers taking a badly wounded gang member also went viral. the people in his neighborhood of the gang member say that the soldiers brutally beat the boy with their weapons. This caused small protests in the country's capital, La Ceiba. So far it is recorded that the police have already arrested 340 more consumers, 123 more gang members, 670 civilians who according to the police are "suspicious" and the casualties have not stopped rising so far the new casualties registered are the following 356 civilian deaths between most of them women, 129 gang members, most of whom are adolescents between 15 and 17 years old, 67 policemen, 99 soldiers and 789 drug traffickers

The Federal Republic of Khaledonia



the video of the pregnant woman killed by a policeman and the photo of a half-dead gang member became popular, not in a good way, protests take place all over the country, mainly in the State of Mora (the central state), west, south and north for the repression of the police and the army to those "suspected" of drug use. Because of this, President Marcus said the following in one of his journalistic

speeches: Mr. President, Maria Scott, journalist for Khaledian South Times, is it true that you will take even more drastic measures against the protests?

President Marcus: The police and the military are doing their best to crack down on gangs and drugs, and people get upset just because a gang member ended up half dead? let's be realistic my people, that gang member is a member of the zendayan one of the gangs responsible for the number of cases of drug use being very high, it is better to end them than to worry and even so they get angry at everything that the brave military and police are doing that is absurd, if people cannot understand they will understand in another way.

Today at 6:35 in Cari, the capital of the state of Paradise (western state), in one of the many protests, a group of the national guard was deployed, throwing gas at the protesters and then they opened fire to the sky as a way to deploy the protest. . this protest ended with 35 civilian deaths and 5 injuries

louko protocol

the prime minister martinez gomez decided to initiate the luoko protocol, which consists of the police and the military having the total right to enter foreign houses to search them and HELP people. people are unhappy but they can't do much as they will most likely end up gassed or shot. according to some sources the term help in the luoko protocol is a polite way according to the point of view of the prime minister martinez gomez to oppress the people, although they may be wrong since this protocol makes 56% of those arrested be rehabilitated and returned to society as normal people.

The Free and Open Peoples of Franconia Empire



The pressure to have a public stance on what is going on in Khaledonia is increasing. Good evening, I'm Kathy Leeson. Protests are erupting in front of the Emperial Residence today as the latest round of arrests in Khaledonia led to a police officer killing a pregnant woman. Emperial Intelligence say that this should not even be happening and is a stark reminder on why the drug industry is regulated here in the FE. The Franconian Government...

We interrupt this news story to bring more breaking news. We have a live image of Empress Xemptoworth at Parliamentary HQ in Capitilian San Juarez to bring us a special message.

(Xemptoworth): "Parliament, Franconian Citizens, and Franconians abroad. The ongoing drug war in Khaledonia is not okay and should remind everyone that we here at home have a stable, more effective way of doing things here at home. A pregnant woman was killed! Hundreds of children and teens being taken to the penitentiary for only accusations of drug use. There is a more effective way to do this. Our lines for communication is open of you want to take a more civil approach. If you don't stop with the mass arrests, I will make sure that Xiao Zhang, the permanent Franconian representative for the WS, will launch an apolitical in agreeance with the Mydic Empire. We need to suggest programs that actually saves and rehabilitates young and old people if they find themselves addicted. There are other non-violent ways to crack down on drugs. For now until further notice, no Franconian shal fly or sail to Khaledonia until this violence ends."

-FENN News

The Federal Republic of Khaledonia


performance and gang extermination

a small alliance between the gangs of baŕrio 14, los grandes lobos y los oso de tocoa in the central state surrendered in a confrontation with the police also other gangs throughout khaledonia began to surrender or simply ended up being exterminated.

the willy gang, which is a very aggressive gang in the south, was dissolved because its leader javier [censored] died in a confrontation with a military patrol, the gang members fled and are dissolved and are being hunted by the police.

gas and stones

while the protests in the capital continue the national guard was deployed, the national guard brings gas and bullets while the protesters bring stones and banners, the protesters protest the abuse of the police and military against the alleged drug use suspects.

president marcus defends the abuse of the police and military saying that they do it for the good of khaledonia and if any of the suspects ends up injured it is because of their resistance to the law if you do not want to appear suspicious, do not resist says the president

KSPN it's your time
The Khaledian special police unit or KSPN in its acronym was given the green light to operate in the war against drugs and gangs, mainly against the cartel.

so far they have already arrested 370 members of the cartel unlike the police, they respect the rights of civilians making civilians feel safer that they decide to cooperate with them even more than the police

(basically the KSPN is the caledonian swat xd)

Eastern Khaledian Newspaper

drug cartel your turn

The military is beating up the Nueva Juticalpa cartel in the east, hunting down several of its leaders and capturing several boats full of drugs that are not yet known to which country they were headed, although in some parts of the east this is not the same as the cartel together with the gangs with which they allied created a kind of network of trenches in the neighborhoods and some parts of the cities of the east

The union of ameriga

Office of the President

President Martha Prescott announced that 1,500 State Police would be dispatched to Khaledonia at the request of the Prime Minister who cited the out of control violence as well as an effort to promote a cleaner image to the crackdown. The announcement was made at the State Police HQ in Columbia City alongside Commissioner Reginald Burke and Vice President Oliver Harris.

The State Police are an ironically named federal force that has specialized training meant to gain control of situations that regular police already failed to reign in. The State Police have gotten a reputation as effective in combatting organized criminal and narcotic elements in Deseret.

Foreign Secretary Lampwell has announced his intentions to direct aid finances to Khaledonia in the total of an initial $100 million upfront with an additional $100 million should the situation remain poor. The aid is being dispersed through the Union’s investment arm, the Liberty Global Investment Group. It’s understood that the money will be used to bolster the security forces of Khaledonia as well as social programs aimed at combatting drug cartel and gang influence.

The Selene Emperor of Justinian Kalominos

Sartorian News Network
Mon, 19 Nov 2074

Sartorian Ambassador to the World Society Marco Vannelli spoke today at the WS General Assembly to express the concern of the Sartorian Government over the evolving situation in Khaledonia, particularly over reports that military and law enforcement personnel have used excessive force to enforce anti-drug laws. In his speech before the General Assembly Ambassador Vannelli said that "governments must always act consistent with the values of the World Society and with respect for the inherent rights of their citizens", calling on Khaledonia to exercise restraint on the enforcement of anti-drug laws.

Following his speech, Ambassador Vannelli submitted a motion to refer the matter of Khaledonia to the WSGA Committee on Human Rights, arguing that the international community should look into the situation and assess whether any measures are needed in response to it. A majority of the General Assembly would need to vote in favour of the motion for it to be adopted.

The Federal Union of Mydic Empire

:Mydic Chronicle:
Mon, 19 Nov 2074

Following their Sartorian counterpart, and further echoing the stance of the Empire, the Mydic Ambassador to the World Society made sure to clarify that the Empire would support the motion put forward by the Sartorian delegation. The Empire reaffirmed its strong commitment to a safe and secure global order and that excessive force in one nation's justice system posed a threat to all. Ambassador Hera Araspion was said to have also spoke to her Union counterpart, Ambassador Giles Durrant, for three and a half hours about the situation and the recent announcement by President Prescott. The meeting was said to have ended in uncomfortable silence as neither party said that progress had been made to clarify the Union's now clear involvement in the situation.

There is growing concern among Imperial politicians that the nation of Khaledonia could be drifting towards joining the Union run Commonwealth of Nations. The CN is seen as ideologically opposed to AeroCom and the VA while allowing less free societies into their ranks while only democratic societies have been allowed into the VA and AeroCom. The era of a new Cold War seemed to be an emerging theme among the talk shows and day time news programs. The recent election in the Union which President Prescott recently defeated her opponent to win reelection though she did suffer defeats in the House and Senate costing her the majorities her party had enjoyed the last four years. Should Khaledonia join the CN it would be the first nation in the western hemisphere to do so and would likely lead to discussion within AeroCom and the VA about growing Union influence.

The Crown Prince of Constantine Lambros


Kyasuthie - 20 November 2074

Koji Hoshino, Mayor of Saravah and former Chief Secretary, has been elected by the Presidential Convention to serve as the next Grand President of the Seven Republics. The final vote tally was 68% against his primary candidate, Kimoko Maki, with 4,754 delegates in attendance.

Grand President-elect Hoshino is currently serving as the Mayor of Saravah, capital city of Hoshi-no-bara. He was elected on a platform of “cleaning the city” and enacted multiple criminal justice and law enforcement reforms during his 7-year tenure. The crime rate dropped marginally, but greatly expanded the powers of the police to investigate possible criminal activity, and has drawn the ire of civil rights groups.

Before his election, he served as the Defence Secretary and Chief Secretary for Grand President Ayame Kurosawa, from 2060 to 2065. He is credited with the expansion of the naval station in Mugen-no-shima and an overall expansion in shore facilities for the Combined Fleet across the republics.

During his acceptance speech, he spoke of a need to ensure the continued safety and security of the Septiman nation and her people. He thanked the delegates for their support, and asked the nation for theirs. He will assume office at midnight, New Year’s 2075.

The Federal Republic of Khaledonia


Listening to the world society

The prime minister martinez gomez decided to make a moderation in the anti-drug laws, the prime minister decided to publish the new moderation in News knn in fact we have the green light to show the moderation

New moderation
1. Not all blacks are bad
2. Less brute force arrests
3. Not all women are drug addicts
4. Adolescents between 15 and 18 years old will have a less aggressive arrest if they are in a gang.
5. It is not fired at will without the permission of a high-ranking police or army officer such as sergeant, captain, etc.

(For those who are not from khaledonia, although there is respect for all people regardless of their race, religion, ect, that does not mean that there is relative racism in Khaledonia)

in fact they are informing us that in the city of la ceiba a gang ended up surrendering we will go to the south of ceiba, dipper pines.

south caledonia neighborhood new hope

that's right wendy here we are in the new hope neighborhood where the local gang of this neighborhood ended up surrendering, here is the police captain of the capital stan J.
(captain stan): well what turns out that during the shooting the leader of the gang ordered them to stop shooting, after the gang members stopped shooting the leader left his house and asked for a ceasefire since a bullet hit his mother and he needed medical help
(dipper): and then what happened captain?
(captain stan): I decided to order a ceasefire and then we called an ambulance, the gang members decided to surrender without resistance and due to the new moderation we decided to treat the gang members better, those who had injuries were taken to the hospital and then they would be sent to la calser, although some co-workers say that the new moderation is stupid, I personally think that it is a good thing since we are all human.
(dipper): thanks captain

thanks dipper ok that's all for today good luck god bless khaledonia my name is windy dev and this is the national news for khaledonia

The Holy Empire of Majassa

Abcoudeh pavrduxna mre iscenis cuvduxartu mera en eivenisse gemexnasse
Government set for a crushing defeat in upcoming elections

Oxnvuri, 19/11/2074 | If the opinion polls are any indication, it is certain that the socialdemocratic Constitutional Party (OB) of Presiding Magistrate Rivnei Axva will not be able to prevent a crushing defeat in the upcoming parliamentary elections on 9 December. Furthermore, as there are signs that Holy Emperor Veixe has switched allegiance to the conservative-religious Majassan National Party (MRB), it may be near impossible for the OB to stay in power even if they turn out to be the largest party after the counting of the votes. Under the Majassan constitution, the final results as announced by the election committee may be adjusted to reflect the Holy Emperor’s opinion. So far, Holy Emperor Veixe has however not often used this prerogative during his reign and it remains to be seen if his ongoing bad health will allow him to play an active role in the next government formation.

Currently heading the polls are the conservative Imperial Party (CB) and the MRB. The CB is also doing badly however, polling only around 30%, much lower than its current share of parliamentary seats. If the MRB wins the elections, its leader Povne Gugxani may become the first Presiding Magistrate of MRB signature. The charismatic Gugxani is part of the reasons that the party is doing well in the polls. He succeeded to the party leadership last year after the death of his father Egurcda Gugxani, who lead the party for well over 25 years. The 46-year old Povne Gugxani is controversial among his adversaries for his friendship and connections to high placed individuals in The union of ameriga. In addition, he is said to be a collector of so called 'relics of past wars' but so far he has not been willing to elaborate on this.

The Liberals (KG), populists (MM), greens (IGB), authoritarian conservatives (PB), and socialists (MSO) are also poised to win some seats, while the libertarians (MT) could lose some.

The Free and Open Peoples of Franconia Empire

BREAKING: Following immediate speculation, emergency funding is being used to establish a Coast Guard that we never knew we didn't have. Nobody noticed or seemed to care because of how extensive military expenses have been and the relatively peaceful state of Vesta. The Navy has agreed to double as a Coast Guard to save on emergency funding, but no Coast Guard means all of our borders are vulnerable. This threat hasn't been noticed for 59 years. The Empress stated she is issuing the emergency funding because a Coast Guard is important. To pay for it, the Government has agreed to use surplus money and cut 3% funding from the National High Speed Rail Network (NHSRN) due to low usage recently. Recruitment starts now. After applying at your local Navy Reserve, you will have a routine physical. 25,000 people are expected to be recruited.

-FENN News.

The Free and Open Peoples of Franconia Empire

FENN News: edition 21 Nov 2074

Feast Day Fire Prevention

The annual Feast Day is around the corner and fire crews are reporting that now os the time to reset your smoke detectors. Smoke detectors decrease the chance of a fire catastrophe by about 60%. Before you fry the turkey, make sure that all smoke detectors work and are charged. In the case of a fire, evacuate immediately and dial the quick response Emergency number.

Weather: Dry conditions continue to serve the Franconian people well making it easier to clean up after Hurricane Barney, which is now at least 40% complete. These dry conditions will continue well into the week bringing upper 70s to the whole nation. This is not a welcome sight though as less rain means more watering for crops. East and West Protector Isles have issued a drought declaration and is asking people to conserve and cut down on watering by only one day. There will be new hours you can water if you're in these 2 states and that is from 6am to 10am. Anyone caught breaking conservation laws will be fined 100 Astrons per offense.

-FENN News

The union of ameriga

New Haven Gazette
21 Nov 2074

Election News
Prescott Wins! Following a victory in the first round of voting on the 15th, President Prescott headed into the runoff down in the polls against Braxton Governor Richard Benbrooke. After her whirlwind tour of the 13 States and a boost in domestic support following the arrest of the Presidio Cartel leader, Joao Mendoza, President Prescott coasted into a 61% Victory over her rival. With her mandate assured, all eyes now turn to the runoffs of the Senate and House races as that will determine whether or not the Union Party continues to maintain majorities in both chambers which would allow President Prescott to push more of her Union First agenda. The ongoing situation in Khaledonia allowed the Union's down ballot candidates to site the party's own "Law and Order" platform as well as the progress against the cartels in Deseret that the Prescott Administration was credited with.

Foreign Affairs
Foreign Secretary Lampwell reassured the Union's partners that they were as steadfastly committed as ever to a safe and secure world order. FS Lampwell also expressed interest in traveling to the International Zone to meet with members of the Mydic delegation about the ongoing matter as well as to address concerns over Union involvement in Khaledonia, namely the dispatch of a sizeable State Police force and large funding handouts. President Prescott has made it a point of her administration's first term to focus inwards and the second term is likely to see the Union shift its focus to the World Society and other global agendas.

The Federal Republic of Khaledonia

21 nov 2074

advances of the war

The ongoing war on drugs and gangs is still ongoing, thanks to the financial and state police help of the union it is appreciated, the state police officers were given the green light to train the police, of the 200 gangs that There were only 54 left in Khaledonia and the leader of the Nueva Juticalpa cartel escaped from Khaledonia, leaving his right-hand man Mario Calix as the new leader. Anton Castillo, leader of the cartel, is being sought and the other nations are asked to be alert if he appears. anton, drug use has dropped by 76%, the financial aid from the union is being used in security as an increase in night patrols, ect and shootings although they are still great between gang members and drug traffickers against the police and the military.

last alliance

It is believed according to several sources that the gangs that still remain in Khaledonia decided to forget their differences to create an alliance, it is also believed that this alliance of gang members joined the Nueva Juticalpa cartel, the Los Zetas mafia and the Willys mafia, which is a mafia that is dedicated to illegal gambling. It is not yet known if this information is true but the police and the military are attentive.

The Commonwealth of Akarus

ABC News

Évelyne Lamar and her supporters held a celebration this evening in honour of her imminent as President. In the new year, the ceremonial title of President will be passed to Lamar for her one-year term before being rotated to the next member of the National Council.

Already the first transgender member of the National Council, Lamar's term is set to mark her as the first transgender President of Akarus. While she officially stepped down from her party leadership position following her appointment to the National Council, Lamar continues to take an active role in her party and has often been credited with kickstarting her party's revitalization and its recent gains in the last national election.

The Federal Union of Mydic Empire

:Mydic Chronicle:
24 Nov 2074

Imperial naval forces have refused to comment on whether or not a pair of Mydic submarines engaged a Union submarine not far off the Egian Archipelago in international waters. The Admiralty, Office of the Archon, Office of the Basileus and all other government entities refused to comment on the report. A source reported to be inside the Department of Defense got verified internal government documents showing reports following a black tide incident. The source could also verify that the "Black Tide Incident" level was not commonly used and was only classified as incident involving potentially hostile power. The Mydic Chronicle under the Freedom of Journalism Act of 1924 can legally print articles referencing material cited in leaked government documents. The Editor and the Board of the Mydic Chronicle stand by their journalists and will continue to update the public with information as more comes to light. The Mydic Chronicle also calls for an independent investigation by the Justice Department into the Archon's government and the military as to the purported attack.

On Akarusian President to be Lamar
The Foreign Department as well as the Office of the Archon both congratulated Évelyne Lamar not just about becoming the imminent President but also on her landmark achievement as the first transgender President. The two offices stressed their belief that this was a marvelously positive sign of cultural and political development not only in Akarus but in the world system.

Justice Takes Action
The Justice Department under Justice Secretary Helene Ross has launched a non-partisan investigation into the actions of the navy and whether or not the government of Archon Lydia Galanis was in violation of laws in acting against a foreign power in a hostile capacity without the consent of the Synedrio (Parliament). The investigation will also navigate the treacherous political situation of the involvement of the Basileus and the extent of knowledge of the matter that he would personally have known or potentially ordered. The review is going to be taken steadily and with great introspection.

The union of ameriga

New Haven Gazette
24 Nov 2074

Election Landslide
The Union party was able to secure majorities in both the House and the Senate guaranteeing Martha Prescott another five year term unimpeded by Congress. The Union First Agenda of this Prescott Administration is set to continue and is likely to see major investment into domestic industries such as semiconductors and electric batteries. Those were two key points addressed by President Prescott on her swing through the central states. In the Senate out of the 27 seats, the Union Party took 20. In the House they took 254 of the 331 in the chamber. With those majorities the President will be little opposed except by token opposition. Also the election spelled exceptionally bad results for the GreenLibertarians who lost their last Senator and all but three of their House seats while the Democrats picked up two senators and narrowly maintained their 21 house members. The Republicans however suffered heavy losses dropping all but 2 of their senators and many of their house seats.

Missing Submarine
Following leaked information being reported by the Mydic Chronicle in Mydia, the New Haven Gazette has reached out to the Mydic Embassy for comment on whether or not the Mydic Fleet did in fact attack and sink a Union submarine. The Embassy refused to comment and referred the NHG to an official no comment stance from the entire Mydic Government. Even the Mydic Ambassador to the World Society refused to comment on the matter when asked exiting a private meeting with the Secretary General.

Here in the Union our own government under President Prescott has also refused to comment on the matter citing intelligence that would be of national security interest. The Admiralty noted that no submarines had be listed as missing in action and all were presently accounted for though the location of five of the thirty three submarines active in the navy could be unaccounted for due to being on extended missions. Some in the Union have started to raise suspicions that perhaps there had indeed be a joint cover up of the matter due to a perceived miscommunication leading to an accidental incident. While speculative there is merit in that with President Prescott at the time in a terribly close reelection bid, an accident of such magnitude would have upended her campaign and likely led to her defeat in the first round to Governor Benbrooke. Already the Governor is also calling for a non-partisan investigation into the knowledge around the information and whether or not a cover up was indeed carried out by the President and whether the election should then be invalidated.

Allies of the President such as her husband, Former President Johnathan Prescott went onto morning shows to say it was entirely partisan talk and that there was absolutely not merit in the information coming out of a former ally of the Union. One that had turned its back on Ameriga and was no longer looking out for common interests. He added that it was absolutely ludicrous to say that his wife, the incumbent President would stoop so low as to that in order to win reelection. Other allies also took to the morning shows, radio shows and podcasts to denounce the Governor's accusations and continue to state that it was baseless accusations.

The Free and Open Peoples of Franconia Empire

Breaking International: The FE sent put a formal Congratulations out for the newest president of Akarus. Her name is Evelyne Lamar and she is the first transgender president of the country. This is now sparking a rise in late applicants to run for Parliament in transgender Franconians. Congratulations again, Ms. Lamar. Expect a basket full of ripe Franconian fruit from us.

More news:

As stated previously, the recent election of President-Elect Lamar has sparked a big flame of transgender support in Parliament. 26 new candidates are running for Parliament as LFP candidates. 10 of the 23 have a good chance of winning with a rush of support before the March election. Going forward it might look as though transgender politicians could be the new normal. But who cares about that anymore, it's 2074. However you feel comfortable is however you feel comfortable. Just know that all of us at FENN are proud of all of you.

Central Empire
Dry conditions are still here with not even a drop of rain in the forecast. Heading into the rest of the week, expect low to mid 70s with a small dusting of upper 60s later in the week. Expect dry conditions to continue with surface winds at 10 to 15 mph.

Eastern Empire
Continuing East, no much of a difference. No precipitation moving in and this dry air bubble is just sticking around. Later this week, expect a few clouds to roll in but only a scattered shower here and there. Temperatures should be around 72 to 75.

West and City-States
Same story on the West Coast as well, no heavy winds or precipitation on the way, just sunny skies with a few clouds here and there.

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The union of ameriga

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